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Jun 18

Jun 18

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Database on the way!

Brandon Laurino's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, Dust 514

Hi all – Firstly, we’d like to thank you for helping us make the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots a tremendous success, with a special thanks to the many of you who attended our midnight launches to support it. It was great to meet so many of you in person, and the some of the MGS related costumes were truly spectacular. We had a lot of fun, and we hope you did too.

Of course, the launch of MGS4 is just the beginning – with it now in your hands, surely you are finding that there is much to discover within the game itself. It’s packed with so much, in fact, that there is bound to be new revelations, strategies, and details in the coming months as everyone makes their way through every nook and cranny. Add in Metal Gear Online, with its endless and deep multiplayer game play, as well as new downloadable content forthcoming – there is truly so much more to come, with our continued support of MGS, that will extend well through this year.

With that, we are happy to reveal a very special surprise, upon the PLAYSTATION Store update tomorrow (Thursday June 19th) we will be releasing the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Database!

Metal Gear Solid 4 Database

The MGS4 Database is a free, downloadable interactive application that contains the official knowledge base of everything that is Metal Gear, reaching all the way back to the very beginning of the franchise. Including complete storylines, character profiles, relationship diagrams, and much more! The MGS4 database is a great way to catch up for someone new to Metal Gear, as well as a useful resource for any veteran of the series, with complete official details on every aspect of the intricate Metal gear lore.

The MGS4 Database also contains a special feature – if you want to make use of the database, but have not yet fully played through MGS4 yet and are worried about spoilers – all MGS4 spoilers are “blacked out” until you’ve beaten MGS4. Give it a try!

But that’s not all, within MGS4, check out the EXTRAS option of the main menu (if you haven’t already). There’s already new, free downloadable content available for the game – with new camouflage and a new music track for the in game iPod. There will be more forthcoming, so be sure to check this often!

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agony said:

June 19th, 10:21 am

SCEE just hates us

mgillespie said:

June 19th, 10:27 am

But not for you Europe, you don’t deserve it again, you have been REALLY bad for buying PS3 more than any other reason….

Why o Why do Europe CONSTANTLY get 2nd class treatment by Sony???

C-h-a-o-s said:

June 19th, 10:37 am

Although I’ve kept up with most of the story in all the MGS games I am definitely downloading this ASAP later today.

SeventhAxes said:

June 19th, 11:21 am

Wow, this is awesome. Can’t wait for tonight!

philwesson said:

June 19th, 12:30 pm

For all the European gamers, I think it has nothing to do with sony not liking you guys, but rather just licensing issues that may arise with international distribution. I work in marketing in the states, and I know that when we do things (albiet on a much smaller scale,) and distribute to other countries, there are a whole different set of rules that have to be considered.
Hang in there, you’ll get there.

As far as myself, I can’t wait to get home from work to download this! Thanks Sony/Konami!

Azured_Scorpio said:

June 19th, 1:03 pm

OMG! I’m going to freak out!!!
This is wonderful!!!

wallhugger said:

June 19th, 1:15 pm

@1 MGS 1 is already available for download on the japanese store if you know your way to get around the security of the playstation stores you might be able to buy it… note though you might want to get a crash course japanese ;)

wallhugger said:

June 19th, 1:41 pm

okay hmm to everyone moaning about the database not being in the european store. Here is a new flash just for you guys. It is perfectly possible to open a second account and third and give them american or japanese ID so that you can get on the american and japanese store. oh btw you CAN’T buy anything unless you’re able to get some sort of visa might make the store think you’re american or japanese. Oh and some demo’s might be in black and white if you don’t have an HDTV. That being said, I suggest you all start cheating SCEE this way.

wallhugger said:

June 19th, 2:43 pm

For all EUROPEANs wanting this. created a new user. give him a japanese ID go to the japanese store and download the japanese database. first you’ll get some japanese gibberish and then you can choose a language. there’s japanese english german spanish and french or something like that.

enjoy :). oh and you’ll be 1 day ahead of the american’s

TheApprentice said:

June 19th, 2:51 pm

Store update running late again? :(

wallhugger said:

June 19th, 3:03 pm

lol the japanese store is fast enough ^^ go download everything you want from there :D

vrillusions said:

June 19th, 4:08 pm

This is great. Being a newcomer to the MGO universe the retrospectives and history info I’ve seen so far has helped but I’m sure having an “official” source will make it a lot easier.

agony said:

June 19th, 4:54 pm

@ 159
but It will not read your savegame

ONLY savegames created on your PS3 and it must be Japanese

downloading a savegame from the net will also not work…

MidgetguyII said:

June 19th, 6:44 pm

SWEET!!!! I’m looking forward to learning all about the Metal Gear Solid story! (I’m new to MGS, but I loved MGS4!!!!)

I have one question though… are their any more of those Digital Graphic Novels coming out for the PSP. I used that to learn about the first MGS games’ story, and now I’m anxiously awaiting the second…

40cal said:

June 19th, 8:46 pm

Hells yeah! The more MGS content the better. When is the second Digital Graphic Novel going to come out in the U.S., I loved the first one and cant wait for the second to hit my PSP.

zeel said:

June 19th, 10:34 pm

so is this a stand alone app for the ps3 or an in game thing? cuz I dont have mony for MGS4 so i rented it from blokbuster to try to beet it and this looks cool but if its an ad-on for the game than I wont have time to see it cuz I am new to metal gear


June 20th, 2:25 am


AdversaryofGod said:

June 20th, 3:51 am

That’s a really Intelligent and Good Add-On
Thx a LOT!

One thing that I REALLY want is the Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel 2… will this ever comes out??? (in Canada)

TinkeR said:

June 20th, 5:59 am

Oh my god, Europe is the territory where MGS4 was sold the most in first days…and again, we are the ones that have to wait, and wait, and wait…again and again, it’s ALWAYS the same thing: Europe is the fifth wheel of the cart.

I’m French, so why must I have to make a japanese account while American and Japanese people just have to connect to their own account.

blizzard182 said:

June 20th, 10:24 am

As I said, you got me back on the Blog. This is GREAT news. This is just awesome. I am waiting for MGS4 (I mean, waiting to have the money) and I did not play any of the previous games so this is going to be a nice read.

Thanks you!

M-ManLA said:

June 21st, 4:19 am


Deathcakes said:

June 21st, 5:26 am

The EU injustice has to stop, period. We should not be forced to resort to backdoor solutions such as creating a different territory account to get things like this. This, and all the other games in the series are among the (if not THE) best games i have ever played, and i’m sure theres a lot of other Europeans that feel the same way. I can’t think of a even slightly reasonable argument to why we should be left out on things like this. Why even release the game in EU when you’re gonna treat them like second class citizens?

So please, for everyones sake – Do release the MGS4 extra material in EU as well. The large fanbase there would be just as satisfied as the others and you would not appear neglectful of your costumers.

pillaysteven said:

June 21st, 6:56 pm

Hey. I’m from Ireland and have been able to download the US version of the MGS4 database. However the game complete status from my copy of MGS4 won’t register with the database and so I can’t access the locked content. I’m guessing there is a compatibility issue with the US database and the EU games.

I’m wondering when the database will be uploaded to the European store. The languages are already there so I can’t see a reason for the delay.

Seyfertt said:

June 21st, 9:17 pm

Cool \o/

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