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Jul 15

Jul 15

E3 Day 2 PLAYSTATION Store Update

Ro Hernandez's Avatar Posted by Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

As promised, we’re delivering many (most, really) of the videos seen at today’s PlayStation E3 press conference to the PLAYSTATION Store for your enjoyment.

As announced at the event, the video download service will hit the store tonight, and will *not* require a firmware upgrade. Recent PSP Firmware v4.05 also enabled compatibility with the video service, for taking TV shows and movies on the go.

As far as video of the entire press conference is concerned, we’re working on converting that video now, and will post it on the Store when it’s complete, so you can see everything we showcased today.

We hope you enjoy this fresh E3 update, and we’ll have more for you as the week progresses.

PS3 Store

*Super Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on ($4.99)

Rock Band
* Rock Band The Best of the Who Rock Band Edition Track Pack ($19.99)
(12) individual songs ($1.99/ea)

  • Amazing Journey
  • Baba O’Riley
  • Behind Blue Eyes
  • Eminence Front
  • Going Mobile
  • Leaving Here
  • My Generation
  • Good Looking Boy
  • Sea & Sand
  • Summertime Blues
  • Who Are You?
  • Young Man Blues


  • God of War III
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • Xam’d Lost Memories
  • Buzz PSP
  • Resistance: Retribution
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Siren Blood Curse
  • PAIN Amusement Park
  • Gran Turismo TV
  • MKU vs DCU
  • Blitz The League II
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Resident Evil 5
  • This is Vegas
  • TNA Impact! Wrestling

PC Store


  • Resistance: Retribution
  • Buzz PSP
  • God of War III
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • Xam’d Lost Memories
  • Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Siren Blood Curse
  • PAIN Amusement Park
  • Gran Turismo TV

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Captain Fury said:

July 15th, 9:57 pm

hopefuly they fix this quick…was really looking forward to this :/

eyork said:

July 15th, 9:59 pm

What happened to wipeout??? I saw no mention at E3. Dont tell me thats hosed also!!!!!!

leafs_fan said:

July 15th, 10:06 pm

no love for us canadians?

gbh08 said:

July 15th, 10:07 pm

uk doesnt seem to have the video store either

Would have been polite to mention it was usa only and give a eu release date!


am regretting getting ps3 more and more everyday, sony just seem really lazy and behind

am gonna check out netflix or whatever that thing is xbox got and if they got good vids and its for uk too then im buying one on friday

shoeonmyfoot said:

July 15th, 10:07 pm

y no surround sound?

SpLinT said:

July 15th, 10:11 pm

Where is the KILLZONE vid? i downloaded it but its now removed!

kingv84 said:

July 15th, 10:16 pm

Am again disappointed. I wanted to USE the video store. Am an American living overseas and I can not access content that am allowed to purchase state side. iTunes lets me download US content no matter were am located because I have an American Bank Credit Card with an American Billing address. That is the way itunes checks if you are allowed to purchase content. Sony does it just like MS, checking your stupid IP address. I hate this. Thanks for Nothing SONY and MS.

Bender Rodriguez said:

July 15th, 10:20 pm

Hopefully the Dead Space: Lullaby trailer up and the Resistance 2 newest trailer with the radio broadcast dude are coming soon as well.

shoeonmyfoot said:

July 15th, 10:24 pm

high definition movie…isnt surround sound part of high definition. come on sony i want my surround sound!

wizardpsp said:

July 15th, 10:26 pm

Nice show and africa!! and The PSN cards!!!

consoleboi said:

July 15th, 10:26 pm

I just want to say to the whiners. Please sell your PS3 and get the xbox360 instead. I’m sure you’ll be much happier to pay for live and risk the potential of getting RROD.

I and many others are tired and sick of constantly seeing..where’s this ..where’s that..FFXII *groan*..on this blog.

allme said:

July 15th, 10:28 pm

canada want the video store now, please!!!!!!!!sony, when is it coming?

wizardpsp said:

July 15th, 10:28 pm

PSN cards!!!!

