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Jun 29

Jun 29

PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

What did we learn this week? The Sony Group Corporate Strategy Update revealed a few things you’ll be hearing more about in the near future, the PSP and Metrocards go hand in hand, and inFAMOUS looks pretty damn good.

Here’s where I ask for your links: As always, feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear – even bloggers deserve a day off.

But because I know what you’re going to ask about, and because we don’t traffic in rumors and/or speculation, I invite you to come back to the Blog tonight (just shy of midnight Pacific). We’ve got a video to show you.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 6/23)

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nando92 said:

June 29th, 8:23 pm

@ AndyFraser
oops sorry I ment all of united kingdom :) my mistake
but yeah only 4 more hours

VenomX said:

June 29th, 8:30 pm

Hey Jeff, will you give us a release date with firmware 2.40 when you distribute the videos in 3 hours in 30 minutes?

Queso said:

June 29th, 8:36 pm

so before midnight you say hmmmmmmmm,
just how far before????????????

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

June 29th, 8:46 pm

ok got it, that makes sense. guess I wasn’t thinking about people’s different schedules, sorry about that.

Avro2007 said:

June 29th, 8:48 pm

Can’t Wait to see what the video is! Maybe it will be about that Mans Best Friends List I read about earlier :P

Engine said:

June 29th, 8:49 pm

Can’t wait for this video!!!

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 8:51 pm

I hope it doesn’t end up like “here’s the demonstation video, the FW comes a week later”.

:( I’d be a spastic panda, then.

wholearmor said:

June 29th, 8:52 pm

Jeff Rubenstein I also think you are doing a wonderful job on the playstation blog keep up the good work. I would like you to notice something though, if you haven’t already . notice how the majority of the comments here are getting very short. its because we as PS3 gamers don’t give a damn about nothing else but in game XMB. the reason why i say this is because after the update v2.4 comes theirs really nothing else worth talking about. trust me PS3-XMB is the standard everything else is a given. so your long awaited vacation from ranting and raving about this topic that is, is jest around the corner.

loserchris said:

June 29th, 8:55 pm

hi watsup

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 8:58 pm

If this is in-game XMB, I hope it’s also in-chat XMB since I use chat a LOT lately. It’d be awesome to play music, watch videos (maybe not needed while chatting, though. :P), view photos (without using “Display Photo”) and BROWSE THE INTERNET while chatting.

johnamanel said:

June 29th, 8:59 pm

jeff this, jeff that…. can I google you?? I checked your name and it’s Jeff Rubenstein……. are this ALL your friends?? loool

Jeff, please, explain why Europe is played by Sony, when Europe is the continent where there are more PS3?

johnamanel said:

June 29th, 8:59 pm

sorry Mr. Rubenstein, I called you Jeff!!

OmegaArchetype said:

June 29th, 9:00 pm

I’m quite anxious to find out if this is the update 2.40 walkthrough. I’m excited to find out how in-game XMB and Trophies are going to work exactly.

I’ll definitely be staying up for the video….well as late as I can. I do have class tomorrow, so I can’t stay up too late lol.

Hope all goes well with the video though.

johnamanel said:

June 29th, 9:00 pm

and thanks, of course!!! by the info, not by the FW (I’ll will thank you later… when it comes out) heheh

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 9:02 pm


Likewise. XD It’ll come 3AM my time.

joel said:

June 29th, 9:06 pm

Just 3 more hours =D

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 9:09 pm

GAF has gone crazy over it. Even a pic on Jeff and his “giant sword of awesomeness”.

http :// www . neogaf . com /forum/showthread.php?t=321382

I put spaces in it because for some reason, I can’t post links. o.O

LoTuZ said:

June 29th, 9:10 pm


Well, you’ve got my attention! :) Ill be up until 3am tonight so cant wait to see this video you speak of. I hate working nights but for this reason, I don’t mind so much. I’ll hate my shift again after tonight. :)

system said:

June 29th, 9:14 pm

Can’t wait for the video. :D

Violater said:

June 29th, 9:15 pm

I think we should try to tame back out expectations a little.
I fear all this anticipation may lead to disappointment.

Aww hell who am I kidding.

Tropic said:

June 29th, 9:26 pm

Why does my psn card look different from those ones? I have the red and black psn card ($50).

evilman279 said:

June 29th, 9:27 pm

3:33 left =/

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

June 29th, 9:32 pm

midnight here, just 2:30 left.

can’t wait for E3! I wonder if PlayStation with Life will make it for 2.5….

evilman279 said:

June 29th, 9:34 pm

my bad 2: 26 left

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 9:34 pm

Oh dear GOD! What have you done, Jeff?! O_O GAF and GameTrailers are going CRAZY!!

jay-Detroiter08 said:

June 29th, 9:36 pm

With the new release coming soon I hope Sony thought about in-game voice chat like Xbox360 has. Becsuse it would be a waste of a update to have in-game XMB and not have in-game voice chat too. When playing Cod4 i would like to talk to friend that just got online or is playing GTA4 or any game. Just a thought Sony!!

gamesblow said:

June 29th, 9:41 pm

It doesn’t matter what Sony gives us here in 2.40 I bet Kotaku’s bias asses and 1up and Gametrailers and Joystick all find something negative to say about it.

