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Jul 11

Jul 11

Meet up with us in LA at E3 2008

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Sr. Social Media Manager

So, apparently E3 is no longer a circus. No booth babes, no craziness. It’s for VIPs, not gamers. Media and industry types only, thankyouverymuch.

Forget all that.

King Taco

PlayStation.Blog is hosting a meet-up for all of our readers, fanboys (and Fanboys), fellow bloggers, and anyone else interested in PlayStation at the King Taco on Pico, down the street from the LA Convention Center, where all the E3 action happens. Bring your PSP.

Want to talk about that morning’s PlayStation Press Conference? Want to slam some free aguas frescas? Want to see if you’re taller than me? (hint: you’re not)

Then, we’d love to see you. Don’t forget to bring your PSP. If you’re in the area and can make it here are the details:

When: July 15, 5-7:30pm PST
Where: King Taco
Address: 2020 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90006

For more info and to RSVP, just visit our Facebook page, or send a note to Space is limited, so RSVP’ing is strongly encouraged. I’d rather not irk Chief Freeman.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, and digging in to some tasty al pastor tacos.

Oh, and have I mentioned, you should bring your PSP!

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michoacano2 said:

July 11th, 7:15 pm

i love king taco

GGCAN said:

July 11th, 7:21 pm

Wish I could attend, but way too far away.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more articles though, so keep those posts coming.

Thanks !

Aaron said:

July 11th, 7:22 pm

Man I wish I could go. I live in Michigan. To everyone that is going have fun and please post impressions after you come back!

Krispow said:

July 11th, 7:22 pm

From one Jeff to another…

Many thanks for the invite! I’m fairly local (just over the hills in the Valley), which is about as close as any two points are in the LA area these days. I’d love to come down and hang out with you folks — say hi, chat about the show, and stuff myself silly with tacos. Plus I’m literally dying to know why you’re so interested in getting your hands on my PSP unit. Nothing too nefarious, I hopeā€¦!?!?

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that I will not be able to join you folks. *SIGH* This isn’t a drive that I’ll be physically able to make, since, um… er… I wasn’t exactly exaggerating about that “dying to know” about the PSP quip I just made.

I got nailed ten years back by a real nasty genetic disease, so while all of you will be enjoying mas grande tacos and other tasty delights, I’ll instead be suckin’ down a yummy (gack… spit!) gadolinium-laced cocktail while stuck motionless inside small noisy tubes all afternoon for my latest scan series.

Guess where I’d MUCH rather be spending my time that day…! Yup, at E3 and/or King Taco with you folks!!!

I really miss going to E3, and haven’t been able to attend since 2002. Sure, it was super hectic and horribly overcrowded, but it was always an INTENSELY wonderful experience! I only wish I could experience the newer “calmer” E3 for myself.

In any event, for those of you who are attending E3 — and/or the King Taco feast — I hope you have a terrific time! And for you Sony folks, I hope the show proves successfulfor you and the company!

Huh… what’s that…? Oh, my PSP says it’s extremely jealous that it can’t attend either (lacking its driver’s license and all that…) If someone could please remember to let us know what feast it missed at King Taco, I’d be most grateful.

Thanks again for the invite!

barrett33 said:

July 11th, 7:33 pm

will we be able to watch the press conference from there?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 11th, 9:40 pm

    It will be after the fact. We\’ll be live blogging, and G4 and GameSpot will be streaming video.

b60904 said:

July 11th, 7:43 pm

ok, will there be some cool stuff to see for the ps3.

Sev1512 said:

July 11th, 7:43 pm

Count me in!

E3 is going to be a blast…

I cant wait.

babybluedb said:

July 11th, 7:43 pm

Aw man i live in Illinois but its great that you are doing something with the PS3 bloggers and fans of Sony

geo2211 said:

July 11th, 7:48 pm

im their!!! cuz i got noting to do

Delriach said:

July 11th, 7:50 pm

Bah, you guys should go to Chicago >_>. Then I’ll bring my PSP!

hijaker77 said:

July 11th, 8:00 pm

Doh, need to fly there :( from australia. lol.

Hunter-X said:

July 11th, 8:00 pm

AAHHH Jeff! stop reminding me of the PSP… I got mine stolen by a “friend” who I dont know anything about since it happened… So I cant bring my PSP…. lol… But I will be there! So see you there!

