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Jun 30

Jun 30

Firmware v2.40 FAQ

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi again! It’s great to see the positive reaction to the unveiling of system software update v2.40. We can’t wait for you to finally go hands-on with XMB access in-game and the Trophy system – and it’s less than 2 days away. Not surprisingly, a number of you have posed questions both here and on other forums. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Will voice-messaging/private chat be featured in 2.40 as well? If not, can we expect to see this feature added in the future?

    We are evaluating the opportunity to offer voice chat, but for this update, we wanted to focus on text messaging as the key priority for communications that our users have asked for.

    Can you use the web browser in game?

    No, you must exit the game before browsing the internet.

    Will In-Game XMB come up during playback of PS2 games, Blu-Ray discs, and DVDs?

    The XMB is an exclusive feature for PS3 game titles. Accessing the XMB during gameplay was the top request from our users, which we focused on for this update. However, we continually engage PS3 owners for feedback and will evaluate the opportunity to offer XMB access during movie playback in the future.

    Can we go to the display settings and change anything there in-game (resolution, input, etc)?

    No, you must exit the game before changing these settings.

    Will it be possible to change in-game the sound output?

    Yes, sound output changes are supported.

    Will we be able to access the PLAYSTATION Store while in-game?

    No, but you can view your downloads in progress.

    Will we be able to stream music (either via media server or USB drive) for custom soundtracks or is it relegated to music stored on the HDD?

    Currently only music stored on the HDD is accessible in games that support this feature. We’d also like to reiterate that Firmware v2.40 merely enables custom soundtracks. It’s up to developers to include this feature in upcoming games (or to patch existing ones).

    Does 2.4 enable cross game invites? Will it down the line?

    No, cross-game invites are not available in this system software update. We are evaluating opportunities to expand on the new features delivered in 2.40.

    Will trophies be mandatory for all games release here on out?

    We are working with developers to ensure that Trophies are supported across the board in the future.

    Where is each player’s trophy stat info held? I am going to upgrade my hard drive and I don’t know if the trophies will still be on my account if I earn some and then get a new hard drive.

    Trophies will be attached to users’ PSN ID. Trophy data needs to be synchronized to the online account on PSN to be transferred to the new PS3 system.

    Will the patch automatically allocate unlocked trophies according to your saved files or would you have to do it again?

    No, Trophies aren’t retroactive.

    Can we view PSN profiles/Trophies from a PC using a Web browser? Will there be an API for web developers to access the PSN data, so online profiles can be created?

    We’re evaluating these opportunities to expand where Trophies can be experienced.

    Can you only compare trophies with friends that are online?

    As long as a friend has a PSN account, you can compare trophies with them regardless of their online status.

    Is there a limit to how many trophies the devs can put set by Sony?

    There’s not a limit on number of trophies, but there’s a value assigned to each trophy. Developers must balance out the trophies that are available to stay within an overall value based on whether the game is considered large-scope or small-scope. Essentially, a user that has unlocked every trophy in one game would have the same level as a user that unlocked every trophy in another title, all titles (depending on scope) have the same overall impact on a users’ level.

    Will new games have a cool little icon on the back saying “trophy compatible?”

    We’re currently working on how Trophy support will be messaged to the consumer on our software packaging.

    When you get a trophy, does it make a noise?

    Currently, no. How quickly things can change – there *will* be a sound effect when you unlock a Trophy.

    What is Eric’s favorite cheese?


    Once again, we will continue to evaluate opportunities to enhance the PLAYSTATION 3’s system software throughout the console’s life cycle. Consumer feedback has contributed greatly to the contents of Firmware v2.40, and continues to be appreciated. Don’t forget, this Firmware will be available for download on July 2nd.

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Think85 said:

July 2nd, 2:21 pm


It doesn’t say they are redistrubiting 2.36 it just says that if you update a PS3 now it will say 2.36 is the latest version. If you already have 2.40 there is no going back, though that is not an issue if it’s working fine for you!

Sancho45 said:

July 2nd, 2:23 pm

It now appears that Sony has since pulled the newest update, reverting back to firmware 2.36 as the most recent available version. It is still 2.40 on website to update from your computer too….

p-s-3 said:

July 2nd, 2:25 pm

Mine works fine all day??????? Never had a problem with any updates before. Strange. Hopefully they will say something on this today???

k3coyotes55 said:

July 2nd, 2:33 pm


gamesblow said:

July 2nd, 2:36 pm

Mine runs fine but I’ve also installed 3 new hdd’s in my since buying it at launch. I firmly believe that if you keep the stock hdd’s in your systems it’s asking for trouble.

