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Jul 15

Jul 15

E3 Day 2 PLAYSTATION Store Update

Ro Hernandez's Avatar Posted by

Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

As promised, we’re delivering many (most, really) of the videos seen at today’s PlayStation E3 press conference to the PLAYSTATION Store for your enjoyment.

As announced at the event, the video download service will hit the store tonight, and will *not* require a firmware upgrade. Recent PSP Firmware v4.05 also enabled compatibility with the video service, for taking TV shows and movies on the go.

As far as video of the entire press conference is concerned, we’re working on converting that video now, and will post it on the Store when it’s complete, so you can see everything we showcased today.

We hope you enjoy this fresh E3 update, and we’ll have more for you as the week progresses.

PS3 Store

*Super Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on ($4.99)

Rock Band
* Rock Band The Best of the Who Rock Band Edition Track Pack ($19.99)
(12) individual songs ($1.99/ea)

  • Amazing Journey
  • Baba O’Riley
  • Behind Blue Eyes
  • Eminence Front
  • Going Mobile
  • Leaving Here
  • My Generation
  • Good Looking Boy
  • Sea & Sand
  • Summertime Blues
  • Who Are You?
  • Young Man Blues


  • God of War III
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • Xam’d Lost Memories
  • Buzz PSP
  • Resistance: Retribution
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Siren Blood Curse
  • PAIN Amusement Park
  • Gran Turismo TV
  • MKU vs DCU
  • Blitz The League II
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Resident Evil 5
  • This is Vegas
  • TNA Impact! Wrestling

PC Store


  • Resistance: Retribution
  • Buzz PSP
  • God of War III
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • Xam’d Lost Memories
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Siren Blood Curse
  • PAIN Amusement Park
  • Gran Turismo TV

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the_icon said:

July 15th, 4:43 pm

I will be downloading alot of videos.

AckeheceKoheo said:

July 15th, 4:44 pm

as well


the reason the 80 gig outsells the 40 is not the HDD size but the other features – don’t do this to yourselves

blackice506 said:

July 15th, 4:46 pm

This is great and everything, but I’m really interested in hearing about when tekken 6 is going to be released. Haven’t heard anything about it since the last E3

AckeheceKoheo said:

July 15th, 4:46 pm

am sure my post about video store in Canada will be buried – so all you posters please take up the Canadian Cause (after all today is literally Respect Canada Day)


mrnagy88 said:

July 15th, 4:46 pm

You can watch the MAG trailer on, see the featured user movies on the right side of the page.

Johnny5-1985 said:

July 15th, 4:46 pm

Has any one checked out the trailer for Xam’d: Lost Memories…Kudos to Sony for making an Anime show for us playstation 3 owners.

sobedude001 said:

July 15th, 4:48 pm

so what do you guys think about resistance: retribution? its not made by insomniac so i don’t know…

h3ro said:

July 15th, 4:52 pm

After seeing the Killzone 2 MP footage… I’m absolutely dumbstruck at the ineptitude of Sony management… Giving R2 the spotlight is one thing, but if you plan on spending half an hour talking about the Playstation2 and a video store, it would be nice if we got some info on actual games and not CG renders of games three years away.

Regardless, KZ2 MP sounds amazing, almost like a realistic version of Team Fortress2…

safil said:

July 15th, 4:52 pm

I have the 360 and PS3. I bought the 360 only cause it came out first. Anyway, I love me my PS3 but, sorry to say, its nowhere up to par with the 360! Who cares if it has more power and better hardware if its not being used? When the PS3 first came out the excuse was, it was too new, developers needed time to get used to the PS3. Now what is it? Its gonna be 2 years now and the only Great game we have is MGS4! Granted, little big planet and a few others are coming but, when it comes to a game available on both consoles, im sorry to say but, I HAVE to purchase it on the 360 cause of the online play! I mean, c’mon, playing MGS4 with the bluetooth mic just plain sucks. Same goes for COD and any other game. ALso, in-game/x-game invites and in-game music, and the list goes on. I know you have to pay for xbox live but, its worth it. I rather pay for the playstation network but, it atleast have half of the capabilities that the 360 has. Wait, I can here it now. If I don’ like the PS3 then go to my RROD 360, right? Well, I do and will but, I love my PS3!!! I just want to be able to play with my friends without any complications and have a solid list of games to play! Please don’t tell me anything about not being loyal either! I don’t buy any electronics products except for Sony, unless its not available, like before 11/06. I still have my Sony Beta and I’m typing on my 2nd Vaio desktop PC!

Well, I’m not giving up but, Im very dissappointed! We need a definite date on home and please get the PSN fixed! And sony, you know what we mean by that! Other than that, let me get ready to dl some movies tonight!!!

