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Jul 22

Jul 22

First look at MAG

Rade Stojsavljevic's Avatar Posted by MAG Sr. Producer

Recently we had the incredible opportunity to share with you a first look for the MAG project at the SCEA E3 Press Conference. We’re thrilled with the early responses from everyone and have been amazed at all the creative speculation about the game. If you haven’t seen the news, MAG is a new online shooter coming in 2009 where up to 256 players wage battles as 8-person squads in a new and unique World. You can watch the press event here or download it from the PLAYSTATION Store.

Though it’s early to talk in depth about MAG, we can definitely quell some fears we’ve already heard from you about how MAG will need to compromise on gameplay to support its size. Well, it may be massive but it is an action shooter at its core. You can run around and shoot enemies, throw grenades, and drive vehicles just like any other shooter except with MAG you’ll do it with up to 256 players. The team at Zipper was one of the pioneers of online gaming on consoles with the SOCOM franchise and they’ve used this knowledge to create a brand new server architecture to make an original game like MAG possible.

Here’s a sneak peak from one of our internal play sessions:

MAG 1st look
We’re anxious to talk more about MAG and all its features as soon as we can. Until then, stay tuned to the PlayStation blog for more details and official news.

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Captain Fury said:

July 22nd, 12:03 pm

dont dig the MAG name but game looks nice

fredbob3 said:

July 22nd, 12:03 pm


i saw this on the e3 conference and it looked pretty cool. is that trailer coming to pc store?

Jenovah said:

July 22nd, 12:07 pm

Oh wow, Looks REALLY nice, I didn’t expect the graphic fidelity to be that high with all those players.

nbnz said:

July 22nd, 12:11 pm

That is seriously in game? Wow (but how about a bigger version?)

    Rade Stojsavljevic's Avatar

    Rade Stojsavljevic said:

    July 22nd, 12:32 pm

    Yes, that\’s an actual screenshot running on a PS3. The image was cropped to center on the action.

hostes said:

July 22nd, 12:11 pm

nice hopefully it will not lag and there should ne be respawn only! :)

elorm9 said:

July 22nd, 12:12 pm

Thanks for the update. Hope to hear more from you. :)

L said:

July 22nd, 12:15 pm

I can’t wait for all these great games to come out! But I still want something from Square!

Fersis said:

July 22nd, 12:15 pm

Well, i work as a game programmer ,my question is : How are you going to pull that off !

TTP said:

July 22nd, 12:15 pm

Hi res screens please?

Looks awesome.

SMoKeYRuN said:

July 22nd, 12:15 pm


Love Zipper!

Golden Kintaro said:

July 22nd, 12:15 pm

I hope MAG is just a project name or something.

I haven’t seen too much, but is this a 1st or 3rd person shooter?

Either way, looks exciting!

Stoffinator said:

July 22nd, 12:16 pm

Something tells me this will be a monthly fee to play this game. Because 256 players can’t be cheap to maintain.

JordanBlack68 said:

July 22nd, 12:16 pm

I have fears that MAG will be LAG. But this project will be impressive

blizzard182 said:

July 22nd, 12:17 pm

Awesome Game. Terrific graphics. Now..two questions:

1) Minimum connection so you not suffer LAG? (Actually up and down, in case you can host your games)
2) Is it multiplayer only like warhawk?


Argentina doesn’t have access to the Store either.

I know it has something to do with the law, but come on…

Is that Sony’s attempt to support Latin America?

About the videos. It should be another option: “Rent with Choice of Purchase”. Let’s say, 2.99 for the episode for rent. Then you have 24hs to decide if you want to buy it. And then the rent price should be subtracted from the whole price.

I do agree it’s a bit pricey. And I wanted to buy Arrested Development, Family Guy, etc, but I can’t access the freaking video store.

Can Sony be kind enough to let us know which are the requirements to have access to the video store?

VenomX said:

July 22nd, 12:19 pm

Will this game support trophies and custom soundtracks?

StalkingSilence said:

July 22nd, 12:19 pm

Maximum resolution on Flickr page is 500 x 281. Why? Show me full resolution!

