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Jul 07

PS3 System Software Update (v2.41)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi, everyone. As many of you know, we released PS3 firmware update v2.40 last week, but had to take it offline temporarily because, for a limited number of users, the XMB wouldn’t display after the update was installed. We’ve been able to fix the problem, and I’m happy to report that firmware update v2.41 will be released shortly.

We want to extend our apologies to the PlayStation community for any inconvenience. Now we’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone online and racking up those trophies!

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zytec said:

July 14th, 1:29 pm

This is probably unrealted but since v2.41 my Samsung LE52M87DBX turns off then on randomly during Blu-ray playback.

This never happened before, and it is random, (not the same part of the disc, and happens with different discs). as said it never happened before, and so far the TV has not shut off when on TV, DTV, standard DVD, or Game playing, (with PS3 or Xbox 360).

I know it is most likely a TV issue, but it’s odd so far it only appears with Blu-Ray playback via PS3 since firmware update from 2.36 to 2.41??

I’ve swapped to HDMI 2 (was using HDMI 3 and still testing, so far no turn off yet) anyone have similar issue??

MNWestStudent said:

July 14th, 2:40 pm

@ 1293 – flexito

Are you saying that after you updated your TV’s firmware, that you can now play PS2 games using HDMI, or are you still using Component?

By the way, I have a 47″ Phillips LCD, and I haven’t checked but I’m sure there is a newer firmware for my set as well. Given the unstability of firmwares, unless I know for a absolute fact that it will solve issues, I’m not even gonna touch it.

MNWestStudent said:

July 14th, 2:42 pm

To flexito and all others with 60GB PS2 games not working via HDMI issues, please add me to your friend list (so I can keep in touch with you guys regarding any solutions) PSN ID: JamieinMN (please state in the request who you are on these forums)

flexito said:

July 14th, 3:44 pm

@ MNWestStudent


I also have a 47″ Phillips(the one with the ambeint lighting) and after the TV firmware update my HDMI cables work perfect. I think the TV menus also look a little sharper but who know’s.

Anyways, I’ve never been afraid to update my firmware before but after 2.40 and now 2.41 I know what you mean about not wanting to update your TV set. All I can tell you is that the firmware update worked for me. I did it on Friday night and haven’t had any problems since.

MNWestStudent said:

July 14th, 4:47 pm

When I get home tonight, I’ll have to see what firmware my TV has and what the newest is on the web site. I just want things to be back to normal. I bought my TV from Sam’s Club back in March, and who knows how long it sat at the store, so the firmware could be a few revisions old. I’ll report back with the results. Wish me luck.

On a side note, did anyone get Civilization Revolution this past week? I am absolutely addicted. I love it. lol

HumorousSmile said:

July 14th, 5:11 pm

It’s not your TV. It is the PS3, zytec. I am having identical issues with my PS3.

I hope an update is being created…

MNWestStudent said:

July 14th, 10:00 pm


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I updated the firmware and PS2 games work with HDMI.

OMG OMG OMG you are a true hero. Thank you so very much! Yay

How did you ever think that it was the TV causing the problem? I’m sure glad we both have 47″ Philips TV’s…. cuz I never woulda thought about updating the firmware.

Anyway, my problem is solved, and I’m so excited I had to come on the computer and let you know. LOL Thanks again!!!!

zytec said:

July 14th, 11:55 pm

@ HumourousSmile

Thanks HumourousSmile :) it’s nice to know you have the ame issue, not that I wish it on anyone else but happy it’s not my TV! I hope it’s not likely to damage the TV though.. what setup are you using with PS3 btw? is it also Samsung TV? is it the same model?

I’ll contact Sony but more info would be good

thanks zytec

flexito said:

July 15th, 6:46 am

@ MNWestStudent

Glad it helped. I was as excited as you when I got mine to work. I was so excited I had a mini PS2 game marrathon this past weekend.

