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Jul 10

Jul 10

Burnout Paradise – Codename: Cagney update is live

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Designer, Criterion Games

Wow! Week #3 for Criterion Games on the PlayStation Blog!

Week #1 we set the blog alight with details of the new game modes coming to Burnout Paradise in the Codename: Cagney update.
(And mentioned 1080i support for those who have HD TVs that only support that mode!)

Week#2 we talked about the Timed Challenges coming to Burnout Paradise in the Codename: Cagney update. (And broke the news that we’re supporting PlayStation Trophies retroactively in Burnout Paradise at some point, too!)

This week…

Well, we’re pleased to announce that Codename: Cagney – the FREE update game of changing content for Burnout Paradise is here!

To get it – just put your Burnout Paradise disk into your PlayStation 3, launch the game and it’ll download automatically.

It’s that easy – and it’s all FREE – new online game modes, new vehicles and a stack of enhancements and fixes to make playing Burnout Paradise even better.

But even with all that there’s more – there’s the Game’s new Live Page, which is the thing we’re really excited about and want to let you know about this week.

Burnout Paradise - Live Page

The Live Page does two cool things:

First, it serves up news about the game – so that’s news about updates and the kind of stuff you’d expect on criteriongames.com, but it’s also news about what’s happening in the game – so, expect to find news about what you’ve done in Paradise City as well as about what’s happening online, like when we hit the 100 millionth crash, for example.

Secondly (and this is the really, really cool bit), it’s where we can, using the Game Calendar, create what we’re calling ‘Live Broadcast Gameplay’. This is how it works:

If you check out the Game Calendar, you’ll see certain dates on it are ringed. These represent ‘Live Events’ that will occur on that day. In the news panel on the Live Page there’ll be a corresponding story telling you about what’s happening on those days.

So, for example:

Saturday 12th July 2008 – Prize Cars Weekend
Where for one day, if you go online we’ll let you try out all of the Carbon and XS Cars (that are normally available only when you complete the offline game) for you to test drive in races and Freeburning.

As this shows – it really allows us to mix up the game, and we’ve got a schedule packed with cool events that stretch out through the summer.

This breaks down as:

  • Test Drive Tuesdays
    Every Tuesday, we’re going to mix things up online by focusing the game around a specific set of cars. For a whole day, your online junkyard will look radically different. This coming week (Tuesday 15th July 2008) will see only Speed Boost cars online.
  • Face Off Thursdays
    Every Thursday, we’re going to mix up racing (both ranked and unranked.) Everyone’s junkyard will be as normal, but in races we’ll supply a certain set of cars to race in. This will really level the playing field in racing.
  • The other great thing about Live Events is that it allows us to award our players with all kinds of cool stuff. So, starting in a few weeks’ time:

    Graduation Weekends
    In these, we’ll let you try out new cars and new liveries for a whole weekend. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll be able to test drive our vehicle of choice, and if you want to keep it, then we’ll set up an online challenge for you to complete.

    The first such event will be our “Mount Olympus” event in which you’ll get to test drive the new Hunter Olympus, and, if you win an Online Road Rage event in it, you’ll get to keep it forever.

    We’ll be running multiple Graduation Weekends that will introduce even more vehicles and for those players who participate in all of them, there’ll be a special prize.

    So there you go – more exciting and innovative stuff from Criterion Games. Now, let’s see what we can come up with for Week #4!

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    psmaniac said:

    July 10th, 12:30 pm

    I have just tried to download the update and I got an error (FFFFFFFB) When it reaches 60 % so please fix this Criterion.

    grognard66 said:

    July 10th, 12:33 pm

    Free is good – thanks, Criterion!

    Prezhulio said:

    July 10th, 12:51 pm

    Thanks for the great response Simon, looking forward to everything Criterion has to offer (please please PLEASE black 2)!

    rockymtnbri said:

    July 10th, 12:53 pm

    It is PHAT! I have already added my playlist of 66 tunes and have dabbled in some of the online stuff! Three cheers for Criterion – you’re the example that other companies need to emulate!

    Scodo_Thope said:

    July 10th, 12:59 pm

    There is no questions Criterion is clearly looking out for my investment in their company!

