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Jun 03

Jun 03

Meet the teams bringing BioShock to PS3 (plus new screens!)

Alyssa Finley's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, 2K Marin

Hello everyone! We’re incredibly pleased that BioShock is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3. Now that the news is official, we’re very much looking forward to sharing a little more about what our team is doing to bring the game to life on the PLAYSTATION 3. We’ll be using this space over the coming months to tell you about new developments, new features and any interesting happenings around our offices. We’ll also be debuting exclusive content like the screenshots embedded in this post.


But first things first – before we get into too many details, let me tell you about the fantastic team that’s working on the PS3 version of BioShock.

The project is based in the 2K Marin studio, which is located in Novato, CA. The 2K Marin team has been collaborating with the 2K teams in Australia and Boston to build the game with team members in each of the studios building, coding, optimizing, bugfixing, and polishing away. On top of that, because this is the first PS3 title from 2K Marin, 2K Australia and 2K Boston, we’ve also got another development partner with some outstanding PS3-specific coding chops helping out with the project – we can’t talk about what studio that is yet, but we look forward to revealing that in the future.

For today, we’ll give a brief “who’s who” for the three 2K studios that are working together on BioShock for the PS3.

2K Marin: We started the 2K Marin studio in November of 2007 with a group of eight people who migrated across the country (and in some cases, the world) in order to continue working on BioShock. The core 2K Marin group includes the Executive Producer (me!), our Creative Director, Jordan Thomas (designer of the Fort Frolic level), Lead Programmer Carlos Cuello, and Lead Artist Hogarth de la Plante. All the aforementioned folks worked on the original version of BioShock. We’ve also got some extremely talented programmers including Ray Graham (previous titles include Godfather, The Simpsons, NBA 2K, and NBA Street) Johnnemann Nordhagen (formerly from Sony’s R&D group), David Pittman (previously of Stormfront Studios), and Jake Etgeton (also from the original BioShock crew), who are currently hard at work making builds and squashing bugs.

2K Australia: During BioShock development, Australia was the home of the tech team – the guys who worked on the core engine and rendering features that brought to life the gorgeous visuals of Rapture. Five members of that team, Mathi Nagarajan, Ben Driehuis, Daniel Lamb, Weicheng Fang, and Tim Cooper are now working on the PS3 version, focused on rendering, graphics and optimization. Their goal is to make the game run amazingly well on the PS3, and they’ve been making tremendous progress so far on that front.

2K Boston: The Boston team is the largest chunk of the BioShock team at the moment; many of them hard at work on some of the as-yet-unannounced components of the PS3 version. I can mention the work of one Boston team member, Ian Bond, who has been optimizing and refactoring the physics simulation for the game to take the maximum advantage of the PS3 hardware.


It can be tricky to coordinate the work of so many teams across so many time zones (the Boston team has almost no overlapping working hours with the Australia team); we make liberal use of phones, videoconferencing, forums, emails, and travel to keep everyone aware of what’s going on. The good news is that with all these teams on the case, development on the PS3 version goes on for roughly 18 hours a day!

That’s a brief overview of the teams working on the PS3 version. In the future, we’ll go into more depth about what’s different and what’s new in the upcoming release. We hope that you’re excited about BioShock coming to PS3 as we are, and we’ll see you again soon!

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J3SS said:

June 3rd, 7:19 pm

I played it to death on 360 and got every single achievement. I still play it off and on. Now that it’s coming to PS3 I will get it again. Hopefully there is additional exclusive content to boot.

Stallone said:

June 3rd, 7:22 pm

Page 3 ftw!

Mort said:

June 3rd, 7:47 pm

Thank you soooo much for bringing this game to the PS3 guys. I’m sure you will do a fantastic job with it.

I remember seeing a video of an early build of this game about 3 years ago, back then it was listed as a PS3 exclusive, so I was really PO’d when it turned into a 360 exclusive.

