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Jul 15

Jul 15

PlayStation Press Conference Liveblog @ E3 2008

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1.04 – “If this is year 2 of the PS3 life cycle, imagine what year 10 will bring.” Jack signs off. What did you think?

1.02 – MAG trailer shown. It bears repeating – 256 players! Land and air battles going on (with paratroopers), really, it’s pretty huge. Big applause.

12.59 – A brand new game revealed for the first time – MAG. Andy Beaudoin from Zipper Interactive details this Massive Action Game (get it?). MAG will support up to 256 players (!) MAG is squad-based, with teams broken down into 8 players, with fine-tuned soldier types, ongoing campaigns and character growth.

12.58 – InFamous – it’s up to you to save or destroy an entire city. Trailer shown with in-game footage. Looks awesome, though I invite you to judge for yourself when you see the video. Out Spring 09.

12.57 – Now a look of what’s to come: God of War III trailer shown! “In the end, there will be only chaos.”

12.55 – Now to show the games, in montage: LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, 007 Quantum of Solace, SOCOM Confrontation, Ghostbusters, Soul Calibur IV (Vader!!), Resistance 2, The Agency, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Mirror’s Edge, Resident Evil 5, Singstar, Guitar Hero World Tour, NBA 09 The Inside, Buzz! Quiz TV, Killzone 2, Fallout 3, Valkyria Chronicles, and more.


12.51 – Developers from Treyarch, EA Tiburon, Ubisoft, Bethesda, 2K Marin, and Lucas Arts are shown on video talking about how much more they’ve learned about programming for the PS3, and how that’s going to pay off in games like Far Cry 2, The Force Unleashed, Prince of Persia, Call of Duty World at War, Madden NFL 09, and Fallout 3. “We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what PS3 is capable of.”

12.48 – New Hardware package: the 80 GB Core Pack coming this fall $399 – 40 more GB at that price, plus DualShock 3.

12.46 – Lee: “You can stop imagining now.” Video shown featuring lots of DC Legends like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, and more.

12.43 – Mr. Lee is a HUGE MMO fan, been playing since Everquest began… so this is a dream project for him. “Imagine being able to create your own superhero… and help Batman take on the Joker… that’s a cool image.”

12.41 – SOE – Sony Online Entertainment – bringing titles to PlayStation 3. Jim Lee (of comic book fame) on stage now to preview DC Universe online. He’s doing 1-armed push-ups. Don’t hurt your inking hand!

12.39 – “Let’s return to PLAYSTATION 3” – Life with PlayStation will provide live news, weather, and more and it’ll be available by the end of the month.


12.35 With an install base of over 35 million worldwide, many more PSP games are on the way. Montage shown, featuring Patapon 2, The Force Unleashed, Super Stardust Portable, Madden 09, LocoRoco 2, NBA 09 The Inside, Lego Batman, and Buzz Master Quiz.

12.33 – For the first time ever revealed – Resistance for PSP… Resistance Retribution! Out Spring 2009.

12.31 – On to the PSP – announcing a new PSP Entertainment Pack – in October we’ll launch the Ratchet & Clank Size Matters pack, which includes the PSP-2000, National Treasure 2, a 1GB memory card, and echochrome.

12.30 – Eric demonstrates how to copy movies to the PSP. You can do this either through a PS3, or through the PC Store. BTW, this video download service will be available TONIGHT (applause). We’ll be adding new titles each week.

12.29 – “How long will it take to download an SD movie?” The answer is about an hour for a 2 hour movie. However, with progressive downloading, you can begin watching your video almost instantaneously.

12.25 – Eric Lempel takes the stage (you remember him, right), to show a live demo of the video download service – it’s part of the existing PLAYSTATION Store – there’s a new video tab. Each studio has a page. Eric shows how to buy, rent, or preview a movie.

12.23 – Jack talks about the new video download service. On Day 1 – Sony Pictures, Fox, MGM, Lions Gate, Warner Brothers, Disney, and more will have content available. A huge differentiator – you can take movies and tv on the go via PSP.