After finding out it was a signal problem I figured the problem was the PS3 comunicating with the TV. When researching different signal connections for the TV I found that new firmware updates sometimes upgrade the signal TVs can recieve. I’m not an expert but its something about the way the digital signal is sent through the different wires you use. If you use component its compressed(not sure if this is the right term) differently than HDMI.

Well basically 2.41 must have changed the way the signal was being sent through HDMI so we had to update our TV sets to recieve the new signal. This is the only way I can figure that the HDMI connection worked fine before 2.41 but failed after. I may be wrong but I don’t we will ever really find out the truth from SONY. At least we fixed our sh1t though.

All you guys having issues with your Samsungs turning on and off during Blueray playback should try this too. I had a Samsung 50″ before my new set and it also had firmware updates.

bavojunior said:

July 15th, 8:10 am

I am one of the unlucky one’s who downloaded the 2.40 update and suddenly couldnt play any games via a disc ( i could still play game demo’s saved to the hd). i have installed the long awaited 2.41 and still it hasnt done anything to fix the problem. someone help me pleeeeease as call of duty 4 is calling for me every second. thanks. Bj

Nalmaphaus said:

July 15th, 8:14 am

You know, a small but IMO very useful feature for the next firmware update would be an option to manually configure media server entries. I know that myself and many others have trouble with the media server search quite often not being able to discover media servers running on other computers on the network (even though on those few occations that they ARE discovered, they work beautifully). If it was possible to manually add a media server, by entering IP and portnumber and maybe a name, that whole searching problem (which could be caused by a hundred things outside Sony’s control) would just go away.

I hope someone on the firmware team reads this, as I have no idea how to send them a suggestion… I’d suggest that they create a suggestion box, but I can’t find one to put that suggestion in either. =)

bavojunior said:

July 15th, 8:19 am

i hope someone that reads mine can help me too as i have no idea what i can do with my ps3. does it help that its a 60gb version???????????? **********************************************

vinyvat said:

July 15th, 9:15 am

I managed to figure out the fix for my post #1295:

Good news ! Fixed the PS2 games not running by updating the firmware on my Phillips 42″ 1080p LCD ( model 42PFL7432D ) using from Phillips website.

Looks like my conspiricy theory of disabling the PS2 chips in 60GB PS3 is bologny.

zytec said:

July 15th, 9:55 am

@flexito 1313

[quote]All you guys having issues with your Samsungs turning on and off during Blueray playback should try this too. I had a Samsung 50″ before my new set and it also had firmware updates.[/quote]

Thanks for that.. and from reading other peoples solution feedback it’s looking like a possible fix, but so far I can’t find any firmware updates for my Samsung model(LE52M87DBX uk spec)

I’ve e-mailed Samsung as there is a real lack of info on their UK site, not even any details about which is the latest firmware version..

zytec said:

July 15th, 10:06 am

MNWestStudent said:

July 15th, 10:26 am

@ vinyvat, flexito

All 3 of us solved our problem by updating the firmware on our TV’s. I’m glad we all have Philips and that they provide firmware updates. I would suggest anyone else having any video problems with their PS3 update the TV’s firmware if they can. If their TV doesn’t have such a thing, then when the time comes to buy another TV, choose Philips. Good luck to everyone left having problems.

MNWestStudent said:

July 15th, 10:32 am

Oh by the way, my TV’s original firmware was dated September 2007, and the new firmware was April 2008.

My TV model is: 47pfl7422d/37 (Philips)

tamitch said:

July 15th, 10:41 am

I had no problems with 2.4, updated to 2.41 and I can no longer play PS3 games or DVDs, PS2 games work just fine. What do I do besides send this back to Sony?

