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Jul 13

Jul 13

PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.05 Update

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

I wanted to give a quick heads up to everyone that a new PSP firmware update, v4.05, will be released soon. We know that more and more of you are listening to music on your PSP, and this update will add new visualizers for music playback, among other features. Enjoy!

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Wolf26pack said:

July 14th, 1:09 am

Testing to see if my comment appears.

tdh said:

July 14th, 1:10 am

Two things I’d love to see.

1) A means to update the PSP via the PS3. Connect via USB or wireless and pretty much download the firmware through the PS3.
2) Same as above except through the PC Store. Download it from there, have it put it in the right place for easy install.

Screenshots is another awesome idea. That’s already available just not used? Is that what’s going down?

Wolf26pack said:

July 14th, 1:11 am

O.K. it’s working for me now. The one thing I noticed which I didn’t before was the Sleep Function in the Internet Radio Player. That seems new but I checked the Instructions for it and it seems like it has been there since F.W. 3.93.

fwzero said:

July 14th, 1:56 am

that update have : PSP support for video playing ? (divx, xvid, rmvb) ?

that’s what i need.
I hope sony would include this video support now.


SnapCount said:

July 14th, 2:05 am

I always wanted to put music on my psp. But the reason why I dont is because of the lack of “Folder Layers” within the Music folder.

Its a pain to have to rename the songs from different albums.

I would be great if you could have: Artist > Album > Track

Instead of the current: Artist > Track

gw08 said:

July 14th, 2:06 am

so alot of ppl are saying the updade is live ive been looking but no luck if anyone has a direct link thank you

crazypenguin said:

July 14th, 2:35 am

i guess i be updating w/e it comes out

BigOLBallz said:

July 14th, 3:23 am

man you guys are great, I haven’t used my psp for a while but I always upgrade it whenever available. I appreciate everything you guys do for us. I was wondering though, when is the camera coming out for the psp ? I got a cybershot and all , but my psp is always in my car and would rather use that. Let me know what’s up

Zta said:

July 14th, 3:25 am

Please add a complete CHANGELOG.
Please tell if you’re working on Skype video support.

the_icon said:

July 14th, 3:31 am

OH yeah Eric…….Thanks for PSN ID PORTABLE!!

SilPho said:

July 14th, 4:18 am

I decided to sign up specifically to say thank you for this. This is what I use my PSP for the most.

By the way, did 4.0 or 4.1 make a change to the two swirling lines visualisation, it used to fade from green to black and stay that way, now it spends more time in the horrible green colour.

AwRy108 said:

July 14th, 4:22 am

Just updated, and I must say: wow, all the wasted time for just ONE visualizer. Jeesh.

How about making the PSP’s browser not suck? Now that would be worthy of an entire firmware update.

canguy69 said:

July 14th, 4:29 am

So is this prep for music store and portable psn id?

frostquake said:

July 14th, 4:45 am

4.01 is returning a can’t find the server, have you taken updates down until 4.05 is up?

steveinathens said:

July 14th, 5:15 am

how about more visualizers for PS3 please??

iNime said:

July 14th, 5:16 am

Ditto! More visualizers to PS3 pleeeaaaaassee!

Thanks for the new PSP update, keep on keepin’ on with the features and stability.

KSI Assassin said:

July 14th, 5:20 am


espiox said:

July 14th, 5:43 am

Are the “other features” just the new TV functions for Japan’s oneseg tuner?

Jeigh said:

July 14th, 6:11 am

I enjoy visualizations. Thank you! :D

pat1202003 said:

July 14th, 6:22 am

ONE!!! Just one new visualizer. *sigh*

espiox said:

July 14th, 6:26 am

Two, technically.

GmDude66 said:

July 14th, 6:41 am

Omg, why can’t Sony add any GOOD features?

When most people listen to music, they turn their screens off and don’t even look at the visualization, common sense, it saves battery.

Why don’t you listen to your customers who actually buy the console?

We want more audio and video codecs, better theme support (the level of customization right now sucks, wow icons and background), and some sort of in-game XMB whether it be listening to your own music in game, or just quickly checking up on something.

I really do hope Eric reads this.

Aerfox said:

July 14th, 6:51 am

This is great, we get more visualizers. Will we get the Earth visualizer? Like the one on the PS3.

dj_pi said:

July 14th, 7:18 am

First time posting…I have read many times that Sony takes a look at user suggestions…so I have a couple.

1. Love the constant firmware updates. Even if they may be small things…something to look forward to.

2. Divx support would be awesome. The PSP, no doubt, has one of the biggest and brightest LCD screens out there compared to competitors. Live it up and make full use of it.