12.19 – Jack Tretton PlayStation Home: “Your patience will be more than rewarded.” We’ve got great publisher support on game-specific spaces. A new video is debuted showing more of what Home’s experience will be all about.

12.17 – Gran Turismo TV introduced – racing video content coming to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, shows like Top Gear and other original content in Hi Def. Gearheads will definitely be all over this. Lots of international content. Launches August 1st.

12.14 – Jack Tretton: “We’re not interested in filling up our store with games that nobody wants to play, just so we can say ‘we have the most games.'” He follows this up with a trailer showing a number of upcoming PSN games like PixelJunk Eden, Fat Princess, Crash Commando, PAIN Amusement Park, Flower, Ragdoll Kung-Fu and Siren: Blood Curse.

12.11 – 180 million pieces of downloaded content since launch. New stuff coming to the PLAYSTATION Store – Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty. “Like a summer blockbuster – high quality, less expensive.” Q4B will answer the questions to Clank’s disappearance at the end of RCF: Tools of Destruction. Price will be $14.99.

12.09 – PLAYSTATION Network – we’re instituting a single sign on this fall – online on a PC, a PSP, PS3. Check your friends list on a PC (I think a few of you have asked for that).

12.07 – New PS2 bundle coming this fall – a new Lego Batman Bundle, along with a Justice League movie, for $149.

12.03 – Let’s talk about PS2: More than 130 new titles coming to PS2. Not bad for a 9 year old system.

12.01 – Among the announcements – we’re turning our attentions to Latin America… and a announcement of PS3 Greatest Hits. Huge applause for sackboy, Alex, and LBP!

11.58 – Alex Evans of Media Molecule is out on the stage to help Jack work through the business side of things… more on this later…


11.56 – Ted has left the stage, Jack Tretton is back out to talk about user generated content. “We’ve seen a glimpse of that future – it’s called LittleBigPlanet.”

11.54 – More, even huger enemies/ships shown in an R2 video. An Idaho location has been mentioned as well. Add that to Chicago, San Francisco, and the California redwood forests.

11.53 – PS video from the Press Conference will be available on PSN, you’ll wanna make sure to see this.

11.51 – Did I mention this thing is huge? Cheers from the audience as the live demo ends.

11.50 – Ted is taking on a 300 foot leviathan (you may have read about this in GamePro) with a rocket launcher. On paper it’s one thing – in full motion, it’s something else entirely…

11.48 – Here’s a look at Resistance 2, Ted Price from Insomniac Games takes the stage.

11.46 – Jack Tretton: “If PlayStation in 2007 was all about hardware, PlayStation in 2008 is all about software.”

11.45 – Jack Tretton: “The PLAYSTATION 3 is the most complete and future-proof Blu-ray player available.”

PlayStation Press Conference

11.41 – OK back in my seat, as CEO Jack Tretton reacquaints us with the history of PlayStation and Sony Computer Entertainment. “We take a longer look ahead.”

The press conference is just about to get started and I’m up on stage playing Metal Gear Solid 4. You might be able to see me as soon as G4 starts their live video stream (look to the left side of the stage).

I’ll keep updating this post with news from the event, so check back often or keep your eyes on our twitter feed for the latest.

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Vinclive said:

July 15th, 5:02 pm

Hey guys! When is the Video Store launching? I was planning on loading one movie tonight. And is it launching in all regions simultaneously? I noticed I received an email saying the use terms have changed…


July 15th, 5:06 pm

How the hell can you guys whine??
What else could you want?

Playstation pratically spoonfed us with the 2.41 and 2.42 updates. They listened to our feedback, and fixed everything accordingly. They even made a blog to keep us updated. Great games were seen for the first time, we saw amazing trailers and gameplay, and they even presented us with a movie and tv show feature that comes out tonight. They even promised us a GOW3, and showed us one of the biggest staples in online gaming to ever come out… that supports 256 players. Whats next, 1000?

What the hell is wrong with you people.

What if we were XBOX 360 fans? They just got Gears of War 2 and Halo 512,384,761,283,974 or whatever sequel it is. And thats it. Literally.

