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Jun 06

Jun 06

Welcome new Syphon Filter: Combat Ops players!

Chris Reese's Avatar Posted by

Co-Studio Director, SCEA Bend Studio

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Hi everyone. It’s Chris Reese, the technical director for Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and I wanted to give a brief update on how things have been shaping up for the players of the game.

The reviews we have been receiving have been fantastic and over the past 6 months we have been enjoying watching the player community steadily grow as more players start to hear about the game. To date there have been over 6,800 missions uploaded from players and shared within the Combat Ops community!

My “favorites” mission list in the game consists of only player created missions now and the team is extremely excited at the prospect of the community and number of missions growing very quickly this next month with the newly released God of War PSP bundle where Syphon Filter: Combat Ops is being offered as a promotional free download.

I hope to see you all online soon. Here are a few more screen shots if you haven’t seen them yet.

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Eternity_Viper_Snake said:

June 6th, 1:04 pm

sounds pretty good looking foward to it..

P.S. 5 days MGS4 :) :#

AznSniper said:

June 6th, 1:09 pm

Syphon Filter for PS3 please!

Jeigh said:

June 6th, 1:13 pm

Plan on picking up the bundle soon. Cell phone simply doesn’t cut it as an MP3 player. (And as a gaming device? Don’t get me started.)

Xanog said:

June 6th, 1:23 pm

Any chance of the team developing a similar community-based title for PSN?

I love the PSP, but don’t use it as much, due to my schedule.

C-h-a-o-s said:

June 6th, 1:26 pm

As a HUGE and I mean HUGE Syphon Filter fan will there be another installment? I am not satisfied with the ending in Logans Shadow, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Syphon Filter is my altime favorite series it can’t end with Logans Shadow. The PSP needs another Syphon Filter it’s upcoming software is looking very bleak after SAC.

Also I would love to see Syphon Filter make it’s way onto the PS3. It’s been on every PlayStation console/handheld, why not the PS3? what’s the hold up people? One last thing if there happens to be another SF game, make it about the actual Syphon Filter and the cover needs to be GREEN, Logans Shadows cover was blue WTF?!?!?! It’s the small things that keep fans happy when you go chaning things it leaves us with a WTF feeling.

C-h-a-o-s said:

June 6th, 1:27 pm

Oops I ment “make it about the actual Syphon Filter Virus”

Someguy14 said:

June 6th, 1:38 pm

You guys should make a PS3 Syphon filter.

NakedVoldo said:

June 6th, 2:08 pm

ehh dont liks its

soup or man said:

June 6th, 2:13 pm

I second the notion for a Syphon Filter game for PS3.

erico316 said:

June 6th, 2:26 pm

how much is it for me to go out a buy it on umd?

Biohazard said:

June 6th, 3:08 pm

Hey man let me in on a hint about Syphon Filter for PS3! I know you guys are making it! Also make it more like the older syphon filters. Btw are you guys the same developers that made the original PS1 versions?

gardea said:

June 6th, 5:11 pm

What’s the difference between this Syphon Filter and the other online Syphon Filter games?

I really need a new online game for PSP.

MPO is full of cheaters, SOCOM is full of auto-lock ons. I might try this one.

Stamina Man said:

June 6th, 5:15 pm

Just started playing about 2 days ago. Good stuff.

Lp47 said:

June 6th, 8:07 pm

Will Syphon Filter ever see a release on the PS3? It would be a sure hit.

Korlithiel said:

June 6th, 10:55 pm

I’ve been meaning to get in on the Syphon Filter games for PSP and this one seemed the most appealing, guess I will need to look into them a bit more during the upcoming break.

Cerberus_Hunter said:

June 7th, 11:32 am

I’m was a big fan of the first 3 Syphon Filter games for the PS1, but this seems so…different? I’m not sure if i will enjoy it as much as Syphon Filter 2 back in the days…

I’ll pass on this and wish for a Syphon Filter game for PS3.

imaballa said:

June 7th, 1:07 pm

when are we getting Syphon Filter for PS3??

KSI Assassin said:

June 7th, 10:14 pm


NarooN said:

June 8th, 1:19 am

There has to be another on PS3.

I hope it returns to the style of the PS1 titles, where they actually tried to stop the SF virus, even though Dark Mirror was SF on steroids.

maluraq said:

June 9th, 6:26 am

Having entered my code from my new God of War PSP (woohoo), I’ve played a few rounds of this and quite enjoyed it. The aim and shooting feedback takes a little getting used to (did I hit him, is he hurt or did I miss) but its a pretty good game. Its much better than I expected, that’s for sure.

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