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Jun 09

Jun 09

METAL GEAR MONDAYS! Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Launch week!

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Executive Producer, Dust 514

Hi all – I assume most of you reading this know already, but, at long last, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots launches this week, Thursday June 12, 2008! Of course, there’s tons going on!

First, we have numerous midnight launch parties and signings in NY, LA, and SF. Below are all the details!

MGS4 World Tour


WHERE: Best Buy
1015 N La Brea Ave
West Hollywood
(323) 883-0219

Wednesday, June 11
11:45 pm – 1:00am

David Hayter – Voice of Solid Snake
Kenichiro Imaizumi – Senior Producer
Ryan Payton – Associate Producer


WHERE: Virgin Megastore
1540 Broadway
Bet. 45th & 46th Street
(212) 921-1020

Wednesday, June 11
11:45 pm – 1:30am

Mr. Hideo Kojima
Yumi Kikuchi – Model


WHERE: PlayStation Store at Metreon
101 Fourth Street
(415) 369-6000

Saturday, June 14
4 pm-6 pm

Mr. Hideo Kojima
Kenichiro Imaizumi – Senior Producer
Ryan Payton – Assistant Producer
Yumi Kikuchi – Model

You should definitely arrive early. You will be able to purchase a standard edition version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the events. You can also see a complete list of what launch events are happening on a global scale for MGS4, here.

Next, we’d like to point out that the third and fourth parts of GameTrailers amazing Metal Gear Retrospective are posted. As previously mentioned, these detail everything in the series to date, and contain MAJOR SPOILERS, so be warned.

More after the jump!

MGS4 Page

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the official MGS4 site is live! It contains a ton of original interactive content, including playable training and special missions – essentially distilling some of the core game play mechanisms of MGS into a Flash game – that can prepare you for what awaits in MGS4!

As a special MGS4 launch week treat for the devout Metal Gear fans among you, we are releasing the passwords to unlock a ton of secret characters in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + for the PSP! Here we go…!


20: Normal Soldier Short Sleeve


21: Normal Soldier Long Sleeve


22: Normal Soldier Short Sleeve Magazine Vest


23: Normal Soldier Long Sleeve Magazine Vest


24: fox face type 1


25: fox face type 2


26: fox face type 3


27: Female Soldier


28: Female Soldier


29: Female Soldier


30: Male Scientist 1


31: Male Scientist 2


32: Male Scientist 3


33: Female Scientist 1


34: Female Scientist 2


35: Female Scientist 3


36: Maintenance Crew Member 1


37: Maintenance Crew Member 2


38: Maintenance Crew Member 3


39: High Rank Officer


40: High Rank Officer


41: High Rank Officer


42: High Official


43: Ocelot unit (hostage use only)


44: KGB soldier (hostage use only)


45: Gru soldier (hostage use only)


46: Gurlukovich’s Soldier


47: High-Tech Soldier


48: Tengu Soldier


49: Seal


50: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform A


51: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform B


52: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform C


53: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top A


54: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top B


55: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top C


56: Ocelot unit female soldier A


57: Ocelot unit female soldier B


58: Ocelot unit female soldier C

QJ4ZTQSLUT8 // # 59: ゲノム()

59: Genom Soldier (White)

9CM4SY23C7X8 // # 60: ゲノムレッド

60: Genom Soldier (Red)

9GNPHGFFLH // # 61: ゲノムブルー

61: Genom Soldier (Blue)

TGQ6F5TUHD // # 62: ゲノムグリーン

62: Genom Soldier (Green)

CE5HHYGTSSB // # 63: ゲノムイエロー

63: Genom Soldier (Yellow)

WYNGG3JBP3YS // # 64: ゲノムブラック

64: Genom Soldier (Black)

7WRG3N2MRY2 // # 65: ゲノムピンク

65: Genom Soldier (Pink)


69: Tsuhan soldier


70: Hidechan soldier


71: Washington, D.C


72: Alabama


73: Alaska


74: Arizona


75: Arkansas


76: California


77: Colorado


78: Connecticut


79: Delaware


80: Florida


81: Georgia


82: Hawaii


83: Idaho


84: Illinois


85: Indiana


86: Iowa


87: Kansas


88: Kentucky


89: Louisiana


90: Maine


91: Maryland


92: Massachusetts


93: Michigan


94: Minnesota


95: Mississippi


96: Missouri


97: Montana


98: Nebraska


99: Nevada


100: New Hampshire


101: New Jersey


102: New Mexico


103: New York


104: North Carolina


105: North Dakota


106: Ohio


107: Oklahoma


108: Oregon


109: Pennsylvania


110: Rhode Island


111: South Carolina


112: South Dakota


113: Tennessee


114: Texas


115: Utah


116: Vermont


117: Virginia


118: Washington


119: West Virginia


120: Wisconsin


121: Wyoming

With this post, we end Metal Gear Mondays – and would like to thank you for joining us these past few months, as we counted down to the launch of MGS4. But that’s not all! There’s much more to come in the following days, weeks, and months ahead! Stay tuned!

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frostquake said:

June 12th, 5:24 am

MGS4 makes HALO 3 Look like a Cartoon!!

Now before you go accusing me of FLAMING…I loved HALO 3…but now that I am playing MGS4, it makes HALO 3 look like a Cartoon. The Realism, depth and detail that has gone into MGS4, just blows HALO 3 out of the water. I can only imagine if the Team at Bungie got together with Hideo Kojima and his team, what we would get…DROOLING…..I just can’t belive how great MGS4 looks…They really knocked this one out of the Park, Baby. Way to Go Hideo Kojima!! Bungie are you taking notes??


subbed said:

June 12th, 9:53 am

MGS4 story mode so far is excellent. I guess it fell on deaf ears how bad the design for MGO with its logons and its updating meathods was though which is disappointing.

GamingGurl said:

June 12th, 1:19 pm

DUDE, check this OUT! this guy is playing Metal Gear Solid 4 for 24 straight hours!!! it’s sick!!!!

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