What about if we were Nintendo fans?
First of all, theirs was presented by some annoying soccer mom that presented to us practically nothing for the serious gamers. Oh, but they introduced a snowboarding game, and Wii Music that sounded like crap, even though it looks effortless to play. Not only that, we heard nothing about it, because the speaker was about 98 percent Japanese.

Sony and Playstation DOMINATED this E3, and you guys STILL whine. I dont get it.

footballmanic15 said:

July 15th, 5:07 pm


ryuzx said:

July 15th, 5:07 pm

Regarding FFVII remake, I think Square-Enix has a lot already on its plate—DS remakes for Dragon Quest 4-6, Chrono Trigger DS re-release, Last Remnant for 3 systems, Final Fantasy XIII for 2 systems, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, those stupid cell phone/iPod games, Star Ocean 1 and 2 remakes for PSP, Star Ocean for 360, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children bluray release, and Infinite Undiscovery for 360 are known… I don’t think FFVII is far enough into development yet to reveal (and overshadow XIII, etc).

I’d be happy if they’d release that FF8/9 card game on PSN or somewhere with online play.

orange-taiko said:

July 15th, 5:08 pm


Diomedes’ worry is that a small install base with low attach rates will lose 3rd party support. You can’t grow an install base without compelling products.

FF XIII was well worth choosing over a dozen other lower quality RPGs on the 360, but if you don’t have to make that choice to forgo them why do it? Just get the 360.

IMO, Sony needed a $299 SKU or something like a new Bungie IP to counter. Sony as a company doesn’t seem committed to winning. MS takes a $1B charge and shells our $50M for DLC for at least GTA IV. A $100 cut could grow your install base by 10 million before you take the same hit as MS, then you could recoup with royalties on titles.

hnbeanz said:

July 15th, 5:10 pm

As a PS3 owner (without the blinkers on), who was truly gob smacked about what happened today???

360 owners had their moment… Where was ours?

God Of War 3
Killzone 2

I know about them. What I want want (as a PS3 owner) and what could’ve been a saving grace moment would have been release dates.
I’m not going to get started on FFXIII. It’s on the PS3 right? So whats the crying about.

It’s the “FFVII Re-Made will be out on PS3 in 2009” moment or “Killzone 2 out in December. 2009 we were only kidding”.

I won’t totally put down Sony for what happened, but like I said…

360 had it’s moment with the FFXIII. What’s was Sony’s?

lanod said:

July 15th, 5:10 pm

Not bad, but where is Final Fantasy VII remke exclusive for PS3?

must wait TGS2008?

dmode71 said:

July 15th, 5:10 pm

the_terrorizer…you are deluded if you think Sony owned the show?

Just how exactly?

Did you even see GOW2?! it seriously rocked!

Where were all the fall releases? the RPGs? the exclusives? the big surprises?

Dominated the show?! are you from the midwest or something?

ryuzx said:

July 15th, 5:21 pm

#502, Terrorizer –
Really? That’s all you got? First, no Halo was even mentioned at the E3, what was:
Fallout 3 DLC – exclusive to 360
Gears of War 2
Fable 2
New system update redesigning dashboard
Avatars (which will most likely get released before Home)
Live Primetime – game show games to win real prizes
XBLA games – Uno Rush, Geometry Wars 2, Galaga Legions, Portal 2, South Park, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie (plus whatever else, since they release these around one or two a week)
XNA Community games (preview they had a few months ago was nice)
Netflix partnership for a video service PS3 STILL doesn’t have up yet
GTA4 DLC exclusive to 360
Rare: Banjo 3 & Viva Pinata 2
Scene-it, You’re in the Movies, and Lips—silly crap, but people will most likely play it
Rock Band 2 timed exclusive for 360
Square Enix: Infinite Undiscovery 360 exclusive, Star Ocean 4 (timed?) 360 exclusive, Last Remnant timed 360 exclusive, and Final Fantasy XIII “stolen”

So, no, that isn’t it. Literally. And sure, some of it I don’t like and I don’t expect you to like, but there was more to their conference than what you falsely claimed.

lol, but I won’t even bother defending Nintendo’s poor showing– I was disappointed. But their systems are basically printing money, so I guess they aren’t crying to the bank because of what we think of their crap presentation.

tsukasa1288 said:

July 15th, 5:23 pm

very nice, except for the lack of a backwards compatible ps3 left on the market. i always use my ps3 to play ps2 games because they look so great on the ps3 and my hd tv. plus its a pain in my ass to have to rehook my ps2 all the time. please don’t nix the backwards compatibility completely.

