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May 22

May 22

PlayStation Store Update

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VP, PlayStation Network

Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Beetlebum” – Blur ($1.99)
  • “Countdown to Insanity” – H-BlockX ($1.99)
  • “Hier Kommt Alex” – Die Toten Hosen ($1.99)
  • “Hysteria” – Muse ($1.99)
  • “Manu Chao” – Les Wampas ($1.99)
  • “Monsoon” – Tokio Hotel ($1.99)
  • “New Wave” – Pleymo ($1.99)
  • “Perfekte Welle” – Juli ($1.99)
  • “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” – Oasis ($1.99)

File sizes: 16.8 MB – 45.4 MB (singles)

Rock Band price promotion: “We Care a Lot” – Epic and “All the Small Things” – Blink 182 are reduced to $0.99 until May 29th.

Game Music

PixelJunk Monsters Album ($2.99)
The PixelJunk Monsters Album is the original game soundtrack to the popular and addictive tower defense game, PixelJunk Monsters. This charming and distinctive soundtrack includes 24 music tracks by Japanese ambient techno group Otograph. Download the album today!
File size: 62.2 MB

Game Videos (free)

Siren: Blood Curse Debut Trailer
An American TV crew has arrived in Japan to film an expose on the legend of the “vanished village.” Controlling seven different playable characters, the player must uncover the mystery behind the curse that grips the eerie village of Hanuda. Intense graphics, realistic character animation, and a gritty film-like graphical presentation add to the horror of Siren: Blood Curse.
File size: 44 MB (HD)

GRID CGI Trailer
Experience a new world of racing as Codemasters releases the CGI trailer for GRID.
File size: 79 MB (HD)

Battlefield: Bad Company: Find All Five – Recon Kit
Put down an enemy squad with an additional recon kit unlock by pre-ordering Battlefield: Bad Company on Playstation 3 at participating retailers.
File size: 38 MB (HD)

Battlefield: Bad Company: Find All Five – Support Kit
Keep your team kicking on the Battlefield with an additional support kit unlock by signing up for the Battlefield newsletter.
File size: 39 MB (HD)

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway – Wasn’t Supposed to Happen
Delivering on the franchise’s compelling story, unrivalled authenticity and intense squad-based action, Hell’s Highway drops you into the largest WWII airborne operation: Operation Market-Garden.
File size: 57 MB (SD), 117 MB (HD), 169 MB (1080)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian The Video Game Trailer
Enter Narnia once again in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian to help restore Prince Caspian to the throne and return freedom and magic to Narnia!
File size: 47 MB (HD)

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Launch Trailer r
File size: 176 MB (HD)

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Team Play Behind the Scenes Video
Experience the ultimate team-and mission-based multiplayer warfare, defined by award winning Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer, now set in the legendary QUAKE universe.
File size: 168 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
When a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces, Ben Gate’s (Nicolas Cage) Great-Great Grandfather is suddenly implicated as a key conspirator in Abraham Lincoln’s death.
File size: 125 MB (1080)

There has never been a cyber criminal they couldn’t catch…until now…The more people who watch…the faster the victims die.
File size: 119 MB (HD), 153 MB (1080)

First Sunday
Two bumbling criminals discover they haven’t got a prayer when they attempt to steal from the local church.
File size: 116 MB (HD), 158 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

Graffiti Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Graffiti theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 7.61 KB

High Velocity Bowling Theme (x3)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool High Velocity Bowling theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 1.79 MB – 1.86 MB


Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Downloadable Games

* The Con ($19.99) (also downloadable via PS3)

Game Demos (free)

* Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 Beginner Demo (also downloadable via PS3)
* Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 Intermediate Demo (also downloadable via PS3)

Game Videos (free)

* Siren: Blood Curse Debut Trailer
* The Con Trailer 1
* The Con Music Video

Game Music (free)

* The Con – I Declare
* The Con – The Champ
* The Con – Swing First
* The Con – Boneyard

PSP Wallpaper (free)

* The Con Wallpaper

Hope you enjoy!

Add Your Own

AkuMifune said:

May 22nd, 6:33 pm

Not to tell your marketing department how to do things, but releasing Metal Gear Solid (PS1) a couple weeks before MGS4 would not only have been easy money, but a good way to start the hype. Fail.