3. It would be absolutely amazing if the PSP could double as a PS3 controller. I’m guessing they couldn’t be wireless based on PS3 controller being Bluetooth and the PSP not supporting Bluetooth (unless you sly engineers at Sony secretly are using a WiFi chip that supports Bluetooth) but even having the PSP wired through USB and used as a controller would double the use of the PSP as portable media/game and PS3 accessory. I could only imagine PSP sales going up.

4. GPS module for America. If they have it over in Asia…why can’t we! I know it’s been announced for this year…but a mention that it will surely be coming would be nice.

Just a couple suggestions. The updates are always appreciated and keep up the great work!

espiox said:

July 14th, 7:42 am

Why do people keep asking for in-game music on PSP? It’s not like you could use it for any existing games. They can’t even be patched, so it would only be games that come out after the update. This is assuming PSP can handle it.

StalkingSilence said:

July 14th, 7:48 am

Eric Lempel,
You dog you.
Killin’ it with these firmware updates.


tretle said:

July 14th, 7:52 am

access to the psn friends list would be great.

klexam said:

July 14th, 7:57 am

Mark, Using the PSP as a Blu-ray/DVD remote would be one of the most awesome things I could think of for the PSP and PS3 marriage. It could possibly drive sales of the PSP too. Also, imagine an update that lets people use the PSP as an all-in-one remote for their PS3, TV, and entire entertainment system.

GGCAN said:

July 14th, 8:01 am

Portable PSN id…..

Wasn’t sure where to post this, found it at PS3 Fanboy site.

“Here’s a nifty feature some of you have been looking forward to — an official way to display your PSN ID on various websites. Obviously, you will need to have a PSN account. You will also need to sign up for a PlayStation Underground account as well if you do not already have one. Linking to the two of them together will allow you access to the PLAYSTATION Network portable ID. The PSN portable ID “is a visual summary of your PLAYSTATION(R)Network account, including your Avatar, “About Me” message and Online ID.” There is even an HTML code provided for you to display this information wherever you please.

You can also now access your Friend List via the PSU — in addition to the information on their portable ID, you will see their online status. If online, you can view their comment/status and what game they are currently playing. If they are offline, you can see when they were last online. At this time, you cannot manage your Friend List via the PSU. So what are you waiting for? “

GmDude66 said:

July 14th, 8:03 am

@espiox: LOL the PSP can handle it, there is a a Custom Firmware plugin that does it flawlessly.

deadxbabiesxinc said:

July 14th, 8:11 am

I’m very happy with my PSP, I got a great selection of games. Only thing we don’t get that much of are PS1 games that the Japanese stores get. Theres alot of them that we’d like to play on the go.

Also a update for more memory on both the PSP and PS3 for websites would be awesome as well as a new flash update. Its been quite awhile now.

TheVesra said:

July 14th, 8:12 am

Failed Period.
the psp as a music player is not that great an idea, and wasting the time, effort, energy and memory space on more visualizations is just plain dumb. half the time IF using as a music player it’s in a pocket or backpack. not watching the screen as i walk along. to big and bulkie anyway for portable music. in the home, there’s many MANY other options for music enjoyment. i’ve stopped using it for music altogether after recieving my sony ericsson w300i. just makes more sense, smaller size, it’s a phone so having it on me at all times is a must. most people have another source for portable music. one that makes more sense. even the slim is just to big for portable music. unless you think walking around with it in your hand watching the screen instead of the possibly hundreds of dregs that would steal it from you is a good idea. focus on games, browser and video. add better functions. where’s the camera, where’s the gps, where’s the AAA titles i want to play. i’d like to visit some flash/java sites on the go, but the majority are not viewable through the psp’s lame browser. this is the one product i feel YOU SONY have failed at. love my ps3, even though it suffers from the same lame browser as the psp. is it no surprize that custom firmwares are killing you, homebrew makes it better with programs that you should have been creating all along. i do hope, if there is a next gen psp, you’ve learned from the overall failure of functions on this psp. also, i for one loved the concept of umd. (goes off continuing to rant to himself…..)

luminousCranium said:

July 14th, 8:35 am

My PSP will no longer connect to the internet. I thought at first it was something going on between my router and my PSP. Then I tried from several hot spots and received the same error message (wish I had the error message now). What is the best resource for troubleshooting this issue?