    I really appreciate the work put into the most open play (racing) games I have seen on the PS3.

    Any Trophies planned?

    T-Money44 said:

    July 10th, 1:30 pm

    So im probably gonna sound really stupid…But how do you unlock the freakin cars, i can’t wait to feel the power of the olympus and im dieing to know what the secret car is…Anyone?

      Simon Phipps's Avatar

      Simon Phipps said:

      July 10th, 3:15 pm

      As I mentioned in the post – for the Hunter Olympus – join us in our first Graduation Weekend for the Mount Olympus Event – test drive it, and, if you win an Online Road Rage in it, you get to keep it for good.

      Not saying any more except – keep your eyes on the Live Page, spare a few hours over the coming Graduation Weekends (don\’t worry we will give you more than one opportunity to unlock these cars.)

      And the secret car…well, one of them…is…

      Hang on…I know…catch our CRASH TV video podcast tomorrow on iTunes, and we\’ll show you…

      (Unless you\’re lucky enough to get buzzed by one of these ultra-rare cars while online…)


    nvmisfit said:

    July 10th, 1:32 pm

    I came across some drunk guy while playing who was just endlessly talking trash about all the other players and myself and it was such a pleasure to be able to shut him up so I didn’t have to listen to his annoying voice. Thank you so much for that Burnout Team! Better late than never.

    I have one small gripe about the live page. Could you make it possible to scroll through the page at your own pace and even stop it whenever you want so you don’t have to wait for it to scroll back to a section you missed reading? Everything else about the page is great. Very nice and simple design while taking full advantage of the space on the screen. Well done.

    Okay, maybe just one more gripe about the game. It would be nice if one could adjust the placement of the on-screen HUD elements or even turn them off at will so I can enjoy more of Paradise City’s scenery while I’m playing Freeburn online. I would like to be able to nudge the on-screen HUD elements a little further to the edge of my screen as there is space that is not being used there. I hope this is not an unreasonable request.

    Thanks for the continuing support. The longer you keep supporting the game like this, the longer I will continue to play it. See everybody online!

      Simon Phipps's Avatar

      Simon Phipps said:

      July 10th, 3:16 pm

      Thanks for the comments – this is our 1.0 Live Page.

      We will improve and evolve it – we promise.

    kingxtreme81 said:

    July 10th, 1:42 pm

    Another awesome update for an awesome game by some awesome developers. You guys are great, and I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and the team for your hard work and dedication to making Burnout Paradise even more kick-ass then it already is.

    I do have one question – do you have any plans to update Burnout Paradise with a weather system?

    Imagine burning down the streets of Paradise City, rocking your own custom play list, crashing into everyone and everything, all the while the rain is pouring down on the streets of Paradise, soaking the city in water. Thunder is rumbling and lighting is flashing in the skies. Imagine how awesome that would be.

    If you’re looking into this buy cannot confirm it, perhaps you could leave a “wink wink” comment to give me some type of hope this may happen.

    One more small thing – any chance of adding a waypoint marker to the map? Not to where an arrow is floating on the screen, just a marker for those of us who failed a race but wish to get right back into it, but are unsure exactly what race we just ran. This would help a lot.

    Thanks again for all you guys do. It’s very much appreciated, believe me.

      Simon Phipps's Avatar

      Simon Phipps said:

      July 10th, 3:21 pm

      In the Codename: Davis update we\’ve got what we\’re calling \’atmospheric effects\’.

      The best way to check these out (sorry, this is another plug) is to download Episode 3 of our CRASH TV video podcast on iTunes – you\’ll see how this works. We want to make every day different in Paradise City – one day, it\’s bright blue skies, another, you\’re in dense fog belting down Webster Avenue begging that you\’re not going to stack it into the back of a bus…

      Regarding a full weather system? Can\’t confirm or deny anything right now. But, if you want to get the absolute latest, check that Live Page, subscribe to our video podcast (where we\’re always breaking exclusive footage) and watch the stories on http://www.criteriongames.com and here on the blog.

    kingxtreme81 said:

    July 10th, 1:45 pm

    @ 108, myself.

