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Jun 03

Jun 03

Introducing Qore: Taking you behind the curtain with PlayStation

Susan Panico's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

Today we are announcing that Qore: Presented by the PLAYSTATION Network, a highly interactive, monthly lifestyle gaming program covering the world inside PLAYSTATION is on its way to PS3. Qore has been developed to give PS3 users early access to game related content at a level of quality, interactivity and depth. Everything is filmed in HD. Qore will feature exclusive news, developer interviews, in-depth game previews and behind-the-scenes looks at PlayStation games and special access to game demos, special beta invitations, game add-ons and other downloadable game-related content.


Our premier episode will be available on Thursday, June 5. The premier episode includes in-depth exclusive and never-before released content on upcoming PlayStation titles such as SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Secret Agent Clank, Soul Calibur 4 and Afro Samurai, as well as the latest Blu-ray Disc trailers, an exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation theme with an invitation to the SOCOM: Confrontation beta, art galleries and other surprises. We also know that many of you are big fans of Veronica Belmont, the widely-known host of numerous online video programs and podcasts and an avid gamer, so we’ve chosen her to be your host.

To get Qore, simply log onto PSN and go to the PLAYSTATION Store, as you would purchase any other form of downloadable content. Once the single Episode or annual subscription is purchased, that month’s episode will be downloaded under the “Game” heading on the Cross Media Bar (XMB). Users who purchase the “Qore Annual Subscription” will notice only that month’s episode is available to download. The following month, the new episode will automatically appear in your download list. The introductory price for Qore is $2.99 for a single episode and $24.99 for an annual subscription of 13 episodes, using your PLAYSTATION Network wallet.

As Peter Dille mentioned in a previous PLAYSTATION Network post, the broader service and community initiatives launching on the PLAYSTATION Network this year such as Qore, PlayStation Home and the Video Download Service are all evidence of our dedication to delivering an all-encompassing entertainment experience for PS fans. Qore is the first in a series of planned original programming specifically created for the PLAYSTATION Network community and we hope you enjoy it.

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Z-spec said:

June 5th, 6:31 pm

Yea its deffinatly NOT there!!

radione said:

June 5th, 6:33 pm

Also not seeing anything yet and its after 8pm CST. At first the digital magazine concept was somewhat interesting, but now that I’ve had time to think over all the comments I can see why the reception may not be fantastic which is unfortunate.

I personally am not thrilled with the pay concept, even though it is cheap, because one thing I love about the web and even what PSN offers is that I can seek out and pay for only the specific items of interest to me. This bundles “exclusive” content with other fluff that would be free otherwise and don’t find out what is not worth paying for until after the fact. I will still check out the first “issue” but so far the concept reminds me of exactly what I didn’t like about magazines in the first place.


June 5th, 6:43 pm

this bites bad if they were going to update it should have been done by now but we will see how it turns out and i hope its soon this blows

juuken said:

June 5th, 7:09 pm

Wow #630, I couldn’t even read that wall of text there. It actually made me crack up more than taking it seriously.

Next time, try to write something a bit more intelligent next time.

xfatal_gunnax said:

June 5th, 7:32 pm

Yea this should be free


June 5th, 8:02 pm

its 11 est and still no update what the hell is this about

swapnil007 said:

June 5th, 8:03 pm

i am left hanging there, my trust is getting thinner by the minute.

lakaihigh said:

June 5th, 8:11 pm

@ swapnil007 – do something productive then instead of constantly signing in and out of the PS store to see if its updated every 5 seconds. get a LIFE dude! read a book.

OT – looking forward to and can’t wait to open up that QORE.



June 5th, 8:12 pm

i agree with swap this is bull i like sony and all but after this stunt i dont know anymore

daymin-kaynin said:

June 5th, 8:47 pm

forget ingame xmb what about ingame chat… why not xbox has it and pc even macs have why not on the ps3.

flexito said:

June 5th, 8:52 pm

ATTN: Sony Marketing Team

Please read this because it is very important if you want to keep your jobs or continue your careers in marketing.

I am a media planner for one of the worlds top advertising agencies so I know for a fact that you could have provided Quore for free. I am currently working on two accounts that I would love to advertise for on this and I haven’t even tested it yet. Like most digital media, Quore would more than pay for itself by simply offering some sponsorships, banners, and pre-roll/ mid-roll videos (all non-viral).

Quore seems to be a great product but as you should have noticed more than half of your target audience is more than reluctant to pay for it. I am sure you knew this would be the reaction before you went to market. Knowing this I do not see how you would ever get this marketing plan passed anyone with more experience than an intern.

Optimistically, if more than half the people who bought a PS3 in the US subscribed you would probably make somewhere around $70MM per year. Sorry to tell you but this is chump change compared to what you would make if you allowed advertising. Not to mention the added value the PlayStation brand would gain for providing a great service for free to its loyal costumers.