Iszk said:

May 22nd, 6:34 pm


Well said on all fronts. If you want one prime example to point to that showcases just how laughably inept SCEA is at running an online store, John Hight is it. Out of touch doesn’t even begin to describe that guy, and as they say, the *bleep* rolls DOWNHILL.

frito said:

May 22nd, 6:48 pm


Most people here forget the past rather fast, huh?

I seem to remember everyone gushing when there was alot of content- on the FREE new re-designed faster site!

every week can’t be the best, and this is summer…
it’s just a slow time traditionally..

And btw Xbox Live got a crappy update too this week..

I do really like the soundtrack for only $2.99!!

it’s the developers who need to step it up!
Make more demo’s guys!

And Sony can fill the gap with Psone and Ps2 games!!

I do like the idea of having Psone games as fodder for slower weekly updates.. what is the hold up on releasing PsOne games? We’ve all heard the PR statement- is it a piracy thing? if so- geez- cut your losses and counter that with ALL THE LOOT YOU’LL MAKE SELLING THESE @#$! PSONE GAMES EVERYONE WANTS! IT’S TURNING INTO THE NEW XMB CHANT!

Better give the consumers what they want!

lest they storm the castle!

Iszk said:

May 22nd, 6:54 pm


XBL got a high quality downloadable game, Penny Arcade Adventures episode one. A game which Sony seemed to be unable to secure for PSN release, as is typical with the awful third party support for the store. Like I said before, they’ve gone out of their way to tell us they do not want our money.

Iszk said:

May 22nd, 6:55 pm

Oh and I wasn’t gushing when the new store arrived, different look, same old crap. GT5 was the only highlight, and it contained hamfisted DRM that rendered it completely worthless.

frito said:

May 22nd, 7:00 pm


we also got a free Time Splitters Map and a 5 year LIVE anniversary video..

And yeah Penny arcade sounds pretty funny, what with the lampooning of video games in general- might have to check it out-

But other than that it was about the same as PSN..

I can see some developers not wanting their game to be lost in the furor over GTAIV…

At least on PSN the themes are always free!

Just about everything costs on Live anymore..

ikiru3385 said:

May 22nd, 7:29 pm

a bit underwhelming this week, Sony. Looking forward to next week.

karmajack said:

May 22nd, 7:32 pm

What ever happened to Rat Race and the Pain Amusement Park?

NewYork214 said:

May 22nd, 7:45 pm

hey noel when is your post for helping create PS3 themes? lookin forward to it


May 22nd, 7:45 pm


Have you ever read Penny-Arcade before? Biggest bunch of Xbots ive ever seen. Im willing to bet they specifically mentioned to keep it off PSN.

I dont really care though, it looks really lame.

El Rocco said:

May 22nd, 7:57 pm

“We Care a Lot” – Epic should of course read :
“We Care a Lot” – Faith No More

We Care a Lot is a song on Faith No More’s Introduce Yourself album released in 1987, 2 years before their 3rd album “The Real Thing” which featured the song “Epic”…

SiL3NtStIk3R said:

May 22nd, 8:02 pm

seriously though?????? where r the psn cards??????????????????????????????????

romoleonard said:

May 22nd, 8:32 pm

Another weak update! I guess this is just what to expect from SCEA with the playstation store!

I do have a question that I hope get some kind of reply:


I’d bet this doesn’t get answered! In fact, I’d bet my weak ass PS3 that this doesn’t get answered! Anyone up for it?

Iszk said:

May 22nd, 8:39 pm


Daily, for years. The PA guys are actual gamers, not fanboys. You might wanna look in the mirror, the first one to throw that one out at someone they disagree with, is usually the actual fanboy.

hotasianladylover said:

May 22nd, 10:17 pm

@ Everyone who is angry.

P.S. When are PlayStation Network Cards coming out in America?!?! I really want to buy something. I think I am confused……is LittleBigPlanet a PSN download or is it on a Blu-Ray disk?

JamesL007 said:

May 22nd, 10:29 pm

If it was not for the Rock Band and PixelJunk Monsters Album this was the weakest update yet I mean all there is trailers and themes,

Kinda weak is all I am saying.

AhXian said:

May 22nd, 10:32 pm

its been almost 2 years wheres the jrpgs???

GhostInTheVoid said:

May 22nd, 10:33 pm

@ Noel
Ok, I dont give a hoot about ps1 games, but my kid has a few that she would realy like. The bottom line is there are two other systems out there that are completely capable of getting this content. The Japan store has PLENTY. So when you tell me a bunch of crap that I wouldnt believe if I had just arrived on this planet it insults my intelligence and everyone elses who is asking this same question.

