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Jun 22

Jun 22

PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Here’s what we read this week: more of “anything-and-everything-MGS4-related.” At least you don’t have to ask why we haven’t linked to Firmware 2.40 rumors this week.

As always, feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear – we don’t work on Sundays.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/16)

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JordanBlack68 said:

June 22nd, 12:07 pm

When will we get 2.40 info? Thank you

skynidas said:

June 22nd, 12:08 pm

Thank you, can you update us with some news about the release of FW 2.4? Please

Korlithiel said:

June 22nd, 12:08 pm

Well, considering we see new stuff every other day and still don’t always get comments during the week, why should we expect Sunday is different?

P_tear_griffin said:

June 22nd, 12:29 pm

nice recap of the week. Hey Jeff, is Sony Bend working on any other PSP games or a PS3 game? Also, does WipeOut HD have a release date?

Stoffinator said:

June 22nd, 12:33 pm


Shut up about 2.40 already would yeah.

Great week for news, mostly when it came to MGS4.

jimmyn28 said:

June 22nd, 12:37 pm

So when you said “soon” regarding firmware 2.40, did you mean it on a geologic scale?

Iloveplaystation said:

June 22nd, 12:38 pm

Agreed :D

C-h-a-o-s said:

June 22nd, 12:38 pm

I wonder what every post will consist of when 2.40 comes out. Most have been about in game xmb when we found out what firmware # it would be in it’s all about 2.4. I guess Home will be the focus of the posts when 2.4 is out.

Not a bad week info wise, no stories about firmware 4.00…it was major let down.

emjayx said:

June 22nd, 12:43 pm

The more previews of LBP, the more I get excited for the game, September/October can’t come soon enough. Oh and good news there for Motorstorm 2. Photo mode is definitely a plus, and all other games should have this considering more and more games are having it (RFOM,MGS4,M2, did I miss something else?)

TAGImperium said:

June 22nd, 12:49 pm

It’s funny. I said that if Sony had gave us confirmation on 2.4 and In-Game XMB the speculation and rumors would die off. People would be satisfied until the release. Boy was I wrong, you people are like chicks in a beauty salon. Gossip, rumors, whine.

Where’s 2.4?! Can we have some info?

For God’s sake people give it a rest. IT”S COMING!!!
Go play the best game ever (MGS4) to be released on a system.

Rendermonk said:

June 22nd, 1:15 pm

I still think that the more people post about it asking for details and dates, shows to the people on Sony’s staff running this blog, that just saying it’s coming, or soon, or more infor shortly isn’t enough. They seem to respond to what people ask for on here and I for say keep asking about 2.40. That’s what the people want, there’s no reason not to give it to them. If there is a good reason why it’s not being released or spoke about, then post a blog on that. Tell us it’s due to “Insert reason here”.

afchst said:

June 22nd, 1:24 pm

Greetings From Colombia :P

I read something concerning in a Walkthrough FW 2.40 Video. Does this really means that FW 2.40 is already finished?

SillyHatMafia said:

June 22nd, 1:28 pm

Resistance 2 videos, MGS4 awesomeness, 2.40 confirmed, pretty kick arse week!

marcindpol said:

June 22nd, 1:35 pm

when will 2.40fw be released??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????////????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

marcindpol said:

June 22nd, 1:36 pm

when will fw 2.40 be released??????????????????

marcindpol said:

June 22nd, 1:37 pm

please we do not have to wait till E3???? do we??????????? no please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 1:39 pm

come out tell us what’s going on with 2.40 we as consumers deserved to know. I think people need more details like an released date that way we will be more happy and calm. Well anyways, SONY is the best!

rolan22 said:

June 22nd, 1:40 pm

i meant come on

marcindpol said:

June 22nd, 1:42 pm

let the PSN grow up!!!
be mature and sexy!!!

marcindpol said:

June 22nd, 1:44 pm

let the PSN grow up!
be mature and seksy(x)!