KazeEternal said:

July 11th, 8:10 pm

grr I have a PSP, want to go, would probably kill to be there…….but I have exams next week, live in orlando florida, and have no means of getting out there. So not fair. lol Come on jeff throw guys like me a bone!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 11th, 9:41 pm

    Hey, I used to live in Orlando, and you never wanted to hang out then!! :-)

Thetruefiziks said:

July 11th, 8:15 pm

PSPs should come with a GPS, mine was stolen too

kur0saki22 said:

July 11th, 8:15 pm

I wish I could go all the way on the other side of the country

Shadow_Dancer said:

July 11th, 8:17 pm

I would love to be there. Only I live nowhere near LA. I’m not even in the same country. Any chance you could come to Sydney? ;)

hijaker77 said:

July 11th, 8:26 pm


Lol, I’m going there to WYD 08 next week

nando92 said:

July 11th, 8:30 pm

yeah I live in new jersey too
sadly I live on the opposite side f the country, wish I could be there

BlitzXor said:

July 11th, 8:39 pm

It’s nice that Sony is giving back to the fans like this… wish I could go…

You guys should fly me down from Oregon, because I am probably the biggest Playstation supporter IN Oregon.


Oh yeah, and how come you guys can organize a meetup on the blog but when we try to organize an EoJ meetup in Vegas in the forums the mods totally shut us down? Will you guys post info about the EoJ meetup on the PS Blog, please? Thanks!

zeel said:

July 11th, 8:42 pm

there probibly going to play a bunch of psp games and give everyone free a free copy

absolute said:

July 11th, 8:51 pm

haha is this serious? Did Sony actually reserve the location or are they bogarding the taco spot?

Raziel Dune said:

July 11th, 8:52 pm

darn hey sony pay for my Airline Ticket and place to stay! lol

lakaihigh said:

July 11th, 8:54 pm

love to get me some free tacos and frescas but alas i don’t think that the price of a ticket to get me from O-town to L.A. will be anywhere near cheap. still would love to be there though! take lots of pictures guys… hope to see them posted up here next week sometime. have a good time to all those going too.


darkiewonder said:

July 11th, 9:07 pm

Pictures and video please. I live too far to travel there.

JBruno said:

July 11th, 9:14 pm

Too bad im in Brazil…

edwineverready said:

July 11th, 9:21 pm

Jeff tried to add you on my ps3, but you already have 100 friends. Is it worth buying a ticket from amsterdam to go there? I am in the mood for free food and drinks.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 11th, 9:44 pm

    Amsterdam is much cooler, I can assure you.

The Mosh said:

July 11th, 9:21 pm

Good thing i live near L.A!
defintely going to be there

it really is a sahme that E3 is oly for industry people

and im defintely taller than you Jeff

Fallen_Guardian said:

July 11th, 9:46 pm

Im just wondering when the PSN cards will be in walmart? i would ask them, but when i get off work theres never anyone in the games section so ill never find out:(

KazeEternal said:

July 11th, 9:47 pm

@Our Man Jeff Rubenstein

*Cries* aww, but you never called man. lol

Perhaps after I start my Game Dev Company and move us out west we can hang out some time lol.

Just hope my games don’t suck, would be lame if you went out bowling with our company and couldn’t brag on the blog about it O.O lol.

Fallen_Guardian said:

July 11th, 9:50 pm

@ KazeEternal: just make sure your game develope studio is Playstation exclusive, your first game should be on PSN than make a full fledged ps3 game!

also, it’d be awesome if i could be the story creator for your studio, i have so many ideas for stories!

TommyFlorida said:

July 11th, 9:53 pm

Hey this is sorta off topic but is that the same King Taco next to Lupies (Forgot the correct name of it?)

GGCAN said:

July 11th, 9:56 pm

Sounds nice.

Still gotta get a PSP……but I think that time is coming very close.

KazeEternal said:

July 11th, 10:02 pm


Well my team and I have actually discussed where we want to go and how we plan to get there. MS at the moment is making the best case for us at the moment as it is really easy to get access to the X360 hardware.

We’re actually hoping Sony will announce a similar program at E3 because as computer scientists we would really like to play with the PS3 hardware.

