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Jul 21

Jul 21

E3 Coverage on from the Gamer Advisory Panel

Chris Hagedorn's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Rewards Team

As in past years, we once again invited members of PlayStation’s Gamer Advisory Panel to E3 to produce their own video reports on the goings on. This year’s GAP “reporters” are Colin and Trina.


PlayStation Gamer Advisory Panel members Colin and Trina are veteran E3 correspondents, and this year (like always) they’re in top form. Check out their video segments on

Here’s their recap on what the experience meant to them:


It’s Friday and I’m back at the office, missing E3 already. The running around, the intense passion, and the small meeting room are all just a memory now. Before E3 started I made a promise to myself to act professional, to not act like a fan girl. But when you meet so many amazing people, and talk about something that you are so passionate about every day, how do you not geek out? It was an amazing week, but there are some highlights that make my inner fan girl happy.

Interviewing Alex Evans about LittleBigPlanet and discussing the excitement for the upcoming release of the title was definitely a great moment. He is extremely nice and very curious about where people will take LittleBigPlanet. I spent about fifteen minutes talking with the guys responsible for PlayStation Home, learning about the decision process around the Home service. The team definitely wants Home to be a constant evolving space which is very exciting. The girl power moment came from my interview with Deborah Mars from PixelJunk Eden. We spoke about women in the gaming industry and our experiences as a female gamer.

I loved every moment. Even when my feet were tired or I couldn’t think of a question to ask. I’ll never forget how to hold a mic or how to sign off. Being on camera is hard work, but it’s so much fun because of the amazing group of people that made it all possible. From the bottom of this girl gamer’s heart, I thank you all. It’s hard to put in words how much I love you all and appreciate this amazing opportunity. So instead, I’ll just say, when can we do this again?




Trina and I have attended E3 through the Gamer Advisory Panel since 2006, the year of the final large-scale E3. That means we got to experience the grandeur followed by 2007’s restructuring that seemed like a blip on the radar. Now that E3 is back at the L.A. Convention Center, it felt closer to what the public views it as: Something to look forward to.

I think that people make games because they want something they and the public can enjoy, and there’s money to be made in that. E3 is a place where developers have that opportunity to show their peers and fans what’s in the works, and the response to their labor is what’s going to inspire them to put extra effort into the games. Developers and publishers take that feeling with them until the next year, and that’s what makes having a proper E3 so important.

This year, I’m proud to say that E3 is taking steps in the right direction to make E3 feel like a “red carpet” event for games and their developers once again. I was a G.A.P. kid in a candy store seeing the newest games being announced and running into developers of the biggest games I love. This year felt great. But don’t stop, E3. It’s not just about the people and press who attend, it’s about those starry-eyed kids waiting to feel like they’re a part of the majesty, too.

All we ask is you dazzle us.
– Colin


Thanks Colin and Trina, and we hope you’ve enjoyed their E3 reports… they’ve worked hard! Check out their video segments as we add them over the next couple days on

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Jeigh said:

July 21st, 11:18 am

I hope those two comments are deleted, and the users potentially banned. It’s getting really old.

Interesting stuff. I just don’t like how GAP members are picked. There are people in GAP that never post on and don’t really contribute to the program, but they got in simply because members are randomly selected.

Captain Fury said:

July 21st, 3:18 pm

good to see Chris posting around the blog more.

TheHater said:

July 21st, 3:22 pm

how do you get into GAP?

BigBossX said:

July 21st, 3:28 pm

Can we get the song at the beginning at E3 as DLC ?

MegaClank said:

July 21st, 3:41 pm

Gonna watch those videos!

kratos93 said:

July 21st, 3:43 pm

the song’s name please, please!!!

jqtaxpayer said:

July 21st, 3:49 pm

Yeah, I loved every moment too. Especially the moment when 360 stole the last significant exclusive the console had and I was left wondering why I paid so much money for this console in the first place.

Or maybe it was when Sony’s big announcement for E3 was their video store to push their movie studio instead of committing themselves to a unique gaming experience?

tirminyl said:

July 21st, 3:58 pm

@post3- You have to be invited into GAP.

@post7- If that is the only console exclusive that you are interested in for the console, then maybe you need to take a look again to see what’s available and whats coming. If you are a fan of the FF franchise then you should be happy that more people get to share in the experience…even if it may be gimped and on multiple discs…

Raptors138 said:

July 21st, 4:11 pm

Chris, I’ll ask you also.

Remember that Montage that was played during Sony’s E3 Conference? The first one that opened the entire thing?

Is there any chance you would know the name of the song and band that played it?

Devils1stBorn said:

July 21st, 4:12 pm

Is it me, or is Trina scary?

Hopefully these two individuals are getting paid for this…as that would represent the single positive thing about this blog post…

Kudos to eating!

SuperFist said:

July 21st, 4:18 pm


That is horrible to say something like that! Are there any moderators here?

