PLAYSTATION Store E3 Release Plan

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Hi everyone – I’m Rommel Hernandez, and I manage the PLAYSTATION Store schedule.

With the E3 summit going down in LA this week, the PLAYSTATION Store will feature daily updates featuring fresh content straight from the conference. Check back often to download HD videos of some of hottest games featured at E3 from publishers like Capcom, Namco Bandai, Activision and THQ.

Also, here’s a quick look at some of the notable game content releasing this week:

– The Best of The Who Rock Band Edition
– Super Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on
– Elefunk an upcoming PLAYSTATION Network downloadable puzzle game

For daily update news, keep an eye on the PlayStation.Blog’s Twitter page or the module on the right sidebar. With all this E3 stuff going down, don’t forget to log on to peep out the normal Thursday update! This week promises to be one of the best ones yet with a variety of free and premium content for every type of gamer!

Have a great week!

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  • That’s gonna be sweet. Thank You sony

    P.S – FIRST!!!

  • Thanks for the information. It’s good to know that the team pack is coming back online. Also, will there be a demo for elefunk?

  • That is great news! I am excited about E3 news. Can’t wait thanks!

  • Great, Sony bringing it home on E3.

    Is there going to be demos? And are you guys going to have the entire press conference streamed? That would one up most of the console makers, nobody has done that one yet.

  • Don’t forget UK for the SSHD update, we’ve been waiting long enough!

  • darkiewonder

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • The demo of Naruto for PS3 (For No-Quore users u.u) still will be out Thursday, right? =(

  • Bring it. We all like too see all the work you are doing!!!

  • I am wondering, is the sony press conference going to be recorded and put on the PSN, or is sony going to be streaming it from somewhere?

  • The Naruto demo is awesome, the only drawback is no online mode.



  • Is the entire Sony Press Conference going to be posted on the store? If so, when?

    Also, will the stuff also be posted on the European Store, if so, when?

  • Sweet..i wished we could stream live, just like they are..

  • Cool stuff, looking forward to it.

  • Captain Fury

    lots of loving lately from Sony.

    Im also Hernández :)

  • I hope really some new content in PSN after Sonys conference tomorrow. God of War III teaser trailer download for exemple…

  • #8
    It’s live on G4TV

  • “- Elefunk an upcoming PLAYSTATION Network downloadable puzzle game”

    Does that mean its coming this week? Or we’re getting something else related to this ‘upcoming’ game? I got confused that a release was being called ‘upcoming’…

  • leedsunited92

    Thatns Ro. Will this be the same for the EU store or are us Brits gunna have to wait like always?

    If we are going to wait, could you send an email to SCEE telling them that they need to get there finger outo there you-know-where cos you (SCEA) have got a service 500 times better over the pond!

  • toxic-inferno

    I’ll be picking up the Super Stardust Team Mode, and maybe Elefunk.

    Keep it up Sony!

  • I would seriously love to finally see the Sony Press Conference in HD…..So here’s to hoping that they put it up for download soon after….though, I’d be just as happy to have it streamed from the PS3…

  • Mirror the previous comments requesting for the full press conference either streamed or downloadable.

  • darkiewonder


    and more JRPG announcements. RAWR

  • Slick, wasn’t it in HD last year? I can’t remember, I only remember downloading it from the PS Store.

  • HOME

  • w00t

  • StalkingSilence

    Hey thanks for the heads up!
    I’ll be guessing what’s next on the forums:

  • Can we expect any demos from games shown at E3 or will this just be videos?

  • Cool! Will there be any Ape Escape related items?

  • Daily updates… SWEET!!!

  • hey Ro Hernandez, i have a question for you. i would please like to know why is it that SCEJ is bringing so much PSone titles on the, while SCEA and SCEE is bringing..none?

  • Can we see PSN cards to buy the content?

  • Seanscythe2

    Will elefunk have Trophy support? I guess not meaning I’m going to be playing it and not get rewarded for it. Can’t wait for E3 I hope sony blows the pants off Nintendo and MS this year. Let out the big guns and blow everyone away.

  • While you guys are at E3 why don’t you try and corner the Bethesda team and work out a deal to get the last remaining Oblivion DLC onto the store. Seriously. There no excuse why we don’t have it by now.

  • For 1 week we can get daily updates like they do in japan/china regions every week.

  • If you pull off this E3 with no more delays and deliver the goods, you have definately ‘won’ this E3… this has got me very very excited :) Gonna be a good week!

  • Nice, I can’t wait to see what’s instore this week.

  • Sweet.

  • Please change the trophy icon to a trophy and not a question sign. I would like to see GOW3 as a trailer or a actual games or both. Also more R2, White Knight Story, Final Fantasy XIII, Home, Killzone 2, LBP etc. E3 is yours to rule Sony.

  • Elefunk? Cool

  • Stennex, if you are seeing a question mark instead of the new icons, it is because you are using a custom theme. Old themes do not compensate for the new icons.

  • Hi Rommel Hernandez,
    Can you also please manage the european Store schedule? Because your european colleagues are lazy as hell.


  • Nice to meet you Mr. Hernandez. Pretty sweet week ahead of us, and I look forward to obsessively checking the intronetz. :P

    Happy E3, Everybody!

  • I’m really looking forward to this e3.

    I hope Sony can capture the title of best in show as they did last year.

    I’m most looking forward to new info on R2 and as many surprises and RPG announcements as they can throw at me.

  • WIPEOUT HD !!!!

  • Thank you Sony!

  • That’s Awesome.
    But will Sony upload the whole E3 Press Conference like they did with E3 2007.

  • Dubbedinenglish

    It has begun *cue Lord of the Rings music*…

  • YES!!!!
    PS FTW!

  • yeah, naruto game !!!.

    i just wanna heard something about PSN Cards

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