However the majority of us want to be PlayStation exclusive and I have been quiet adamant about it as well. I am also very interested in trying to create games for the PSN including find a way of bring RPG’s to the PSN.

My team on the other hand is very interested in exposure while I’m more interested in unsinking the ship (working with the PSP).

Hopefully I’ll have enough money for a dev kit for PSN soon as I’m sick of writing code in C# using XNA.

Fallen_Guardian said:

July 11th, 10:07 pm

yeah, atleast get a name for yourselves, get some money, im sure sony would help you out (if you were ps3 exclusive and had a very unique idea)

kambodianboi said:

July 11th, 10:09 pm

Darn, had to be on a work day. I would of gone, but working in Orange county, driving to LA around that time is murder.

I have to sit this one out, unless… I mysteriously got sick.

SillyHatMafia said:

July 11th, 10:09 pm

NExt time there better be an event in New Jersey! ( lol )

Fuel said:

July 11th, 10:10 pm

Great event idea, but the question is, when are you gonna make your way towards the east coast? (Atlanta area preferably, I live in Chattanooga, TN)
One more question- is there anyway for distributors to get tickets to E3 or anything?


KazeEternal said:

July 11th, 10:11 pm

@82 That’s the plan and I certainly hope sony would help us out at some point. So close to this dream that started from Squares last ditch effort in the late 80’s. I’d hope to be seen enough to get an opportunity to work with or at least talk to those I look up to in the industry. Maybe even shake Kutaragi’s hand and thank him for taking game consoles where I’ve always wanted them to go for as long as I can remember.

Aerfox said:

July 11th, 10:16 pm

Too bad I live on the East Coast. Will you guys be doing this again next year? I’ll try to make it their then. SInce I plan on moving to the Seattle, Washington region. Good luck to you Jeff. Glad to see you guys supporting the PS Blog Community.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 11th, 10:43 pm

    Well, I suppose it depends on how this one goes…

WestSiide said:

July 11th, 10:20 pm

Cool im only 20mins away and im off of work that day. QUESTION: Can I just show up or is there anything I need to do?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    July 11th, 10:44 pm

    Showing up is what you need to do.

    Shoot us an email RSVP (details in the post) or RSVP on the Facebook event page.

Xulap said:

July 11th, 10:45 pm

I’m really mad right now!

I know I haven’t been here for a long time, but I love you guys! I wanna be there, but like someone else here, I’m from Puerto Rico!!

Come on, Jeff. I love you, you’re taller than me, and I have two PSPs to bring with me! Buy me a fly ticket! hahah. I wish..

Well, I just hope you guys have a good time there. And record a video! So the rest of us can see what happened. :P

alexalex322 said:

July 11th, 10:45 pm

i read your comment saying you are going to have an event in the east coast well is there any way you can have it in boston i am a huge playstation fan anything you guys make i buy and i respect you guys so much

respectothers_01 said:

July 11th, 11:04 pm

awww i live in california.:(

Nymo said:

July 11th, 11:21 pm

If only I were to vacation in Southern California by then…

I already read a previous comment, but PLEASE do a San Francisco event!
Really! Do a San Francisco meet when GDC comes around or something!
Do it for your home city, Jeff!
-puppy dog eyes-

And have fun to those So-Cal-ers who are going!

N4G The Karate Kid said:

July 11th, 11:26 pm

Hey Im a District Manager for Game Stop, do I get any special attention?????

Anyways count me in on being there!! Will i be able to meet Eric Lempel? Anyways we can discuss career opportunities ?

I always had a passion for working for Sony!!!!

C-h-a-o-s said:

July 11th, 11:31 pm

Nothing happens in Floriduh, why can’t I ever get free tacos and free schwag on the same day? Life has dealt yet another cruel hand!

C-h-a-o-s said:

July 11th, 11:34 pm

Oh yeah what’s this bring your PSP dealio? Will there be free games or demos being handed out? Why oh why!!!!

gardea said:

July 11th, 11:39 pm

So it’s on the 15th?

I can’t make it :|

stennex said:

July 11th, 11:48 pm

If i was able to go i would carry my friend
Mr.Pepto Bismol. Enjoy yourselves.Sony i expect great stuff this year. See you in Home.

PSN ID:stennex.

the_icon said:

July 12th, 12:16 am

Too bad dont live in LA, If only we had E3 in Vegas, than we could have the booth babes!

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