Land Of Trill said:

July 15th, 10:59 am

I was having a disc reading error and I did a full format on my HDD and it worked again and everything seemed to run smoother and this problem I had since 2.36 but i’m at 2.41 and still no problems my PSN ID: PYTHON101

Land Of Trill said:

July 15th, 11:22 am

remember the game developers have to add the function to there game as it currently stand I believe only 2 game and there on the PSN supports music while in game yes I know it sucks but hey it is what it is and I don’t understand how Microsoft can patent music while in game that makes no sense I won’t believe it till I see documents or someone from sony explain it that’s like saying they own in game XMB and the ability to store media on the HDD come on people get real.

korn16ftl said:

July 15th, 12:31 pm

hay was watchin E3 and i guess there will be a new update today it better fix some things!!!

flexito said:

July 15th, 1:43 pm

I could play my own music on high Velocity Bowling way before 2.41. This feature has nothing to do with the update. I read a list of the few games you can use your own music for and this game was on there. I don’t have any of the other games mentioned but I’m guessing they had the feature already too.

My point is if the developers have to add this feature it had nothing to do with 2.41. High Velocity Bowling proves my point. The feature was added by the developers way before 2.41 or 2.40 was even announced.

The whole thing just doesn’t make too much sense. I remeber playing with this feature in the Xbox 360 a while back and it didn’t matter what game you were playing or what the developers did.

Needless to say, a PS3 is not an XBOX(and I wouldn’t have it any other way) but this thing just doesn’t make any sense.

I’m not a developer or even pretend to understand game design but can someone tell me why we can’t just play our music while we are playing games. Isn’t it just like having your Window Media player open while surfing the web(BTW I’m doing this now)??

The PS3 is way more powerfull than the 360 so this should be a piece of cake.

korn16ftl said:

July 15th, 2:37 pm

ya from what ive seen on E3 the next yr of PS3 should be awsome specially w/ MAG ( massive action game) sounds like a warhawk MMO it lets up to 256 players per server and a lot of other features but im still waiting for my box to mail back my ps3 to get it fixed (screen cuts in and out to static on HDMI for some reason) but i hope thay work the bugs out thay even showed HOME on E3 but no release date yet there is definitly a lot to look forward too out of all of the big 3 but things from what i have seen tend to lean sonys way

my_katamari said:

July 16th, 8:39 am

You still CANNOT play music off your hard drive while you are in-game!!!!!

HumorousSmile said:

July 16th, 12:07 pm


I have my PS3 (40gb) hooked up through HDMI to a Denon 2807 AVR (streaming 7.1 surround). I have a Pioneer Elite projection CRT hooked up to the Denon.

Aside from my other setups, this is my primary PS3 setup. I’m thinking I might just return my PS3 and trade for a new one and not update… assuming the 7.1 surround sound PCM options already come with the new systems.

buggs1a said:

July 16th, 12:38 pm

I’d like to say that I think the guy who did the Sony speech was extremely rude and a jerk. His joke about Jack Palance was extremely rude and uncalled for as one other joke he did. When he joked about Jack Palance I thought the guy was a jerk and got mad at him. I do not like him and wish he would do a public apology and sincerely mean it. His comment even got some boos and not a laugh really.

I also did not like the show in generral that much. I think it was just ok and i didn’t care about anything announced really except a couple cool looking games.

I like the video rental service, but won’t be using it.

One thing i want Sony to do is fix the browsing network feature for when wanting to watch videos and listen to music on the network. It keeps cached or something the list of what is on the lan even if it’s not there and this ticks me off. i have a video folder on my pc and delete videos from it all the time. When wanting to watch a video the playstation 3 still shows stuff even if it’s not there. I’ll go into the fvideo folder and it shows what is there. If I delete files from the folder on my pc the playstation still shows them all for a long time and then eventually will update. So sony must fix this.

chickster25 said:

July 17th, 1:27 am

I also have huge problems trying to play PS2 games on a 60GB original Ps3 using HDMI using firware 2.41.
They have always worked in the past because I have a set number of PS2 games which are used all the time and its only after 2.41 that they are now freezing. Also getting problems with the signal to the wireless controllers not being as strong as it was before.
i have a toshiba TV so cannot find any firmware updates for it.
im from the UK but this looked like the best place to log the same problems as everyone else.
What is a preal pain is that you are forced by Sony to update the PS3 firmware otherwise you cannot get online, but I would prefer to stay on an older version where I could actually play my games !!!!!