Thetruefiziks said:

July 15th, 4:53 pm


SSHD is excellent however I wish I didnt have 6 lives left over after playing through every planet, I want MORE LEVELS

EViD said:

July 15th, 4:55 pm

Thanks for the update (didn’t expect it this soon).

I’m still hungry for more Kratos.

neojubei said:

July 15th, 4:57 pm

“Killzone 2 Special. On now.”
Who cares?
I am sick of shooters.
I avoided the Xbox because I am tired of shooters, I avoided 360 early on because it was all shooters.
Playstation had RPGs, Platformers, and fighters.
It had a strong japanese presence and now they are going backwards and showing shooter shooter shooter shooter and crapping on the people who backed the Playstation from day one.
Movie rentals?
Overpriced crap.
I can get most blu ray movies for 15 or less with just a little digging around.
Most have digital copy now, and if we are laying it all on the table there are countless of ways to get movies onto your PS3 and psp.”

EViD said:

July 15th, 4:57 pm

Wait. Where’s Zipper’s MAG?

Some Guy said:

July 15th, 4:57 pm

I’m not sure if you’re going to check this, but it’s a good place to ask. Are videos downloaded from the PlayStation Store going to have subtitles for the deaf?

yunier91 said:

July 15th, 5:04 pm

must say i enjoy the conference,kratos look amazing and that game MAG, is something im really looking foward too

Clinton514 said:

July 15th, 5:11 pm

Killzone 2 video = SICK!


MvmntInGrn said:

July 15th, 5:13 pm

Great Update, GOD of War III is going to be EPIC!

Only one question, will the inFamous Trailer be up? It is easily my most anticipated PS3 game and I’d like to see it in HD!

SILV3R_ said:

July 15th, 5:20 pm

video said to be available tonight..

what time tonight..because I would like to view and download some videos while doing my laundry.

T41NT said:

July 15th, 5:23 pm

what time is the video rental going live ? i just dont wanna stay up to the point where i have to work in a few hours the second it goes up.

Gunwing said:

July 15th, 5:24 pm

Resistance for the PSP is a win! Also God of War 3 is not a Shooter game, but a hack and slash game with RPG elements, and did you all see that DC Universe is an MMO RPG? Who cares about Japan! We can have fun with out their games!

You do realise that we are still getting Final Fantasy 13 right? It’s not a Xbox360 exclusive, we still have Valkerie chronicals, and thats now comeing too the PSP as well, and on top of all of that we got another MMO in the form of MAG so why get mad that games from another country are comeing to the other bonds system?

Fanboys need to leave and stop complaining and mucking up this place!

Half_life000111 said:

July 15th, 5:26 pm

wish you guys got Netflix………. seriously…… but glad to at least get this.

GGCAN said:

July 15th, 5:27 pm

I’d like to see the movies in Canada too, but from what I read on another blog, it appears only to be available in the US….The 360 has pretty much the same deal and I think it may have something to do with our laws differing from the US.

We’ll see when it’s up I guess, but it sure would be a great feature.

Half_life000111 said:

July 15th, 5:27 pm

I mean the video store….. when does it go live?

Imperium said:

July 15th, 5:29 pm

FF13 whatever. Kratos kicks the crap outta any RPG, and don’t tell me that RPG’s have all these deep storylines. GOD OF WAR 3 is the coolest fn story on a game in a long time.

Sony’s E3 kicked azz. Next year at this time, the 360 will be laughed at. As if i’m not already laughing.

ExPresident said:

July 15th, 5:33 pm

Ok, I know the people who handle this blog are busy but I hope this question either gets answered now or in the near future:

1. Microsoft announced a partnership with Netflix which is amazing. Why? Because I have Netflix and Netflix has millions of users and I pay $15 a month for unlimited rentals including Blu-ray. I don’t own an XBox but having the ability to use my Netflix on my living room TV would be great.

Now for my question. I know Sony has announced their video store which is awesome. But the price is the draw back. I can rent the same movies via my Comcast On Demand Cable for the same price you’ve listed or I’ve seen on the E3 presentation. Where’s my need to use your service? Will you offer a package deal like Netflix to get cheaper rentals etc?

I hope so.

r-nice said:

July 15th, 5:39 pm

Lots of content today. Preciate it.

JakDak said:

July 15th, 5:40 pm

Hey thanks for linking to my comment in the post. Nice to know someone’s listening

DarKaoZ said:

July 15th, 5:42 pm

WOAH! All this footage owns MS, Sony and Nintendo conference!!

Nice one guys!!

One question… why did you take out the E3 background from the E3 section of the PStore!? That was badass! Also Can we have some Demos!?!?! PLZ!?!?!? *happy face*

WinterWolf said:

July 15th, 5:44 pm

Will the new 80GB Core PS3 featured at E3 have backward compatibility?

biggie said:

July 15th, 5:48 pm

I know some of the game demos are playable at E3. It would be nice if some of the demos could be made available on the Playstation Network. What do you guys think?