Cordy said:

July 15th, 10:33 pm

@251 When both Kaz and Eric annoucned the Video Store earlier in the month, they both said it would be released first in NA. Think of it like this, NA has the Video Store, EU has GoTV as well as PlayTV and Japan has it’s own service as well. They always say they are expanding the services in each area to match the demand of the consumer. But don’t worry I’m sure other locations will get their Video Store once the respective SCE divisions work all the legal stuff out.

Andronicus said:

July 15th, 10:36 pm

@260 NA includes Canada and the US, there is no psn video store in Canada.

My PSN is X-Ninja said:

July 15th, 10:40 pm

Bull crap! Come on! If you’re going to make a video download store, then make it available EVERYWHERE. Especially Canada. Im not very happy about this at all…

Cordy said:

July 15th, 10:44 pm

@261 I never mentioned anything of Canada because quite frankly I haven’t heard anything. I was replying to that post about EU. The thing is though as grim as it will sound is, lets face it when they mention NA they normally are speaking of the US. That aside, again I’m sure there are differing laws that apply to every country located in NA so they are currently working those out. SCEA is located in the US which is logically why the US has it’s first.

squirtbot said:

July 15th, 10:46 pm

Bought “Close Encounters” movie from the PSN and it doesn’t play. It says “The Copyright Protection Information is Invalid”? Hey, What Gives?

My PSN is X-Ninja said:

July 15th, 10:46 pm

Also, I understand that there are different licences for different countries. A little bit of extra work to make it available for Canadians an Europeans would be nice. Although, that would Delay home… I wouldnt want it to get delayed from the October 2007 release!
Im gonna before i say something ill regret. But i will however ask- “Why am i watching the press conference on gamespot when you said its available on the playstation store?” …Oh yeah. Its not. ???
Why not? Is it that hard to just upload a video? and if it IS that hard… then i think its time to upgrade the playstation store again. But this time, make it easier for YOU then for US.

And please, please, please bring the video store to Canada.

Sorry for sounding rude, but ive been excited for this feature for a long time now. As well as HOME, Killzone, and especially LittleBigPlanet. You lost Final Fantacy – I dont care – but please just dont lose games like M.A.G., or any of your other big games. I know that final fantacy is going to be terrible now that its on the 360. We’ll be getting Dolby Digital sound and compressed video. We’ll be getting no motion sensor controls, and i highly dought that trophies will be implemented.

Anyway… Im gonna repeat myself. PLEASE bring the video store to Canada.

Thank you.

SillyHatMafia said:

July 15th, 10:51 pm

FInal fantasy What?
Oh sorry, i looked up more on alot of games coming and its Sick! i CANT wait for InFamous!

cmargary said:

July 15th, 10:54 pm


I have an xbox and first than the ps3 because came first. The marketplace let me buy anything since the day one in Puerto Rico and they check the IP address too. I just can’t understand why they are blocking us. We have the same laws as NA.

Like I said before, I never talk and beg for nothing here, not even ingame xmb… but when they release a feature that I really wanted because I want to tranfer it to the psp to have it on the go… a feature that the 360 still doesn’t have for the zune then I’m angry as hell. Maybe you don’t because you have it or because you don’t give a damn and you just download movies and don’t pay for it bu I wanted it.

thechosenfew88 said:

July 15th, 11:07 pm

Just finished watching through the Microsoft conference again, and was wondering on the announcement made by Harmonix. According to their press conference, Rock Band 2 was announced to premier exclusive on Xbox 360 this Setpember. Does that cancel out the PS3 and Wii version? Just making sure, because IGN still have Rock Band 2 with version of every platform. But then I’m wondering why was that said at the MS conference…?

smpily said:

July 15th, 11:22 pm

Have to say, I was really excited for the video store. I considered the fact that since I am in Canada there might be a problem however, I was comforted by the fact that Sony and the Playstation store have always included Canada when they say North America. I guess it was too good to be true. I am sure Canada will eventually get a video store that is completely dumbed down with probably no more then 30 videos much like it was on the 360 for months. Which of course is really too bad. As for the bosses of sony I just wish make a suggestion here on the US blog; because for whatever reason there is no Canadian blog. Maybe what you could do and probably fairly cheap is make deals with existing Canadian broadcasters so at least we could get media that is readily available in Canada? Even the 360 has yet to provide Canadians with downloadable tv shows and I think that would greatly boost sales in Canada at least. Just my suggestion I honestly believe Sony listens to these blogs and would love to see a canadian blog one day. To all the US users out there consider yourselves lucky to be such a strong consumer base! ~Good luck and goodnight

Logan Almasy said:

July 15th, 11:26 pm

Everything Sony does these days just ends up feeling too little and too late isn’t it? Resistance is a nice game to fill the schedule, a B+ game to make a release schedule nicer. It is in no way a AAA game the way Final Fantasy is.

