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Jul 14

Jul 14

Warhawk v1.4 Update “Free Gameplay Modes!!”

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by

President, LightBox Interactive

As the storm of E3 approaches, so does our next big update for Warhawk and with it comes 2 entirely new gameplay modes for every map, including the Booster Packs – and these new gameplay modes are completely FREE!

Before I get into the meaty list of updates, let me start off by saying that Warhawk v1.4 will have its global simultaneous release very, very soon…how soon you ask?

In just about 48 hours — July 16th at 10:00 GMT (that’s 3am Pacific)

When we started designing the new modes, we looked at play styles could freshen up the Warhawk play experience. After all, Warhawk is now almost a year old :-) And after a few months of development and play testing, we’re ready to rollout 2 new gameplay modes that the team and I are incredibly happy with: Hero and Collection.

New Gameplay Mode “Hero”

This is a team-based game mode in which one member of each team is randomly selected to be their team’s Epic Hero. Players score points for their team by killing the enemy Hero or by killing enemies while they’re the Hero. The team that reaches the score limit first (or has the most points when time runs out) wins the game.

Really what it all boils down to is a huge battle between 2 armies that are being lead by 2 Epic Heroes!

While you’re the Hero, you get some pretty incredible buffs…the mode’s called Hero after all so you’ve gotta be tough!

You get crazy high damage resistance which is like having 500% health. All of your weapons do twice the damage. And the armor-piercing values for your weapons are increased so that some weapons that normally can’t hurt vehicles like Tanks and Turrets, now can!

Now you aren’t the Hero for the entire game. Once you are selected as the Hero, you have a limited amount of time to go on your berserker-blitz-rampage-of-carnage-awesomeness. See the shots above for the Hero meter in the upper left-hand corner. Also note the crazy visuals that are rendered when you’re the Hero. You glow your team color, you emit light the same color as your team, you growl a scary sound that strikes fear in you’re your foes, and of course, energy sparks…must….have…energy sparks!!!

Scoring is simple: If a Hero kills a player, he scores 1 point for his team. If a normal player, or more commonly, a group of players, kills the Hero, 1 point is granted for the team. If a Hero kills the other enemy Hero, then 2 points are scored for the team.

Oh…but here’s the downside for the Hero…everyone is gunning for you! If you die, then a new Hero on you team is given the chance for Epic Hero Greatness!!!

Did I mention that Heroes are always displayed on the mini-map!?!?…and with a star no less!

Simply stated…this mode is wicked intense!

New Gameplay Mode “Collection”

This new gameplay mode is like multi-flag CTF. There are 4 energy cores scattered around the map, generally positioned in the center or between the 2 team’s main bases. Each team has a Reactor where Energy Cores are taken to score points.

In the screen shot above you can see 2 Energy Cores positioned on a Eucadian bridge. Bringing these Cores back to your team’s reactor will score points for your team…and you can carry more than 1 Core at a time.

The scoring system is progressive, so if you score just 1 Core, your team gets just 1 point. 2 Cores will score 3 points. 3 Cores are good for 6 points…and if you manage to work as a team and bring all 4 Cores back to the Reactor at once, then your team scores a whopping 10 points!

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Cores are displayed on your character and the more you are carrying, the more you see whirling and orbiting around you. You’ll also see them on the mini-map as pulsing energy symbols. The score is displayed in the upper right corner as usual, but there is a new display there for Collection mode. It’s the little yellow number that shows you how many Cores your team currently is currently carrying. This ends up being critical for knowing where your focus should be; Offense or Defense.

Collection mode is fun as &#@%! and really helps promote teamwork and yield some truly fantastic risk-vs-reward moments!…and you can press the TRIANGLE button to throw the Cores you are carrying! Passing Cores among your team is “super-effective” :-)

So that’s a quick run down of the new modes and we can’t wait to have our player around the world start playing 2 completely new ways to enjoy the fast-paced world of Warhawk!

Hmmm…what should I cover next?


While we were glad to provide players with very specific control of which games they join or host via our global server list, we wanted to provide an easier way for new and veteran players to get into their favorite games more quickly and easily….thus the new ‘Quick-Join’ feature.