I bet Sony could open up their OS and allow us to DL applications right off their webbrowser and people would still complain. It’s in their nature.

Once this update has come and gone you’ll have 20% content “me” 20% on the fence and 60% upset.

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

June 29th, 9:42 pm

if there are any really good suggestions here, Jeff, that have been omitted from 2.4, instead of saying oh [DELETED]! and bearing yourself for the onslaught, :) please just mention in the update that features will continue to be improved and certain features that are currently missing will be added ASAP. just a thought….

Albanian_Killa said:

June 29th, 9:44 pm

I HATE THIS! I need to sleep, but i wanna see the video! Damnit :( Guess I’ll have to wait. Can’t wait for in-game XMB. Sony is delivering on a quality, and free, PSN. I love it :)

loserchris said:

June 29th, 9:46 pm


Kenaue said:

June 29th, 9:49 pm

What is it, 2 hours left? I think I’ll play The Orange Box to pass the time. Also, anyone know how far I am through HL2?

I’m at the mines in Ravenholm, about where in he game is that?

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 9:50 pm


Actually, the GameTrailers forums has a very healthy and interesting PS3 community.

In fact, the PS3 section in the GT forums has more views than any other section there.

But you are more likely to come across fanboys there.. except for Wii fanboys. o_O They’re quiet on GT for some reason.

ryant601 said:

June 29th, 9:50 pm

@ albanian_killa….i can promise you the blog will still be in existence when you wake up. just check it then. get some sleep. crashing the servers would be devastating lol (so to everyone, dont debate sleeping or staying awake.)

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 9:51 pm

*Cough* Sorry if that sounds like an ad for GT. I’m a GameTrailers fan. :P Except for their comparisons and reviews. >>

mendezgato said:

June 29th, 9:53 pm

@ gamesblow :
“I bet Sony could open up their OS and allow us to DL applications right off their webbrowser and people would still complain. It’s in their nature.”
you would be one to know ’cause you are like that. lol

gamesblow said:

June 29th, 9:56 pm

Gametrailers 360 to ps3 comparison vids are absurd. Sony really needs to step in and show those Slop Dongs how to set up their systems cause none of my ps3 games look like the ones they compare. I’d hate to think I have a tv which is more capable than a successful media outlet like Gametrailers too.

Maybe they need to layoff Geoff and those unfunny Screwattack guys and buy better tv’s. Just a thought.

g13nn17 said:

June 29th, 9:59 pm

I hope it isn’t some rickroll or something like that lol, I want to stay up to see what it is because I’m so excited but I need the sleep…. :( don’t know what to do lol xD

masteratt said:

June 29th, 10:00 pm

6 am here, 2 hours to go (I think?).

This better be the best damn demonstration ever and it better tell us when 2.40 is coming.

(actually i’m not staying up for this but still…lol)

Linux_Guru_ said:

June 29th, 10:02 pm

gamesblow, your time has come and gone. Tell us something we don\’t know.

skasaflicit said:

June 29th, 10:02 pm

its 12:00 am in oklahoma any time now o man i cant wait woo hoo

joel said:

June 29th, 10:04 pm

Just 2 more hours(getting sleepy)

mendezgato said:

June 29th, 10:05 pm

I’m going to sleep but I’ll check it in the morning good night y’all, and for those that are going to stay up get some coffee or red bull, lol

LSMJGO said:

June 29th, 10:08 pm


gamesblow said:

June 29th, 10:11 pm


hmmm, sounds interesting. Interesting in it that you just popped in to be a pr*ck and that’s it. Maybe you should spend more time worrying about your passing time and not anyone else’s you don’t know. More over people on message boards you’ve clearly got no idea who’s who.

Patriotsbball5460 said:

June 29th, 10:14 pm

@234 Im really getting tired right now, im going to open 1 of my 2 rockstar energy drinks and then i have Starbucks coffees after that

ScarSlasher said:

June 29th, 10:19 pm


Hey! Geoff is a good non-biased journalist.. just.. the main editor, Shane, isn’t. And he happens to be one of the main people running the site.

But GameTrailers has one of the best *forums* on the net, trust me. :D The community there is the best, but once you move out from the forum staff, it starts degrading.

XD9 said:

June 29th, 10:20 pm

@mendezgato #227


DankandSticky said:

June 29th, 10:21 pm

Jeff, your the man… thanks bro, i love stuff like this… i am up til 5 am eastern every night gaming my life away.. if you need any help just hit me up man i am all over anything you need… i can tell you’ve got real heart man.. thank you!

Linux_Guru_ said:

June 29th, 10:22 pm


Awwww…I\’m sorry, did I awaken the self-righteousness inside you?

Speaking of not knowing, you should take a look at yourself. You seem to do a lot of \”not knowing\” nowadays.

Indicate said:

June 29th, 10:24 pm

I hope theres in-game xmb chat and not just in-game messeges. It would really suck if this isnt included since this feature is much better and quicker than sending and recieving text.

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