Devils1stBorn said:

July 21st, 4:25 pm

Horrible?…lighten up…it’s not that serious…

moe24 said:

July 21st, 5:17 pm

Nice i just got invited to G.A.P so hopefully i will be one of them in the future :)

CONFUSEDgam3r said:

July 21st, 6:00 pm

@Jeigh | July 21st, 2008 at 11:18 am

Actually Trina is a very active member of the Gamer Advisory Panel. She has a coole website as well which has won some awards and has industry support.

kawill25 said:

July 21st, 7:56 pm

Ok Sony enough with the childish games! Xbox has Netflix, Final Fantasy, and more games. What more do you need to motivate a stronger market strategy. This isnt a oil crisis there is no need to ration your games. Games people actually play is not the point all the time its the variety of choices that makes owning a game system interesting. You have many ACES in your whole but have yet to use them. Waiting is going to get you nowhere because that has been proven with such a late release of the system. Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3, Tekken Tag, Intellicube(PSN Network), Netflix, Exclusives, Parallel release dates, these are a few of my favorite things. This is heart wrenching, its like seeing a nerd get beat up by a bully. You just wanna help.

WHAT said:

July 21st, 8:09 pm

That’s ^^^ all I got to say about that^^^

lakaihigh said:

July 21st, 8:16 pm

that’s awesome that the two of them got to go. wish I was in g.a.p.! maybe one day… i can dream right? right? lol


perrandy said:

July 21st, 11:16 pm

i’m a member of gap for more than 1 yr now and i’m still havent received any gifts or prizes such as demos etc etc :(

Johnny Sasaki said:

July 22nd, 1:59 am

w00t Colin! Glad you got to go :D

– Matthew

MSplatter said:

July 22nd, 4:28 am

So the first video is on an 360 exclusive? Pure genius, sent by Sony, but sponsoring the other consoles exclusive games…. serious? And Sony… wtf were you thinking? The one studio thats creating more rpgs then anyone on the other console you have as your lead story by GAP members.
I buy pretty much anything sony (tv, home theatre, console, ton of ps3 games/dlc) please stop sponsoring the 360, it’s embarrassing. N’ shame on you Trina, not like you couldn’t have covered the exclusive we maintained (FF Versus XIII), personally I didn’t care about the dual release, they get the inferior copy w/ a bunch of disc swapping, & less xboyz on the psn puts my mind at ease. The release will just show how shoddy the disc capacity is for the 360.
Eh anyway, please stop advertising for ‘the other’ consoles exclusives.

ghamdikh1 said:

July 22nd, 4:49 am

yo guys check this out:

Written by gtxboyracer from Neo

date:Monday, 21 July 2008

From my own testing these are the games i have tested, and would like others to comment with their own games to we can build a list of games and how integrated they are the the in-game xmb stuff.

XMB = In-Game XMB Runs?
MUSIC = Custom Soundtracks?

* Assassins Creed – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (XMB sluggish, moreso in 2.41)
* Battlefield: Bad Company – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Bourne Conspiracy – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Burnout Paradise – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (10th July for cagney should change this)
* Call of Duty 3 – XMB: NO / MUSIC: NO
* Call of Duty 4 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Dark Mist – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Dark Sector – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
* Devil May Cry 4 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Eye Create – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Flow + Expansion – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (XMB sluggish)
* Folding@Home – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: Yes
* Folklore – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Ghost Recon AW2 – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
* Go Puzzle – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Go Sudoku – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Grand Theft Auto IV – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Gran Turismo 5 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Guitar Hero 3 – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
* Heavenly Sword – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Lemmings – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* LocoRoco Cocorecco – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Medal of Honor: Airborne – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
* Metal Gear Solid 4/Online – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Motorstorm – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Need For Speed Carbon – XMB: NO / MUSIC: NO
* Ninja Gaiden Sigma – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
* Oblivion – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* PES 2008 – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
* PixelJunk Monsters – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* RaceDriver Grid – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Ratchet – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Resistance: Fall of Man – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Ridge Racer 7 -XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Rock Band – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Rub’a’Dub – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Singstar V1 – XMB: YES / MUSIC NO
* SuperStardust HD – XMB: YES / MUSIC: YES (with addon only)
* Skate – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Sonic Superstars Tennis – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Super Puzzle fighter HD Remix – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* The Darkness – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* The Orange Box – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO (TF2/HL2/HL2-EP1&2 and Portal)
* Tiger Woods 08 – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* TimeShift – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
* Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas USA – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
* Top Spin – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Uncharted – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* Virtua Fighter 5 – XMB: Yes / MUSIC: NO
* Warhawk – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO
* WWE Smackdown vs Raw – XMB: YES / MUSIC: NO

kur0saki22 said:

July 22nd, 7:00 am

PSN cards worldwide please, if I get the PSN cards I will start making responsilve posts.

