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Jun 30

Jun 30

Firmware v2.40 FAQ

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi again! It’s great to see the positive reaction to the unveiling of system software update v2.40. We can’t wait for you to finally go hands-on with XMB access in-game and the Trophy system – and it’s less than 2 days away. Not surprisingly, a number of you have posed questions both here and on other forums. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Will voice-messaging/private chat be featured in 2.40 as well? If not, can we expect to see this feature added in the future?

    We are evaluating the opportunity to offer voice chat, but for this update, we wanted to focus on text messaging as the key priority for communications that our users have asked for.

    Can you use the web browser in game?

    No, you must exit the game before browsing the internet.

    Will In-Game XMB come up during playback of PS2 games, Blu-Ray discs, and DVDs?

    The XMB is an exclusive feature for PS3 game titles. Accessing the XMB during gameplay was the top request from our users, which we focused on for this update. However, we continually engage PS3 owners for feedback and will evaluate the opportunity to offer XMB access during movie playback in the future.

    Can we go to the display settings and change anything there in-game (resolution, input, etc)?

    No, you must exit the game before changing these settings.

    Will it be possible to change in-game the sound output?

    Yes, sound output changes are supported.

    Will we be able to access the PLAYSTATION Store while in-game?

    No, but you can view your downloads in progress.

    Will we be able to stream music (either via media server or USB drive) for custom soundtracks or is it relegated to music stored on the HDD?

    Currently only music stored on the HDD is accessible in games that support this feature. We’d also like to reiterate that Firmware v2.40 merely enables custom soundtracks. It’s up to developers to include this feature in upcoming games (or to patch existing ones).

    Does 2.4 enable cross game invites? Will it down the line?

    No, cross-game invites are not available in this system software update. We are evaluating opportunities to expand on the new features delivered in 2.40.

    Will trophies be mandatory for all games release here on out?

    We are working with developers to ensure that Trophies are supported across the board in the future.

    Where is each player’s trophy stat info held? I am going to upgrade my hard drive and I don’t know if the trophies will still be on my account if I earn some and then get a new hard drive.

    Trophies will be attached to users’ PSN ID. Trophy data needs to be synchronized to the online account on PSN to be transferred to the new PS3 system.

    Will the patch automatically allocate unlocked trophies according to your saved files or would you have to do it again?

    No, Trophies aren’t retroactive.

    Can we view PSN profiles/Trophies from a PC using a Web browser? Will there be an API for web developers to access the PSN data, so online profiles can be created?

    We’re evaluating these opportunities to expand where Trophies can be experienced.

    Can you only compare trophies with friends that are online?

    As long as a friend has a PSN account, you can compare trophies with them regardless of their online status.

    Is there a limit to how many trophies the devs can put set by Sony?

    There’s not a limit on number of trophies, but there’s a value assigned to each trophy. Developers must balance out the trophies that are available to stay within an overall value based on whether the game is considered large-scope or small-scope. Essentially, a user that has unlocked every trophy in one game would have the same level as a user that unlocked every trophy in another title, all titles (depending on scope) have the same overall impact on a users’ level.

    Will new games have a cool little icon on the back saying “trophy compatible?”

    We’re currently working on how Trophy support will be messaged to the consumer on our software packaging.

    When you get a trophy, does it make a noise?

    Currently, no. How quickly things can change – there *will* be a sound effect when you unlock a Trophy.

    What is Eric’s favorite cheese?


    Once again, we will continue to evaluate opportunities to enhance the PLAYSTATION 3’s system software throughout the console’s life cycle. Consumer feedback has contributed greatly to the contents of Firmware v2.40, and continues to be appreciated. Don’t forget, this Firmware will be available for download on July 2nd.

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mattfmac510 said:

July 4th, 11:44 am

can you guys please inform us when the next update is going to be. gives us a date and a time please and how long its going to be up for

shogun34 said:

July 4th, 11:55 am

The worst part about this mess is that those of us who didn’t get the update have to sit here and listen to the people who did talk about how great it is and how they aren’t having a single problem. what is that?


July 4th, 12:02 pm

I updated my new 40gb but not the 60gb one, I’ll wait till they fix it since i updated via a usb drive. My favorite is the in game XMB.

