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Jul 09

Jul 09

Bionic Commando: Rearmed, PSN Features: Revealed

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Product Marketing Manager, Capcom

What’s crackin’ PlayStation players? This is John D from Capcom and I’ve got some info to share. Bionic Commando Rearmed is just around the corner and Ben Judd, our resident producer/rock star, wants to reach out to all you Sony fans by giving you weekly updates on this highly anticipated title. Expect exclusive news, videos and artwork from now thru launch. Ben has some really exciting details regarding the PSN version of Bionic Commando Rearmed, so hopefully you all will recognize that Capcom is giving love to all the Sony gamers out there.


Here’s Ben’s first transmission:

Welcome to the first installment of our weekly Bionic Commando: Rearmed column. The folks here at the PlayStation.Blog have been kind enough to give us some space to strut our Bionic stuff. Don’t worry, I promise there will not be an excess of swinger jokes.

To kick off this edition, we’d like to mention some of the “PSN specific” content that you can expect for Rearmed. There will be Dualshock 3 support, because we all know that games that vibrate are better and besides… there really is no reason not to implement a feature that has become the industry standard. Also, Rearmed is one of the only PSN games to feature Remote Play support. This one wasn’t as easy to add and, matter of fact, there is one point where we had to “creatively” reprogram the controls to give players the illusion of using 2 sticks (you’ll know when you see it). The classic 2D side-scrolling graphics really fit with the PSP and just make the PSN version all the more cooler.

Of course there is one more VERY cool surprise for those of you who purchase the PSN version… but that is another story for another time.

So if Rearmed looks like it might be up your alley, come visit the “Top Secret” crew over at www.bioniccommando.com, where you can read the weekly serial comic, listen to one of the most ill-advised Japanese-publisher podcasts – Top Secret: The Bionic Commando Podcast, and, of course, listen to music from popular video game rockers, the BCR soundtrack, and the original 8-bit Bionic Commando music, all on the Bionic Commando Music Player.

In the meantime, check this space again in about a week for update number 2!




Haley is the FSA’s finest helicopter pilot, who transports Nathan “Rad” Spencer through dangerous Imperial territory. From a safe altitude, Spencer is then parachuted into enemy encampments.

Due to her unique piloting style and willingness to put both her chopper and her body on the line, Haley has been labeled as “reckless” and is considered a liability by some in the FSA Armed Forces. However, her many medals and commendations for exceptional behavior in combat situations speak for themselves. She holds the record for the quickest drop-offs and pick-ups in enemy territory in the history of the FSA and, despite her feminine looks, she is fond of claiming to have “more stones than any other pilot in the force”. 

Something of a weapons nut, Haley is also a useful source of advice on the latest hardware and other items Spencer encounters in the field.


The FSA awards Medals to only the bravest soldiers for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty. There are 12 medals to collect in total, with something to suit every type of soldier, from brawlers to thinkers.


Anyone can pick up a spare Vector Cannon and blast their way through an Imperial army. After all, you have a Bionic Arm – who’s likely to stop you?! But for the swinger who has skills as well as a soul, the Pacifist Pride medal will be awarded. The conditions for obtaining it are deceptively simple – simply clear any Area without firing your gun. Can you survive on swinging skill and some quick grenade tossing alone?

Weapons: Hagle Breaker

The 13-gauge “Hagle Breaker” Assault Shotgun is a short-range firearm with staggering power, but it is completely ineffective in long-range combat. Most useful against standard Imperial human enemies, the shotgun pellets are ineffective against the machines and shields used by the Imperial army. The Hagle Breaker’s most useful feature is the ability to use its immense recoil to kick-start a swing when your momentum is lost.

John D. again. Cool update, huh? Anyway, Ben wanted to give you all this opportunity to ask him any questions you have about the game. Post your questions in the comments section below and he’ll answer most of them with his next update. Also, this is a big month for you PSN gamers as 1942: Joint Strike, the next installation of the classic 194X shooter series, finally arrives on the PLAYSTATION Network on July 31, 2008 July 24, 2008. Spread the word! See you soon!