I played this at my friend’s house on 360, and it was one reason to be jealous of 360 owners (the only one really). Now, I get to play the whole game on my shiny PS3. Awesome! Thanks again guys. Day 1 purchase for sure.

Protopet said:

June 3rd, 8:07 pm

Thanks, I have been wanting to play this once I heard about it. Can’t wait!

Please give us uncompressed 7.1 pcm!
Please don’t use too much of the HDD(1 gig or less).

I know you guys are working really hard on getting the game to run really good on the PS3, but if you need more help look at Insomniac’s site.

Clinton514 said:

June 3rd, 8:24 pm

Needs HOME support.

ps. Can’t say I was pleased about the lie that the game wasn’t making it to the PS3…now we know otherwise. ;)

Anyhow, keep up the good work.

CdnBacon said:

June 3rd, 8:37 pm

If you want this game to pass the polish test, make sure it runs as smoothly as the 360 version at the same resolution with the same amount of effects. If you want to blow the world away, 1up the 360 in graphical performance. That’s my advice to you developers!

bigshynepo said:

June 3rd, 8:59 pm

This is great news about Bioshock coming to PS3. It was hard to take the “no, Bioshock will not come to PS3” comments from last year and still maintain that glimmer of hope but come fall, we’ll be enjoying the best Bioshock yet!

I am eager to see 7.1 lossless sound and 1080P visuals, you know the Playstation can handle them so lets see the best version we can get!

HJayZ91 said:

June 3rd, 9:03 pm

Is BioShock for PS3 going to use R1 as fire button and L1 as Plasmid??? because I really don’t like the games that uses R2 and L2.
also, what platforms are BioShock 2 for??? PS3, X360, & PC???

crystalx3d said:

June 3rd, 9:08 pm

Good to hear we’re getting a great game. Please please PLEASE don’t screw this one up! I’d almost rather it not come out on ps3 at all than get another crappy port with graphical and frame rate problems.

ace2ace said:

June 3rd, 9:13 pm


Ghostm said:

June 3rd, 9:44 pm

@ 99 BlindMango | June 3rd, 2008 at 7:15 pm

How’s this pwned when we are getting left overs scraps from a year ago? At this point I don’t even think 360 owners care that we are getting Bioshock. If I didn’t know better, I’d say 2K is already working on Bioshock 2.
Lets just hope we get a simultaneous release.

Anyways, I just pray its a good port without a 5GB mandatory install.

I think you are miss using the word pwned buddy.


June 3rd, 9:55 pm

Thanks for the great news can’t wait to buy it!

RatchetFanatic said:

June 3rd, 10:46 pm

the fire looks like crap. looks like another inferior port.

OrganicShadow said:

June 4th, 1:02 am

2K needing aid from another developer? Bioshock is UE3- it’s Epic. “pshh… DUH” ;)

No but really, if it’s not Sony directly then that’s my best guess. Seeing as UT3 is a beautiful PS3 game that works great, I can see how it would be advantageous to get some Epic eyes on the project.

tails-4 said:

June 4th, 2:43 am

go australia!!

how about a demo for the psn??

PSN3 said:

June 4th, 3:44 am

Might even be Insomniac Games helping them out, and we know how well they can code for the PS3 :)

Cpt.blue said:

June 4th, 4:36 am

Jeff! Ban the [DELETED] out of gamesblow! I don’t come to this blog to read the opinions of Playstation haters!

Looking forward to Bioshock

Thank you and have a nice day

juuken said:

June 4th, 5:39 am

I might give this game a shot.

karamelo said:

June 4th, 6:13 am

zeebob said:

June 4th, 7:18 am

I loved that game on the 360, and something tells me that I will do that again on the PS3 version.
It’s a real benefit for the PS3 to get this game.
If you have never played it, DO IT!

moog said:

June 4th, 9:27 am

What resolution will this be? Will we get a 720p or 1080p game, or is it going to be another drop-the-res to get frame rates up offering?

