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Jun 30

Jun 30

Firmware (v.2.40) Walkthrough Part 2: Trophies

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hello again, everyone! Very recently, we demonstrated a major new function enabled in PLAYSTATION 3 firmware v2.40: XMB access in-game. But that’s only part of the story, as the next system software update also introduces the Trophy system to the PS3. This video demonstration shows the system in action.

Super Stardust HD, a PLAYSTATION Network-exclusive released in June 2007, will be the first game to leverage Trophies and will offer a variety of trophies. Trophy support in Super Stardust HD will be available for first-time users who purchase the game soon after firmware v2.40 is released, while those who previously purchased and downloaded the title will be prompted to install a free patch.

PS3 users can expect to see additional games bringing Trophies support to their feature sets through 2008 and beyond, providing even greater opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and compete with friends. The following first-party games are also slated to offer Trophy support:

  • BUZZ! Quiz TV
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift
  • NBA 09 – PS3
  • PAIN
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Resistance 2
  • SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
  • Warhawk

To further emphasize the community aspects of this system software update, the amount of people you can add to your PSN friends list has been doubled, to 100.

The update also adds a mini-control panel that you can use while playing music and an internet search feature powered by Google that allows you to initiate search directly from the XMB (similar to what we added to the PSP recently). In addition, when you’re using the XMB or accessing the XMB from in-game, the current time and date will be displayed in the upper right hand corner. There are a few more minor enhancements included in this update, once the update is live you’ll be able to read about them here.

Firmware v2.40 will become available for download on July 2nd. We hope you enjoy these much-requested features, and look forward to your feedback.

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LSMJGO said:

June 30th, 1:41 pm

@ 451 i agree along with moterstorm and sm3

ruffneckc said:

June 30th, 1:42 pm

Thanks for the work on the update.

My question, which I hope gets added to the FAQ, is whether it is possible to have in-game voice chat (not video)?

If not, this is feature that would be very much appreciated by the PSN community.

Xenokai said:

June 30th, 1:42 pm

What games does the music player work in?
Why not let it work in all games via the background OS?

fallen_ang said:

June 30th, 1:43 pm

Well, it’s a little late but better than nothing, huh? :)

And one little thing 360’s “achievements” look kinda cooler, must be the background and in 360 when you open an achievement and when it says “achievement XXXX unlocked” you can press the button and see, what you actually unlocked. That would be great if we could do the same thing by pressing the PS button when we earn a trophy..

tomdc said:

June 30th, 1:43 pm

Could you please give us a list of any games you know that are out which will implement these using a patch. Great feature! But not very usefull if only 2 games support it lol.

I love 2.4!!

Xyavid said:

June 30th, 1:43 pm

hi guys, in the update we will have 100% divx certified too and also the rss flux. How I know that,you should say me ? Well, in a PS3 debug kit (update 2.41), the 100% divx certified is available and the rss flux too. BUT it is possible that they will not be available on the commercial-PS3 (some functions of the PS3 debug kit are not available on the commercial-PS3, like video-chat in game for example, that i totally regret that this function is not include in fw 2.40).

Voozi said:

June 30th, 1:44 pm

I’m very pleased w/ this update

In the next update can you try to get in game voice chat out too? That’s a very nice feature that XBL has that I enjoy using just as much as cross game messages :D so please try to make it happen!

Thanks :D

Oh and cross game invites too ;D

fallen_ang said:

June 30th, 1:44 pm

And also, wouldn’t it be better if each trophy had it’s own unique picture or icon?

Synthesize said:

June 30th, 1:46 pm


1. Voice messaging.
2. Private chat (in-game)
3. Universal cross-invite system.

Will these be implemented as well?

LtPliskin01 said:

June 30th, 1:47 pm

@445 Fersis

How does it defeat the purpose (what is the purpose if not to show off what you have achieved)? It’s not about restarting for me, it’s about being rewarded for what I have already done.

xbandaidx said:

June 30th, 1:48 pm

My question for the FAQ

Will there be any benefits related to Leveling up? Like if you reach level 20…like maybe you get a one time 10-20% off one item in the PSN store? That’s just an example.

Seriously consider it at least because if gamers have some sort of goal at the end they’ll most likely pursue it. Heck if it means getting a discount or some kind of special feature like maybe a “gold star” next to your PSN name in the XMB, why not?

jcoool said:

June 30th, 1:52 pm

Awesome guys. Great job! :)

absolute said:

June 30th, 1:53 pm

Is it true that trophies will not support accomplishments that you have already done? That is a HUGE let down if that is accurate. I think it would be smarter to somehow tie your game save data to your PSN ID and implement patches to support this. Its disappointing that I have played many games already that I enjoy, but won’t get trophies for them. There is no way I am getting 100% in GTA IV and Burnout again just for trophies, but it’s disappointing because that’s 2 platinum trophies I’m missing out on right there. Uncharted and Rainbow 6 too :\

Metra said:

June 30th, 1:55 pm

I have an important question

This is probably a feature wanted by lots of people and my question is

Will this update include a list where it will show yours, your friends, or people you came across online recently played games

For example if i played Metal Gear Solid 4 more recently it will be on the top of the list or bar and the list goes on for maybe 5 recently played game

Well anyways thanks and love the new videos on the FW 2.40

SevenFactors said:

June 30th, 1:56 pm

Everything is looking good. I just have a simple question.

