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Jul 08

Jul 08

PAIN Amusement Park: First Trailer and Preview

Travis Williams's Avatar Posted by

Sr. Producer, SCEA

These past seven months have really been busy for the PAIN team. In addition to releasing our updates we have been feverishly building the “better mousetrap.” The DOWNTOWN area in PAIN was a huge success for everyone involved! I remember some of my first interviews where I had to explain PAIN to people who haven’t played before. Let me tell you, that wasn’t even remotely easy. Seven months later let me try that again …

PAIN is a game that picks up where other games leave off. In every other game when you are smacked so hard you fall down the game dusts you off, and makes you try again. When you get smacked so hard you fall down it’s time to START playing PAIN! You’ve barely gotten warmed up!

Now you know how to OOCH. Your MONKEYS have been SPANKED. Your FUN WITH EXPLOSIVES skillz are legendary. And MIMES … they get weak in the knees when your PSN Name is whispered. You’re quite the master of disaster.

DOWNTOWN … has so been destroyed.

Now it’s time to hit The Amusement Park for some rest and relaxation right?

WRONG! This Park needs to know your name.

What’s this?

HOT n COLD teddy bears that do the robot? Bouncing CLOWNS that need tossing and smacking? How about a little SHOT CALLIN’ to prove your skillz are better than anyone else around. What kind of Amusement Park is this?

It’s the PAIN ABUSEMENT PARK. This time you can invite your friends to join you. We have online multiplayer capability so you can finally pit your skills against other people on the PLAYSTATION NETWORK. We also support the new PlayStation Trophies. This might be useful to see how awesome your competition is before you challenge them to a PAIN game. There’s a whole lot of content in this Park. For a first preview of the PAIN Amusement Park, head on over to GamesRadar.

I’m very proud of this add-on. A lot of these ideas came from us .. and quite a bit from YOU, our players. If you haven’t been heard, I suggest you get over to and make your presence known … I already posted a brand new blog about how we came up with this add-on.

See you at the Fun Spot … and keep your “Pimp Hand” strong. You’ll need it.

Pain Abusement Park

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MutilatoRJuggalo said:

July 10th, 8:36 am

Hey Travis, if you or the team read this, I hope yall had a good holiday weekend. Official board is down so I figured I give you the heads up, and let you know, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE ME OR MY SKILLS, LOL!!

vitz3 said:

July 10th, 12:20 pm


Touched a nerve I guess. LOL.

I guess you’ll be happy with the next Mario, Halo, or Ratchet game when it ships with just the first level and charges you for the rest. Some people will buy anything.

You don’t know me, I don’t want to know you. There’s nothing wrong with being conscious of where you’re money is going and recognizing when you’re being ripped off.

If you want to try and sling insults between your teatfeeding time you can eat me.

The dev here should have known that not everyone is going to be cheerful about having to shell out more cash to get the rest of the game that they have for ransom. Not everyone is brainless and accepting like that.

Travis must know that he has to be willing to take comments like this with stride, good or bad.

I’m just gonna leave it at this. I expect this map to be a free add-on. If not, then it just helps to show how shallow this dev and game really are.

Pixeljunk monsters might not be 3D compared to PAIN, but the excellent balancing, having an actual soundtrack, charm, and direction, far outweigh the “value” of PAIN.

Schitthammer said:

July 10th, 12:21 pm

As I can see why some people would say this game is a little short on content, and clearly the only way to obtain this game is via the PS Store… You guys have internet access obviously, so why on earth didn’t people check the reviews (using the beloved PS3 web browser) before purchasing? I mean seriously… It’s $10 bucks. It’s not a $60 dollar game. People are way too cranky… Maybe you should use that $10 bucks and go buy some soothers so the next time you buy a PSN game on a whim and aren’t happy with it you’re covered and the people on this blog don’t have to read your foolishness.

axeblade27 said:

July 10th, 8:36 pm

@Schitthammer. Amen to that.