Daver said:

June 4th, 9:58 am

It looks very good from the screens you post, i’m happy that it is coming to ps3 even if you waited a while for the exclusive deal to end i guess.. I wonder who is the studio helping you out..hmmm
Anyway looking forward for new infos!

rojo7 said:

June 4th, 10:18 am

nice, thats the only game i wanted for the ps3 that was in the other console cool

Chaos_Bladez said:

June 4th, 12:05 pm

Looks pretty good. I might get it.

BHard said:

June 4th, 3:27 pm

Bioshock was an amazing game for the 360. It was honestly my favorite game last year. So i’m very excited to see it coming over to PS3 where it deserves to be recognized. Keep up the great work 2K.

Zorox said:

June 4th, 3:38 pm

Are you guys gonna charge $60 for a year late port?

Riseer said:

June 4th, 6:55 pm

Gameblows.. did u play bioshock on 360? it was ”blurry” as well. I honestly like the way ps3 games look in high def.Your just a xbot tryin to slam a system that is alot better then your own. Stop being a fanboy The 360 upscales not true high def.Can’t be high def usein dvd9 tech too much compression going on.Thanks to the 360 gta4 woulda been bigger so don’t talk bs which u know nothing about.

XD9 said:

June 4th, 7:03 pm


I own Bioshock for 360 and it is in NO WAY blurry…you might want to check your TV for that issue…the graphics for Bioshock were insane!!!!

XD9 said:

June 4th, 7:05 pm

correction…i should have said the graphics for Bioshock ARE insane not WERE

Riseer said:

June 4th, 7:09 pm

sry but ya it was the way xbox 360 looks.Fact is no ps3 game looks blurry’ least the ones i own even gta4 isn’t.

Riseer said:

June 4th, 7:10 pm

I am not hateing 360 just stupid when someone rips on a console for no reason.Play rachet and uncharted and tell me it’s blurry..

Riseer said:

June 4th, 7:15 pm

The ps3 is at least on par with 360. fact is it uses faster ram(xdr)i belive, which more then makes up for the 256 main ram.The ps3 program’s much diffrent then any console.Another fact is 98% the 3rd party games use 360 as leading platform.

anthonyp01 said:

June 5th, 12:32 am

For the love of god, please don’t give us a laggy choppy 23fps piece of ****.

Sick of hearing excuses from developers when porting games. Just make this game rock please.

And what about BS2 are we getting that at the same time as the 360 or are we going to play second fiddle to that as well?

Barnolde said:

June 5th, 2:07 am

Please include keyboard/mouse support for those of us using monitors and those of us who enjoy choice.

MidgetguyII said:

June 5th, 11:52 am

lol I KNEW IT! I played the deomo on the 360 and I loved it… but I never bought it because… I was never really compelled to buy it…

But, now that it’s coming to the Playstation 3, and will have more content, I will definately be picking it up for the PS3! lol

Thank you SO much! And I look forward to seeing more on this!

maluraq said:

June 5th, 2:07 pm

@gamesblow the standing consensus is that for developers who make the effort, the PS3 versions are better games than the 360 versions.

More importantly though, games developed entirely on the PS3 are usually much nicer looking and smoother games than anything on the 360 (R&C:F, Drake, SSD, Hot Shots Golf, etc.)

When you consider this, and realize the effort these guys are going to to make this port, its quite possible they’ll produce something dramatically nicer than the 360 version.

Dr_tee18 said:

June 5th, 2:29 pm

Thank the gaming Gods. BIOSHOCK PS3 is going to rock, can’t wait for October to come and from what I heard its gonna be way better than the 360 version and with extra content. all we need now is Mass Effect.

Gadbury said:

June 5th, 3:57 pm


DVD9 tech has nothing to do with blurry graphics. Storage capacity of a DVD shouldn’t limit the graphic fidelity. I’m a happy PS3 owner but having seen 360 running on a proper setup, it’s unfair to call it blurry.

ajy41290 said:

June 6th, 9:22 pm


gamer4life said:

June 7th, 8:20 pm

dis game looks awesome….xbox 360 fanboys r sooo jealous right now….lol

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