P.S. My PSP connects via VPN to my PS3 with no problem.

legomando said:

July 14th, 8:55 am

Love the visualisations!

mrbelou said:

July 14th, 9:10 am


Submish said:

July 14th, 9:21 am

@133 Same thing is happening to me and I haven’t updated my psp since 4.01. I just tried to update and I get:
“A connection error has occurred. A connection to the access point can’t be established. Check the security setttings for the network and try again.” That even happens on open networks WTF?!!

shrimpdude said:

July 14th, 9:39 am

“Yeah. I pretty much stopped using my iPod—what I do now is I download music off of iTunes, burn them to CD then rip them to my PS3–then wipe the CD and start the process over again—”

This might be the stupidest, most time consuming way to get music on your PS3 ever.

klexam said:

July 14th, 9:42 am

Yeah, when are we EVER going to get a FLASH UPDATE! It is killing me. I turn on the PS3 to impress people with its browsing function and then have to tell people it can’t read all sites when I run across those that require a FLASH UPDATE. Please, Please, Please, get a flash update soon for the PS3 and an updated browser for the PSP. I try to check the blogs in bed from my PSP instead of reading a magazine or watch TV.

klexam said:

July 14th, 9:46 am

shrimpdude, I have a better way. It is called doubleTwist. Go to doubleTwist.com and download it today. It is free and it automatically sees and converts your iTunes music into MP3 files without all the burning to CD hassle. The MP3 is put right beside the iTunes version. doubleTwist also recognizes your PSP and then syncs your iTunes playlists of your choosing to your PSP. For more tips like these you can check it out layeredcontent.com

lunatec said:

July 14th, 9:58 am

I have two feature requests. I sometimes listen to audio books and would love a way to bookmark a spot in the recording. The other is in regards to the browser. Turning on the “conserve memory” should block messages telling me I should turn on the “conserve memory”. If the browser needs to reduce the image quality, just do it and skip the messages.
Two more things. These are more votes that requests, as you have heard them both before. Bring the gps to the US, and we need a keyboard. My preference would be to enable IR palm type keboards, but any solution would be great.

P_tear_griffin said:

July 14th, 10:08 am

If only the PSP and the PS3 had apps. I kind of like that idea for the iPhone and think it would work perfectly on the Sony’s gaming systems. How cool would it be to have a facebook application right under network or free flash-based games under Games, or a Pandora application under MUSIC or included in the RSS feeds on the PSP? Think about it Sony!

Gunwing said:

July 14th, 11:49 am

Yeah! Good thing my Wi-Fi works now! I’m so pouting some music on my PSP! Just for this update~

Gunwing said:

July 14th, 12:05 pm

We need PSN ID to the PSP! For the love of god! It would mean all the cheaters in SOCOM games, and others in online games are subject to the same rules that PS3 players are. We can report them for cheating and on top of that get thier PSN IDs banned on both the PSP systems, and the PS3! Please make this a standard feature!

Kyen777 said:

July 14th, 12:14 pm

Did anyone see E3 with microsoft? FFXIII is now on 360. Sony… What happened? Wow… They’ve lost the exclusive games from SE completely.

pshelper said:

July 14th, 12:21 pm


Gunwing said:

July 14th, 12:29 pm

Could the fanboys shut up please? I mean we still got Resistance: Fall of Man 2, and Killzone2, as well as Naruto Ultimite Ninja Storm, and other games as well on the PS3. It’s not over for Sony so please chill out.

We also got some new games yet to be talked about for the PS3 comeing in the pipe IE SOCOM: Confrontation, and the like. Chill out sit back and enjoy.

StalkingSilence said:

July 14th, 12:56 pm

“PSHELPER, Thanks for commenting the same thing on every blog post. You seem really insightful and I bet you have good business sense. I would listen to you if I were someone in power at Sony,” said no one.

PS9 said:

July 14th, 1:16 pm

The internet browser definetly need an upgrade. Mine still run out of memory.
May the browser can make better use of the memory stick RAM.

Korlithiel said:

July 14th, 2:09 pm

Flawlessly is your point of view on it, from mine it needs many improvements and wouldn’t work on official firmware except if it were exclusive to the Slim and you no longer got the advantage of the added RAM caching for faster load times.

You have an excellent idea, and in future games it would probably be amazing. I would also like to see something like this happen, as it is the main reason why I’ve stopped gaming online with my PSP (secondary reason is I think my wireless router is dead, but plan on fixing that later in the week).

Agreed, after turning it on those annoying messages should be removed entirely since it slows down the already snail-like experience of browsing the web from your PSP.

But it also reminds me of some bugs I’ve found out. I recall hearing that the PSP sometimes corrupts music while your listening to it and that it has issues with playlists (aside from being unable to make them) and I would like to see Sony look into both accounts, though they are more likely to know more on how true these are.

Final thoughts, kind of irritating that most of the PS3 blogs get several comments in them from the writer but the last two PSP updates haven’t gotten any and it seems this one is no different.

saintfighteraqua said:

July 14th, 2:13 pm

I want real updates…I’m sorry but I don’t want need music visualizers, nice as they may be.
I love you Sony but I want games for my game systems.
I’m quickly getting annoyed.
But I am excited about Loco Roco 2!!!

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