Basically what this new feature does, and I imagine many of you have already figured it out, is automatically scan the server-list behind the scenes, pick a good game for you based on your connection, latency, current filter settings, etc. This all happens in just a few seconds.

This way, if you like playing CTF games *only* in base retail levels with no booster packs, you can set your filters and all you ever have to do from there on out is click ‘Quick-Join’. The ‘Quick-Join’ button honors *all* of your filters so you can really customize Warhawk’s automatic server selection.

If you are brand new to the PSN or to Warhawk you’ll have to play at least one ranked game the traditional server-list way, so that the servers can collect some stats before ‘Quick Join’ will work well for you. After that, you’ll be ready for hot, 1-click, automated server selection action! For those players you have already played Warhawk and the servers already have your stats, you’ll be good to go as soon as the patch is released.

Mini-Map Update:

For game modes like CTF, and the newly added Collection mode, we really need to clarify where you need to take the flag or core – we had received complaints that players could get confused as to where they needed to go. Warhawk now draws a much more prominent ring at the location where you need to return the flag or core. Additionally, the mini-map renders an animated green line that connects your ‘blip’ to the return location.


Rank & Award Updates:

Now we know this is a sensitive subject as it relates to how easy, or in our case, how hard it is to rank up, unlock some of the badges and be awarded any of the elite medals. With that said, we have made some changes to make ranking up a bit easier. Here’s a list of what we changed for the Medals and Badges:

  • “Capture the Flag” Medal previously required 500 total captures, now it requires 250.
  • “Capture the Flag” Medal previously required 5 captures IAR (In A Round) and now requires 2.
  • “Capture the Flag” Medal still requires 500 flag saves.
  • “Distinguished Air Combat” Medal previously required 10K total air-to-air kills and now requires 5K kills.
  • “Distinguished Air Combat” Medal previously required 20 minutes IAR of flight time and now it requires 10 minutes.
  • “Master Teamwork” Badge previously required 75 team points IAR and now requires 60 points.
  • “Master Teamwork” Badge still requires 2K total team points
  • “Warhawk Teamwork” Badge still requires 2K total team points
  • “Warhawk Teamwork” Badge previously required 150 team points IAR and now requires 100 points.

We have also loosened the requirements, specifically point requirements, for some of the officer ranks. The changes to the point requirements for rank advancement are:

  • “Major” previously was 150K now its 110K points.
  • “Air Marshal” previously required 170K now its 130K points
  • “Command Marshal” previously required 190K now its 155K points.
  • “Lt. Colonel” previously required 210K now its 180K points.
  • “Colonel” previously required 230K now its 210K points.
  • “Brigadier General” previously required 250K now its 240K points.

Now we realize that there are many players who have logged several hundreds of gameplay hours – the team and I greatly appreciate your dedication to our game and it’s the dedication of our loyal fan base that helped make the development of these free game modes an easy decision!

TOW Missile:

The respawn rate modifier based on player count has been modified to take a longer period of time so that TOW missiles do not respawn as quickly in large player-count games.

Minimum Rank Server Option:

Warhawk official and player-hosted servers now support a MINIMUM rank along with the previously existing MAX rank.


Respawn Selection Hint:

I know it may sound odd to some of you avid Warhawk players but we actually noticed that there were a number of new players that didn’t realize that you could select a different spawn point when you died. This is primarily for new Warhawk players and this respawn hint is disabled if you have “Hints Display” turned OFF in your options.


Updates for Home Game Launching:

Now players that are launching/connecting to Warhawk games from Home can designate which team they will be assigned to before the server is started. Warhawk’s Support of Home Game Launching now also supports the new Hero and Collection gameplay modes.

Afterburner Flight to Hover Transition:

Previously, if you were flying the Warhawk (or Nemesis) with the afterburners engaged, you were disallowed from transitioning into hover mode. While this may have been a bit more realistic, Warhawk is more about fun than realism and not being able to transition into hover when you want to need to is frustrating! So now, you can switch to hover mode even if your afterburner is engaged.