    Ahh, the spelling errors!

    Lighting should be lightning, and buy should be but.

    Jeigh said:

    July 10th, 1:52 pm

    I’ve said it several times before, but I think it’s worth repeating- thank you for continuing to provide exemplary support for this title.

    Deebs said:

    July 10th, 2:00 pm

    @ Criterion

    Ever since Burnout 2 I have been a loyal fan. Every version across multiple consoles be it the xbox, xbox360 or the ps2. Burnout has truly found its home on the PS3.

    Absolutely love this game and the continued support from you guys makes it all the more special. Paid content? Sure, I will buy into it as I know you love the game as much as I do.

    Now, enough praising, let an Aldershot fan come visit the Guildford offices…..

    warezIbanez said:

    July 10th, 2:33 pm

    Burnout Team Rocks! *woohoo!*

    Criterion, you make England proud of your hard work.

    Stoffinator said:

    July 10th, 2:59 pm

    I’m glad to see at least one company giving away huge free content to its game owners. And shocking being you guys are a part (or all) of EA which likes to rape its gamers.

    Now if only more companies would follow suit.

    Vegaz said:

    July 10th, 3:06 pm

    So what are those of us that don’t want to or can’t play online that particular day supposed to do to get the Hunter?

    I guess I’ll finally get going on the main game since there’s custom soundtrack now. I’ve just been driving around finding billboards and gates mostly.

      Simon Phipps's Avatar

      Simon Phipps said:

      July 10th, 3:37 pm

      We totally understand…

      But don\’t you think it\’s going to be AWESOME to go online with thousands of players from all around the planet, excited, all trying out brand new vehicles together, all playing together, talking together and having fun?

      This is much, much more than just having another car in your garage. Not to put too fine a point on it, but… THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD that anyone has served up this kind of Live Broadcast Gameplay on a console.

      Trust us – there\’ll be plenty of opportunities to get the cars.

      We want to serve up gameplay and different experiences on a daily basis and what we\’re doing with the cars in Cagney and the Live Page is the beginning.

      Through these first Live Events we\’ll evolve the game, and for players this idea of being in the game at certain times, we understand will take some getting used to, but we believe that today the world of console gaming changed forever.

      So check the schedules as they appear on the Live Page – there will be re-runs of the events – we just so want you to be with us and enjoy this.

      Imagine what it\’s going to be like months from now when you\’re cruising online and someone asks you where you got your particular set of wheels from.

      And you can say that you were there at the very start, one of the first ones to get the Olympus, or the Tempesta Dream, or the…

      …well, I\’ve said enough.

      But great to have you with us, Vegaz. We just sooo want you to get all the cool stuff and cool experiences we\’ve got coming for you.

    nightmare87 said:

    July 10th, 3:27 pm

    im havin probs im trying to play my games from my hard drive but i cant .. can someone help me

    Deebs said:

    July 10th, 3:51 pm

    @ Simon Phipps

    Have replied along with who I am. Hoping that it is a dream come true and I manage to whip your a**es at Burnout Paradise.

    Btw, in the office I have two hardcore fans who have nearly got to Elite (Criterion) status in just their lunch hours. Yes, they are thin and hungry! Read my email and would love to bring them along if the opportunity presents itself.

      Simon Phipps's Avatar

      Simon Phipps said:

      July 10th, 4:13 pm

      Just got your mail, Deebs. We\’ll show you how the Burnout Team Rocks!

    NetheRealm said:

    July 10th, 4:15 pm

    H.U.D. repositioning & resizing ability would be much appreciated. Sounds like everything else you guys are adding is perfect and more than we hoped for. I may pay $25 to keep it from gamefly when Soul Calibur 3 drops. Definitely gotta keep playin to see the new content. Burnout rocks hardcore. Far more accessible than GRID or even Gran Turismo. It’s just pure fun except for the frustration of failing to beat the same event 50 times in a row & having to drive all the way back every retry or reaching that impossible billboard. Will I ever earn my PCPD Special? The new cars sound cool, I’m gonna have to arrange my schedule around special online events. I think you should forget about a sequel & just keep expanding Paradise throughout the life cycle of the PS3. Imagine adding a whole new area as large as the original with improved graphics & more detailed landscapes (waterfalls) flying our planes over the massive world will be breathtaking amazing then if we could just launch missiles from vehicles & get out of our cars or off our bikes & take each other down with machine guns & go in a strip club & take down little old ladies crossing the street for 10 points lol BurnOut Paradise would have it all!