Azmo85 said:

July 15th, 5:58 pm

We need a new status on the PSN for when a person watchin a tv show watching a film and what there watching….It would take the whole media central to the next level SONY make it happen.

Ed187 said:

July 15th, 5:59 pm

Yes thank you.

SILV3R_ said:

July 15th, 6:05 pm

Umm is anyone from PS blog going to answer any of the questions that’s being posted here?

jazzagers said:

July 15th, 6:08 pm

Will the store work with Mac yet? I want to download some movies on the go but I have a mac, while on the subject how about the whole store get Mac compatibility.

lildragon said:

July 15th, 6:08 pm

Quick request, can you upload Ragdoll kungfu vid? Really looking forward to that, and would love to see it in HD glory.

take care

Who_Said said:

July 15th, 6:09 pm

Question: Was the video of Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP a mix up?

I remember a trailer that’s on the Playstation Store that clearly showed it was for the PS3.

sunstrike said:

July 15th, 6:11 pm

sony please remember that m$ oficialy and to all the public said they woud win the consoles wars. they are telling us tha ps3 sucks and that we shout buy a 360 so please make then eat their own words and take the word. and dont play by the rule book anymore because M$ they play dirty and you please be the wolf that is disguised as the sheep. and if that is not the case become a hustler.

sunstrike said:

July 15th, 6:13 pm

sorry i ment take over the entire world.

momba0014 said:

July 15th, 6:13 pm

What ever happened to tekken 6 does anyone have any info? I hope it comes out this year.

sunstrike said:

July 15th, 6:13 pm

sony be the wolf.

Marcoco11 said:

July 15th, 6:19 pm

Come on where is the love for Socom Confrontation Seriously… It’s really starting to get old!

First not a mention about it at E3 yet, they don’t have any media time scheduled anywhere for the public to see, and when you guys still have no trailers on PSN for socom that are worth mention….

Seriously don’t treat this flagship franchise like a thing of the past because if it were would u really be making another one?

I’d love some feedback as to why the game so many fans love is constantly being swept under the rug…

E3 would have been a great chance to showcase the new Headset Socom and how this game will help revolutionize the PSN and downloading games.

Great Job

Gunwing said:

July 15th, 6:20 pm

I have to say I own both and I love both systems as well. (I had a DS Lite White model, and a Wii at on point but gave up after lack of good hardcore games, and good community features)

I love that Resistance: Retrobution is comeing to the PSP as a stand alone exclusive and ties right into the two PS3 games.

I also would like to have more PSP games! More exclusives for the PSP will help it get even more notice from the Hardcore gamer crowed that wan’ts the DS to have more fully 3D games, and hardcore games with good Wi-Fi support.

Any chance the PSP could be updated to support Wireless-G/N formats for further future proofing and better online performance in games? Asl the same should be done for the PS3 as well please!

Another feature set that would make the PSP the best system ever is to force users to log into PSN to play all PSP future games. Thus ending the cheating online in PSP games, and makeing them a much needed step above the DS.

Last but not least is support for better video output on the TV out features/ It seems that even on LCD TVs that support 480p the PSP system still looks crapy and the PS2 games that are the same resolution and most of them lower then that look better on the big screen then the PSP dose.

Also if you could please release more UMD movies at good low prices (8.99 and down would be perfict! IMHO)

It would help the PSP alot! Please do all of this and the PSP would bounce back big time in both sales and in standing in the Hardcore gamer market!

WHAT said:

July 15th, 6:21 pm


Thanks for clearing all that up. So, you want to buy an hour from the hooker in front of the Walmart two blocks from where you live?

Go for it. :0

AlterEgo said:

July 15th, 6:21 pm

This is great.

Question though…

How come you guys don’t ALWAYS release content as SOON as it’s ready instead of waiting for Thursdays?

BTW, how come Killzone didn’t make E3? The new footage (multiplayer) looks absolutely incredible.

And the trophy support just made me drool.

Good work guys, but MAN I can’t wait!

Zaku said:

July 15th, 6:27 pm

Thanks for all the content. Do you happen to have any Soul Calibur IV content to put up as well? :)

DanteX9 said:

July 15th, 6:31 pm

At what time tonight for the video service

APaz said:

July 15th, 6:31 pm

Sweet update!

… hello SSHD co-op gold trophy!

Manny88 said:

July 15th, 6:32 pm

Cool. Keep up the great updates! ^_^

DanteX9 said:

July 15th, 6:34 pm

All in all this is great news hey maybe for the next update you guys can update your flash player cause I like to use my PS3 to go online and shop and I can’t see the products I want to buy at or circuit city cause it says I need to upgrade my flash player dude I’m a Sony fanboy and I like to buy products made by Sony but I can’t if I can’t see them

Fragm said:

July 15th, 6:35 pm

I cant wait for the video service

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