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Jun 17

Jun 17

Firmware (v2.36) coming soon, (v2.40) to include trophies, in-game XMB

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

A new PLAYSTATION 3 firmware update (v2.36) will be launching soon, improving system stability when playing select PlayStation format software titles. We’re also happy to officially report that the 2.40 system software update for PS3 will include “XMB” access in-game. The update will also include “trophies,” an exciting new feature that we’ll be providing more details on soon, as well as some other new enhancements. We’ve talked about some of this on the blog previously and know that many of you can’t wait to get your hands on these features. You can expect us to share all of the official details shortly.

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Pohlio said:

June 22nd, 4:39 am

sry i havent gotten any sleep in like 4 days…

Pohlio said:

June 22nd, 4:41 am

do u think its even remotely possable that there would be online that crossed ps3 and 360?

Pohlio said:

June 22nd, 4:42 am

(pg 14 start!!) i mean 360 would screw it up so i doubt its actually ever gona happen…

soccerman3 said:

June 22nd, 7:49 am

Alright!!!! It’s about freaking time!!! =)

juuken said:

June 22nd, 8:08 am

For all the people saying that XMB should have been out already-I would rather be thankful that it’s coming *now* than to talk about what could have been. Sony has made a few mistakes back in 2007 but they’re trying to make up for it.

You ought to give them a chance.

IceColdKilla44 said:

June 22nd, 9:20 am

@ 650

well, no, because if you wanted to add someone after a game, you wouldn’t be able to because….well…..they’re XBOX LIVE, and We’re PSN. sooo i doubt it….

i’m looking forward to this update.

Hey Eric, remember that interview you did a long time ago on the Bonus Round, Episode 6, Part 2, on, where you promised:
1) cross-game invites (invite people to your games even while they’re playing other games)
2) in-game xmb (i guess this is already taken care of =D)
3) cross-game communications (voice/text/video chatting with people even while playing a game)
4) custom soundtracks (playing your music while in a game)
5) an achievement system (you didn’t necessarily say if it was tied to a gamerscore or anything, but you did say that the “trophies” in Home were only “part” of a bigger achievement system!)

i wonder if ALL OF THESE PROMISES WILL BE FULFILLED in UPDATE 2.4!??!? THAT WOULD BE SOOO GREAAATT!!! seriously, those are basically the only things that Xbox Live can do that PSN can’t (besides the movie/TV show downloading service, but you guys said thats coming in July so no need to worry!)


Iloveplaystation said:

June 22nd, 11:07 am

Why isnt any 1 on this blog answering our questions?

I know you work in Sony and it should be so hard getting the information that people want..

Can you please give us some real information about when Firmware 2.40 is coming out ?

Iloveplaystation said:

June 22nd, 11:08 am

Btw I love this blog :P I just wish you could come out with information and stuff earlyer..
We have been waiting for IN game XMB for 2 years soon…

Xenokai said:

June 22nd, 12:00 pm

heres the video where he promised it all…

Xenokai said:

June 22nd, 12:05 pm

here the video showing what all the promised us….

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 12:10 pm


rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 12:17 pm

can we get more details!!!! im so excited can’t wait for 2.40 i check this website like every hour!!!!

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 12:20 pm

with in-game xmb i can use custom soundtracks right????????????

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 12:21 pm

i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

Xenokai said:

June 22nd, 12:30 pm

seems this update is only gonna give use in game text messaging BLEH! and trophy support. the trophys is a big step but man come on text messages is so 90’s. 360 does it all i dont see why ps3 cant =(

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 1:31 pm

i just can’t wait!!!!!! for 2.40!!!!!!!!

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 1:33 pm

come on release 2.40 i can’t wait!!!!

dinosauriac said:

June 22nd, 6:01 pm

Y’know, I’ve always wondered why PS3 has to sign you out when you’re watching a movie. Be it DVD or Blu the thing just kicks you outta the network, meaning you don’t know if your friends have come online and if you’ve received any messages. I can’t be the only one that’s more than a little frustrated by this? So while I’m excited that “in-game xmb” has been confirmed for 2.4, something I’d want almost as badly would be to stay signed into PSN as I’m watching a movie.