Disappointed loyal customer

PS: Please reply and explain yourselves

NakAttack69 said:

June 5th, 9:16 pm

How does one access Qore? I don’t see anything Qore-related in the PlayStation Store, Information Board, or System Update. Am I missing somewhere obvious? Thanks.

bunnyhero said:

June 5th, 9:57 pm

i’m glad it’s not just me not seeing qore in the store. i was afraid it was because i’m in canada.

bunnyhero said:

June 5th, 9:58 pm

P.S. as a huge fan of veronica belmont, i’m planning on subscribing :)

lakaihigh said:

June 5th, 10:01 pm

@ flexito – the name of that top advertising agency please? you tell em’ dude! lol.


flexito said:

June 5th, 10:30 pm

@ LH- Sorry for the rant. I just think that it is completely irresponsible for this team to do such a terrible job at growing this brand. They clearly have a superior product and an established market share but make no meaningful effort to bring it all together and make it work.

I am currently working at DraftFCB-NY (Google it) and was planning on moving over to SONY in a few years but from what I am seeing this looks like a career stopper. People must be getting fired left and right over there with all these F’ups.

Oh and no offense to the PlayStation.Blog. I think you guys are doing a great job of keeping us informed.

lakaihigh said:

June 5th, 10:41 pm

@ flexito – impressive. yeah I’m looking to get into advertising/marketing, PR and I live in Orlando. its tough though out here. I wanna get my foot in the door somewhere and get some hands on experience so I’m looking to intern around here. Is that company, DraftFCB located down here as well? no I totally agree with you on a lot of your points about sony’s approach with this Qore thing. they could’ve totally gone a different route and made it successful. I really wanna see them succeed with the PS3 but they just keep shooting themselves in the foot i think. hopefully they can do a 360 (lol, not the system) and turn things around. thanks in advance if you can get back to me!


Synthesize said:

June 5th, 10:45 pm

Firmware update 2.40 FTW!!!

flexito said:

June 5th, 10:53 pm

Just hit me up on my PS3 it’s the same name. We’re getting off subject anyways.

frostquake said:

June 5th, 11:27 pm

Sorry if I missed this, but could you please answer the memory question? How much space will be required each month for Qore on my hard-drive? Will I be able to delete some of the content of Qore, while keeping other parts of it? Say one month I watch Qore, and all I want to keep that month is the demo? Will I be able to do that, to help save space on my hard-drive? Say each issue is 2 gigs, then in one year if I have to save all the content, it will be taking up 24 gigs on my hard-drive. That could soon start to cause problems. So I hope I will be able to select what I want to keep each month, and delete the rest? Please answer this..

Psycho_analytic said:

June 6th, 12:17 am

Even though i really like this idea but i am not too sure about the price plan. I think that price of this service should be lowered a bit. Unless each episode is like 2 to 3 hours that justifies the price. I am definitely not paying $2.99 for a hour of content each month.

supersnake said:

June 6th, 2:42 am

Hello, is it possible to share Qore, just like sharing demos?

skg6891 said:

June 6th, 2:49 am

Has anyone downloaded this yet? Do you know what demos come with this and is it worth $3.

Theossie said:

June 6th, 5:13 am

Annual DLin… Thanks!!

Pimp_U_2 said:

June 6th, 5:30 am

Do not get Qore it is Pathedic. Its Got like 5 video’s that I have seen a majority of online about 15 or so total. of which max out at 3-5 mins of mind numbing babble that we have all read about the upcoming titles. Maybe SCEA thought we thought it would be cool to actualy hear the developers say it as opposed to writing it. A bunch of artwork (I dont know why) and the only downloads are socom theme and calling all cars if you got annual. I almost forgot to mention the completly interactive translates to you must click on every video cause there is no autoplay, You cant interact with the video’s as we were lead to believe. Oh yea there is a menu for Socom beta but its “unavailable: Check back later” But they dont even tell you when later is. I thought I paid for this service to stop the guess work…. Thanks again for nothing SCEA well at least you stole my $24.99.

Theossie said:

June 6th, 6:14 am

@677 All that may be true, but it’s like anything else. I buy a magazine, and most of the time the information can be found out on the web somewhere.

I didn’t subscribe to be completely blown away by the first article. I’m interested in how this will play out over the next few month especially with E3 coming.

Hey I get CAC (on the store for $9.99) and I get to beta Socom (no one said the beta would start now).

So,Qore (I could say) cost me a lil over a $1 an episode. I have no complaints.