Joe said:

July 15th, 5:26 pm

Wow I hate to sound like a troll I never have been. I loved Sony and the PS3 but after lossing FFXIII and this E3 today I am being one and I don’t want to be but because you are acting how you are Sony I have too.

Well I want to say I just heard more bad new you are taking out the 80 gig which every one wants more then the 40 gig.

You take out the 80 gig and give people a 40 gig dressed as an 80 gig. People want the memory card slots plus the being able to play PS1 and PS2 games on the PS3. So why are you taking it out. Keep it on the PS3.

Put more PS1 and PS2 games on PSN. Plus put more PSP games on PSN. Plus ask more devs to make games for PSP on the PSN only. Also Tiki Games has a great idea about bringing Galaxy’s End to PSN to play on the PSP and I think other devs should do this too. Make it happen.

I want to be able to get on PSN from the PSP make it happen.

Were is the camera for the PSP in the US. Were is the Eye Toy for the PSP in the US.

Why do Japan get all the good PSP games.

Launch LocoRoco 2 and Patapon 2 as 20 dollars. Plus have more PSP games launch as 20 dollars.

Were were your Show stealers. MS had FFXIII you had nothing. Make E3 09 great.

Buy Insomniac They make great games and you need them. Stop making Home and make games. I have been in the beta and am waiting for that thing that makes Home awesome. It is not great at all and I thought the idea was great but i have been in the beta and its not great. Make games instead of that.

Please Sony I still love you but I need to know you still care about me.

hnbeanz said:

July 15th, 5:32 pm

@ 509

Really could have not said it better myself.

Ranma said:

July 15th, 5:33 pm

Amen Joe. I just don’t know why they think lowering the price of an 80 gig would move more PS3s than having it be the exclusive console of FFXIII. I had so many friends say “I want a PS3 for Metal Gear” when it came out, so exclusives definetely sell systems, Sony.

I love Sony, it’s all I’ve owned for the last three generations, and I’ll support them through and through. I just don’t want to see them make the same blunders that Sega did. Great consoles need great games, and Sony has some fantastic ones, but we need games that are “ours” and not “everyones” to help build the brand.

WinterWolf said:

July 15th, 5:49 pm

Does the new 80GB core PS3 featured at E3 have backward Compatibility?

Vassago said:

July 15th, 6:00 pm

all this a really nice seriously you guys do a amazing job !!!! But i sadly said what the hell you do to let the micro!@#$ get the ffXIII, from the start its supose to be a exclusive, you guy will deceive a lot of people outthere :( maybe micro#$%^ put to much money on the table, anyway for me sure i will buy, im a ff fan, but i just hope it will be a portage for bobox and not the inverse. Anyway beside of this just bring more ps1 games, more visual for ps3 ( its already coming for psp, big thank to you guys ) and keep up the good work.

Vassago said:

July 15th, 6:06 pm

and # 513 say the truth :) sony listen to us please, and just one last thing look how all the bobox player dont care about ffXIII when its supose to be exclusive and now they anounce it on their bo@#$% and all the bo@$#% player jump of joy and laugh at us PSfan :( that sooo sad, lol now i will be not surprise to see MGS on the bobox of @$#%, and why not Zelda and Mario by the way…….