Anyways, the in game xmb is a bit laggy on Warhawk and it takes a little while to load trophys but that’s it.

The bigger problem with this is now more games are going to be pushed for trophy support and we won’t be getting patches anytime soon.

plqa said:

July 2nd, 2:36 pm

this is odd right i mean have they pulled the firmware or have the servers gone down does anyone know ?????

k3coyotes55 said:

July 2nd, 2:37 pm

they pulled it

alballam said:

July 2nd, 2:38 pm

pulled the FW

enewtabie said:

July 2nd, 2:38 pm

If you have already downloaded 2.40 then you are fine.It’s been pulled to check out what the message forum was saying about problems. If you haven’t updated,it will simply say there are no updates at this time.

TristanMike said:

July 2nd, 2:42 pm

Wow, isn’t 2.40 a welcome update ?

Sancho45 said:

July 2nd, 2:44 pm

I have the launch 60 gig with the orignal hard drive… Never had any problems with updating the firmware… ever… The most trouble I have is an occasional freeze.

gamesblow said:

July 2nd, 2:45 pm

In game xmfreeze for the WIN, BOB!

Sancho45 said:

July 2nd, 2:46 pm

No freezes since the firmware update….

plqa said:

July 2nd, 2:47 pm


LOL!, wtf is the point of this seriously i just hope they correct the issues with 2.40 and get it online as soon as possible

issues = no universal in-game music…..

gamesblow said:

July 2nd, 2:47 pm

Stork chocolate reisen Mrs Lang!

BigOLBallz said:

July 2nd, 2:48 pm

ever since 1.81 I have to plug in my controller to register it to play , 2.40 rocks though , I like the turn off option from profile select . dope .. keep up the good work SONY

Xerigh said:

July 2nd, 2:49 pm

Haven’t had any probs yet. But just got to sit and wait because you can’t revert back to a previous firmware.

chickennrice16 said:

July 2nd, 2:50 pm

lame as hell

I WANT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenaue said:

July 2nd, 2:52 pm


So far, I’ve found that XMB speed varies by game. I haven’t tried Warhawk yet, since I don’t own it yet, but here are some results I’ve had:

Ratchet Future: Very fast. The game even pauses in the background
Burnout Paradise: Very Fast, but I forgot to pause once and it cost me a road rage event.
GH3: So-so
MGS4: So-so
The Orange Box: Laggy as mess.

TypeF said:

July 2nd, 2:53 pm


enewtabie said:

July 2nd, 2:54 pm

If you haven’t had a error yet,you should be ok.

TypeF said:

July 2nd, 2:56 pm

cool…i just hope they dont screw up the one that have no errors >_< cuz im happy with 2.4 at it is right now and i’m patient for the musics and trophies ^^ only thing i want is private voice chat from xmb while playing either 5 people group chat or 1on1 private XD weeee

k3coyotes55 said:

July 2nd, 2:57 pm

@1623 nothing

rAdIOhEaD73 said:

July 2nd, 2:58 pm

If your PS3 booted up normally after the 2.40 firmware update then you are good, the firmware bricked ps3s only during the firmware upgrade process and on the first automatic reset.

Think85 said:

July 2nd, 2:59 pm


UPDATE: 7/2/2008, the PLAYSTATION 3 system software version 2.40 has been temporarily taken offline and will not be available for download as our engineers examine any possible issues with this update. The Knowledge Center will be updated with information as it becomes available; please check back here for further details.

berita said:

July 2nd, 3:02 pm



told you guys to DELAY 2 days ago, and ADD THE IN GAME VOICE CHAT


Xerigh said:

July 2nd, 3:08 pm

Sony’s got a chance now to listen to us ps3 owners, and iron out the creases and fix the firmware while its been suspended. Although this could have been prevented by them not rushing to release it.

enewtabie said:

July 2nd, 3:08 pm

Yes,because in game voice chat can be done in two days.Don’t be stupid.

TheVesra said:

July 2nd, 3:09 pm

a friend in my friendlist that resides in germany has just downloaded the update, yet, another friend in maine still can’t get it?

GeekGod said:

July 2nd, 3:11 pm

Okay people, here’s the scoop. If you are running 2.40 then you are fine. The problem is that some PS3 systems failed to boot after the update. If your system booted up fine after the update, then don’t worry about it. Enjoy 2.40 and consider yourself lucky.

BlackSheepBoy said:

July 2nd, 3:11 pm

I hope they fix it soon. Been waiting for this thing for a while now.