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Menchi said:

July 9th, 5:56 pm

So, to echo a number of posters here, will this title include Trophy support?

It’s a huge incentive for PS3 gamers at the minute, with only 1 title currently making use of it. The comments for this blog post alone, emphasize there is a considerable interest in Trophy support.

MasterCharged said:

July 9th, 6:06 pm


Theossie said:

July 9th, 7:19 pm


Nice to hear we may be getting trophies for BCR.. very cool!!

I no 1942 is done, but you think we could see an update for it as well. And Street Fighter may still have time to add it before release.. right?

I really enjoy the Top Secret podcast BTW.. I need to listen to #19.. laters..

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 11th, 10:46 pm

    1942 won\’t have trophy support at launch. It may happen in the future.

ilikeps3 said:

July 9th, 7:25 pm

Hi capcom, will you be adding trophy support for your stellar Battlefield Commando 3 game?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 10th, 7:21 am

    Hard to say at this point. If the title continues to garner support, it may have to be considered. Everyone, just know that trophy support will slowly start to be integrated this year. For many titles in development, it may have been too late to implement this very cool feature.

Renegadead said:

July 9th, 7:27 pm

Just a thought about the whole mega man 9 concept… its great and all, but i gotta say that a new mega man legends game would be the greatest thing in the world, those are some of my favourite games to date, i love to replay them.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 12th, 4:15 pm

    Legends is great, but come on, going back to the original series is pretty freakin sweet! No one expected this.

erico316 said:

July 9th, 7:54 pm

thanks again for responding and i happy that u guys will be adding trophy to bionic commando rearmed.will u stay active on the ps blog?
and as far as mega man both the psp and ps3 need a mega man games there is a demand for these titles i don’t understand why there so many mm games on ds and only 2 on the psp.mega man 9 would be a good to see on the psn but there is a few things i would love to done to its mainly an update to graphic game play is great how its is already.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 10th, 7:30 am

    I\’ll stay active on the blogs as long as Jeff R. will have me! (hear that Jeff?) :)

    MM9 is such a cool concept that no one expected. To hear the famously composed music in 8-bit again? Damn!

angelcurio said:

July 9th, 7:55 pm

Just give me Power Stone 2 on PSN with both online and offline 4 player battles.

enewtabie said:

July 9th, 7:56 pm

Hey John
We’re getting the original version of Bionic Commando as the surprise:)??

Thetruefiziks said:

July 9th, 8:13 pm

Haley is hot

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    Ben Judd said:

    July 9th, 10:47 pm

    Agreed! I\’d date her! Er… if she was real?

Cplhicks said:

July 9th, 8:18 pm

I have to say I think it’s awesome that Remote play is going to be supported for this. It seems like the perfect sort of game for remote play. Thanks for taking the time! Looking forward to playing this one. Hopefully this is a sign of Capcom showing the love to PS owners finally.

SantanaClaus89 said:

July 9th, 8:43 pm


I think the concept of a NES style Mega Man for Mega Man 9 is absolute brilliance! Taking the franchise back to its roots and keeping the gameplay simple a la Mega Man 1-3 is exactly what was needed.

I’ve seen the screenshots from the other company’s magazine and as a Mega Man fan that has played every game in the classic series when they were released I absolutely HAVE to play it!

I’m not asking you to tell me it will be on PS3, just please let your peers at Capcom know that there are people out there who have PS3’s that are absolutely dying to have Mega Man 9.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 9th, 11:53 pm

    As a Mega Man fan myself, I love the fact that it\’s going back to it\’s 8-bit roots. It\’s a ballsy move and the right one, I believe. This is total hard core fan service.

JBruno said:

July 9th, 8:45 pm

I dont understend why Capcom dont want add trophy support in another recent games as Devil may Cry 4 – see, Criterion is making Burnout Paradise more attractive yet adding the Trophies ( I, for instance, will buy the game now ) and I think that a large developer as Capcom have plenty of resources to add this capacity in past PS3 games.