Vinclive said:

July 15th, 6:09 pm


No it doesn’t kotaku confirmed it

convicsik said:

July 15th, 6:14 pm

Part of me wants to defend Sony, and the other part wants to scream …

In Sony’s defense : They are putting their money into first party titles that will stay exclusives, like M.A.G., Rachet, The Agency, Resistance, Killzone, LBP ect. These are games that no other console will have, which is a smart move considering 3rd party exclusives don’t stay exclusive, and the money is better spent on a product you know is yours, rather than a product thats only yours for a few months.

To Rant though : While Sony certainly doesn’t need 3rd parties to get gamers, the money they are investing into these First Party titles need to be STRONG, to build new franchises or bring back existing ones.

– God of War 3 is awesome ….. but you spent about 20 seconds on it, why not build more hype ?
– Home has been touted since nearly launch, and still not even a release date ?
– Again, M.A.G looked interesting, so why blow it over so fast ??
– If Microsoft’s “BIG GUN” at E3 (An American trade show) was FFXIII, A JRPG ….. then why are you holding back on showing games like White Knight and ICO 3 ?? We know they exist so why wait till TGS ??
– Where the hell was Twisted Metal ?

tsaksyapune said:

July 15th, 6:53 pm

psn and psp rules and gow3 plus mag. seriously though if you want your jrpg and jap games wait next month for SE’s party then septembers TGS. sony won e3 again!!!!!!
add me yo, AguilarX

gbh08 said:

July 15th, 6:59 pm

will the uk get the video service at the same time?

mustaphadamus said:

July 15th, 7:18 pm


No direspect brother but that is just daft argument. I mean come on, look at this list


Ratchet and clank : Quest for Booty Bay

SIREN: Blood Curse

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift


God Of War 3

Resistance 2

Little Big Planet

Kill Zone 2



Uncharted 2

Gran Turismo

Heavy Rain

Tekken 6

White Knight Chronicles

Dark Cloud 3

Versus 13

Disgaea 3

Valkyria Chronicles,

Those are just SOME of the PS3 exclusives. To try and argue that there are not enough exclusive games worth buying on the PS3 is just plan retarded. People never cease to display the fact they can not think critically.

Only thing I want to see is a improved GUI for the xmb. Like the gamer cards, i hate the look of them with a passion. I hate the look of the trophies with a passion to. They need to make them look like that phil harrison mock up that was showing back at GDC 07 i think it was.

ODLdragonjoe said:

July 15th, 7:20 pm


I own both an Xbox 360 Elite and a 40 gig PS3. You can’t call me a fanboy just for saying what I am about to say.

Actual post:

Microsoft’s show impressed me. I love what they’re doing with the interface of the Xbox 360, and all of their heavy hitters for this fall look as good as I could expect them to look. I got really excited to see what Sony had to announce…they had to combat the Netflix news and the FF13 exclusivity loss with SOMETHING, right?

Well, I just got home from work today, and all I have to get excited about are a few trailers. MAG sounds like a cool idea, but it seems like Sony didn’t announce much about it. The movie store isn’t a big deal…I don’t have a PSP (meaning that the main draw of Sony’s movie store, the ability to put movies on your PSP, is lost on me), and the only real reason I have to be interested in one is the new Resistance game coming out for it next year. The God of War trailer showed us absolutely nothing.

I’m not saying that Sony had a bad E3 show, by any means. It trounces their horrid $599, massive damage, can’t fly in Warhawk with the Sixaxis E3 show from a couple years back. But still…Microsoft’s show was just so much better in every way. I’m still looking forward to playing LBP, Resistance 2, and SOCOM this year, but this year’s E3 showing didn’t give me a very good feeling for the PS3’s future after those games come out.

bahamot said:

July 15th, 7:38 pm

“Sony and Playstation DOMINATED this E3, and you guys STILL whine. I dont get it.”

You’re kidding right?! Sony had just lost one of the big title: “FFXIII”. It’s really a shame they didn’t do anything to keep it exclusive.

findaway said:

July 15th, 7:43 pm

Sometimes i just cant understand people, then i realize i dont have to. Its impossible to please everyone.

Im a bit disappointed to see an overwhelming amount of negative, doom and gloom comments and insults thrown at Sony. To be honest, im happy with the press conference.