Team Deathmatch Scoring:

The scoring system for Team Deathmatch previously counted base captures towards the team kill count/score. This is no longer the case and now *only* counts kills…as you would expect Team Deathmatch to do :-)

New “Winning Team” Ribbon:

In an attempt to further promote teamwork, Warhawk now awards a new ribbon to every member of the winning team. With this “Winning Team” ribbon, each player also is awarded an additional 50 bonus points.


Kick-Idle Player Server Option:

Warhawk now allows players to set an option on their own servers (player or dedicated) that will auto-kick idle players. Warhawk also now detects players purposely not respawning via the respawn exploit and will consider them idle as well.

So that’s a pretty good summary of the Warhawk v1.4 Update that’s going to be released world-wide on July 16th at 3am Pacific time (10:00 GMT). We really hope you like all the new updates ‘cause I sure know we had a great time making them for all of you!!! And FREE content is always a good thing!!!

Oh yeah…let me take a minute to clarify some stuff about our upcoming Warhawk v1.5 Update and our new Trophy support.

So, while I have just finished writing what is probably *way* too long of a blog post regarding the v1.4 Update…I need to talk about the v1.5 Update, specifically the Trophies. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 56 Warhawk Trophies:

There are 10 trophies based on current stats, ranks and awards and these 10 *ARE* retroactive. This is largely due to the fact that we have this data stored on our global Warhawk Server Cluster. There are 34 other Trophies that are entirely new ‘goals’ and should provide players with plenty of new challenges. And yes, Operation: Omega Dawn, Operation: Broken Mirror, and possibly a new something have new Trophies as well. Each booster pack has an additional 4 unique Trophies.

To earn the Warhawk Platinum Trophy, all you have to do is unlock the base game’s 44 Trophies…you do *NOT* have to buy any DLC to unlock the Platinum Warhawk Trophy. Forcing players to buy our DLC would be super-craptastic and completely unacceptable.

….hmmm, that’s about it for now. The Warhawk v1.4 Update is right around the corner!!

As always, Rock on!


—ohh, you crafty, crafty colored text—

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zeel said:

July 15th, 6:53 am

wow it is s probably not parchutes or jet packs in the last post about warhawk they figured it out i am sure

ok all hints tie together in a myth the story a Icarus

wax-sun-die (the three colors)

Icarus and his father were trapped on an island so using FEATHERS and WAX his father made wings then they flew off across the sea Icarus’s father told him not to fly to high or the SUN will melt the WAX and not to low or he would be hit by the waves and fall and drown but he did not listen to his father and flew to high and the WAX melted and he fell into the sea and DIEd

the ICARUS was the capital ship from the original warhawk PS1 game so this probably means the next map pack will be a high up battle between two of the huge capital ships from the old trailer (to which I wish i had a link)

or it could mean that when we stall in the warhawk we just fall and die but that would suck soooooooooo much so I doubt it

gdinero said:

July 15th, 7:30 am

Victory Ribbons & Team Balance / Randomization: With 50 points going to members of the winning team, where you must play for the entire round, there will be even fewer players who will switch to a weaker team to help them out.

I know the Warhawk community claimed that we could police ourselves and switch to the weaker team if allowed; but that hasn’t been happening in the Expert servers. I really hope that team balance and randomization is turned on for every server level when you update tomorrow.

msstatedawg said:

July 15th, 7:35 am

Ferris Bueller, you’re my HERO.

walls99 said:

July 15th, 7:37 am

Free stuff is always nice.

Thanks a bunch for making at least a few of the trophies retroactive.

To be honest I am not that great at this game and I don’t care. I play more for having fun than to be the uber-daddy. I see that you are adding the Winning Team Ribbon for being on the Winning Team. I wonder how many people will take advantage of this and join the winning team in the last minute, just to get the 50 points.

You guys should seriously think of put a minimum time limit in the game to earn the Winning Team Bonus. Lets say the game is 30 minutes long. A player should have been with the team for at least 10-15 minutes in order to earn the 50 Bonus Points.