And, yes, I want Mega Man 9 too in PS3

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 11th, 10:52 pm

    You want Mega Man 9? You got it!

Ranma said:

July 9th, 9:10 pm

I’m really excited about this game as the old Bionic Commando was a fave of mine back in my elementary school days.

I wanted to really pat you guys on the back also for getting Shinkiro to do the artwork. I’m glad Capcom picked him up after he left SNK.

And thanks for the remote play too! More games need this, Sony! I can’t stress this enough!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    Ben Judd said:

    July 9th, 10:48 pm

    You are welcome. And the best part… all of the cut-scenes have the Shinkiro art! It is really, really nice and will be included in some of the wallpaper and themes.


BabeBro said:

July 9th, 9:20 pm

Please bring Marvel VS Capcom 2 back!!! BTW, I will buy this game :)

masr1979 said:

July 9th, 9:43 pm

Very cool news as far as Remote Play goes. I would also really love to see a new Strider game for the PSN. I would really like it to have sprites similar to those Hiryu has in the Marvel vs Capcom series, and a nice storyline (I always felt that you guys could do soooo much better story wise on Strider, not that the story is bad, just a bit shallow).

Also thought about an updated MegaMan Powerbattles? maybe mix it up and include MegaMan X characters? (Zero vs Protoman?, Megaman vs Megaman X? Who wouldn’t love to see that?)

Another to the list of future PSN hopefuls… Section Z. I would love to see what you guys can do with that concept with today’s technology.

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at that, oh and thanks for 1942; I wasn’t expecting that one.

masr1979 said:

July 9th, 9:45 pm

Oh almost forgot Trojan :D

Ghostm said:

July 9th, 10:14 pm

I’ll wait until they add the trophy support. If they don’t add trophy support then most likely I wont buy this.

DevilHunterDante said:

July 9th, 10:16 pm

Sweet cant wait for this and 1942

rmikulus said:

July 9th, 11:18 pm

I’m honestly just glad you guys put co-op into this game to begin with. The PS3 really needs more multiplayer games; I’m beginning to feel as if though my second controller is only here for when I forget to turn off my other one and the battery dies.

But really, online console gaming just isn’t the same! Its great for the PC – 2 people on one keyboard and mouse is uncomfortable – but maybe its just because I grew up in an era where the cool thing to do was to sit down with a few buddies and blow your way through Twisted Metal or even staying up all night to co-op through Super Mario 1-3.

convergecrew said:

July 10th, 12:33 am

Im gonna beat a dead horse here…

Trophy support please!!!

VenomX said:

July 10th, 1:11 am

Awesome. I really can’t wait for this game.

My only question is will there be custom soundtrack support for this game?

les15snc said:

July 10th, 1:30 am

is it just me or does haley have a resemblance to Lindsay Lohan

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 11th, 10:58 pm

    lol..now that you mention it…

funtownarcade said:

July 10th, 1:50 am

If the trophies are 8-bit graphics like that its going to be awesome!

Onna76_NL said:

July 10th, 1:50 am

Looks nice I’m always in for some new stuff especially on the PSN :-) I love trophies but I won’t bother if its not included, as long as the game is fun and gives some time to finish it, I’m happy.

PSN: Onna76_NL

rockmanjoey said:

July 10th, 2:09 am

Hey Thanks for the info!

This is one of the PSN titles I have been looking forward to ever since it was announced! Capcom is one of my favourite developers!

I just checked out Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes and that looks sweet! It looks like they’ve managed to retain the sweet gameplay from the 2D games and managed to make it look amazing at the sametime!

I am a huge Capcom fan and I like what Inticreates are doing with MegaMan 9! If its one thing I like about the NES it is the music, I love the old generation sounds and when I play some of the classics today, the bass is awesome.

I have a Nintendo Wii but I rarely play on it as most of the games don’t appeal to me. If Capcom decided to release MegaMan 9 multiplatform, I would be so happy as I have all the MegaMan X Games, Megaman Classic, ZX and Zero games in my collection!

