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Jun 29

Jun 29

PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

What did we learn this week? The Sony Group Corporate Strategy Update revealed a few things you’ll be hearing more about in the near future, the PSP and Metrocards go hand in hand, and inFAMOUS looks pretty damn good.

Here’s where I ask for your links: As always, feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear – even bloggers deserve a day off.

But because I know what you’re going to ask about, and because we don’t traffic in rumors and/or speculation, I invite you to come back to the Blog tonight (just shy of midnight Pacific). We’ve got a video to show you.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/23)

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SpLinT said:

June 29th, 1:09 pm


3 am

ryuk said:

June 29th, 1:10 pm



ryuk said:

June 29th, 1:11 pm

@51 uhh hi

SpLinT said:

June 29th, 1:12 pm



Sentry said:

June 29th, 1:13 pm

Finally, I have been waiting of a clear video of ‘Life with PlayStation’ since the feature was announced. I = ^.^ U = -_-‘


T-Minus Approximately 11 Hours [BABY]!!!

JordanBlack68 said:

June 29th, 1:14 pm

Jeff, i could kiss you :P

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

June 29th, 1:14 pm

nice list of links, even though I’ve already read the all. :)
lol. it’s really funny to read the random suggestions for what the video is about. And if it’s not what we all think it is, that would be just CRUEL!!! but still funny in a morbid way….
I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay up that late, though, it’ll be 2:30 am my time. :(

JordanBlack68 said:

June 29th, 1:15 pm

Edit: How do I change my BLOG password?

edrikk said:

June 29th, 1:16 pm

I’m almost affraid to ask….

Is the stuttering video playback of MP4 videos when using DLNA streaming been fixed?


dan1066 said:

June 29th, 1:16 pm

omg!!! im looking forward to trophies more than i was for gta i cant wait for 2.4

Moochie said:

June 29th, 1:17 pm


nas2344 said:

June 29th, 1:18 pm

well i hope it is cause thats all we ask about now a days isn’t it>?

gamesblow said:

June 29th, 1:19 pm

I’d laugh so hard if it had nothing to do with in game xmb or 2.40, rather it was a video chronicling the “kicked in the nuts” sensation from years back.

That would be absolutely hilarious.

SpLinT said:

June 29th, 1:20 pm

Will this FW update include in-game voice chat?

canguy69 said:

June 29th, 1:21 pm

I so wish it was 12am eastern time. This old man needs his sleep. Hopefully will watch in the morning if the site is still up. Will it be up on the store as well?

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

June 29th, 1:21 pm

I just hope whatever is demonstrated on the video meets everyone’s expectations, I really don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of posts complaining about what it’s lacking.

ThEPoDeSt said:

June 29th, 1:22 pm

Hell yeaaaaaaaaa

This is LIVING(and wat we’ve been waiting for)

2.4 FTW.

Cross game invite in the 2.4?

Sentry said:

June 29th, 1:22 pm

@ 55

Agreed. Show your love by copying and pasting the following;

I <3 Jeff ^_^

ryuk said:

June 29th, 1:23 pm

OK PEOPLE IT IS V2.40! HE SAYS “I know what you’re going to ask about” WHICH IS V2.40

thingg said:

June 29th, 1:25 pm

Man, I just might stay up till 3am (EDT) to see this…

superbread1 said:

June 29th, 1:27 pm


ryuk said:

June 29th, 1:28 pm


the commentor: “So you’re working on the firmware video as well? Cool. Just a quick question: is this video going to be an epic film or just a 1 minute show off in-game xmb for 30 secs and then unlock a trophy?”

Jeff: “Planning 2 videos, 5 or so mins each. One for XMB features and one for Trophies. None of the previous videos has been a short as 90 seconds, just as long as it takes to show off the features and not make you sit through a lot of fluff.”

the link

so people THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryuk said:

June 29th, 1:30 pm

Carl said:

June 29th, 1:31 pm

Jess you sly dog. Can’t wait for E3 when it will probably be released :)

Can’t wait to see the video either.

Sentry said:

June 29th, 1:32 pm

Jeff, if you are reading this (who am I kidding I know you are reading all these comments :P), make sure to state somewhere in the post with the videos, that this is only the beginning to in-game XMB and trophies.

I know, that like all other features that come for the PS3, they are always enhanced and improved over time. Please note that this (2.4) is no different, just so people don’t go insane and start posting hateful BS.

Just a tip!

… Man what if this video turns out to be something totally separate from 2.4 …


But that’s impossible. Right?..

Carl said:

June 29th, 1:37 pm

Omg i called you “Jess” LOL i meant Jeff.

Sorry mate :D

gamesblow said:

June 29th, 1:38 pm

Jeff, if I could ask 1 question.

alright, the xmb is nice and all that and 2.40 whooooohooo!

But, what my main concern right now is when I play ps2 and ps1 games on my tv using hdmi or component (I’ve tried both) I have these black bars on the side of them. in order for them to look half way decent I have to scale them down to double and it permits a box around the picture.

I’m playing on a 47 in 1080P Bravia, by the way.

Is there anyway or chance in goat cheese that Sony will release any more firmware updates to the PS1 and PS2 B/c? I don’t think they will cause the 40 gb don’t have any B/C and that is a bit blah and meh.

