Meet the teams bringing BioShock to PS3 (plus new screens!)

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Hello everyone! We’re incredibly pleased that BioShock is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3. Now that the news is official, we’re very much looking forward to sharing a little more about what our team is doing to bring the game to life on the PLAYSTATION 3. We’ll be using this space over the coming months to tell you about new developments, new features and any interesting happenings around our offices. We’ll also be debuting exclusive content like the screenshots embedded in this post.


But first things first – before we get into too many details, let me tell you about the fantastic team that’s working on the PS3 version of BioShock.

The project is based in the 2K Marin studio, which is located in Novato, CA. The 2K Marin team has been collaborating with the 2K teams in Australia and Boston to build the game with team members in each of the studios building, coding, optimizing, bugfixing, and polishing away. On top of that, because this is the first PS3 title from 2K Marin, 2K Australia and 2K Boston, we’ve also got another development partner with some outstanding PS3-specific coding chops helping out with the project – we can’t talk about what studio that is yet, but we look forward to revealing that in the future.

For today, we’ll give a brief “who’s who” for the three 2K studios that are working together on BioShock for the PS3.

2K Marin: We started the 2K Marin studio in November of 2007 with a group of eight people who migrated across the country (and in some cases, the world) in order to continue working on BioShock. The core 2K Marin group includes the Executive Producer (me!), our Creative Director, Jordan Thomas (designer of the Fort Frolic level), Lead Programmer Carlos Cuello, and Lead Artist Hogarth de la Plante. All the aforementioned folks worked on the original version of BioShock. We’ve also got some extremely talented programmers including Ray Graham (previous titles include Godfather, The Simpsons, NBA 2K, and NBA Street) Johnnemann Nordhagen (formerly from Sony’s R&D group), David Pittman (previously of Stormfront Studios), and Jake Etgeton (also from the original BioShock crew), who are currently hard at work making builds and squashing bugs.

2K Australia: During BioShock development, Australia was the home of the tech team – the guys who worked on the core engine and rendering features that brought to life the gorgeous visuals of Rapture. Five members of that team, Mathi Nagarajan, Ben Driehuis, Daniel Lamb, Weicheng Fang, and Tim Cooper are now working on the PS3 version, focused on rendering, graphics and optimization. Their goal is to make the game run amazingly well on the PS3, and they’ve been making tremendous progress so far on that front.

2K Boston: The Boston team is the largest chunk of the BioShock team at the moment; many of them hard at work on some of the as-yet-unannounced components of the PS3 version. I can mention the work of one Boston team member, Ian Bond, who has been optimizing and refactoring the physics simulation for the game to take the maximum advantage of the PS3 hardware.


It can be tricky to coordinate the work of so many teams across so many time zones (the Boston team has almost no overlapping working hours with the Australia team); we make liberal use of phones, videoconferencing, forums, emails, and travel to keep everyone aware of what’s going on. The good news is that with all these teams on the case, development on the PS3 version goes on for roughly 18 hours a day!

That’s a brief overview of the teams working on the PS3 version. In the future, we’ll go into more depth about what’s different and what’s new in the upcoming release. We hope that you’re excited about BioShock coming to PS3 as we are, and we’ll see you again soon!

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  • Wow, that looks great. And I thought it looked tip-top on 360.

  • I would like to thank 2K Australia for showing us in-game XMB and the “Trophies”.

    I’m looking forward to Bioshock but I’m going to have to start making more money to get all the games that come out this year.

  • Wow, the PS blog is really hot these days, thanks for the love SCEA and 2K Marin. Also the screens looks way better than the initial 2.

  • Gamesblow. Disappear from here like you did N4G. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Whats weird is I thought you were for PS3 at one time but all you do is hate on it. Go buy a 360 if you don’t already have one and go to their official blog. Oh yeah they don’t have one. Seriously man, you have problems.

    @ PS Blog

    Please ban Gamesblow like every other site.

  • Just because these guys are making bioshock for the ps3 automatically makes everyone here jump for joy and the only reason being is because you think you took an exclusive from the xbox 360. That’s all it is. That exclusive means nothing if it doesn’t preform as well or better. Remember that, folks. We’ve seen ps3’s shoddy ports time and time again and we’ve seen how inferior it has been to the xbox 360’s versions day in and out. Until the ps3 can make a game that looks just as good and as effortlessly as the xbox 360 then we’ll talk… until then, the xbox 360 is a games machine and it’s the better one. The ps3 is a multi media set top box and it does some things very well, it doesn’t do games near as good as the xbox 360. Deal with it.

  • Sony don’t mess this up and let MS get exclusive rights on Bioshock 2, please!

  • rahstar2003

    heck yea im excited!!! I will have this the first day it comes out!

  • Its good to see dedication in bringing this game to the PS3 and i hope we see that when the game is released in October.