But anyway, back to the big talking point. I’m kinda worried about how in game xmb is gonna be implemented because for us to be satisfied, Sony has grant access to the entire xmb whilst in game. That means being able to chat with friends, send invites, listen to our own music and adjust the different settings options all as we’re playing.

It’s a given not all things will be available in-game, watching videos, web and PS Store browsing I’m sure we’d have to quit to access. However if all we get with in-game xmb is access to our friends list, I would say whilst it’s an improvement upon the current situation, it’s also an almighty failure to deliver on Sony’s part. But you’ve given us so many great new features so far, I have faith in ye.

ps- what about in-movie xmb?
it’d be great to have all these options as I’m viewing one of my blu rays.

youngballa14 said:

June 22nd, 7:07 pm

yeah baby. great info, xb got nothin on ps3

cb_32 said:

June 22nd, 7:08 pm

Cmon release the damn thing already!

Pohlio said:

June 22nd, 7:09 pm

@654 ya i know that but if they could mannage to do something about that(which they never will) microsoft would find away(like always) to screw it up so that no one would want to try it again.

Masterofallz said:

June 22nd, 8:16 pm

@Pohlio Maybe. Microsoft has been screwing Sony around by buying “out” websites like IGN and Gamespot. I hope Sony can somehow make Microsoft shiver.
WOOT! 2.40!

lionGriver said:

June 22nd, 8:17 pm

its about time

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 8:36 pm

next update is going to be great i believe in SONY the best company ever!!

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 8:39 pm

i hope the update 2.40 can support listening to your own music while playing thats what im most worried about to me without that feature 2.40 isn’t going to be cool at all

pyromaster222 said:

June 22nd, 10:29 pm

I think it would be sweet if the in game trophies came to the PSP also that would add a whole extra element to the Playstation Portable.

TypeF said:

June 23rd, 1:07 am


linuxguru said:

June 23rd, 7:08 am

I heard that 2.40 will introduce In-Game XMB AND if you have the PS3 Eye, you will be able to control the XMB with your body movements (like Minority Report). Is this true?

Ac3theone said:

June 23rd, 7:09 am

Yessss 2.4!!!!!!! i hope it has custom soundtracks!!!!!!!!!!

rolan22 said:

June 23rd, 7:58 am

i hope today we get some info of at least the releaase date of 2.40 PLEASE!!!

IceColdKilla44 said:

June 23rd, 9:05 am

thanks for finally giving us some info about v2.40, Sony


I hope in game XMB will include cross-game INVITES, cross-game text/voice/video chatting and messaging, and of course, custom soundtracks, so I’ll be able to play my games online while listening to my favorite music in the background.

Cross game invites are going to be HUGE. If someone is in an online matchmaking or party making lobby, then when I access the XMB while in game, I just select any of my friends and send them a game invite, even if they’re playing another game ( if they accept the invite, all they have to do is quit the game playing, put in the appropriate game disc, and then go straight to the game lobby of the game I am inviting him/her to.
Also, if I’m in the XMB, and I see someone online, a little icon next to the game they are playing should appear if they are in the matchmaking or party making lobby. If I see that icon, then I should just press “join game”, and I’ll be asked to put in the correct game disc ifit is not already in the ps3, and then I’ll go straight to the lobby!!!

Sony, if it were to work like this, that would be great!

And I hope we’ll be able to access the Internet browser while in game, so if I want to look up a cheat code or news on the Internet while in game I will be able to do so!

I have faith that you will give us ALL of these features soon Sony! Thanks!!

pjman said:

June 23rd, 9:16 am

Can we get ogg/FLAC support?


TypeF said:

June 23rd, 10:00 am

I hope 2.40 owns XBOX LIVE. I have XBOX LIVE and comparing XBOX LIVE now to what PS3 got it’s no match. So i hope 2.40 gets EVERYTHING

Soundtrack – while playing
Internet – while playing
Message – while playing
Voice Chat – while playing
Invite Players If You Playing different games like XBOX LIVE – while playing
No XMB Lag like XBOX LIVE – while playing

If SONY does more than this then XBOX LIVE will have competition. XBOX LIVE will be coming out with new Update too. Knowing PS3 they will always add new stuff to their Firmwares because PS3 always come out with new ones and XBOX dont. So i hope PS3 dominates this rounds.