I’d like to see some new graphics features for the B/C myself. Interpolation and such but if you could shed some light on the B/C black borders bit that’d be sharp.

ryuk said:

June 29th, 1:39 pm



rojo7 said:

June 29th, 1:42 pm

cool jeff
looking forward to that announcement

Delriach said:

June 29th, 1:49 pm

lol, damn, he proved me wrong about the PSN ID thing. >_> I hope he still has room.

Stoffinator said:

June 29th, 1:52 pm

I am impressed from how Socom is looking in the new videos. And that MGS4 walk through is pretty impressive. And glad to see the PSN cards are finally making it out to the stores, just wish they were around me.

Withnail said:

June 29th, 1:56 pm


Mana Knight said:

June 29th, 1:57 pm

@ 78

I made a thread about them at the PS3 Forums, remember??? Also, someone made a thread about the article from Kotaku and I posted. Unfortunately, the cards are only in USD right now.

I’d actually like to add Jeff on PSN, but I have a feeling his list filled up as I typed this, lol (my list was full until the recent upgrade to 100). I dunno if he plays SingStar, since I always enjoy watching other SingStar videos (I post mine).

Otega said:

June 29th, 1:59 pm

Hey Jeff show some love for the east coast and play that video earlier please.

Bahamut84 said:

June 29th, 1:59 pm

hey thanks for these links !

come to see ours on
best regards to all the team, and viva PlayStation !!

skynidas said:

June 29th, 2:04 pm

On another topic Socom is looking HOT, day one buy for me

VenomX said:

June 29th, 2:04 pm

2.4 videos tonight confirmed? YESSSS

tretle said:

June 29th, 2:10 pm

Hi Jeff, I was just about to spend my money on some ps3 goodies on a few minutes ago(ps eye, rainbow six, ut3 etc) when I read an article stating that the duel shock 3 controllers are being released in Europe in July.
So tell me, should I hold out a week or two and add two shiny new controllers to the list? :D :P

skynidas said:

June 29th, 2:11 pm

I <3 Jeff ^_^

tretle said:

June 29th, 2:14 pm

P.S I understand if you cant comment but I would like to finally play multi player with family and friends and I cant seem to get myself to shell out cash for a controller which is extinct everywhere else in the world bar Europe.
This news is holding me back more.

And this question is targeted to any of your lucky American Sony fans. Was there a huge leap in pricing from the sixaxis to the duelshock 3 when it was released?


June 29th, 2:14 pm


I agree, please Jeff, can you make them come out earlier? I’ve been waiting for this since day one, and I have to be somewhere tomorrow morning. Please make the video earlier please?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    June 29th, 2:18 pm

    Sorry, time is locked in. The site should still exist when you wake up.

    PS, to all you excited readers, please try not to start F5-ing or bloating this post to 1000+ comments towards the end of the day. If you take down the server – nobody gets to see anything.

Sentry said:

June 29th, 2:14 pm

@ 81

Hell show some love to an american out of the country.

It’s 11 mins past midnight where I am at, so I will need to get up at around 10 in the morning here to see this. XD

Honestly I just want to see all the news posts as they happen.. you know, Kotaku, PS3Fanboy, IGN, etc etc. Plus peoples comments. :D

T-Minus 10 Approximately Hours! Off to bed to wake up to the news and raging happy fanboys.


June 29th, 2:17 pm

10 in the morning? That sounds awesome to me? You’re lucky lol.

SillyHatMafia said:

June 29th, 2:18 pm

Comment back to Jeff:

Im going through my second playthrough on Big Boss Hard ( Hopefully i didn’t mix the names up! ) About to fight the boss for Act 4 again. At first i PLANNED to run and gun through this playthrough, Although i found out it aint gonn happen.. Found out the hard way. MANY times :P

Eskimo_Joe said:

June 29th, 2:23 pm

It’s great to hear that the PSN cards finally came out somewhere, but you guys really ought to speed up the rollout if possible. There’s no telling how much $$ you guys are missing out on from people like me w/o credit cards. I know people that buy things from XBL store instead of PSN solely because the only cards available are for the “other” service.

PirateThom said:

June 29th, 2:26 pm

Jeff, can you add an exploding vampire mime to the video or is it too late?

Sentry said:

June 29th, 2:27 pm

@ 88


Is that a threat Jeff!?

I kid, now everyone stop posting, or else “nobody gets to see anything.” O_O

JordanBlack68 said:

June 29th, 2:32 pm

Jeff, You are flipping ace, I will not F5, instead I’ll wait until tomorrow, as I live in Europe!

mendezgato said:

June 29th, 2:35 pm

cool that’s great, question: Jeff can i add you to my friends list. thanks in advance

JordanBlack68 said:

June 29th, 2:37 pm

Edit: I also notice, People aren’t giving credit to Jeff enough. Yes I know the Video isn’t available yet, but he is planning everything for midnight, warning users not to F5 :p but the effort he puts in this PlayStation.Blog is outstanding.
If it wasn’t for Jeff and the rest of the staff at playstation and 3rd Parties. There wouldn’t be a blog.

So Thank you guys for your efforts :)

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    June 29th, 4:03 pm

    Ah, thanks, you\’re too kind. [forwarding to my boss]

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