1.- Is there going to be a community trophy support website from which you can display, see and share your trophies online with others?

2.- Is there going to be a way to display our trophy stats and other info via a type of forum signature a-la Xbox?

These would be a great addition to the trophy system experience, since a lot of us are members of online communities.


goroflack said:

June 30th, 1:59 pm

Do you mean something to this effect?

goroflack said:

June 30th, 1:59 pm

Forgot to put the link for the image

SpLinT said:

June 30th, 2:03 pm

I got an idea for the level system. I know lots of people want more avatars for their PSN so how about making them EARN it. lvl 5 would give you access to 40 more avatars …level 20 animated avatars ..maybe..

SnakeIStheMAN said:

June 30th, 2:05 pm

Sony should make the trophies and the leveling-up actually worth something. I said this over in another forum, but I think it would be great if say, when we reached a certain level or gained a certain number of trophies we are awarded with a code for 10% off a PS3 first party game or something like that – or perhaps some playstation wallet credit. That will give someone like me who doesn’t really care for trophies an incentive to want to level up. Nevertheless, 2.40 is gonna be an awesome piece of firmware. I applaude Sony for listening to its customers.

goroflack said:

June 30th, 2:06 pm

I guess we cant post links

Reverend_M said:

June 30th, 2:09 pm

@ 467

I think that’s the best way to go about things. That will kinda show what “level” you are, without having to go to their profiles to view it. It’s kinda akin to having some sort of crown by a winners name. I don’t like the discounts for PSN though, because that would increase cheaters and they’d be rewarded with money. With the avatars, what do you win, a virtual crown basically. Good, but not on MONEY’s level. Cheaters shouldn’t be rewarded that highly

Xyavid said:

June 30th, 2:10 pm

sorry goroflack, im not a developer, i know that features because one of my friend is one… We should see that wednesday !

PSFaithful said:

June 30th, 2:12 pm

SONY, YOU CAN RELEASE HOME NOW!!! None of the other features of Home matter besides finding a way to make Gamer Levels tie in to the Home experience… Whether this be in the form of special clothing, skins, furniture, or apartments available for certain levels.

THIS IS THE ONLY THING FURTHER THAT YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON. I guarantee you that this will be the feature which definitely earns Home (and Sony) respect above and beyond what Xbox Live has to offer.


AcidicRegent0 said:

June 30th, 2:12 pm

Sweet. Thanks Mr. Lempel, that’s an awesome video and I hope the update comes soon. I am so excited for all of the features coming especially the in-game messaging and internet browser. I’m patient so I’ll wait until it’s released but when it is, I’m going to go crazy on it. Thanks again.

tretle said:

June 30th, 2:13 pm

The reason the aren’t tying the trophies to the save game content is because that would create cheaters. It would defeat the purpose of the trophies in the first place so could people stop moaning about it.
The worlds a [DELETED] place, you can thank cheaters for this happening.
I for one am glad to make the compromise of starting again for this great feature.

Kenaue said:

June 30th, 2:14 pm

good job guys. Holy crap. I’m very impressed. Released on July 2? That is a LOT sooner than I thought.

DongHungLong said:

June 30th, 2:15 pm

Is it possible to use Custom Music while playing PS2 & PS1 disk based games? That would be a really great feature. Also I heard that at one time Super-Sampling was considered for PS1 & PS2 games. Any chance of that coming back?

Ravidrath said:

June 30th, 2:19 pm

So, a weird idea, but…

What if you guys added Trophies to Folding@Home, for hitting certain submission/point milestones?

Sure, it’s not really a “gaming achievement,” but I think harnessing the power of internet ego to research cancer cures is a pretty worthwhile reason to bend the rules.

BigChief said:

June 30th, 2:20 pm

Good job guys and gurls keep up the good work!
1. Can developers change the way the trophies look? As in modify it to look like on of the game characters.
2. Will the trophies prevent game saves sharing?
3. Eric is there any way I can have that T.V?

fykdig said:

June 30th, 2:20 pm

does it register accomplishments i already achieved? i dont wanna have to replay games just to do what ive already done, ive cleaned out my save files on such games

Kenaue said:

June 30th, 2:25 pm


In the video, it said the trophies are represented by a graphics that depends on what the developer decides to show.

Cyberloard said:

June 30th, 2:25 pm

HELL YA!!!!!

