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Jun 20

Jun 20

Hot Shots Golf: THIS is a course!

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar Posted by Producer

G’day lads, happy Friday! Chris here again, dropping in on you with a little update from the latest news from the smallest continent in the world… Australia.

As you’ve most likely already experienced (and shame on you if you haven’t) the greatness that is traveling through Hot Shots Golf (Africa, the Alps, Japan), there is no amount of text that could possibly describe the Dingo goodness that you’ll be sure to experience with the new course… drumroll please… Oceania Resort Course!


True, true – just turn on your PS3 and get a-downloading, once that’s completed, log on to the PSN store and purchase the key to access the content. Vegemite not included.

This is a complete 18-hole course (with a long and regular tee variation). It’s also by far one of the most difficult courses on the Hot Shots line up, with plenty of natural obstacles such as sand traps, waterholes, rocks, and kangaroos. Ok, maybe not kangaroos, but they will be on the course – so make sure to not feed the animals (especially the alligators!).

As far as design goes, we’ll, it’s always to the Hot Shot standard. You’ll have traffic flowing through, some hot air balloons floating about, etc. The course is littered with various “out-back” nods… and it even comes complete with a giant lobster.


You’ll be able to play this course both online and offline, we’ll have some special tournaments set up for it as well. Check out some more the images below.

oceania5 oceania6

That’s about it folks, I’m about to have a Tim-Tam slam and get going on another 18-hole round. See you guys on-line!

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XxBigP123xX said:

June 20th, 10:22 am

Should’ve had a giant enemy crab from ancient Japan instead of a lobster there so you can hit its weak point for massive damage.

depward said:

June 20th, 10:28 am

You can’t beat a giant lobster.

Already downloaded, keep up the HSG support!

Delriach said:

June 20th, 10:32 am

I haven’t bought the map yet, but when you go online, can you play someone who has the map even if you haven’t purchased it yet?

Nymo said:

June 20th, 10:35 am

Better now than 50 comments later, but where should I aim to hit the lobster’s weak point for some massive damage?

i couldn’t resist. granted, everyone below won’t either.

anyways, Great to see new content for Hot Shots! Can’t wait to tee off!

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said:

    June 20th, 11:51 am

    This particular armored arthropod has a weak cephalothorax… but you have to aim low.

Goodfella2487 said:

June 20th, 10:37 am

Sorry but the fact that you’re charging $5 for content already on the disc sickens me. I love Hot Shots Golf and I’ve played it since the PSOne days, but no more after 5.

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said:

    June 20th, 11:29 am

    Hey Goodfella – All DLC items are not on the disc, they are automatically downloaded with every update.

    For example, the first update had new online features added to the game.

    The second update downloaded the two new characters (Alex and Gloria) to your PS3. Once the items were downloaded and installed, you had the option to go to the PSN store and purchase an key to unlock the items.

    This third update functions the same way. All the content is delivered to your PS3 via download with the option to unlock it by purchasing a key on the PSN.

    The reason we do it this way is that along with the DLC items, we also tighten a few screws and oil a few gears (so to speak) on the complete game. Why would we submit you to two seperate downloads when we can do it all at once? HSG cares.

DavePSU said:

June 20th, 10:38 am

I’ve downloaded both new golfers and now this new course for HSG thus far. This has been far and large my most enjoyable experience on the PlayStation 3.

While I’ve enjoyed plenty of other titles, HSG just seems to offer so much replay value that it makes spending the $60 more than worth it.

The new course is awesome — I can’t count how many times I hit the darn wood structure on hole 5 (I think)…

gamesblow said:

June 20th, 10:39 am

I have to let you know that I have bought every one of your Hot Shots golf games since the psone days and I love everyone of them. They are a huge driving reason why I even support the Sony brand. Hotshots golf is the best golf game in town!

Keep the content coming cause you always got me as a consumer willing to shell out whatever it takes to get new content for it!