Otherwise people will rack up 300-400 points in a few minutes while others are playing entire matches.

msstatedawg said:

July 15th, 7:53 am

Zeel, your explanation of the colors and feather seems very likely and believable – the best one I’ve heard.

StalkingSilence said:

July 15th, 7:58 am

ignore my last question – about the points being awarded to team-switchers. i didn’t realize you already answered it so many times. pretty jv of me – i should know better.

oh, btw, the next booster is probably Operation White Phoenix.

walls99 said:

July 15th, 8:05 am

Oh man. I should have read the responses before I asked about the team switching and Winning Ribbon. Ignore my question.

stennex said:

July 15th, 8:06 am

hey the PSN theme has a trophy icon cool i could not stand the question mark icon. Well today is the big day, i hope Sony has some big news to offset yesterdays terrible news. R2 new trailer already confirms that R2 is going to be the best FPS this year. An amazing trailer showing better visuals, huge awesome bosses, and what sounds like a good story behind it all. Cannot wait to get this game.

P.S. Home makes M$ avatar menu look like pre-school suff.

001 said:

July 15th, 8:12 am

WARHAWK TO THE RESCUE!!! lol This announcement really healed people’s wounds didn’t it? Thanks dylan.

deadpool7 said:

July 15th, 8:16 am

You guys absolutely rock at Incognito!!!

Every single change I saw just excited me that much more for Thursday. And I’m glad the TOW respawn rate is being increased. It was getting a bit ridiculous with TOW campers.

Great job again guys and keep up the great work!

D1rk-Knight said:

July 15th, 8:47 am

This game just keep getting better & better. You guys are awesome & I respect you for supporting your community with these updates. I can’t wait to try these 2 new modes ^^

Params7 said:

July 15th, 8:52 am

Please do something about the unfair kicking/banning, please bring back our 30minute CTF servers, please bring back 32 player large TDM’s.


Projektphazon said:

July 15th, 9:42 am

Hey I love your guys work on Warhawk. Keep up the great work. I just had one question. Will we see in game music supported? Personally, the game is too quiet for my taste. PLEASE REPLY DYLAN!!!

NeCrom-X said:

July 15th, 9:44 am

Time to dust off Warhawk yay!

warezIbanez said:

July 15th, 9:55 am

Thx for the info, Dylan- Incognito is a great developer; I’m glad you guys continue to support your product well after its release. I do kinda wish that you can talk to the little guys here a little more often, giving us some more info on what you and the studio are wanting to do w/ Warhawk.

Anyway, thanks for the update, and I’ll be there to capture those power nodes and frag those Heroes.

Pocketaces11 said:

July 15th, 11:00 am

Ok couple of things

1) any way to try this before you buy it for free?? I assume not but had to ask.

2) great if trophy support comes out before other games I’m looking for (CAGNEY) you might very well get a sale anyways but really would prefer to give it a try.

3) Like Cagney and Pain really like to see this after sales support keep up the good work. Hope it’s paying off more developers might take a hint as it’s really great seing more and more games doing this.

Pocketaces11 said:

July 15th, 11:02 am

oh sorry forgot

4) Ive seen some greatest hit’s photo’s of Warhawk which usually mean lower prices are you going to help save the environment and save me from buying a package I don’t need by lowing the price online as well??

elmonstro said:

July 15th, 11:17 am

Hey, Dylan, I hope you read this…

With regard to the “winning team” ribbom,w hat happens if you join a 30 minute game after 10 minutes, and you don’t change teams at all? Do you still get the ribbon?

msstatedawg said:

July 15th, 11:22 am


When will a video/trailer about 1.4 be available?

mv670 said:

July 15th, 1:46 pm

Nice i’ve been looking forward to the next update to see what you guys would come up with next…and i dont think its going to dissapoint me :D

Cant wait to play the new modes xD

PS: wouldnt it be great knowing your the leader of your team just like Leonidas in 300
YES!!! and thank you :D

shika.1983 said:

July 15th, 2:00 pm

Firstly the new modes look cool.

Can’t wait !!!!

