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Jul 16

Jul 16

Link Your PlayStation Underground and PLAYSTATION Network Identities

Chris Hagedorn's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Rewards Team

We wanted to share with you the new ability to add more convenience to your PLAYSTATION Network experience by linking your PlayStation Underground ID with your PLAYSTATION Network ID.

The PlayStation Underground is the community of PlayStation fans you join by creating an account on or by registering a PlayStation product. As an Underground member, you can participate in community forums and manage your account on Underground members are also kept “in the know” about new games, hardware, events and contests—so you can maximize your PlayStation experience.

Linking your IDs is a new feature on that allows you to make the connection between your Underground ID on, and your PLAYSTATION Network ID that you use for online gaming. So, for example, the people you play with online (using your PSN ID) will be able to read the forum posts you’ve made on (using your Underground ID) and see that you are the same person. Once you’re linked up you’ll also receive a PSN ID graphic including your Avatar and “About Me” Message that has been made portable for the Web.

Having an ID that you can post on your favorite social networking sites and gaming communities allows you to amp up your visibility throughout the PlayStation universe. You can use your beloved (or feared) PSN ID wherever you go on the web and everyone from your buddies on your Friend List to newbie gaming challengers will know you by your PSN ID. For complete details, go here and read all about it. From there, it’s pretty easy to get started linking up.

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4n4rchy said:

July 18th, 10:58 am

already did it :p

effy said:

July 18th, 12:29 pm

What about G.A.P Members. will this be a way to treat gappers with specialized content or there beta invites through PSN with there linked PSN ID with there PSU ID?

SevenFactors said:

July 18th, 1:20 pm

@ #152

That is a good idea. Lets hope they answer that.

artofwar420 said:

July 18th, 4:07 pm

This is cool, all it needs is the ability to view trophies, other profile things, and finally a more separate, or clearly define page for all these things.

3rdamention said:

July 18th, 5:55 pm

Could someone from Sony please chime in about all of us who accidentally linked to the wrong PSN ID?

There are already Playstation Underground users who have done this who have posted in this thread. There is also a HUGE list of people who have also done this on the Official Playstation Network forums. Nobody seems to want to help.

I have emailed SCEA Customer Service 2 times, and I recieved a confirmation email saying I should get a response withing 24 to 48 hours and it has now been 4 days and I have received no response from them.

This is really dissapointing to me to be linked to a PSN ID that I have never logged one game with, and nobody at Sony wants to help. We have been emailing Customer Service, Posting on the Forums, Posting in this Blog, and we have yet to receive 1 single email or blog post pertaining to this issue that was NOT an automated response that had NOTHING to do with this issue.

What a great way to treat long time Playstation Underground Members (I have been a member for 12 years and running, since 1996) and GAP Members (I have been a member since 2002).

Infinity1911 said:

July 19th, 7:29 am

I wish someone from support would respond soon. 3 Days and not one word on my support ticket either.

A blog response from someone at Sony saying that they are aware of the problem and that they’re working on it would be good at this point.

3rdamention said:

July 19th, 6:41 pm

Could someone from The Official Blog, Sony, Customer Service, The Playstation Network, Jack Trenton, SOMEONE please go THIS THREAD RIGHT HERE on the Official Playstation Network Forum and read about all of the people who accidentally linked to the wrong PSN ID. There is a quote by Jack Trenton reported today that he cares about the little people, would be nice for this thought to resonate through Sony cause the little people are getting completely ignored right now. There is a huge list of people, they are continuously getting ignored by Customer Service or getting automatic emails. Nobody is willing to directly address this issue. Sony could you please clean this up before it becomes so news story on Kotaku or Maxconsole?

Here is a link to the thread:

3rdamention said:

July 20th, 9:05 am

Well, it is now Day 6 without Customer Service responding to my email about accidentally linking to the wrong PSN ID. I was supposed to get a response in 24-48 hours.

The linking your Underground Account to your PSN ID is just a ridiculous system.

You simply type in the email and password of a PSN ID you could have created 2 years ago, and you are immediately linked to an account whether you wanted it to be that account or not. YOu dont get a confirmation screen asking “Are you sure you want to link to this PSN ID?” They dont tell you it is permanent, it does not say it anywhere. You are not forced to read a Terms of Service that explains this link could be permanent. It feels incredibly thrown together and the customer service for linking to the wrong PSN ID was not thrown together at all. They just ignore you!

I hope that as the list of users who accidentally linked to the wrong account grows, someone will actually respond to us and help us straighten this out. Right now it looks like Sony is saying “Oh it is just several dozen people, we will wait before we do anything! We simply will not respond to emails or anything, lets just wait!”

I hope this is not Sony’s stand on this, however, perception is reality and by ignoring all of your customers/members, it is looking like Sony simply does not care right now!

Legendary_89_ said:

July 25th, 5:59 am

I linked the wrong psn too, this really should get fixed, come on!

Legendary_89_ said:

July 25th, 6:01 am

I linked the wrong psn too, this really should get fixed!!

seafea said:

July 25th, 12:22 pm

No word on this, still? Help, Sony!

Reapman said:

July 25th, 6:41 pm

Linked to the wrong ID… considering my PS3 is in the shop not like I even had a CHANCE to know which PSN ID I was singing up.. I had a 50/50 chance, and guessed wrong. Sony I appreciate that you don’t want constant linking/unlinking, but a once every 30 days, or even a one time only and add a “ARE YOU SURE THIS IS THE RIGHT PSN ID? THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE?” with big font and sirens going off might help…

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