Random Gamer said:

July 17th, 10:41 am

I cant play my music during game use. They are all mp3. Please help or fix it please

muzinem said:

July 17th, 12:21 pm

Can anyone help?Ever since i updated to 2.41 i’ve had nothing but problems!!

mohan37 said:

July 17th, 8:40 pm

I’ve got a 40gb PS3, and had it hooked up to my 42” Philips LCD via HDMI, and everything worked fine. After upgrading to 2.40, HDMI just suddenly stopped working. audio via optical still works.

I hooked it up using the AV cables, and discovered that this works ok. But when I try to set it to HDMI, the TV sees no signal.

Using the AV connection, I was able to upgrade to 2.41, but that hasn’t changed anything. still no HDMI. I read some posts above and tried upgrading the firmware on my TV. Turns out i’ve already got the most up-to-date firmware. I’ve seen some other people with this same problem – 2.40 makes HDMI output stop working. I’m really bummed…I had a bunch of Blu-Rays to watch with my new wife (we just got back from our honeymoon) and now it’s broken :(

any advice? fixes? official sony response? i don’t know what to do…

mohan37 said:

July 17th, 8:41 pm

to clarify my post above, I have tried 3 other HDMI cables, and 3 other HDMI inputs in my TV. and, when I said “seem other people with the same problem,” i meant in online forum posts, some from the official PS3 forum, dated today.

bebee124 said:

July 17th, 9:51 pm

I think this is real [DELETED] I didnt update to 2.40 cuz I held off on it cuz I didnt have time to do it but as soon as I update to 2.41 I start having problems my games freeze up mid game. like GUITAR HERO 3 I get half way through a song and it the music loops like 1 second of the song then when the song is over the whole thing locks up period it wont shut off unless I use the main power switch and in rockband it locks up when the songs are over too like GH3 and all my other stuff just plain wont work the XMB works fine but other then that everthing is just [DELETED] sony really needs to fix this problem and fast I mean dont throw something out like that but at least work on something that can fix it for good cuz I have lost little faith in Sony sence this has happened I’ve never had a problem with any of there hardware untill now. Please for the love of GOD do something before everything goes to [DELETED]

Grafx_g said:

July 18th, 11:21 am

I upgraded my PS3 several days ago with 2.40 with no problems. On Wednesday I updated to 2.41 and since then I cannot play any games or watch any movies. I now have to send in my system to Sony because they don’t have a fix and they are assuming something other than their update may have caused the problem. My question; my system is under warranty but what about when my system is a year old, will I have to pay for repairs that they cause with their updates?
Good luck!

zach said:

July 18th, 12:15 pm

this is the second 80gb ps3 this 2.41 update has messed up…. it causes my 3rd usb port not to recognize what is in it when all other ports are full…. everything worked fine on both systems until this update…. it is only noticed when the system is off and all usb ports are full, then the system is started. usb port 3 will not work until whatever is plugged in it is uplugged and then plugged back in…. i called customer service and they said it is not a known problem! so please all you with 80gb ps3s check this and call in if you have a problem so they will know im not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SONY PLEASE FIX THIS IN YOUR NEXT UPDATE SO I DONT HAVE TO SEND IN FOR ANOTHER PS3!

GojiraGamer said:

July 19th, 3:14 pm

I downloaded the the 2.41 update and before this my PS3 was fine no problems at all. After downloading the 2.41 I started to play with MSG4 no problem. I had turned the system off for a while and when I got back on, the system displayed that I had to reformat the HD I had no other option but to do it losing of course everything that I had on there. I would like to know if someone can tell me why this happened and will it happen again. I think that it’s F Up that sony would release an update that would start f ing up the systems only to having it sent in trying to put blame on something else. Anyway I would appreciate some feeed back thanks.