Couple of questions

1. Will we ever see the return of vari servers. Trying to find a [BM]CTF mode or [BM] Zones mode is hard to find with over 8 people in, especially before 4pm.

2. Will we ever get a badge for the APC/DS/BFG and wrench. I’ve got my 1000 APC kills and I want my badge. LOL

Can’t wait for the new expansion

Incognito FTW !!!!!

shika.1983 said:

July 15th, 2:07 pm

Oh one more thing which I forgot

Will you guys be updating the buddy list since it gone upto 100. some people I can’t view anymore because they have “dropped off” the list.

Think the max the Warhawk buddy list shows is 53.

Please please please let it show ALL my WH buddies.

MagicManGSC said:

July 15th, 2:56 pm

Dylan, sort of an unrelated question but still important:

Right now I play Warhawk on my brother’s PS3 and managed to get 50,000+ points. When he moves away to college I’m going to buy my own PS3 and Warhawk starting with a new PSN name. However, I was wondering if you would be able to transfer my stats and points from my current PSN Name (MagicManGSC) to my newly created PSN name at the time ..

Is that AT ALL possible? My brother agrees since he doesn’t play Warhawk anymore it’s just me and I’d HATE to start over.


MidgetguyII said:

July 15th, 2:59 pm

SWEET! I have a strange feeling that I’m going to be playing warhawk ALL DAY tomorrow! :p

I can only imagine how much time I’ll spend in front of the t.v. when the trophies are released!!!!

magst001 said:

July 15th, 3:19 pm

anyone else notice that with the 44 trophies for the main game and 4 trophies for the boosters it adds up to 52, not 56….

the next booster must be close then eh?

snoots said:

July 15th, 3:46 pm

Fix the microphone problems introduced with 2.40, 2.41; playing online now sucks !!

Cacho665 said:

July 15th, 3:48 pm

1 qstn does this update allows in-game music?

BOFA SG said:

July 15th, 4:25 pm

Congrats, Dylan and Team, on the success of Warhawk and thanks for the great support and updates.

I would never typically make a request or anything like this, but it seams you guys actually read and consider the user input you get on this blog. So here goes.

It would be pretty sweet if players got some kind of compensation when they carry the flag all the way the he11 across a map only to be tow missiled four feet from a capture at which point some guy who has been hiding in the base the entire game, not contributing, trots out and picks up the flag for an easy capture. Maybe have a player’s score go up one or two points for every 5 seconds he is carrying the flag, and not so many individual points for an actual capture. Something like that…

Thanks for listening

chicken_warrior1 said:

July 15th, 5:18 pm

Well they do measure how many “miles on foot” and “miles driven”, so maybe they could do something like for every mile that you walk OR drive with the flag, you get +10 or +5 or something like that.

If the winning team ribbon is going to come into the game, maybe have it so that you have to be on one team for at least 20 minutes to get the ribbon, or maybe 50% of a round with the winning team…

Bestdear said:

July 15th, 5:23 pm

I love this game, but not just because it’s an awesome game, it’s also because my uncle works at Incognito here at SLC :D

imapeiceofwood said:

July 15th, 7:30 pm

I got a few questions!!!!

Is the new warhawk booster pack going to be shown at E3? Can you give any details on a release date?

Also are you going to bundle all three booster packs in one value package?

gnznroses said:

July 15th, 7:41 pm

wow, nice update.
i have to say though, WH is lacking right now. i’ve been playing daily again, and first, there’s usually not many zones matches, and second, every ctf is played as if it were a zones match…. 80% of the games go without any flag captures at all. and i’m usually the only one who even TRIES.
maybe people will actually PLAY the new modes…

mlachap said:

July 15th, 7:55 pm

crafty colored text, eh?

mlachap said:

July 15th, 7:56 pm

Waaz up wit the white feather homie not cool fool, mlachap out!

EMOIsaacs said:

July 15th, 8:11 pm


Dylan, please reply!!!