Finally, I also checked the Poll on Gamespot and its a tough one! I voted for Third Strike but I also wanted to vote for Marvel VS Capcom 2! I think you could make loads of money if you released the games you have on the Polls on the downloadable services! I would just love to play them online!

Many Thanks for your post and I also would like to know if Bionic Commando Rearmed and 1942 will be coming out worldwide as I hate how the European PSN releases the games later than XBLA.


PSN: rockmanjoey

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 10th, 7:33 am

    Doing a global launch is definitely challenging, but we\’re trying. Thanks for your support and see you online the 24th playing 1942.

VenomX said:

July 10th, 2:32 am

OMG. Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes looks amazing.

Any chances of that coming to PS3 or PSN?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 11th, 10:51 pm

    The game looks sweet…A US launch would be challenging..

Romzen said:

July 10th, 3:14 am

Having trophy support this game is a must have for me =D

Damn, I am so predictable.^^

Thanks to Ben and John for delivering information! You guys are awesome.

Enforcer_X said:

July 10th, 5:15 am

Love this game back in the day!
I will check this out for sure!

RemotePlay will mean more to me when FiOS is widely available, or I move to Japan where the internet is as it should be!

At least I can download it via RemotePlay though =)

Rock On!

SylarEatsBrains said:

July 10th, 6:19 am

I’m psyched for this game and hope it gets a trophy patch down the road.

I also put my vote in for Mega Man 9 on PSN. Please make this happen.

Sentry said:

July 10th, 6:43 am

They probably stopped reading this… but I will ask anyways.

So since the game will be getting trophy support later down the line at some point (via a patch), will BCR be made to save stats and and track your game via the game save, or will it be tagged via the users PSN ID? This matters a hell of a lot to me, because making it attached only to the game save, means when you DO add trophies I will have to re play it all. So that means I won’t be buying it until it does get trophies, unless you track us via PSN, ie retroactive trophies, then I’ll be willing to buy it day one!

Hopefully they can make this clear, thanks for the update and remote play sounds bad ass.

Prezhulio said:

July 10th, 6:49 am

VERY cool. great capcom stuff coming soon.

one question:
is there support for custom soundtracks?

adolson said:

July 10th, 7:03 am

While Capcom dudes are reading this, I’d just like to say that I’d love a Monster Hunter game on the PS3… I have a Wii, so if MH3 ever comes to North America, I’ll buy it, but I really stopped playing my Wii once I got my PS3. I really hope there’s a Monster Hunter game on the PS3 someday…

Or at least more vertical-scrolling shooters, as mentioned before!

sgtangell said:

July 10th, 7:25 am

I’ll buy it if you patch trophy support…otherwise the wallet is staying shut.

brentos said:

July 10th, 7:27 am

Ok, so I’m a huge BC fan from my NES days. I have some concerns, though. First, is there a jump button? I hope you say no. Second, in the original there was one level where you had to use a certain gun to get through (I think maybe the flame thrower)…the problem was, there was no way to exit the level and grab the correct gun. Please tell me this won’t happen to me again! Finally, are the bosses going to be the same as the original, or are they maybe a little bit smarter? I remember the bosses being a bit too easy. Thanks for remaking this game, it deserves it.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    Ben Judd said:

    July 10th, 10:49 pm

    Of course there is NO JUMP BUTTON! Don\’t be silly! The problem about not having the right gun has been eliminated. You can now carry all the weapons and switch them whenever you want since that part of the old game was a little broken.