I just got EGM a couple months ago for $12/year. Same difference to me…

Thanks guys…

nxp3 said:

June 6th, 7:03 am

Most people on the playstation blog seem to have a positive view on Qore, but if you check out Kotaku…a lot of gamers there, you will see that not everyone share the same view. I’m one of them. I know that qore has good contents it sounds like, but don’t you think these contents released to qore will result in developer withholding it to the general public. Demos that should have been on the PSN for free will be only on qore. Extra stuff that should have been in the game will be release on qore to please the subscriber..who pays for it.

I mean it’s 25 bucks, it’s turning into a Microsoft if you ask me. And how will game reviews turn out in qore. Do you think there will be bad reviews on there? I don’t think so. We need an unbiased third party for that. Our contents are being robbed from us and giving to the few qore subscriber. Robinhood.

UntoldDreams said:

June 6th, 8:08 am


*) Have a “user generated content” feed perhaps with monthly prizes for best photoshop.
–Winner gets some store credit
–Do an American Idol vote system for winner
*) News about the community like an email interview with some high score gamers on PixelJunk Monsters or other such things
*) An editorial commentary on gaming/community.

If you are going to be a Web 2.0 magazine for the PS3 you should strive for interactive content with the PS3 Community.

Theossie said:

June 6th, 8:16 am

I look a Kotaku everyday, and I’ve noticed the they have been negative toward Qore since it was announced. I still remember the article on Wired which was kind of negative as well.

It is all speculation right now. Which is also what I’m doing right now.

I think everyone will get the content on Qore eventually. Maybe not the beta access so easily.

It may be me but I compare this to OPM or OXM. I didn’t see any mention on reviews in Qore.

Theossie said:

June 6th, 8:25 am

@ 680

I like that.. any community additions to Qore would be cool.

But hey since it’s the first article and was only announced a few days ago.. Some stuff could be included in the second article next month.

Would be cool..

Megulito said:

June 6th, 9:36 am

@ juuken ur your u just dont have a response for what i said i like your little quip though great attempt at whit

Megulito said:

June 6th, 9:36 am

y did the censor corny

Sanjuro Makabe said:

June 6th, 10:01 am

There are those that think Qore is a rip off, and there are those that think Qore is the best thing since slice bread…

I’m neutral about this whole thing, I just subbed Qore Annual, the whole idea is not bad, but demos and trailers are free so it shouldn’t be a selling point of Qore. Exclusive invites to beta is good, but shouldn’t that be exclusive to GAP members as well? (I’m one)

Exclusive downloads such as unique themes (unique avatars?) not available anywhere else would be a really good idea.

There are not enough content considering this is a magazine that only comes out once per month, it needs MORE…what you might ask I don’t know considering everything you read in an actual magazine are free online anyways…

What I don’t F***ING get is the ads, I already paid, why am I FORCED to watch a 5-10s ad of stupid Burger King, and since there are IN QORE ads, why charge us?


Phoenix8387 said:

June 6th, 10:32 am

My comment posted on Qore from PlayStation LifeStyle.

After having a chance to go through some of the content (Mainly Socom at this point), I’m quite satisfied with the quality of the content provided. Qore has an excellent production value and everything seems to be done very well.
This issue is worth the $2.99 just to see if you like it.

A couple things worth noting:
1. Content downloaded from within Qore actually appears on your Downloaded List(even that SOCOM Theme), meaning if you go to a friends house you can get the Theme (or Calling all Cars) without re-downloading Qore.
2. Obviously the SOCOM Beta is not available for download now, so you can’t actually download the beta yet. Though it would have been nice to be able to add the Beta to your Downloaded List for those who don’t have larger HDDs and can’t afford the space Qore takes up until then.
3. As I previously mentioned, Qore is supported by ads… however they are not as intrusive as I thought they would be. Most ads are only 5-10 seconds long, while the longer ones (MGS4) can be skipped after around 10 seconds. Ads are shown in a small window, but you can revisit the ‘Sponsor page’ with [] and watch the ads in full screen if you so desire.

I’m not sure how Sony will handle future issues, but I’m assuming they all will be similar in size. I’d personally like to see a ‘Qore Launcher’ added into the Games section containing basically the code for Qore and you can just pick which issue you want from there.
I would also like to see the aforementioned Qore Launcher not be thrown into a folder when sorting, make it act like Mainichi Issho. (Unless I remember correctly on how that title acts when sorting into folders.) Better yet, give all [Game] items a tick box in information to allow them act like that.

Krazykat said:

June 6th, 10:43 am

Gosh it takes long to download i hope it finishes soon i am excited about it beta invites and some other stuff sounds fun.

UnrealBombSquad said:

June 6th, 10:49 am

Will this come to the EU ?