  • @ Gamesblow

    GTA IV was better on PS3. You can’t deny that if you do you’re dirty fanboy. CoD:4 is the same on both systems and Infinity Ward said they had no problems with the PS3 version. Lets see here GRID is better on PS3. Burnout Paradise is better on PS3. Your “port” argument is a pretty outdated one. Why do you come here just to b@#$H? You sound like a 40 year old nerd with nothing better to do. WHY DO YOU COME HERE? We don’t want you here. I wish they would do a poll about it. You’d be cool if you had something mature and intelligent to say. Please drop it. There is something wrong with you.

  • I’d assume that third party team is more likely to be Insomniac than Naughty Dog (given the first person shooter nature of the game, and the technical sharing Insomniac has been doing publicly lately), but it would be hard to know until its announced.

    Speaking of Naughty Dog, I can’t wait to see what they’re working on next — every game they make is worth buying. Keep ‘m coming.

    PS I’m still bitter @ you, Insomniac, for screwing up the inverted Y controls while flying in R&C: Future!!

  • chaosatom333

    so is Bioshock 2 coming at the same time for ps3 as 360?

    Or are we going to get the delayed version again the next time?

  • good job guys hope this will be a good game

  • @59

    No, there’s something wrong with you if you actually buy into Sony’s PR garbage. Also, I’m not 40, far from it. Gta4 and all those games you listed were built on the xbox 360 and ported over and do not yield better visuals on the ps3. you’re delusional.

  • Dubbedinenglish

    Awesome stuff and great you guys will be reaching out to us from this blog. Hey not to mention I lived in Novato,Ca for quite a while.

  • Delighted this is coming to PS3. Sounds like you guys are doing a good job. Thanks for the info.

  • chaosatom333


    wow gamesblow, you really think they can’t pull it off do you?

    like he said, Devil May Cry, GTAiv, Burnout, COD4, and all on par with xbox version.

    The only version I can think of inferior is Orange box, which was because of loading times that’s it.

  • Looks really dull up close.

  • I’ve played it on the 360.Great game!
    Bring it on;)

  • @gamesblow

  • Torgo: This is a “port,” by definition. Not that it’s a bad thing, as many ports in the past have had tremendous amounts of effort and resources put into the development process; possibly more than what you’re seeing here. Ports aren’t necessarily a terrible thing.

  • Welcome Alyssa
    I throughly enjoyed Bioshock on 360 and if you are going to add content and new features then I look forward to playing it on PS3 also. Good to see third parties getting involved in the blog like others have before.

  • @ 62

    You’re crazy. GTA IV is without a doubt better performing and than the 360. There isn’t a huge difference but it has a slight advantage especially when it comes to “pop in”. Read any review in the world they all say it.

    I’m not one to hate on 360, I could care less. I’m a Playstation fan, so I don’t need to even talk about the 360 but I will stand up for the PS3.

    I’m not going to even bother with you. You’re stubborn and clearly just flat out hate the PS3.

    I do have a question and be honest. Are you the real Gamesblow? The one that was on here a long time ago and on N4G.

  • @62
    Why hasn’t this troll been kicked yet? Jeff?
    Every post is a bash on Sony..leave buddy.

  • This game was astounding last year on Xbox360. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the extra power/storage of the PS3.

    I hope you guys are able to put uncompressed audio in as the 360 version already sounded amazing on my home theater.

  • I’m looking forward to this title, but the screenshots don’t look that great. With titles like MGS4 dropping next month, the textures don’t look very next gen anymore. Since the PS3 has incredible storage, will we see more detail and better textures in the PS3 version?

  • Will definitely be buying this game.

  • Is good to see you guys are putting a lot of effort in this game. It sucks that we had to wait for this game to arrive in the PS3, but then again it’s better late than never!

    Everybody wish you luck in your developing!

  • This game is awesome. From grpahics to gamesplay and from story to animation. This game is nearly perfect in my book. I am glad that this is coming to the PS3. I played the game at my friedns house but never got the chance to beat it considering he sold his 360 for a PS3. Now I get the chance to play the game once again and beat it and I look forward of purchasing this wonderful game.

  • I will take the double dip if there are new decisions, paths, enhancements or endings.

    I actually feel strongly that they will be modifying the endings for the PS3 version.

    Ken Levine went on the record stating that the last portion of the game was not up to par with the majority of the game.

    Can’t wait and welcome to the blog 2K Marin, Australia and Boston (aka: Looking Glass Studios). ;)

  • @Chaosatom: I think it’s safe to say Bioshock 2 will come day and date on the PS3 and the other system.

    @ DarKaoz: In this case, we’ll be greatful for a “late” arrival since it equates to enhancements all around.

  • Chrisrahosiris

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I believe you will do a fantastic job

  • Thankyou 2k for bringing this game to the PS3. It sounds like the PS3 version will be on par or even better than the 360 version. I’ll be picking this up in October. Thanks again.

  • I smell a Sony setup.
    First the stories about PlayStation around the web now a BioShock story.


    I really want to meet the team that brought us the BioShock In Game XMB videos!

    At any rate glad to see this gaming coming to PS3 however I already beat it in FULL HD on my Sony VAIO AR Series Notebook! =)

  • I wonder what the price will be. That will be the determinate factor if I’mma buy it or not. I’m running low on money with some other great releases I’m really anticipating.