Tarheelkid said:

July 4th, 12:58 pm

Has anyone else noticed that if you listen to music while you browse the web you have to close the browser in order to stop or pause the song you are listening to. Before 2.40 you were able to pause your song while the browser was up in the background now its impossible.

sooper-trooper said:

July 5th, 8:59 am

i agree with shogun. all my buds have it and work fine. somebody do something!!!!!!

SuperFist said:

July 6th, 11:46 am


THAT, my friend, is life.

SuperFist said:

July 6th, 11:46 am

…patience is a virtue, a week won’t hurt you…

mikewarrior23 said:

July 6th, 6:24 pm

i want to know if being able to hear your own soundtracks while playing a game is going to be included soon in the ps3

supaman7 said:

July 6th, 8:21 pm

wow..u guys gave us slow ingame xmb.. 1 game with cross game invites or private chat…yeahyeah i know give them time..

supaman7 said:

July 6th, 8:23 pm

my fingers are tired..I WANT TO CHAT..its 2008..i thought the ps3 was such a powerful is lame..sorry just very frustrated

supaman7 said:

July 6th, 8:33 pm


supaman7 said:

July 6th, 9:16 pm

eric..will trophies be a requirement down the road or will it be up to the dev..wasnt sure..i hope it will be required

rusty shakleford said:

July 8th, 11:41 am

when will the firmware be back on line

darkzip said:

July 8th, 6:10 pm

Eric and Jeff,

darkzip said:

July 8th, 6:20 pm

Eric and jeff,
i just learned that the “tab” button works different;y outside of word. anyway you guys did a great job with this post, people shouldn’t be complaining about the lack of games with trophies, the update just went live today, anyway i just have a few questions/comments.

Q1: First of all did anyone but me notice the power off button in the XMB under “users”

Q2: Why add that button in if you can just press the PS Button on your controller? A sleep mode would be really cool, i have pissed off my parents so much with our electric bell cuz i fall asleep with my ps3 on.

Q3: Could you guys put a sleep mode in the next update? (Please, it would lower my electric bill)

C1: In Game Music has been talked about a lot, some titles should get patches for this immediately; GTAIV, Assassin’s Creed, Stuntman : Ignition, and Warhawk

C2: Trophies are also a big talk of this thread. Could you confirm if there will be trophies for guitar hero/rock band franchises, CoD4, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Anyway thank you to all the guys at SCEI for this sweet update. Now if only i could listen to the Four Horsemen while driving through liberty city.

The Four Horsemen – Metallica – Kill ‘Em All = Awesome

darkzip said:

July 8th, 7:24 pm

This idea is pretty sick.
Thank you ArCaNgEL for this kick ass idea
“I have an idea that will be great if you guys can work on it for the next major update. You know how we are talking about pirvate chat with your friends while playing different games. while with that feature I think it would be a great idea(if it can be done)to have like a picture in picture with that feature. Meaning am playing a game and my friend sends me a chat invite and we both have the playstation eye we can contiune playing the game and have a small screen somewhere so we can see each other. Now i know this sounds crazy but this will crash anything thats on other consoles. Just a crazy idea to mk the ps3 better.”

jeff and eric if you actually responded to people after the fourth page, you would make us happy, but ur being f[deleted]ing a[deleted]holes. u could hav seen a ton of great ideas. thanks a lot now i emo and cut myself, fu, u guys suck

darkzip said:

July 8th, 7:25 pm

the four horsemen by metallica still owns. new album will too!! or it will be another let down *Cough cough “my ps3″*

S-E-G said:

July 12th, 11:18 am

Sony, i’d like to make a feature request for the trophy system, i think it would be cool while I’m signed on to psn or playing a game, i would like to see a popup maybe on the left side of the screen of a friend who has just unlocked a trophy, i would love to be able to see live while i’m on the system if one of my close friends has unlocked any trophy’s, maybe an option in the friends list where i would press the triangle button and select “alert me of unlocked trophy’s from this user” and also, i would like a sound effect for when a friend wants me to join him for a video conference or a chat message or for any type of alert and leave that popup alert up until i accept or refuse or have a small camera icon or a envelope up in a corner with a number beside it to show how many messages i have.
thanks Sony, for everything

lodinick said:

July 14th, 4:30 pm

has anyone noticed that the xmb is a little choppy when you bring it up during a game i hope that get cleared up at 1080p you can really tell a difference also when will developers start doing patches for old games i want to listen to my music while i play like stardust hd custom in game playlists…… brilliant

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