Sentry said:

June 22nd, 2:16 pm

People are still running around in circles (going nuts) over 2.4? They confirmed it as soon, give it a rest. We know its coming in the summer, June is almost over so one can use logic to assume that it will come in either early-mid-late July, or early August. Now if its coming in July, think about E3, they will most likely make an announcement there, and have it release afterwards by a week or so.

Just use your brain a little bit to find out when it is going to come out, its not that hard..

Summer – June(almost up)- July – Early August.

I put my bids on around the second or third week of July… if not, early August.

monkeyisland said:

June 22nd, 2:39 pm

meh..i wonder when a news on the 2.40 release will be part of that list

Carl said:

June 22nd, 2:59 pm

Stop complaining about 2.4 Eric will give us information when it is ready not when you complain about it.

Cheers for the links Jeff mate, i always enjoy reading this stuff :)

xaos said:

June 22nd, 3:43 pm

A bit off topic, but I was wondering if we might get a primer on the blog about how to do subtitles for videos on the new 4.0 firmware. I’ve seen a few posts from people like me who noticed that there is now a subtitle option in the menu but no one seems to know how to set up subtitles :) I saw something in the online help saying that there are “supported video files” required for it, but it all seems kind of vague, unless this is something that will only be supported through the rippable blu-ray PS3 feature. Either way, if we could get more info, that we be awfully keen.

Stallone said:

June 22nd, 3:45 pm

2.40 ploz

Neo217 said:

June 22nd, 3:54 pm

Come guys let us know more about firmwire 2.40

Carl said:

June 22nd, 3:57 pm

Guys STFU about firmware 2.4 you moaning about it wont make them talk about it, okay?

It must annoy you greatly Jeff having to read through all these comments from people complaining!

Stunt said:

June 22nd, 4:17 pm

Hey Jeff,

Is there anyway that Sony could talk with it’s first parties and third parties about mandatory game installs, you know to make them optional? I mean, between MGS4, GTA4, Lost Planet, Heavenly Sword, and Warhawk, I barley have any space left.


Clinton514 said:

June 22nd, 5:59 pm

I need a Helghast Sackboy plush toy!

WHAT said:

June 22nd, 6:21 pm

Just caught the Resistance videos. Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see where the story goes.

Koroshiya said:

June 22nd, 7:29 pm

Japanese voices confirmed for Yakuza 2 is the best news for me this week! The English voices in the first one were terrible. Nothing worse than hearing Yakuza members with Italian accents! Thank you Sega! Note to developers: Do this for future releases as well or at least give us dual audio options!

Schitthammer said:

June 22nd, 7:30 pm

Hey Jeff, I like this Sunday-wrapup posts of yours.

About 2.40, don’t worry… Once it’s released you have the pleasure of us all whining about 2.50. Haha :)

Kenshin001 said:

June 22nd, 7:57 pm

I have been reading mainly forums and a couple of big questions are where is Wipeout HD and the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata? Both were touted to be released around this time and both have completely disappeared off the radar.

After the high of MGS4 either of these releases would have kept the momentum going, but it looks like instead of Sony capitalizing on this there is going to be a long, slow wait until September. So, how about an update on Wipeout HD and maybe someone from Namco giving the lowdown on ES?

gamesblow said:

June 22nd, 8:08 pm

Things I am sick of

1 – Hearing the words 2.40
2 – Hearing in game XMB
3 – Crying about not having them

With that said, a lot of you people are probably being vocal to a fault cause many of you probably want in game music and that’s probably not going to happen, and I don’t care if it does or not cause the way Sony does their in game music for the psn games is perfect. In game music is sloppy, really cause it lays over everything. It lays over the original music in the game, the sound effects and mixes in with all of it causing a pretty nasty sounding mess.

LEave in game music out of the 2.40 equation and hope Sony patches the best games to use in game music.

As for what I want out of in game xmb is simply the option to switch resolutions on the fly. going from 720P to 1080p at will when I want cause Warhawk and Uncharted for instance are 2 games that look and play better, to me, in 1080p but right now you have to manually do it everytime you want to play.

McKey1991 said:

June 22nd, 8:17 pm

I hope we get firmware 2.4 this upcoming week. It’ll stop some whining and will make me happy.