BlueViper said:

June 30th, 2:25 pm

This sound nice. At least better than achievments and some people seems to think this is really fun, so it must be at least pretty nice.

Great work (I hope)! Keep on making my machine better==)

Lucreto said:

June 30th, 2:27 pm

This will be a good update. It was probably mentioned before but what games will have the trophies from the start?

I am playing Assassins creed again but should I wait for the trophies before I continue?

SnakeIStheMAN said:

June 30th, 2:34 pm

What about a Blu-ray movie diary? A kind of virtual checklist that displays all the Blu-ray movies we’ve watched on our PS3. Maybe even give it an online feature where we can rate every blu-ray movie thats been watched on that particular PS3 so that our friends can see which Blu-ray films we’ve watched and how much we rated that movie out of 10 – and if I gave that film a 9/10 my friends on my friends list might consider renting/buying that Blu-ray to watch themselves. Anyway, this is a just a thought for future updates.

Zoibie said:

June 30th, 2:38 pm

Hey Jeff, will there be an update on the blog- like with PSN content each week- with what different games have been patched to include trophies or will they just come and go?

zakir8 said:

June 30th, 2:38 pm

Can we access Playstation Store in-Game XMB?

bling_singh said:

June 30th, 2:41 pm

Awesome news, thanks for doing the job you guys do to get the console where it is now.

Awesome news, but why can’t I watch the videos on my PS3? Don’t want to add fuel to a fanboy fire, it just seemed kinda odd that I can’t access the vids while surfing the blog on my console.

Keep up the great work.

skynidas said:

June 30th, 2:43 pm

Which games are going to support trophies when the 2.4 comes out

erico316 said:

June 30th, 2:45 pm

thanks jeff for doing the faq i hope u picked one of my question.

maluraq said:

June 30th, 2:46 pm

I hope games with built-in unlockable accomplishments that are already completed will update to convert those to trophies.

I have quite a few or most even of the unlocks in Ratchet & Clank: Future, Resistance: Fall of Man and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and I’d love these to show up (are you listening, Insomniac and Naughty Dog?)

Blaster said:

June 30th, 2:52 pm

Is it possible to send voice messages? or do a voice chat while your friend is in another game?

Gunwing said:

June 30th, 2:53 pm

Feature request:

Support for the fallowing file types:

PSP XPD files
PSP update files

Expanded support for PSP file conversion on the PS3:

Convert MP4s to PSP format
Convert MP3s to PSP format
Convert WMAs to PSP format
Convert Divix to PSP format

Security ehancements to the XMB:

Lock player profile: Lets you lock your player profile on the PS3 with all your settings, and make use of a password of your choice to lock it from people messing with it while your out/doing something else.

Sleep timer: Set this to turn off the PS3 after the alotid time has passed.

Note: If a DVD/BD is in the PS3 drive it will eject the item from the drive before shutdown to prevent laser damage, or damage to the media on the disc.

PS3 screen saver:

This would be a fully 3D Screensaver for the PS3 to help those of us with projector TVs. IE not just a simple lets dim the brightness thing, but how about one thats more like what the PS2 had for a screen saver? Cool sworlling lights and neat effects that show off the HDTVs nicely without damageing it and at the same time saveing your screen from Burn-In problems.

If you have to call it something call it PS3 Energy!

Kenaue said:

June 30th, 2:59 pm

So, for the trophies, I know developers will have to patch pre-existing games, any word on how many might be patched. I can bet anything the Orange Box is out of the question though.

Assassin_M16 said:

June 30th, 3:04 pm

This is very exciting, I really can’t wait to get my hands on this firmware. I am dieing to read the FAQ right now. Once again great job on this firmware Sony and I am really looking forward to E3 this year!

– Assassin_M16

joelface said:

June 30th, 3:07 pm

i am just SO excited for this.

i am really excited to see the way it evolves over time.

i sure hope that every game from now on includes the trophies and custom-soundtracks.

i mean, if a game was really against using it, that would be fine, but if its because they can’t get it to work, or they are lazy, that would be unfortunate.

anyways. EXCITED! woo!

joelface said:

June 30th, 3:09 pm

also: any chance of in-game xmb photo viewing in a later update?

it would be awesome if you could save tutorials as jpegs, and bring them up, to help you figure out how to find certain secrets, in a game, or something.

maybe it could be possible one day! i’ll cross my fingers.

un-discovered said:

June 30th, 3:12 pm

For games that do not yet have a trophy system but later on get a patch, would i have to restart the whole game or will i automatically get the trophies?

K2016 said:

June 30th, 3:12 pm

Great update!This is probably one of the most important updates ever to come to the PS3. But I have a 1 question.

In profile, right now under “my languages”, you can’t select Arabic. Will this please be made available in this update?

K2016 said:

June 30th, 3:16 pm

yay i ws 500

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