I want it!, atleast let us EU people get into the Socom BETA. First you dont give us a Official Blog for the EU and now you dont give us QORE look at how much money you can make.Dont get me wrong I love PS3 I just want the things the US gets.

kdarkone said:

June 6th, 11:01 am

I like it.. saves in magazine storage… think i still got the first copy of PSM
my wife say i gotta throw them out.. this way no clutter…. needs more news and feedback info, could use more commentary about the replay value of some of the games.. and since i only play Playstation(except for WEAPON LORD on the old super other guys … anyway can I get that on a Namco Classic for the PS2 or PSP?).. it leaves out all the garbage that come with the paperbacks…..also knock $10 of the subscription price.. by the way, how do i get the full suscription after i downloaded the single issue?

bigfnrabbit said:

June 6th, 11:13 am

a question for u guys and girls at sony i purchased Qore today and if u already bought calling all cars is their any way to get a different game in its place?Qore isnt so bad only took aboput an hour to get through all content wouldnt mind it being longer though but all in all its ok.Also thought there would be more content to download besides calling all cars socom theme and beta.would be appreciated if u answer my question your loyal fan bigfnrabbit.

Phoenix8387 said:

June 6th, 11:24 am

Unfortunately Qore doesn’t work with remote play, any plans to support it in the future?

stevejeann said:

June 6th, 12:53 pm

Same Question …How Do I now Get a Full years Subscription after buying the first issue? (it’s no longer avaible to select in the Sony store) wait till next Month? as I wanted to preview it first but would now like a yearly Subscription… Thanks

Krazykat said:

June 6th, 2:34 pm

AT #689 I totally agree i mean sony the EU deserves the same treatement as us americans get. They should get core anyway you would be the ones benefitting you could make a ton of money.

GGCAN said:

June 6th, 2:55 pm

I dunno, I kind of like Qore. If you look at any other magazine publication, $2.99 or 24.99 per year is not that bad. Plus you get a free game out of this as well. Not only that, but you can watch all this in High Def and even on the internet when you go to view the demos/new games, it states right there that they aren’t in HD. The HD is fantastic as far as I’m concerned. One commentor stated that there’s only 5 things on June’s edition, but for 2.99 how much stuff do you expect ? As well, it’s the first edition, so I’m sure we’re going to see much more coming in future editions. I think if you’re going to be an annual subscriber, (not sure), the way it looks, we may be getting Beta stuff while others don’t, so another good feature, if this is what is coming. Keep up the good work Sony, you’re doing a great job this year and I’m sure we’re going to see much more coming. One thing I wanted to mention when listening to Qore, it doesn’t seem to be in Dolby digital…may be an idea for future editions..

radione said:

June 6th, 3:46 pm

I really wanted to like Qore, because I’m all for pursuing new media delivery, but at this point I am very, very glad I only paid for one issue.

As much as I dislike the paid beta practice, this certainly encourages it, especially since there is not much more worthwhile content. Not only would I prefer to seek out most of this myself, but movie trailers? Come on, that is a waste of space that does not belong in this at all. Sure, you might think that an Incredible Hulk trailer fits the target market, but frankly I think you misjudged your own player base. Not to mention they are promotional items that studios pay to get distributed.

If that was not bad enough how about POP UP ADS FOR BURGER KING in a piece of “media” I paid for! Sorry, but that is downright insulting. To top it all off, the beta I mentioned… it is not even available yet. I could care less who does or does not continue to pay for Qore, but I have a feeling somebody seriously miscalculated the way this will “play” among PS3 owners and it is going to show soon enough.

Krazykat said:

June 6th, 8:09 pm

hey guys could you help me out how do i access the socom beta it says it is unavailable at the moment what do i do to get it i only bought the month of june do i still get it??????

Stoffinator said:

June 6th, 10:39 pm

If you are paying for this, why is there ads? Aren’t you guys getting hundreds of thousands of dollars off of these ads and yet you are charging us for 35min of ads?

We use to also get this stuff free with PlayStation Underground. Now we have to pay for it with it full of ads?

aches said:

June 7th, 1:45 am

It costs less than a gallon of gas per issue so it’s got that going for it. The video looks great. The host is decent. The Socom theme is top-notch.

I’m not sure why Sony left out the ability to fast forward or rewind the videos. Seems like a necessary feature for “highly interactive” content.

And while I new that the Socom Beta would be ready right away, it stinks to hear from the Slant Six guys that the Qore Beta folks get in two weeks AFTER the start of the Beta. Bogus.

Jenovah said:

June 7th, 2:52 am

OK, so I just bought an annual subscription, but guess what? I am absolutely LIVID that you cannot skip the advertisements. I mean come on…This is a paid service, why can I not skip the ads? I’d rather pay more for the service and have the option to skip these. The odd thing is I can skip the metal gear ad, but not the BK ones or the others. Please tell me that in future episodes all will be skipable.

NetheRealm said:

June 7th, 5:05 am

HaHa u got pwned don’t u know dey got this on G4 everyday? It’s called X-Play great show!

Stoffinator said:

June 7th, 12:54 pm


Xplay is anything but great.

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