I bought my PS3 at launch mainly because of the things that were promised at E3 that year. I am very quickly getting buyers remorse. And its not just because of lack of PS1 titles. It’s the constant excuses, delays,undelivered promises, games that never materialize, delays, and more delays.

I honsetly just dont get it. You guys have tons of loyal fans who have allready spent a ton of money on your product and are begging to spend more and you ignore them. Cripes if that many people are screaming for a product give it to them, Damn. Thats business 101. Instead what do we get? “we cant get the liscence on the soundtrack”??? FOR ANYTHING??? Do the PS1 games released in Japan not have audio on them???

Like I said the bottom line is everyone else seems to be able to pull these things off yet YOU (Sony or SCEA) cant. By whatever criteria you rate that its a FAIL!

GhostInTheVoid said:

May 22nd, 10:48 pm

@ Noel..and SONY for that matter.

Re: Content

Why the hell would I want to wait around for 15 minutes to DL an ADVERTISEMENT for a movie? You know normaly those companies pay to put that content in front of veiwers, but somehow we are supposed to accept that as our content on the store? Hey why not give us some commercials for dish soap and dog food? And besides why DL it when it can be streamed from MANY other sources?

Oh, but I forgot “Theres also other FREE content” like a wallpaper. Well damn that makes this $600 investment worth every penny.

Cloonix said:

May 22nd, 11:37 pm

Amazing work. Now the US Store is getting as bad as the German one.
And still no PSN Cards for people w/o credit card.

Sony… does anyone work there?

Destroyer41139 said:

May 22nd, 11:54 pm

I was just in gamestop 2 days ago on may 21st and they had no idea when they were going to get psn cards. Get in the game sony,you said you were sending those psn cards out to retailers over a month ago.

jimmyn28 said:

May 23rd, 12:14 am

Mediocre update. A 3 at best.

pancakesandsx said:

May 23rd, 12:41 am


Can you go into more detail on why dark mist is seemingly being ignored for us release?

Jeanus said:

May 23rd, 12:46 am

Where’s the Metal Gear Solid 4 revived trailer, I think it’s a weak update!!!

Jeanus said:

May 23rd, 12:50 am

Noel, did you talk with the people at Capcom? for the DMC 4 Theme? I really want to see it, an a Metal Gear Solid 4 Theme, thanks!!!!

Cobra Girl said:

May 23rd, 2:22 am

The desire to NOT have my PS3 held hostage to extremely slow downloads precludes me from wanting any content this week.


Kedaro said:

May 23rd, 3:45 am

Ok! Whoa!…

First of all, let me appologize to everyone in the back for this…

All you spoiled, no-good, whiney, over-expectant, ignorant, intolerable brats need to take a page each from the book of ‘shut the hell up’…

Here’s why…

Sony in no way ever promised half of the crap you are already receiving on the PSN, when half of you bought your system, all of it, including system updates, had been A-Suprises B-Courtesy to the consumer demand.
Grow the $@#% up!

I mean, sure if you have a pickle, or an idea, come here… share it with Sony, offer your criticism, but for whatever god’s sake stop trying to get your way via’ reverse psychology, or elaborate statements trying to paint the company ‘You obviously love'(Sony) as incompetent… Your attempts are feeble, pathetic, and childish at best, and I’m truly getting sick of reading half of your guys’ garbage.
There is two ways to come here and get your point accross, 1-with a level head, and mature attitude toward the company/industry, and 2-ignorant/hotheaded/angry/childish methods, akin to that of an angry four year old at a toy store.

If you’re really pissed off, send it to consumer services, leave this blog for the big boys to talk… like it has/and always will be.

My advice to Sony… Ignore all these childish lost causes, they will grow up in their own time.

My ps1 classics suggestion, create a ps3 application or pc application that allows us to rip our own hard copy ps1 games that we bought once at full price, into an image/iso type file that runs on both ps3/psp, kinda’ reminiscant of that which homebrew offers, without the illegalities, that way it’s up to the users, and their own property… You could still offer great ps1 classics on the PSN, and not only would they still make great money, but the titles that slip through the cracks so to speak, would be covered ultimately by the end-user.

Riskbreaker23 said:

May 23rd, 5:31 am

In this week where no real content was released, Dark Mist would have done great.