IndyStorm800 said:

June 20th, 10:39 am

Not the biggest golf fan in the world, but I did enjoy Hot Shots Golf. I’m going to get it later on.

tretle said:

June 20th, 10:40 am

There have been very few replies from blog moderators on all the posts as of late.

Delriach said:

June 20th, 10:41 am

Goodfella2487, the content isn’t already on the disc. You download all the new content when you go online. You can only use the content once you unlock it by purchasing it. There’s a huge difference.

ky181 said:

June 20th, 10:45 am

after downloading the level it is awesome keep them coming

joel said:

June 20th, 10:50 am

Ive never played HSG before.. I might by the psp one then consider the ps3 one.

DavePSU said:

June 20th, 10:51 am

LOL I just experienced two dead kangaroos on the course… they were both just laying on the fairway dead, not moving… anybody else see something like this?

tretle said:

June 20th, 10:52 am

any chance of a playstation blog google gadget. I am using linux and would like a widget but I cant use yahoo widgets. Google gadgets have recently got a native port to linux though and the code was released so It would be supper cool if linux users could finally get a desktop dose of the playstation blog.

DavePSU said:

June 20th, 10:56 am

Wooooooo Just hole-in-one’d the par 3 at Hole 3… Sweetness. I’m spamming your comment section.

blizzard182 said:

June 20th, 11:06 am

You remembered me I have to check out if the PlayStation Cards are now available. I can´t use my credit card yet.


Lucky guys

Nismobeach said:

June 20th, 11:06 am


original_copycat said:

June 20th, 11:12 am

Crikey! There’s no alligators in Australia(except at some zoos), we have crocodiles.

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said:

    June 20th, 11:21 am

    You\’re right! A geographic faux pas on my end (hence the name, Crocodile Dundee).

C-h-a-o-s said:

June 20th, 11:14 am

Very nice, since this is semi related will the PSP version ever get any content?

Shyvah said:

June 20th, 11:47 am

Wooah it’s so cute.
I’ve got the japannese version tho, do I need to buy it from JP store? If I buy it in another one will it work?

Snap said:

June 20th, 12:30 pm

I hope that both HSG5 PS3 and HSG2 PSP will continue to receive support for years to come. I’ve been enjoying them both equally thus far.

HSG5 is by far the #1 game played on my PS3 at the moment. MGS what? Didn’t even bother to buy it. Perhaps when it’s on discount.

DG said:

June 20th, 12:30 pm

I downloaded it this morning, I can’t wait to get off work so I can play. This might be the first night since last Thursday I won’t be playing MGS4.

Ed187 said:

June 20th, 12:32 pm

I’m liking the lobster.

stoobush said:

June 20th, 12:41 pm

So is there never going to be a US demo of this game? I’m not dropping $60 on a game I’ve never played before.

Gonzo456 said:

June 20th, 12:41 pm

i havnt had a chance to take a “shot” at this game yet, but i plan to try it out when ever i can

Ghostm said:

June 20th, 12:41 pm

This game seems cool but it’s to bad that I wont be buying it. I’m out of space on HDD anyways. I only have 1GB left on my 60GB HD. MGS4 was the only game I didn’t mind installing on my PS3.

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said:

    June 20th, 3:24 pm

    What do you have stored in your HDD that you can\’t make a little room for some HSG?

lyndonAP said:

June 20th, 12:48 pm

I played this course a bit on the Japanese version of the game and I’m glad to have it on the localized version now- very challenging course in places. Shyvah, you need to buy the course that is made for your version (in your case, the Japanese store).

On a bit of a side note, any hints you can give us about future DLC? Maybe the return of mini golf? If so, don’t use the “points” scoring that was in HSG:Fore on the PS2- just use strokes.

crazyred47 said:

June 20th, 12:52 pm

why do we have to pay for something that’s already on the disc? did the developers intentionally lock this map out so we have to pay the $5 activation key to unlock the map? i already drop 60 on this game. i’m not paying more for this. you can keep this map.

DavePSU said:

June 20th, 1:04 pm

CrazyRed, do you not pay attention? These additional content pieces are not already on the disc. They’re keyed on the PSN and then when you take HSG online, you’ll be prompt to install an update. This update is what installs the new content onto your system for use within the game.