Thetruefiziks said:

July 19th, 3:19 pm


I had the same problem with firmware 2.36, only happened once though

nymic said:

July 19th, 3:58 pm

It’ll be cool for the next system update if you could change the start up of the PlayStation 3 and either select the classic ps1 start up or ps2 start up i mean’t if they do put it in the store

and for network if you could turn your status invisible so in case you want to have a private game sometime

atreyu_- said:

July 19th, 4:47 pm


Spydergrl said:

July 20th, 3:00 pm

Hey Everyone, FYI I went from version 2.36 to 2.41 and a week later my PS3 stopped reading games and blu-ray disc’s. I have to send my PS3 in and wont get it back for 2 1/2 weeks. We all know that 2.40 messed up a lot of ppl’s PS3’s. I don’t understand how they could have come out with 2.41 only a week later. It doesn’t seem like they spent enough time on testing it. Now I have to be without my PS3. If you have 2.36, I suggest not doing the update. If you google my 2.41 issues, you’ll find that a lot of ppl are having problems.

Spydergrl said:

July 20th, 3:04 pm

Hey Everyone. FYI I went from 2.36 to 2.41 and now a week later, my PS3 stopped working. It doesn’t read games or blu-ray movies. Everyone knows that version 2.40 crashed a lot of ppl’s PS3’s. I don’t understand how they could have come out with 2.41 only a week later. How can you really test something in that amount of time? Now I’m gonna be stuck without my PS3 for 2 1/2 weeks while they fix it!! AND!! if your playstation is older than a year, you’ll have to pay $150 to fix it, even though it was their firmware update that crashed your PS3. If you google the 2/41 issues, you’ll find a lot of ppl in my shoes. Just a heads up, if you have 2.36 DON’T DO ANY UPDATES!!!

nas2344 said:

July 20th, 4:21 pm

we need more video codecs!!! more avi support! please thanks!

fredbob3 said:

July 20th, 10:05 pm

so is anyone having a problem anymore?

Land Of Trill said:

July 21st, 12:56 am

If anyone is having a problem with the disc reading in your system then try a full format I was having the same problem it wouldn’t read any of my disc no matter what format and one was a brand new game I have the 60GB model I called Sony and they had me try some basic troubleshooting and it didn’t work I was runnin firmware 2.36 and no it didnt brink it but anyway it just wouldn’t work so I did a full format which took a little over 3hrs then I booted it up and everything actually ran smoother than before then I put a game in then it loaded up without fail doing that saved me $150 also I update to 2.40 without problems and then to 2.41

Land Of Trill said:

July 21st, 7:15 am


dmc2005 said:

July 21st, 3:15 pm

Since the 2.41 update my ps3 loses audio and then freezes during COD4 online play. What should I do, send it in or wait until another update comes out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Soyner said:

July 21st, 4:48 pm

Add my PS3 to the list of having problems after 2.41. I have a MGS 80gb and didn’t have problems with any former firmwares (including 2.40) but once I dl’d 2.41 I started getting black screens where I had to do a manual restart (my controller and console would completely lose connection with the system)

I happens occasionally but has become quite annoying. Especially since mine is so new and I was looking forward to grabbing some new games to play on it.

I was hoping there was a way to go back to my 2.40 but after reading around the net sounds like that may not be able to happen.

I’m sure my problem has been mentioned in other posts (I have read all the problems on the forums in the update section) so I apologize for possibly repeating things (I haven’t gotten around to reading all the posts here)

If anyone has any suggestions for me to try (besides calling SONY) please let me know. I am debating on just waiting on the next update or sending my machine in.

chaotic0123 said:

July 22nd, 9:35 am

Hi, my update has finished and i can play all my games and DVD’s and can also message people in game etc. The only problem is i can’t win any trophies on any of my games and also can’t listen to music in-game which is a shame. Is there any possible way of fixing this? or will i have to wait for an update?, please reply ASAP.

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