    The bosses are all new and much smarter. There AI actually changes based on whether you are playing single or co-op and you actually have to use your wire to defeat most of them.


brentos said:

July 10th, 7:30 am

Ha, I forgot one thing…am I going to be able to fall on the enemies’ heads and bounce off? That was actually a pretty useful maneuver in the original :-)

StalkingSilence said:

July 10th, 7:32 am

Thanks for answering everyone’s questions so nicely!
BTW, I think you are the first third party game to include remote play support. But then again, I don’t know the exact definitions. Here are the other (presumably 1st and 2nd party) games that are remote playable:
– Imabikisou (Japanese horror visual novel game)
– All PSOne game discs
– SingStar (& SingStar Vol. II [EU])

– Aquatopia (a.k.a. Aqua Vita [EU])
– Bionic Commando Rearmed <– THIS IS YOU!! haha
– High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
– Maininchi Isshyo (Japanese cat/daily news game)
– PixelJunk Eden
– PixelJunk Monsters
– All PSone Downloadable Games

– Chat (Video chat)
– Folding@Home
– Media
– PlayStation Store
– Web Browser

Here’s where I keep all THAT information: http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=psnetwork&thread.id=166903

Delriach said:

July 10th, 7:45 am

wow, I was not expecting so many responses from Capcom. This is greatness… With that said >_>…

this path of older titles being revisited is great. I personally loved Megaman Powered up… and something like that for the PSN would be glorious. MegaMan 9 was a completely unexpected hardcore dream. I’ve actually been playing MM8 on the PS3 lately. Maybe the PS3 users could get a MM8 like MegaMan game. :)

of course some PSone classics love wouldn’t hurt either. Japan has gotten the love already, the US needs it ^_^.

Gunwing said:

July 10th, 8:31 am

I have a question abotu BC:RC

Will the graphics get any kind of inporvement over the orignal game? Seems to me from the looks of it that this game has almost a lower graphical style too it. I hope the textures have more detail on the final release as right now they look liek the player will be in a plastic Army man type of world.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    Ben Judd said:

    July 10th, 10:51 pm

    Really? Most of the people who have seen the game say it looks fantastic. Maybe it\’s just not your style? The did try to replicate the art style/coloring from the original but the graphics use some of the highest textures out there and even utilize the 3D engine effects from the next-gen game. Play the demo, then see if it\’s right for you!


AznSniper said:

July 10th, 8:32 am

Well, you should definitely consider trophy support for your games because it really fuels gamers like me to buy the game so they can have a higher experience level than their friends. Take a look at Super Stardust HD. I didn’t have it before, but now I do because it had trophy support. And now a lot of my friends also purchased it to get the trophies to raise their level. I guess I’m a trophy whore :D as well as my friends.

Also, I’m guessing your surprise is the original Bionic Commando contained in Rearmed, or the surprise could be a Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta contained with the game.

luminousCranium said:

July 10th, 8:37 am

I love what you guys have done with the Bionic Commando IP. Both the console game and the XBLA/PSN version of the game look amazing. I am very excited.

Much props to your team for figuring out the PSP remote play feature. I will now and forever love you guys for finally bringing me a game that I can play either on PS3 or PSP without the need to own two versions of the game or transferring the game itself. This is an amazing feat and I am sure there are millions of PS3 + PSP owners that are with me when I say:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Eternity_Viper_Snake said:

July 10th, 8:40 am

@ John & Ben Thanks so much… for me being on the PS blog for a couple of mths your the only ones that responded to most of are questions and quotes and its most apperiated :)

question i like the idea (if i read blog right) that you all are remaking old school games (what i grew up with) i think that’s assome but on the remakes do you just stay with the ones you all only made or all sort of arcade games for instance i liked battletoad as well but i know it wasn’t by you all. just a question but again thanks for all the responses. (hope i made sense)

Buddylee said:

July 10th, 9:05 am

I appreciate the up front answers about both bionic commando and 1942. However, I cannot justify purchasing either until trohpies are apart of those games. Even with the possibility of retroactivley enabling them. I really hope you guys can tell by this blog that trophies are important and potential selling points of your games.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    Ben Judd said:

    July 10th, 10:54 pm

    Fair enough! I\’m the type of person that wouldn\’t be able to wait until trophies are implemented since it\’s only 10 bucks and I have to have everything right away.