I still dont see how SCEA is passing up on this game when you still have weeks like this where nothing comes out.

Its not like Dark Mist is free. SCEA would make money everytime someone downloads it.

if you guys can approve rocketmen which isnt that good, you should have no trouble approving Dark Mist.

Iszk said:

May 23rd, 6:06 am


If you’re sick of our comments, don’t read them. But if you just need some flaccid excuse to preach down to people and feel good about yourself on the internet, carry on. But its you whop needs to grow up, and stop treating a game console like it’s your mother.

Iszk said:

May 23rd, 6:09 am


Exactly. The game is even already translated into English. They said last week they had no plans to get it on our store any time soon, but they had to have known they had this update coming, with no downloadable titles of any type. Sooooooo…. a typical intelligent person would think “Would be a great time to get Dark Mist up!”. But SCEA employees think “But if we do that, people will send us money, ewwwww! Money! Yuck!”

Juben said:

May 23rd, 7:29 am

As usual Iszk, you are like the next gameblows or rudolph. I will say it like this if you are unhappy leave. You insulting the company gets you no where guess you need to “preach down to people(a company) and feel good about yourself on the internet, carry on” and continue to offer criticism (well a decent…no nevermind a poor attempt anyway) with your limitless knowledge on software planning makes me wonder who needs patents, maintenance, royalties and so on when we can now simply have one department (ESRB) approve a piece of software and it is a good to go.

Iszk said:

May 23rd, 7:39 am


If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read my comments. But since it matters so much to you, and you have yet to be able to provide anything but free PR excuses for a multi billion dollar corporation that doesn’t even know you exist, and is glad it doesn’t, I’ll let you have the precious last word in an internet fight, so that you don’t have a complete break over the fact that some dude on the internet is critical of a plastic box full of wires that you praise as a god and have formed an emotional attachment to.

SONY IS TEH BEST AWESOME UPDATE GUYZ! Don’t worry, if you can’t deliver the goods, we’ll just make excuses for you and lower our standards! Kisses and hugs 4 ever guyz, ur pal, Iszk.


thingg said:

May 23rd, 8:24 am

@131 Iszk

OT: meh update, but guys let’s tone it down a little. I mean, remember the updates last year at this time? two crappy videos? Compared to that, this isn’t that bad. Granted, it’s not good by a long shot, but c’mon. You’ve just had like three weeks in a row with a ton of content.

frito said:

May 23rd, 8:25 am

lol! you guys are hilarious!

I love this blog!

WretchedBass said:

May 23rd, 8:44 am

They should had a quakewars demo or something. I just turned my ps3 off when i went into the store. Horrible!

WretchedBass said:

May 23rd, 8:50 am


Rock Band price promotion: “We Care a Lot” – Epic and “All the Small Things” – Blink 182 are reduced to $0.99 until May 29th.

“We Care a Lot” – Epic


“We Care a Lot” – Faith No More

Probably need to correct that.

Sephiroth said:

May 23rd, 9:21 am

Ok people, here is the deal for all of you who are deffending Sony against our “whinning” about PS1 games, we are just giving FEEDBACK, that is one of the most valuable things a company can expect from their customer, actually Sony should be grateful that we take our time to complain and tell them what think is good or bad about their services, wanna know why ? because that’s how they can learn about their customer’s expectation and deliver the service needed to fullfil such expectations, that’s something very basic about administrative sciences, you wanna be a better company then you better start listenning your client’s feedback.
That’s why I know we are actually doing a favor to Sony by providing our opinions here, and right now Sony can see as clear as water that we want more PS1 games, especially RPGs

Zorox said:

May 23rd, 9:26 am

All I want are RPGs. Is that too much to ask? Be it a PSP, PS3 or even a PS1 RPG, I just want some to play.

SpyroLuver88 said:

May 23rd, 9:40 am

@ Noel Silvia

I don’t know how I missed your comments last week. Maybe you posted them after I read them the first time. It would be cool if there was a way for us to see all the comments we made(unless I missed it)

I have to say appreciate the answers. I was going to add my voice to the PSOne camp (I as I am sure you have guessed want the Spyro series. I knew there was alot of work involved to convert them to be played on another system. Maybe you should consider a PSOne post, every now and then just letting us know which titles are being considered and how they are doing. I don’t mean to sound unappreciative (spell check, please…lol) it’s just that the classics are VERY slow in coming. I have just begun to appreciate what these little babies do for my PSP! I want LEGAL emulators.
Anyway thanks for the answers.