It does not already come on the disc.

SPARDA said:

June 20th, 1:09 pm

I am really interested about getting this game mainly to play with friends online. Has the voice over mic capability been patched in yet? This is the only thing that has held me from buying it.

DavePSU said:

June 20th, 1:15 pm

SPARDA, what my friends and I do in order to chat while we play is utilize Skype. Obviously not everyone has a laptop/PC close to their PS3 though, so I can understand how it isn’t a great solution to everyone.

However, we’ve ran parties of 5-6 in HSG and just laughed it up via the conference call option in Skype and had a great time in doing so.

StupidityTries said:

June 20th, 1:15 pm

Anything more on voice chat yet?

TouchyEd said:

June 20th, 1:21 pm

Quick Question:

Has any progress been made adding Voice Chat to the online portion of this game? The lack of voice chat remains a deal-breaker for me.

If so, any idea on timeframes?

Thanks for any update you can provide.

Stoffinator said:

June 20th, 1:42 pm

Always good to see the “old” games still getting updated. Its even better when its free. ;-]

hsgfan said:

June 20th, 1:55 pm

I am loving the new course! Please keep supporing this awesome game with additional DLC. And thanks for pricing it reasonably.

Kamahl said:

June 20th, 2:03 pm

i know there was a demo of this game but it was never released on the US store… why??? i still don’t know if i should buy it because ive never played one of these games so a demo would be very helpful… and i cant rent…

krae_man said:

June 20th, 2:26 pm


Paying for a key to unlock content in a Free update is no different then paying for a key to unlock the content on the disk.

The only way what you’re doing is okay is if you will be making the content free at some point.

Oh and BTW:

Why are the swing meters in Hot Shots Golf OOB and Open Tee 2 slightly different? Going from one to the other totally messes me up. There’s a slight difference in timing.

SoaceGodzilla said:

June 20th, 2:31 pm

When can we look forward to DualShock 3 support for this game, it’ll feel great if theres some force feedback after wacking a eagle or power shot! Please make it happen!!!!

MechaSheeva said:

June 20th, 2:40 pm

@ krae_man

Uh, yeah it is. Instead of complaining just to complain, why don’t you actually think about the principle behind this.

If the content was already on the disk, we already paid for it, and shouldn’t have to pay again. Since this is NEW content, it was never on the disc, so we’re not entitled to it unless we pay.

Zorox said:

June 20th, 2:42 pm

Could you guys offer Japanese VA and BGM as DLC? I wouldn’t mind paying for them.

krae_man said:

June 20th, 2:49 pm


How is paying for to unlock content already on my disk different then paying to unlock content already on my Harddrive?

Chris, you guys can make it up by adding a 9 hole par 3 for free like the game should have had in the first place.

DG said:

June 20th, 2:51 pm

I can’t wait for the next HSG DLC so Chris can explain once again that the content is not on the disc.

EvoAnubis said:

June 20th, 2:51 pm

Hmm. Cool! Damn….can’t……….resist……….MOAR METAL GEAR!!!

crystalx3d said:

June 20th, 4:01 pm

I wish all ps3 games got the same kind of ongoing development and support that the Hot Shots Golf series gets. Then we’d be that much closer to world peace or something.

kenji said:

June 20th, 4:42 pm

Nice that you’re working on new courses but how about voice chat?

wu-stix said:

June 20th, 5:04 pm


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daviddoel said:

June 20th, 5:26 pm

Add voice chat and I’ll buy the course.

tearsofash said:

June 20th, 5:31 pm

Yay! I like my hot shots golf updates. It makes me a happy inside. HSG ftw.

daviddoel said:

June 20th, 5:35 pm

Didn’t mean to sound so mean in my last comment :p. I just think the game would be A LOT more popular online if it supported voice chat. I think that was a huge oversight.

SantanaClaus89 said:

June 20th, 7:17 pm

We want mini-golf. Seriously.

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