The disappointment comes when you see their whole lineup. inFamous, another B+ game and Killzone 2, this one looks great, admittedly, but it’s yet ANOTHER FPS. Where’s the variety Sony?

I never thought I’d say this, but getting an Xbox 360 is a much better deal at this point. Sony is treating its loyal gamers like [DELETE], I’m tired of waiting for delayed and inferior ports.

LiquidSun said:

July 15th, 11:28 pm

When is the Video Store comming to Europe?

And one more think, please stop it with all these first-person-shooters, the PlayStation was never about the FPS’s. Try to focus more on the adventure, action, party, rpg type of games.

Seems like every other game coming is a FPS, I do not buy these games, be it Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Call of Duty, or Massive Action Game.

Logan Almasy said:

July 15th, 11:28 pm

No, Rock Band 2 is still coming to PS3, just later…pretty much the standard nowadays. The PS3 is a second class citizen and Sony is to blame for that.

Logan Almasy said:

July 15th, 11:31 pm


I think it’s time to realize that FPS games is where Sony is focusing this gen. It’s exactly like the original Xbox, all Sony has in mind is to have as many FPS as they can.

Unfortunately they forgot to bring good Japanese third party games to their console. MS, admittedly, did an amazing job of buying their way into the industry and has a much more compelling console now.

I’m just angry when realizing that the whole Square Enix lineup is either exclusive, time exclusive or day and date with the PS3 version.

thechosenfew88 said:

July 15th, 11:36 pm

I think it’s time to pick up a 360. An elite at that. It’s to no surprise that Microsoft is going at it with everything its got. From delivering exclusive games that will only land on 360, to exclusive downloadable content for big games like Grand Theft Auto and Fall Out 3. One thing I will not do is sell my PS3, due to the fact that there will be games on the platform that will be worth playing. Be aware though Sony, because Microsoft is looking to take you out, if not from the whole video game business, then atleast from the top spot in the video game industry.

This is insane. At least I’ll enjoy High Def blu-ray movies on my PS3…

Spartancloud said:

July 15th, 11:36 pm

Is there any news on when or if the video download service will be coming to Canada.

Also i think that they should have announced that the service was only for US residents.

thechosenfew88 said:

July 15th, 11:40 pm

Another thing to pick up a 360, Bungie had an announcement that they aren’t going to mention at this E3… Ugh…more and more good news for 360 owners!

thechosenfew88 said:

July 15th, 11:55 pm

For those wondering what to expect from Sony in the months to come, here is a list of upcoming games.

BUZZ!™ Quiz TV
God of War®3
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Heavy Rain
Killzone™ 2
Motorstorm™: Pacific Rift
NBA ’09 The Inside
Resistance 2™
SingStar ™ Volume 2
SOCOM: U.S Navy SEALs Confrontation

BUZZ! ™ Master Quiz
NBA ’09 The Inside
Resistance: Retribution ™
Super Stardust™ Portable

Fat Princess
Crash Commando
PixelJunk™ Eden
Ragdoll Kung Fu™
Ratchet & Clank® Future: Quest for Booty
Siren: Blood Curse

X820 said:

July 16th, 12:00 am

@^^ Yes we get it, go and buy the 360.

mobiletone said:

July 16th, 12:12 am

any wonder i’ve gone back to buying PS2 RPGs to play on my PS3.

there’s only so many times i can play Oblivion!!

don’t get me wrong, i love driving games and am getting pretty good at FPS (do i have a choice?) but it would be nice to have something… ELSE! y’know.