MS put up a decent show yesterday, they did. FF XIII was big. But i dont see why people would come here raving at Sony for not seeing a similar annoucement.

In their minds, they were hoping Gears 2 will be on PS3 too or something along those lines, God only knows what.

Say what you will about today’s conference, its your opinion and im not here to change it. Just asking to show a little more gratitude and be grateful for the things we DO get.

Avro2007 said:

July 15th, 7:46 pm

Hey Jeff I have a question for you about the PS video store that was not mentioned at the E3 conference, Will the store be accessible in Canada and if so will it have the same video content as distributed on the states? The reason I ask is because when it was first officially talked about they had said United States.

Thanks :D

hex said:

July 15th, 7:50 pm

It is because Sony are complete f’ing morons.
Tretton is the nicest guy, but he is a pathetic showman.
God of War 3 should have been built up and been a home run but no the idiot throws the name Kratos out right at the beginning and then give 30 second to GOW3 and instead end on the stupid MAG game which will be a colossal failure.
It does not matter if it is an old trailer, IT WOULD HAVE MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
Also you do NOT say “we are focusing on software and then spend most of the show talking about movie downloads and google crap.
Not only that but they showed MGS4 more than four times….WE GET IT, GREAT GAME BUT IT WON’T SAVE YOU.

hex said:

July 15th, 7:53 pm

And “Just asking to show a little more gratitude and be grateful for the things we DO get.”

I paid $599 f’ing dollars for the system.
Be grateful for what we do get?
Are you SERIOUS?
Sony owes US, not the other way around.
WE are the ones who spend our money and pay their god damned paychecks.
WE are the ones whose word of mouth makes more difference than any advertising.
Sony IS not untouchable, and they sure as hell need a reality check.

subtalvik said:

July 15th, 7:56 pm

Sony, that conference was AMAZING!!!!! The way you did those stats with LittleBigPlanet was just genius! How many awesome games did they show bacause I lost count lol, Ragdoll Kung Foo!!! MAG! 256 players! AHHHH!!!!!!

subtalvik said:

July 15th, 7:59 pm

Almost forgot, who cares if FFXIII is multiplatform. I don’t, I’ve always said for over ten years that I don’t like turn based combat, so it’s a win situation here! For that one lost exclusive, you brought out 20 more, that makes up for it.

thingg said:

July 15th, 8:13 pm

Honestly, I didn’t think it was too bad.
They only showed one game that won’t be out by next March (we hope) and that one looks like it will be worth the wait. (256 player online O_o) The dev montage was embarrassing, but they made up for it with the LBP sales presentation. (pure genius!) Also, I was very impressed with all the stuff they’re going to be doing online. Most of those games they showed in the montage look really fun. (and how does Insomniac do it all???!!!) Impressive support for the movie download service too, with only Universal not represented of the Big Six. Disappointments were no date for Home and no BC in the new 80GB model.

Also, for those of you who say M$’s was soooo much better. Let me lay it out for you: it wasn’t. All they did was the same as Sony did (show a lot of games you’ve known about for ages) BUT they had no answer for all the PSN games that will be coming out and Sony showed a HECK of a lot more games that M$ did. And Sony didn’t come up with a brilliant idea (the avatars) that coincidentally is the same as something that has been on another console for more than 20 months. The first 88 minutes of M$’s conference were maybe 4/10. Of course FFXIII bumps it up to 7-8/10.

Overall, I say Sony’s conference was 6-7/10. Which is a little worse than M$’s (overall) 7.5/10, but better than Nintendo’s 2-3/10.

thingg said:

July 15th, 8:14 pm

Also, I should clarify that I really don’t like RPGs that much, thus skewing me toward Sony and away from M$ this time around

hex said:

July 15th, 8:20 pm

“but better than Nintendo‚Äôs 2-3/10.”