      Simon Phipps's Avatar

      Simon Phipps said:

      July 10th, 4:32 pm

      My advice – graze the events – pick what you like, if you fail an event, don\’t worry, try something else (Show Time is a great way to round out a play session or work off some frustration if you bin it at some critical point in a race)

      If you\’re going for everything in the game, there will come a point where yes, admittedly, you\’ll have to do a bit of driving back to the start. But there\’s loads and loads of stuff (420 online challenges, for example) that doesn\’t require any of that!

      If it\’s billboard help you need – use the Discovery Map feature on our \’My Paradise\’ page (http://www.criteriongames.com/burnout/paradise/myparadise/)
      that\’ll get you sorted on those last smash-thrus and billboards.

    Deebs said:

    July 10th, 4:23 pm


    Um, beer in Guildford? I am sure I can teach you lot something to think about :)

    Damn, I just know that tomorrow I will play BOP at some point. Feel free to add my PSN:Deebzar to your work list. Don’t abuse me on track, I know where you work…………….

    JordanBlack68 said:

    July 10th, 5:17 pm

    best update ever

    plebeianprint said:

    July 10th, 7:14 pm

    fr4ankly: you guys are amazing! you’ve gone above & beyond anything that we could have asked for, in-game, and with the updates.

    but more importantly, you’ve shown us that EA is not just interested in nickel and diming us in regards to downloadable content.

    Praises, prizes, pleases.

    to ask one thing: trophies (even if they are jsut mirrors of the 360’s Paradise achievements).

    thank you.

    Captain Fury said:

    July 10th, 7:59 pm

    thanks for the support after release Criterion!

    Momento Mori said:

    July 10th, 8:28 pm

    I was really looking forward to this update. So much so that when I caught wind of it months ago I stopped playing burnout paradise and wait for the custom soundtrack support to enjoy the rest of the experience with my choice of music. Fast forward to this week the Cagey’s imminent release date. I started to pull all of the soundtracks I wanted across from my Vista machine and even took the time to make a custom soundtrack playlist for the game. I get online download the patch and guess what? It does not work with my whole library of .wma files! They are a supported format on the PS3 and even work with Super Stardust HD yet no luck on getting Burnout Paradise to play them. This was really disappointing for me, will this be patched?

    Gavi said:

    July 10th, 8:43 pm

    In light of the continued developer support for this game and the fact that I enjoyed Burnout games in the past. I will endevour to pick up a copy. So many games now to buy, what drought were we having in the beginning? Seems like a million years ago. Now there are so many excellent titles to choose from and more and more to come.

    justlu said:

    July 10th, 9:14 pm

    I played the demo but never picked up the game. But to see a developer support a game in such a way makes me want to support that developer. From what I’ve read elsewhere trophy support is on its way also. So tommorow I’m going to pick up a copy of Paradise and hope to see more of your games added to my catalog.

    TheVesra said:

    July 10th, 9:19 pm

    i’ve read it many a time and can only agree, AWESOME FRICKING UPDATE. (no body does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest, no body does it quite the way you do, criterion your the best) thanks for adding new life to one of my favorite games from my favorite game series. you guy rock

    as for the rest of youse, hope to take you fools down soon. :P psn Vesra

    TheVesra said:

    July 10th, 9:21 pm

    oh, one more thing

    don’t buy used and support the evil that is gamestop. gamestop, ruining the video game business one gamer at a time.

    wild_trk said:

    July 10th, 10:47 pm

    Hi there i just wanted to say a big thank you to the guy at Criterion team!!
    This is the BEST car game i have ever played you guy’s Rock!!!! 10/10

    Shearie said:

    July 10th, 10:52 pm

    First off, I would like to say that I love Burnout Paradise and the Cagney update but here are some of the bugs I found that are pretty irritating.