VenomX said:

June 22nd, 8:55 pm

I hope Rockstar patches GTA IV for custom soundtracks. It’ll be interesting to see if 3rd party devs use custom soundtracks & trophies from here on out. It’s pretty clear all Sony’s game’s are taking an advantage of it.

Cheysan said:

June 22nd, 10:22 pm

@ Sentry

Actually, it isn’t confirmed as coming soon, if you read the blog announcement carefully all it tells you is what will be included in 2.4 and that more details on it will be announced soon. It doesn’t say anywhere in there that it’s coming soon.

cxplorer said:

June 22nd, 11:16 pm

I want to message my friends while gaming.

I want to listen to my music while playing games on my PS3.


gamesblow said:

June 22nd, 11:45 pm

I’d rather have new exclusive Ps3 games than in game xmb, if you ask me. I think everyone’s priorities are wrong on this one. I’d give up xmb for Eightdays or to see Suikoden come to the ps3 exclusively and take up a whole blu-ray disc.

Aside from that, I’d rather see a flood gate of really good ps1 games come to the psn. I’d buy them all day 1.

Sentry said:

June 23rd, 12:32 am

@ Cheysan [37]

I guess saying “Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer, firmware update 2.4”, isn’t confirming as soon, then.. Summer is soon, no? Hell, we are already in it. :P

Eric confirmed that details on trophies and more will arrive soon, tie that in with the past confirmation of 2.4 arriving in the summer, logic well tell you that it is coming soon. As he has said. Details usually surface regarding firmware updates about a week or so -sometimes just days- in advanced.

So yeah, 2.4 is coming soon, period. I honestly can’t believe some are still complaining.

@ gamesblow [40]

Yup, and I would give up having Haze as an exclusive for Gears 2, but thats just not gonna happen. If we can pick and choose what we could have and not have, this world would be a much better -or worse- place.

Not having in-game XMB on the way, does not mean 8 Days would not be on be on hold. Or having some other game exclusively on the PS3.

What would make you think that giving up a feature like in-game XMB would suddenly mean we would get some more games in any way?…

gamesblow said:

June 23rd, 12:50 am

You didn’t understand what I meant. I meant, I’d give up even having xmb if “in this perfect world or not so perfect world” We got to choose between having new exclusive games or new xmb features. My money is on games cause you can’t play an xmb, only with it.

cmargary said:

June 23rd, 1:03 am

Just stop with the 2.4 really.. if noel said that eric is working in the video just wait.

Pyroman said:

June 23rd, 1:06 am

Is Qore going to replace the PSStore?I saw somewhere ,that the next release will propose to play to a demo of Naruto,what about the others users???

Sentry said:

June 23rd, 1:15 am

@ gamesblow [42]

“We got to choose between having new exclusive games or new xmb features”??

Umm, like I said that is not the case. At all, really. What makes you think we would have to pick one or the other? Or that eliminating one brings more of the other? That is just not the case..

But if things were like that, then yes, I would choose more exclusive quality games over in-game XMB.. but thats not how things work.

Sentry said:

June 23rd, 1:29 am

Upsie, just read your post again gamesblow and I realized that you meant IF. XD

Your sentence structure made me thing you meant we MUST CHOOSE between the two. :P

Mybad bro.

Sentry said:

June 23rd, 1:32 am

@ Pyroman [43]

No its not replacing the PS Store. That demo is exclusive to Qore, due to a deal or something, so if Qore didn’t even exist, we probably wouldn’t have even seen that demo at all until weeks after its release in Qore.

PS- Sorry for triple..

Pyroman said:

June 23rd, 2:26 am

No,if Qore didn’t exist ,we would have this demo for free…With Qore,the demos are gonna be payable!There is no announce for Naruto demo on the PSStore…

Sentry said:

June 23rd, 2:52 am

I don’t think so, I think they would have came for us a little later. I doubt that demo is NEVER going to be available in the PS Store, its just exclusively coming to Qore first, via a deal, most likely.

Pyroman said:

June 23rd, 3:18 am

That’s what I wanted to read, I hope you’re right ,i’m waiting a confirmation from SONY’s Bosses… :)

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