Very much agreed

Gabeusmc said:

July 15th, 8:28 pm

Yes. the PS3 will smash the [DELETED] out of 360 for good now. Its time for PS3 to rise and 360 to fall. bye bye 360. Blu Ray all the way

trdmatrix88 said:

July 15th, 8:38 pm

I know it may be a bit of a stretch, but I think Sony would be able to combat Microsoft’s partnership with netflix by releasing a subscription service to the Video store. I currently have blockbuster online’s 3 at a time for $20 bucks a months, if they charge something like that and put similar restrictions on rental content (even if they charge a bit more for the in your living room convenience, lets say $25-30), I think they’d have something on the market that neither iTunes nor Microsoft’s video download service has. They would be setting the precedent and be the first to capture the market in such a manner.

I’m sure content would only be playable on an “activated” system (one activated PS3 with the owner’s PSN ID linked to it as well as an activated PSP, this is to avoid copyright infringement and such), but I’d definetely pay $25-30per month on a recurring billing cycle. Most people I know will initially be hyped with the video store and download a movie or two, but eventually people will be become very stingy with their purchases (due to the prices) and I highly doubt they would be spending anywhere near $25-30/month on the video store on individual rentals.

Please read this Sony, bring us a subscription service!

proevofan9 said:

July 15th, 8:51 pm

Any chances of more info on the mentioned focus on the Latin American market? Will this mean the possibility of making Latin American PSN accounts? This is something I really need, same with a lot of other people.

40cal said:

July 15th, 8:57 pm

Speech less. Great showing.

Oh, and this FFXIII buzz, whats up with that? FFXIII Versus is still PS3 exclusive–a0004226-p0.php
and the 360 version looks to be late and gimped.

So we still get Final Fantasy XIII, Sony still gets exclusive Versus XIII, its a win win, and good business.

Xanog said:

July 15th, 9:01 pm

An excellent conference overall.

I would have hoped for more on-stage demos, but the God of War 3, Resistance PSP, and other announcements are still great.

I was surprised that Killzone wasn’t demoed but Resistance 2 was.

It is easy to say that M.A.G. was the biggest announcement of the bunch though. Way too awesome to be true, and yet it is.

4n4rchy said:

July 15th, 9:04 pm

Yahoo! thought Sony’s conference was the best, as well!

notmarealname said:

July 15th, 9:06 pm

no rpgs…

sony, u need to realize rpg’s are the ones that made ps2 so good.

it seems like things are the other way around now… xbox 360 getting all the rpg’s and ps3 being a system of shooters…

cmon sony……. actualy be smart

im starting to regret my ps3

4n4rchy said:

July 15th, 9:06 pm

Check the yahoo homepage, they liked the conference too!

walls99 said:

July 15th, 9:07 pm

I liked the conference except for one thing.

You guys are seriously idiots, no actually retards if you are removing BC from the PS3 for good by introducing the new 80 GB to replace the current 40GB model. The genius who came up with this idea should be fired. I hope the Sony fan base gets to know his name some day.

Neil said:

July 15th, 9:09 pm

I was there!

pascal_f1 said:

July 15th, 9:26 pm

After that conference, I thought : “Wow, Sony blew away everyone else”. Then, I went to the PSN store to download my first movie and…surprise!!! Nothing!!! Why in the blue hell does Canada get left out on that!?

Pohlio said:

July 15th, 9:37 pm

wait whats MAG? my damn dvr ended it short…

4n4rchy said:

July 15th, 9:43 pm

MAG is Massive Action Game
up to 256 players at once,
Separated into squads of 8.
Looks really amazing IMO

Pohlio said:

July 15th, 9:44 pm

hey thingg.
insomniac is just that damn awsome seriously
there games are so great i still play ratchet and clank 2,3,and 4 i enjoy them so much still….(even thought my ps3 runs them slow!)

Pohlio said:

July 15th, 9:45 pm

awsome… id buy that game(mag)

4n4rchy said:

July 15th, 9:54 pm

Yeah man its like COD4 but with alot more people, definately buying that, along with PJ Eden, Resistance2, Littlebigplanet, Fallout3 and GOW3

dewmandew7 said:

July 15th, 9:58 pm

And PS2 BC is gone…

4n4rchy said:

July 15th, 10:17 pm

You could always import a 60GB model..

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