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

May 23rd, 9:40 am

I distinctly remember a post on the PS Blog saying PSN Cards were coming to stores LAST month. wtf happened??

Personally I didn’t think this update was THAT bad (a 2 rating), but I really don’t see the problem with PSOne games, even after Noel gave his typical PR response.

I have seen a lot of comments on Store and Firmware update that had great suggestions and recommendations. Could we get a section on the official site where we can suggest and vote on ideas and things we would like to see.

That way you don’t waste your time giving us updates we don’t want, and can concentrate on the good stuff!

P.S. I did like the PJM soundtrack though, and hope more soundtracks will be coming soon (as in weeks/months NOT years).

SpyroLuver88 said:

May 23rd, 9:42 am

While I am wishing do you think you could get someone to figure out why some gravitars don’t work. Tried emailing both supports, no answer. Or adding a suggestion feature?

Eternity_Viper_Snake said:

May 23rd, 10:46 am

i agree w/almost everbody this week did kind of suck my suggestion is for down wks like this sony should do is release a demo that the game has been out already like for ex; dark sector the game came out first and about wk or 2 the demo came out that was a great oppertunity to get a taste of the game before buying or renting it i think that would be cool (maybe even i know it wont happen but gt5 and gta4) or what ever games came out already in genral i also thing it would boost sales to the games (my opoion) so we can give it a try instead of people such as my self second guess should i rent it or just buy it think about SONY like again just a suggestion

P.S. 19 days till mgs4 people can’t wait :)

GargantulaKon said:

May 23rd, 11:51 am

Some people here complain way too much about updates. I am happy with the amount of content even if no PS3 demos are included. Maybe they are concentrating on Home and the in-game XMB update that people keep asking for. I for one want a Master Volume for the PS3 since it is clipping in one of my sound setups in my room. I ruled out all the other volumes and narrowed it down to the PS3.

TheApprentice said:

May 23rd, 12:59 pm

the update won’t suck for me if the NETWORK CARDS were out….


Whats up with the delay????

TheApprentice said:

May 23rd, 1:04 pm


And to wrap up with one of the many topics I know you ask about regularly, we are rolling out the PlayStation Cards to retailers nationwide as we speak. They will have the PlayStation Cards in denominations of $20 and $50 starting this spring. This will provide you with another option to get on board with the PLAYSTATION Store and enjoy the content that I’ve outlined above.


Sephiroth said:

May 23rd, 1:14 pm

Now I understand that there are a lot of people from other American countries besides US that has problems downloading content from the PS Store because it rejects VISA debit/credit cards, I had this problem myself so I understand, but you know you can get a MasterCard or American Express international credit/debit card and they work perfectly, I did that myself (and yes, it is completely legal) and since then I can buy anything from the store even if I’m not in the US

crystalx3d said:

May 23rd, 2:24 pm

Yea, I somehow find it a little sketchy how people on this board somehow have enough money to buy a ps3 and yet don’t have access to credit cards. That just further supports my opinion that the majority of ppl whining about PSN cards are spoiled kids who had their parents buy them their ps3 and are too young to get their own CC.

Also, I find it funny how people’s opinion of sony are directly proportional to the number of demos released in any given week. As if sony was actually responsible for making the demos itself, lol. Some weeks are better than others. It’s not like this is something new. I understand feeling dissapointed, but getting angry and threatening to sell your ps3 etc. seems all very superficial. You people aren’t giving constructive feedback, you’re just trolling for attention.

Jedah said:

May 23rd, 3:53 pm

@ 146, I have TWO credit cards, and for some unknown reason I can’t get them register with the PSN, yet the same TWO credit cards I’m subscribed to Netflix, Gamefly and WoW.

The problem is NOT having credit cards; the problem is the PSN registration system. I’ve called Sony may times about this, and all I get is the “Sir are you sure your inputting the correct information?, I’m afraid I can’t help you”.

lakaihigh said:

May 23rd, 9:16 pm

can anyone tell me how good the pixeljunk monster soundtrack is? and is it DRM free? thanks guys!

buri0819 said:

May 23rd, 11:10 pm

I’m not apologizing for sony like some of you

fanboys are Sony youre psn downloads suck and

they have beign sucking for a long time stop

giving us rock band and pixel “junk” crap i

mean come on so much potential in the psn but

no cigar!

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