Onna76_NL said:

July 16th, 12:32 am

Why do I only get the movie logo in the right screen when I open the US store but when I click on it, it doesn’t work? I still don’t see any movies while I hear from friends they’ve already downloaded movies….

korn16ftl said:

July 16th, 1:21 am

why are u all complaining about the exclusives there were a lot of exclusives talked about on E3 one has my intrest hard core MAG who cares what is multi platform like FF there only doin it cuz if thay do thay just make more $$ not to hurt any industry just to make the game sell more copys 3erd party game makers hurt more than any thing there the ones that decide to multi-platform take RE4 for example it started as an exclusive but later went multi platform cool ure jets people just get this damn hard ware working right

korn16ftl said:

July 16th, 1:32 am

” thechosenfew88 | July 15th, 2008 at 11:40 pm

Another thing to pick up a 360, Bungie had an announcement that they aren’t going to mention at this E3… Ugh…more and more good news for 360 owners!”

who cares what bungie has to announce i hate them and halo and i own a 360 i own them all just for certin exclusive games (360 for gears wii for zelda and ps3 for gran turismo killzone MAG and other major sony exclusives that arent on other platforms)

shoeonmyfoot said:

July 16th, 1:34 am

i cant play my rented video over remote play

Edu said:

July 16th, 2:01 am

I disappointed about PS3 not have RPG’S. Any E3 demo coming to PSN?

nikrix8 said:

July 16th, 2:21 am

Honestly, I was shocked when I heard that FF was going over to 360 since I bought my ps3 largely based on this series. Now that they lost this exclusive this is a huge let down. When is the PS3 coming out with some high quality RPG’s that the company’s known for? FPS are fun but lose their momentum fast and generally are too similar to one another. Anyone know or are RPG’s moving to the 360.

chronos5 said:

July 16th, 2:24 am

this may not be the place but i wanted to know if we will get the video service in mexico, there’s no option to make a mx psn account so i have a usa account but since sony reads the IP i can’t rent movies like americans can, so is that it nothing because i’m not american or whats gonna happen

BadBoyyy said:

July 16th, 2:38 am

But i don’t understand, Sony!!! look at the fans and listening what all peoples her need! No fps, 4 us need jrpg, rpg, adventure and ps rpg classics!!! And why you not listening????

mattyInkWell said:

July 16th, 2:59 am

All you people complaining about “jrpg” and mmorpglmnops need to team up and create a studio and STFU already!!!!!!

Romzen said:

July 16th, 3:15 am

I hope the trophy patch for Uncharted is coming as soon as possible.

unclemonty said:

July 16th, 3:39 am


This is what it’s like for overseas customers all the time. 6 months later we get new features (if at all) and we pay at least twice as much for the pleasure. It’s a global industry, there is no greater ‘cost of doing business’ rubbish, there’s no excuse for the lack of parity in availability and pricing.

Great huh?

HaKkErO said:

July 16th, 3:51 am

Please fix the prices for the video store. $4 for a half-hour epdisode RENTAL of Xam’d is too much. You’re gonna make me go broke.

Fersis said:

July 16th, 4:25 am

Well, i know that all European users are angrey about delay and stuff.
But the sad truth is that games and apps and movies ,are delayed because on Europe theres a lot of languages.
So a game must be tested on all those languages.
Ill sugest to make a US PSN account.

SpikeDelight said:

July 16th, 4:36 am

Are there any plans to release any of the demos displayed on the show floor? I would be very interested in playing some of those.

digerdan9 said:

July 16th, 4:43 am

will the playstation store videos feature ever be avaible outside the USA??

Onna76_NL said:

July 16th, 4:44 am

@Fersis | July 16th, 2008 at 4:25 am

So have I but it doesn’t work for video download, IP is being blocked when you’re outside the US. Even when you’re from Canada you can’t download movies fom the US PSN store, while Canada falls in the NTSC US region. Probably has to do with national legalization in each country.

ProroK said:

July 16th, 4:47 am


I am European myself and i still cant understand this language thing.. and why it is soooo important, they translate thing only for 17 or so languages, and many countries are left out, it would be much much MUUUCH better and faster if games were realesed only in English.. i would be rejoiced.

TO SONY: I feel hurt, 0 informations that euros wont get it, 0 info when we will get it, and stupid regionalization thing.. Euros cant even acces the video store trough American PSN account.. ehh sony…

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