TypeF said:

June 23rd, 10:07 am

forgot to say.


dinosauriac said:

June 23rd, 11:24 am

Honestly Sony, all we ask is that you match your competitor…

xStatiCa said:

June 23rd, 11:42 am

I second the ogg/FLAC support. There are a few companies distributing in FLAC format now. NIN sells them in that format too for lossless quality. There are no patent issues and the format is open so it would seem that memory space in the firmware (and developer time) would be the only things stopping ogg and FLAC support.

Pohlio said:

June 23rd, 12:40 pm

@masterofallz. they are shivering thats y there buying out what they can. there probably scared of what will happen and are trying to screw with us as much as possable b/c they dont want 2 beleave that they will be dominated like there last sysytem was.

Pohlio said:

June 23rd, 12:46 pm

@685 i’ve wanted recorded game play too. there has been a ton of funny things that need to be seen. althought i can’t repeat some of the thing i’ve been able to do.

Pohlio said:

June 23rd, 2:52 pm

@685&689 wow i just had an awsome game that needed recording. i got 12 kill with the semi-auto shot gun on cod4 on hq in strike i mean they could have killed me 50 diffrent times but they didn’t

dEaDmATe said:

June 23rd, 4:51 pm

Well I am the 691st person to comment this blog post. Good Job Sony [ Not – Sarcasm ] Way to keep it up. The only thing I dis-like about this blog is the people who are literally, literally, crying that they can’t get what they want. I just want to say one thing [ I’m not sure if anyone is reading this ] but welcome to life people, you can’t always get what you want, when you want it, and how you want it. Well Good Job Sony again for being a sweet company, and in my last statement I want to say one thing. I am proud, and always have been proud of owning a SONY product. Not only because SONY products kick-ass , but because SONY listens to their consumers, and in return they make HIGH-QUALITY products.

XD9 said:

June 23rd, 7:10 pm


“but welcome to life people, you can’t always get what you want, when you want it, and how you want it”

well aint that the f’en truth…but 90% of the children on here are spoiled little 12yr old mammas boys who probably never been disciplined who are in serious need of a good ass beatin and welcome them to the “real” world :)

but you ask me and i’ll say SONY doesnt listen much…if they did we would see some more games in 1080 instead of this terrible 720 garbage that my TV cant even display so my “HD” gaming system is just pathetic standard def when SONY advertises “HDNA” for their TV’s cuz they say HD is in their DNA…LOLOLOLOL….what a f’en joke that statement is!!!!!!!!! even if developers are too stupid to figure out how to do it on the PS3…SONY cant even make the PS3 upscale its own’ll upscale DVD, PS1 and PS2 BUT NOT ITS OWN!!!!!…PATHETIC!!!

my 2 cents

Digit69 said:

June 23rd, 7:56 pm

can you answer my questions. when is the v2.4 going to come out? when is so-call soon?

Pohlio said:

June 23rd, 11:11 pm

aint dat the fkin truth eh. anoyin little bastards…

zodiac909 said:

June 24th, 6:51 am

hey Eric! Any chance of 2.40 today since the PSN is down from 8 am to 2 pm PST?

sjspunisher said:

June 24th, 11:11 am

i am guessing is is coming out in July.

Vostrirancky said:

June 24th, 11:32 am

[DELETED] little kids… also sony needs to have auto upscaling on 1080p games. i want to get the most out of my hdtv

zodiac909 said:

June 24th, 11:44 am


Pohlio said:

June 24th, 12:41 pm

WOOT pg 15 starter(3 page starts in a row)

Pohlio said:

June 24th, 12:42 pm

well lets see as long as its out before august im cool.

Logic24 said:

June 24th, 12:47 pm next order of business. When?!?!?!?

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