    I am curious about how many third party games releasing now will have trophy support. I am willing to be it\’s not a lot if any.


michigander692002@msn.com said:

July 10th, 9:07 am

I just got done ranting over at PS3Fanboy and I wanted to get my vote in for trophy support while you guys at Capcom are still listening(hopefully). Just so you know I bought SSHD just for trophy support(I wonder how there sales are right now, lol).

Moeeed said:

July 10th, 9:09 am

Trophies Please. Support this amazing feature.

captinsquash said:

July 10th, 9:32 am


plz tell me if capcom makes any more sweet remakes that they will put ben judd or someone whos love for that game is equal or more then bens love for bionic commando in charge of it.

Broken Haiku said:

July 10th, 9:42 am

Both 1942 and BCR are definitive pick-ups for me – as soon as they add Trophy support.

EyeHaveYou said:

July 10th, 9:45 am

Please revive Marvel VS Capcom series. Or bring the first Marvel VS Capcom as PSN download.

dappaute said:

July 10th, 10:18 am

Monster hunter 3 plz! The one on wii should just be a side story or something.

TristanMike said:

July 10th, 10:26 am

I will reiterate what I said.

I will NOT be spending a single DIME on ANY game that DOES NOT, AT THE VERY LEAST, support Trophies. In-Game Custom Soundtrack are also A MUST.

You better start listening Developers and Publishers… don’t start asking why your games aren’t selling on the PLAYSTATION if you don’t include these basic features.

I encourage everyone to make their voices heard. It won’t be until we speak as a unified voice that we get these “simple” things. The more each of us fractions the community up, the less we will be given.

Capcom, I’m very disappointed in you ! Patch the games or lose your fanbase !

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 11th, 11:04 pm

    No other 3rd party company supports the PSN like Capcom…with Super Puzzle Fighter, Rocketmen, Commando 3, 1942, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Mega Man 9, Age of Booty, Street Fighter HD and Flock!, no one comes close. We understand that trophies are a cool thing, but these games have been in development for ahwile. Trophies will come, be patient.

Badalex said:

July 10th, 10:35 am

Let me tell you that i completely love this new business model! For the ones like me that grew up with the Atari and the Nes all of this are really music to our ears.

I’ve never stop loving videogames but from a long time (since the PS1 and N64 came out) to this time i really felt nostalgic and sad cause i thought that the new videogames era did not had room for classic 2D style games (that ones we all grew up loving), you guys at Capcom (above all other companies) are really making a great effort to take back that old feelings with videogames, i really missed that feeling. For that i’m deeply grateful.

Being sincere there was a time when i really felt detached from Capcom but now i think you are making the right choices to get back to a new golden era for your company just like the good old times.

For this im supporting you guys with all that i can do, promoting your games, buying your games and enjoying them.

Commando 3: This is really a great sequel to that old Commando and Mercs games, old school shooter that are great to play with friends!.

BCR: The original is one of my all time favorites games, honest, i almost cry when i read the news about all your plans for this franchise, really. Im going to buy for sure both versions (PSN and 360), i realize that each version is going to have its really nice additions.

1942: Again, old school shooter that puts on the line your reflexes and your fingers, i really love this kind of games and now they are a really exotic creatures out there.

Mega Man 9: OMG, when i saw the trailer of this games i felt a really great sensation, it was fabulous to see the old nes graphics and most of all to listen the music and the sounds of the game! Its really a warm surprise, one of the best thing you have done for Mega on the last 10 years!!.

For the new generation style games i really expect some of your games but now im talking about this new model for you, i expect for you to open a new branch of games and be succesfull about it.

I would REALLY loved to see a new “GUN. SMOKE” game just like the BCR game.

Keep the good work and really thanks for all the contact you have with us!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    July 12th, 4:20 pm

    I think retro is coming back in a big way. Sometimes it makes sense to just bring them back without changes. Sometimes they\’ll need graphical updates, but I just love the old school arcade type controls that have been forgotten about in this generation of gaming. It\’s nice to see that Capcom is trying to reach out to all types of gamers, even the old ones like me!! :)

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