At least post something telling us WTF is going on.

plqa said:

July 2nd, 3:17 pm


p-s-3 said:

July 2nd, 3:23 pm

I love sony and ps3 but next update i’m going to wait a few days then. Mines ok tho thank god. I love it ;)

Sancho45 said:

July 2nd, 3:25 pm

I’m one of the lucky ones then I guess… after all I do have the 60 gig launch ps3…

PSN= Sancho45 add me fools

_Nightwolf_ said:

July 2nd, 3:25 pm

Ive a problem trying to download 2.40

… I got on mgs4…. said it had to update to play online so i did…it was 2.40.

I couldnt finish the download so i cancled it…… came back home from work and like…..its saying 2.36 is the latest version, no need to update

….So like…..wtf?

HaVoK_08 said:

July 2nd, 3:28 pm

i woud like to echo the thoughts of a few. I DL’d 2.40 this morning after class and haven’t had any problems thank god. Hopefully his issue will be remedied so that all the PS3 faithful may enjoy the update…

KanoBlade said:

July 2nd, 3:29 pm


They pulled the update so 2.36 is currently the latest official version you can update to.

_Nightwolf_ said:

July 2nd, 3:30 pm

excuse the double post
Just read the comments above, sry I posted out of anger lol.

well……hurry up and fix it geeze -_-“

Dc4eVeR__ said:

July 2nd, 3:32 pm

I play all my games all day , i have 14 games , i play cod4 3 hours today and dont have any problems , my ps3 is 60 gb

Dc4eVeR__ said:

July 2nd, 3:32 pm

2.40 Work´s perfect !!!!

_Nightwolf_ said:

July 2nd, 3:33 pm

i have a 60 gig, I would of been fine if i could of got to it this morning.

Xerigh said:

July 2nd, 3:35 pm

Joystiq contacted SCEA for comment on the situation as was told by PR director Patrick Seybold that they are aware of the message thread and that they are “looking into it right now and will work with those customers directly to address any issues they may be experiencing.” This comment came before the update was removed from Sony’s servers. We’re seeking further comment and will update as we receive it.

Xerigh said:

July 2nd, 3:38 pm

soz for the double post but this is the latest word from Sony. Hope it kinda helps.

Nismobeach said:

July 2nd, 3:45 pm

FW 2.40 clobbered my 60GB PS3 launch PS3 with factory hard drive.

I ended up saying what the heck since I was out of warranty and upgraded the drive to a 320GB unit, per the “newly formated hard drive” workaround on the official PlayStation forums.

Unfortunately, I fell into the initial trap of choosing RESTORE under system settings instead of choosing BACKUP UTILITY and then RESTORE and am currently doing the latter after setting up my “new” PS3.

Here’s to hoping that it actually restores all of my DLC and saves. :|

Sony, you guys REALLY dropped the ball on this one. I’m lucky that I even made a backup for my system in the first place.

You guys should also do something about making it to where you have to enter in a password or something to perform critical operations like formatting and restoring (which should actually be called initializing) the main drive.

Communication is the key, and an apology to all of the people who got caught out by this would be most welcome.

henry672 said:

July 2nd, 3:52 pm

my internet has been down the last two days and when i finally get it back up 2.4 has been taken down.

Sony at least let us know your working on a solution and are gonna get it back up ASAP

im come on how could u guys screw this one up. it is the most intriging feature on the PS3 so far and u guys had to mess it up

XxTheSheepxX said:

July 2nd, 3:55 pm


i waited patiently for this. And i’m very dissapointed. All i wanted it for was to play my music in a game. That’s it. Why is it so hard to do that? It’s not rocket science! Now what? More waiting? Of course, you always make us wait. The only thing i found useful in this update was the stupid clock. Ya, go ahead and delete this comment now. Thanks for getting my hopes up then crushing them. Why Sony?? Why????

gamesblow said:

July 2nd, 3:59 pm

I bet the 2.40 update when a miss because Eric and Jeff were playing their music in game while the update when live for all of us nobody consumers.

Must be nice to have their Ps3’s.

Xerigh said:

July 2nd, 4:05 pm


lmao, to right!

AGQ0105 said:

July 2nd, 4:10 pm

When’s the update going live again? anyone know?

SabbathRider said:

July 2nd, 4:10 pm

Has Sony released an official statement, if so could I have a link. OR at least has a Sony official commented on what is going on.

I am one of the lucky one’s, I downloaded 2.40 no problem and it is running fine right now but I would like to know what is going on none the less.

Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions.

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