FritoZ said:

July 22nd, 2:53 pm

i notice colin said : the last of the full scale E3’s was in 2006…

i wonder if there will even be an e3 next year?

SugarBosomCCAC said:

July 23rd, 2:56 am

Hey, this is Colin and I thought I’d respond to some of the posts.

@Jeigh | July 21st, 2008 at 11:18 am

I’ll tell you one thing, negative posts are probably not helping you. If you really wanna get noticed in the G.A.P., participate in contests and sell your strong points there. Give ’em a reason to pick you.

@Devils1stBorn | July 21st, 2008 at 4:12 pm

Trina is bomb as hell, and that’s all you gotta worry about.

And, no, Trina and I didn’t get paid to represent the G.A.P. But we did eat as much free food as possible, you know, in between hanging out with Ted Price and snappin’ pics with Shigeru Miyamoto.

@Johnny Sasaki | July 22nd, 2008 at 1:59 am

Thank you kindly, good sir.

@MSplatter | July 22nd, 2008 at 4:28 am

Trina’s coverage of Last Remnant was literally all the information Square Enix would give on any titles for PS3. They wouldn’t even let us film their demo screens, let alone give info on FFXIII:Versus.

@CONFUSEDgam3r | July 21st, 2008 at 6:00 pm

Spoken like a person who researches before they respond and post. Kudos.

@FritoZ | July 22nd, 2008 at 2:53 pm

It’s no secret that there’s skepticism about whether or not E3 will be able to continue as it is now, but compared to last year, the event itself a big top circus. Last year’s E3 was in a hotel and spread out in a couple other locations. Having it all together in the L.A. convention center again made it feel as if there was at least something to be excited about. The announcements may not have wowed everyone, but the event was better than last year’s.

I do want to thank everyone who took the time to read our blurbs, watch our videos, and respond. We really weren’t doing it for anything else but the opportunity to be at E3 and to bring that experience to’s viewers. Trina and I didn’t get to pick all the games that we covered and we missed out on many we wanted to talk about, but Trina and I took our love for games and the G.A.P. and put it to use.

That’s what being a G.A.P. member is. It’s not how long you’ve been a member or how many posts you’ve made. Don’t just wait for them to mail you your demo, get involved with betas, volunteering, and contests. That’s how Trina and I scored the E3 gig.

Your boy,

GGCAN said:

July 23rd, 9:33 am

Wasn’t sure where to post this, but just read an article at

It mentions they’re looking at leeting Xbox users build their own games and it may be a great idea if Sony can come up with this same concept….

“Microsoft Lets Xbox Live Users Build And Sell Their Own Games

If it passes a peer review, the creator will receive up to 70% of the total revenue generated by the game.

By Paul McDougall
July 22, 2008 03:53 PM

Xbox 360 fans who think they can make better games than what’s available commercially now have a chance to prove it.
Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) on Tuesday said it’s opening up the popular console to games created by gamers using the company’s XNA Game Studio software. “We’re creating an opportunity for aspiring developers to start their careers on the world stage,” said Chris Satchell, chief technology officer at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment unit, in a statement.

Under the plan, individual Xbox game creators can sell titles they’ve made using XNA with other gamers over Microsoft’s online Xbox Live service, which boasts more than 10 million users. “This will no doubt act as an incentive for game creators to continue to develop the best, most innovative games for Xbox 360,” said Satchell.
Homebuilt games from members of Microsoft’s XNA Creators Club will be added to the Xbox Live Marketplace if they pass a peer review, the company said. Creators will receive up to 70% of the total revenue generated by their games.

Among the homespun games that Xbox users can already share is “Little Gamers” — a 2-D, side-scrolling action game created by a 24-year-old Belgian software programmer. There’s also a puzzle game called “Trilinea” that was built by a trio of Brazilian developers. And “Rocket Ball,” developed by a U.S. gamer, features a street version of dodge ball. “

crazypenguin said:

July 23rd, 3:11 pm

No offence to fellow GAP members. as it was said inside the gap when you joined. the entire thing is not about fun little demos and stuff like that. its the idea that we have the power to shape the gaming community. stop whining. also anyone wanting to join the GAP , although it is invite only, i have suggestions. you might want to update your profile frequently and take surveys a lot.

clenbuterol said:

July 24th, 5:29 am

How about Pixeljunk Eden encore? very nice

VermillionKeybladerPS3 said:

July 26th, 7:03 pm

Im kinda upset Final Fantasy XIII isnt exclusive for ps3 anymore but PS3 still have Final Fantasy Versus XIII…right? and that new naruto game looks awesome! if it had online play it would be perfect!

VermillionKeybladerPS3 said:

July 26th, 7:26 pm

I know Playstation 3 is better Than X-box 360, they just have to prove it to the majority of the population in this world. and some more cooler and better games wouldnt hurt either.

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