Gavi said:

July 10th, 8:46 pm


When you guys were looking for some feedback from the fanbase, many of us mentioned about getting characters from PlayStation games into Pain. We’d love to hurl characters like Sackboy, Solid Snake, Ratchet, Clank and Kratos across downtown and the upcoming amusement park. How are things developing in regards to this?

sumwann said:

July 10th, 8:49 pm

wow I am so addicted to this game and know why! Ha its just so fun I cant wait for the new add-on.

BTW anyone asking how much it will be its obviously not going to get answered or it would have been in the blog or answered to one of the first 15 people who were asking…

pandaman5000 said:

July 11th, 12:37 am

first off…pandas rule!!!

anyways. so whats the scoop on the zombie character? i loved the one holding the teddy bear. was quite disturbing yet suttle.

oh and this is just me. but maybe you could throw in some penguins to smack the crap out of. They don’t know of true PAIN they deserve…that is all.

SQU1RP said:

July 11th, 4:45 am

@ Travis

I purchased Pain Today along with a couple characters Awesome concept game I really think you guys have done something original thats extremely difficult I love how you guys are really trying to cater to the gamers as well a “novel ” idea lol thanks again for NOT being a PR guy ha ha. . . .

p.s. any chance of external music player support coming soon?

SQU1RP said:

July 11th, 4:47 am

EDIT: external music DEVICE support

Subzero316 said:

July 11th, 7:35 am

Cant wait to play the amusement park level. pain rocks!

MutilatoRJuggalo said:

July 11th, 8:18 am

price is less than the original, more than likely $7.99

Onna76_NL said:

July 11th, 1:39 pm

May I remind some people around here that if you go to a bar, you’ll probably spend about the same for a beer (at least here in the Netherlands) and look how fast you’ve finished drinking that one up? Pain takes longer to finish. Get the point?

sigchi222 said:

July 12th, 9:44 pm

@206 Travis gave me this response to your question…
@Sigchi: I am just trying to hook it up. I try to be da MAN! We have already built some other characters from other games and we will announce them when the time is right. You guys made us do it with that overwhelming vote last time. I’m glad you have something you and your son can play together. That’s really awesome!
So yeah…it is coming.

XtuhC said:

July 14th, 8:39 am

I honestly haven’t been this exited for something since my root canal was over.
Seriously, most boring 2 hours of my life.
Then after when I was all numb, my mom gave me an egg salad sandwich.
I choked on it.

CantaloupeKing said:

July 15th, 2:46 am

Oh my goobers I can’t wait. I love PAIN. If I had a credit card I’d buy at least half of the characters. This ‘Abusement Park’ looks so awesome. I mean, ROLLER COASTERS! Perfect for PAINful experiences. I’d pay for it so long as it didn’t exceed the original PAIN price. That’s how hard it’s going to rock.
While someone was talking about PlayStation characters in PAIN, I couldn’t help but think…face paint, clowns…Sweettooth :)
-RIP FFXIII exclusivity :(

artwalker said:

July 15th, 5:29 pm

can anyone help we i want to remote play over the net but no matter what i do it just disna work help a frustrated ps user

DudeFX said:

July 27th, 2:16 am

The new add-on looks amazing, and the online multiplayer is sweet. I have never played PAIN, but def grabbing it now with this awesome news. Looks great!

bullyboutya said:

July 30th, 1:04 pm

I would like to purchase pain but I’m not sure is it a fun game? You guys needto make a demo for it

DudeFX said:

August 5th, 1:20 am

Yeah it’s fun, and cool. Unique concept, just imagine having to injure yourself. At first it sounded silly to me, and if it wasn’t for the $4.99 sale, I was unsure. It’s totally worth it even at $20, but it’s only $10. It’s fun, and I can’t imagine when the abusement park opens with trophies and online co-op.

iTubeP said:

August 5th, 10:32 pm

Hey everyone,

I just got PAIN and although some trophies are impossible to get, IT IS FRIGGIN’ fun. This game is for people who want to achieve, whether it be in real life or in fantasies.

Also, does Idol Minds have a tighter time frame they can share. Warhawk said August 27th and I may go back to playing that if they get trophy support first.

iTubeP said:

August 6th, 8:30 pm

Could someone please reply? I guess what I am asking here is if it will come out before August 27th.

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