    1. Microphone problems where sometimes no one’s mic works in an online game. This seems to only happen to me when I’m playing with people on my friend’s list and not with random strangers.

    2. Takedowns not registering online. A perfect example of this was when me and a friend were playing online and he took a break to go to the bathroom. I crashed into his idle car around 10 times and not one of them registered as a takedown but instead registered as crashes.

    3. Vertical takedowns not registering online. Very similar to the last bug I mentioned but extra annoying when you need to do them for some of the timed challenges. Very aggravating when you’re clearly doing a vertical takedown but the game for some reason doesn’t consider it one.

    I also have a few suggestions that I think alot of Burnout players would like considering the experiences I have had playing the game online.

    1. When starting a timed challenge, keep both parts of the challenge description showing and mark both points on the map for each part you need to go to. There is always a bunch of confusion about what we need to do and where we need to go for the second part of the challenge because once you start the challenge, it doesn’t show it anymore until you complete the first part which results in needless retries.

    2. In online Road Rage, I wish there was some consequence for anybody in the blue team crashing. It’s hard enough to takedown people in the blue team already without them also being able to purposely crash themselves to get out of trouble. I would suggest to have it be like the offline version of Road Rage and Marked Man where the car degrades the more you crash and you would need to go to a repair shop to get back to normal. Takedowns from the opposing team would still be instant elimination though.

    verdantalan said:

    July 11th, 12:38 am

    @ criterion
    I’ve been reading the problems with graduation weekends and I have a suggestion that might help for those who can’t get online those days, my idea is:

    Make the “graduation cars” exclusive to the event but only for a certain period of time (I.e. 1 month or so) but after that period has expired just make the car another shutdown target or just unlock it for everyone

    That way the “graduation cars” would be exclusive for a while but at some point everyone will be able to use it

    Hope you consider this

    PS:if you like my idea give me some credit at crash tv or crash fm :p

    verdantalan said:

    July 11th, 12:40 am

    PPS: just kidding (but it would be nice) :)

    Shearie said:

    July 11th, 1:03 am

    Another bug that I’ve noticed is when the host starts a ranked race (maybe unranked races too but I barely play those) and you’re either viewing the view race or show players screen. A small bug occurs when your in the view race screen when the host starts a race and all the start, end, and checkmark icons disappear. A more serious bug when the same thing happens while in the show players screen where you can’t leave the screen at all forcing you to quit the game.

    Romzen said:

    July 11th, 2:26 am

    Tried to download the update around 10 times yesterday. Always getting the error code FFFFFFFB. And my network is perfectly set up. It cannot be me.

    Dwayne said:

    July 11th, 2:52 am

    After I downloaded the Cagney update and I started the game, on my license it now says “YOU” instead of my username.. How do I get my name back again??? by the way the update is awesome!!

    Deucalion_dk said:

    July 11th, 4:26 am

    @ 133

    I don’t know if this is the case with Burnout, but it may take the name from the Playstation 3 profile you’re using, you know, the one you choose right after turning on your PS3.

    Herby said:

    July 11th, 4:47 am

    DAMN guys this is an amazing update to an amazing game. Great Job !!

    Dwayne said:

    July 11th, 4:59 am

    @ 134

    I know what you saying but somehow it doesnt take it like it did before the update. If you see on the “Live page” at the top of this blog it gives the name Super-Toto so im not sure what to do.

    Darkemist said:

    July 11th, 5:34 am

    Great update! Enjoying the custom soundtracks.

    Darkemist said:

    July 11th, 5:58 am


    BTW Keep up the good work guys! I’ve been telling all my friends to pick up Burnout not only because it’s fun, but the continued patches/support. Thanks!

    maluraq said:

    July 11th, 6:35 am

    Again, to everyone, Sony does not add trophy support to games they didn’t make. The developers who made those games do.

    craginger said:

    July 11th, 7:16 am

    Great job guys! I love the live news page but I have a question about the event calendar. Is there a way to view the events of the day? I see the red circles indicating an event but I can’t figure out how to go to the day to see what’s going on. There is a little yellow triangle at the top that seems to indicate a drop down menu or something but I can’t open anything. I did see one report for Drift Kings in the news bulletins but nothing else. Did I miss something?

    craginger said:

    July 11th, 7:23 am

    One more thing I wated to tell Criterion. I bought my PS3 in March along with about eight games. No research, I just picked out what I thought looked cool. Burnout Paradise was one of them and it was the first one I tried. I have been hooked ever since! It’s still the only one I have played. I’m a big fan of driving games and this is the best one ever! Someday I will have to try one of the other games I bought!