    I’ll surely get it if not on release day than a year down the road. Thanks for bringing it to the PS3.

  • @ Gamesblow, You still on here? About 3 months ago I remember you trolling this site. Give it a rest buddy.

  • This is cool news. Not great, but just cool. Since we are just getting this a year later (hand me downs).
    I do have a two questions though.

    1. Will there be a 5GB mandatory install to play? If so. No thanks! I’m running out of HD space.
    2. Are there any new content available for the PS3 version?

    Please don’t let this game be a poor port.

  • This game looks great I can’t wait for its release.

  • One thing that would I would love in this game and really all games is the option for 7.1 uncompressed audio and really get the sound to move around likes movies do. I think that would be great.

    I can wait till this comes out because lets face it, I haven’t played it yet so obviously I can wait, but I am looking forward to playing this game as many people have said how good it is.

    Thanks for the effort your team is putting into this game and I hope it comes out as polished as you seem to be making me think it will.

  • Glad this will be a good port, like Oblivion is. We PS3 owners deserve it :)

  • Phoenix8387

    I’m just happy to finally see Bioshock coming to the PS3. I don’t own a 360 and am not a huge PC gamer (anymore, even though I do have a gaming capable PC), so I’m excited to see Bioshock coming to my system of choice.
    And hearing about the additions you guys are making are making me want the game even more. The release can’t come soon enough, keep up the good work. And may I say one last thing… Thank you! :)

  • BlackShadows14

    I really cant wait to buy this game on PlayStation 3

  • More Game companies should do this kind of stuff with their ports of games add a few things that did not make it into the first game, or do some changes to make it run better other then the cheap way (Dumb everything down ala most Game Companies)

    IMHO if you could pack some of the DL content for the game fromt he Xbox360 over to the PS3 on the same disc, as well as do some major enhancements to get the game to look better (Mainly the watter was kinda bland on the Xbox360 but on the PC it was super good looking)


  • Great post – it sounds like you’re putting in the effort to bring a great version to PS3.

    I am saddened to see gamesblow STILL stirring up stuff here – what a sad being. I noticed this person spamming negatively months ago.

    Seems I’ve been roped in. I’d like to say a few things.

    GTAIV has been proven by Eurogamer to run at a higher resolution at generally at better framerates on the 360. They didn’t mention much about extra pop-in on the 360 version. It seems that the 360 being the primariy / lead platform for developing GTAIV has benefited.

    It seems that the performance of a game on the PS3 is down to design and development decisions, rather than the capabilities of the PS3. I’d like to see the 360 ‘easily port’ a game designed for the PS3 that utilises the PS3 architecture. I think the 360 would struggle in some cases such as Lair (thousands of soldiers on the ground) or with Uncharted.

    I am a PS3 owner but it is all swings and roundabouts. PS3 does fare better sometimes (Oblivion and Burnout) but generally multiplatform games favour the 360 due to developers preferring to lead development due to the more comfortable and familiar environment the 360’s dev tools offer. It’s not so much an issue with the capabilities of the machine but more the development decisions that are made. Games programmed in a way to utilise more conventional, PC based architecture need a proper redesign to run well on the PS3. Insomniac and Naughty Dog have proven what the machine is capable of, graphically, in the right hands. Perhaps MGS4 will do the same. I still stand by what John Carmack said: “PS3 has the peak power advantage but Sony are hoping that its devs will sweat bullets to realise its potential”. Sony need to address the issue of (some) devs finding PS3 development challenging as best they can.

    Also, Unreal Tournament 3 runs well on the PS3 so why should Bioshock – an U3 powered game – be any worse?

    I’d like to add that I am pleased to see an excellent game be released on the PS3. It has nothing to do with taking away exclusives, gamesblow; I am happy I get to play a game of this calibre on the console of my choice.

  • P_tear_griffin

    I hate doing this as I am deviating from the topic. Although many games do start out development on 360 and then move to PS3 (e.g. GRAW 2,Lost Planet, Blazing Angels, Oblivion, & others) there have been games that start either first on PS3 or are developed simultaneously on 360 & PS3 (e.g. Burnout [lead platform; PS3], DMC4 [lead platform;PS3], GTAIV, Turok, Raimbox six Vegas 2 & others [simultaneously built]. Burnout, DMC4, Oblivion & GTA IV run slightly better on PS3. Everything else, slightly better or simply better on 360. BRINGING IT BACK ON TOPIC; hopefully, Bioshock will look sa good or slightly better on PS3.

  • I think it’s awesome that you guys are bringin’ Bioshock to the PS3. Now all you need to do is bring the Halo series to the PS3!!!!!!!

  • I’m so excited to finally play Bioshock. I have a crappy PC and I lack a 360 so the PS3 version is my only opportunity to play it. I’m listening to the old podcasts on the Cult of Rapture site right now and it’s getting me even more pumped up for the game. :D

  • Good. I’m looking for this game since it was announce. Thanks for the info.

  • pwned 360, pwnd…..

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