EMOIsaacs said:

July 15th, 8:18 pm

I think this might solve the feather problem

I didn’t write this i found this on google

thanks go to martin beaker

Yamaha117 said:

July 15th, 8:36 pm

Mini_Sal | July 14th, 2008 at 3:59 pm

2 things
1) The “Winning Team” Ribbon is an awesome idea. It puts A LOT of importance into teams actually WINNING the game which is always a good thing. Props on stepping it up a notch and taking incentive by implementing the Winning Team Ribbon. So my question is, will there be winning team ribbons distributed for the games we have already won?

2) What were you thinking by changing the global req. for so many badges/medals? I have every medal and every badge (but wh turret) and I was damn proud of it too, but since you made so many of the harder medals and badges quite a bit easier to get, almost anyone can get them. What I loved was that it took a lot of dedication to get those awards and now I feel cheated. I will accept a free warhawk statue as retribution for all the extra effort I had to put in


Dylan Jobe replied on July 14, 2008 at 5:00 pm
First off…We knew that the ranking and award changes weren’t going to sit well with some of our players. And, I can’t blame you for feeling slighted a bit.

You busted your a$$, logged crazy hours and earned all those awards…even *with* our insane requirements.

We made the changes to help normalize the rank curve for new players and players caught in the mid-officer slump.

I will say this though…we don’t forget our players and we are always looking for ways to reward our hardcore fans.

With regard to the team victory medal, It should be a great addition to foster teamwork — 50 points is a lot. But to answer your specific question, no…you are not retroactively paid out ribbons for past victories. This is a new ribbon for the v1.4 patch.

upgradable wepons with kills or hours would be nice

sh0ryuk3n906 said:

July 15th, 8:45 pm

What can i say that hasn’t already been said? I love WarHawk I play it religiously, but one thing … I can’t wait to stop reading about all these WarHawk updates for “Home” and actually get in to Home to launch a game of WarHawk with my fellow fans.
When can I stop hearing and reading about “Home” and actually interact with it?

Thanks for Keeping the game fresh and exciting!!!

Doug J. a.k.a sh0ryuk3n906

helushky said:

July 15th, 10:48 pm

Hey awesome job on 1.4, sounds wicked. Just a suggestion, it would be cool if you could customize the tanks like you can the Warhawks. what do you think?

Tomcat51 said:

July 16th, 1:32 am

Does anyone know what this hidden link connected with?

schu70 said:

July 16th, 2:40 am

I didn’t scroll all 288 msgs but the time in the main post is wrong for pst….if the update hits 10am gmt…then pst would get it at 2am versus 3am

redsoxfan859 said:

July 16th, 6:58 am

“Does anyone know what this hidden link connected with?”

If you put this hint together with the 3 colored squares, it points to the icarus mothership. Someone figured out that the ascii values (or something like this) for the colors of the squares are WAX, SUN, DIE. This refers to the myth of icarus where icarus put FEATHERS on himself with wax so he could fly. But he flew to close to the sun, the wax melted and he died. Now in the original warhawk, people say the motherships were called icarus motherships. After these 2 hints, there’s no doubt in my mind the boosterpack has something to do with the icarus mothership. Just no one knows exactly how they will implement it.

Raven4NYc said:

July 16th, 7:11 am


Jezer29 said:

July 16th, 7:14 am

Rave even though some are getting on.. The window of the servers being down is still up to 12pm est..

Raven4NYc said:

July 16th, 7:15 am


Raven4NYc said:

July 16th, 7:16 am


jose23va said:

July 16th, 7:22 am


moeg_the_red said:

July 16th, 7:42 am

All that sounds awesome but MORE WEAPONS AND VEHICLES PLEASE!! :) Self propelled AA guns? Artillery? Ground to Ground Missles? PT boats or an off shore Air craft platform. Add tracer rounds to every fifth shot fired. Also, it would be cool to be able to mine your friends….LOL

swrebel181 said:

July 16th, 8:06 am

To those who can’t log on to Warhawk, last night there was an announcement that the servers would be closed down from 6am to 12pm eastern time to facilitate the change. Check back after 12 est and it should work.

jose23va said:

July 16th, 9:23 am

Thanx for that information swrebel181

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