    EZCheez said:

    July 11th, 10:55 am

    I hope it’s not too late to get a response because I have a somewhat important question.

    After downloading the update, everything worked great, but I noticed that only mp3 music could be played within the game. When I choose music in the WMA format, the icons are shaded and the music doesn’t play. So I have two questions. Is this going to be the norm for in-game music, and do I have to convert all of my music to play it within the game?

    Sora57 said:

    July 11th, 11:15 am

    Great game, awesome update! I checked the criterion blog and found nothing on my question so I’ll post here:

    When you take someone down and get their mugshot, I’ve been gettin some pretty raunchy pix (think: totally naked fat guy). Anyway to block the receipt of mugshots?

    Onna76_NL said:

    July 11th, 1:31 pm

    EZCheez | July 11th, 2008 at 10:55 am

    I hope it’s not too late to get a response because I have a somewhat important question.

    After downloading the update, everything worked great, but I noticed that only mp3 music could be played within the game. When I choose music in the WMA format, the icons are shaded and the music doesn’t play. So I have two questions. Is this going to be the norm for in-game music, and do I have to convert all of my music to play it within the game?


    Songs downloaded or files from your CD? If the music is from your CD, its quite easy, just copy your Music CD to your PS3 and Burnout Paradise will play the music from your HDD, so I’ve just tested. Just click on Easy Drive and soundtrack to get your music from the HDD. I copy my CD’s to my PS3 HDD all the time, so I listen to music when I’m browsing or messaging, without swapping CD’s, plus I can use the music in-game… when there’s need to.

    JordanBlack68 said:

    July 11th, 2:36 pm

    I have just got to say this, Criterion Games is up their with the top developers.

    Easy reasons, you keep supporting the game when its been out for ages, I’m glad I bought it a few month ago as its a totally epic games. Excellent Graphics and Freeburn online is epic too.

    Well done, your dev team deserves all the credit!

    EZCheez said:

    July 11th, 3:04 pm


    I’m having this problem with music that is already installed on my HDD. Only my music that was copied in the mp3 format works in-game. What’s even stranger is that it seems to be game specific. All of my music plays in High Velocity Bowling just fine.

    I can convert all of my music. I just really didn’t want to have to go that route, considering how long it would take.

    EZCheez said:

    July 11th, 3:07 pm


    Oh and one more thing. The reason I have different formats is because I rip my CD’s on my computer rather than the PS3. It kills two birds with one stone because I want it on my computer too, and then I just transfer music to my PS3 with a flash drive.

    DavidJuaquin said:

    July 11th, 4:59 pm

    What an amazing update Criterion Games, I appreciate the consistent support for what was already a great game. I have never seen such a leap in a game’s content ever before and I’m sure there will be more to come in future updates (for which I’m very excited for).

    *The only hiccup I noticed that I feel is important to address is that when you use a newly acquired vehicle, the “Miles Driven” remains at 0.0 miles regardless of how far you drive with it. I found that simply choosing and driving the new vehicle a second time “fixes” the issue. Not a huge problem but surely something that has to be taken into consideration for future updates.

    TheVesra said:

    July 11th, 7:36 pm

    two birds with one stone? impossible. or better yet, why? there’s no shortage of stones where you are is there….
    all kidding aside, you could do the exact same thing in reverse ya know. copy to the ps3 and then flash drive it to your pc. then all the music is sure to work on the ps3 no matter the game (hopefully more support in games will come) and also on your pc. after all, what pc won’t play mp3’s right. right?

    aiphanes said:

    July 11th, 8:22 pm

    I just bought a used copy of burnout paradisce for $26 at gamestop. I love this game!

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