Is this running currently on PS3 or are these PC models? That is, is the engine set up on the PS3 and running these graphics or is it all just CGI of in-game assets you’ve created on a computer?

ghamdikh1 said:

July 22nd, 12:20 pm

thanks Rade for the update and keep the good work.

the_icon said:

July 22nd, 12:22 pm

Finally! Although not much info. The screen is looking not bad either, although very small.

ghamdikh1 said:

July 22nd, 12:23 pm

3 quick questions:

1-does this game have some support for home service?

2-will you be able to install the game in the hard drive to reduce the loading time?

3-Will this game support trophies and custom soundtracks?

rbanke said:

July 22nd, 12:24 pm

What style of play is it? Is it warhawk style, resistance style, cod4 style? I love all 3 but have the most fun in warhawk still, and am hopeing MAG has a similar ‘feel’. Regardless it should be awesome.

Something i’ve been wondering, How would MAG (or any other mmo on the ps3 for that matter) handle the Players Met list? haha, One match would fill the list 4 times over!

daviddoel said:

July 22nd, 12:24 pm

As long as it’s better than SOCOM 3. Zipper almost destroyed their own franchise with that game.

And I hope it’s not pay to play.

Stallone said:

July 22nd, 12:25 pm


MUGEN02 said:

July 22nd, 12:26 pm

Do you have a higher res image? 720p?

spyker3292 said:

July 22nd, 12:26 pm

Nice! Parachutes! Anyway, can you at least tell us if it’s 3rd or 1st person?

Now I want gameplay screens :(. With HUD…

vandam said:

July 22nd, 12:27 pm

R2, Killzone 2, Scocom, MAG, where does it End OH that’s right ONLY ON PLAYSTATION!!!!!

daviddoel said:

July 22nd, 12:28 pm

And if it looks this good you guys really should have shown an in-game trailer, or played it on stage. That would have got people talking more than the CG trailer you used.

    Rade Stojsavljevic's Avatar

    Rade Stojsavljevic said:

    July 22nd, 3:24 pm

    It\’s really challenging to coordinate a game capture session with this many players online. All it takes is one guy with an itchy trigger finger and a grenade to ruin the whole thing. I\’ve seen it happen and it wasn\’t pretty.

darkwing_uop said:

July 22nd, 12:29 pm

I don’t see anything about MAG in the PSN Store aside from the E3 Conf of Sony

the_icon said:

July 22nd, 12:29 pm

@vandam- thats a proud fan of ps right there.

nmc75 said:

July 22nd, 12:29 pm

1) Will there be smaller private game types with objectives for say a smaller squad of 8 players?

2) Is that an in-game screenshot?

3) If so, can someone shoot the parachutes and the soldiers fall to their death? ;P

ghamdikh1 said:

July 22nd, 12:29 pm

yes indeed vandam

Thwip said:

July 22nd, 12:31 pm

We keep buying them, and they’ll keep making them! You have the option to leave your wallet in your pants…I on the other hand will keep on buying!

Romzen said:

July 22nd, 12:33 pm

I just hope it runs as smooth as possible. I do not want another low framerate game.

wolverine81 said:

July 22nd, 12:33 pm

Looks good! Can’t wait to get more info!

MrDuran said:

July 22nd, 12:34 pm

Not sure if this has been answered but is MAG like an MMO? In other words is the battle on going weather your in it or not where everyone is in the same world but different parts of it.

Im thinking something like Warhawk without separate servers, when a player signs in they get assigned to a squad that is short on members.

If its like this, I’m in like Flyn, assuming Flyn likes these types of games.

ghamdikh1 said:

July 22nd, 12:34 pm

tow more questions:

1-does this game have some support for Sixaxis Controller?

2-does this game have some support for the PlayStation Eye?

Toast said:

July 22nd, 12:35 pm

game looks sweet…but i’m hopefully it doesn’t follow warhawk and socom and be multi player only.

As a person not good at shooters it’s nice to be able to play on my own and not feel like i’m ruining my team while I learn to play.

the_icon said:

July 22nd, 12:35 pm

Hold on, how can you test 256 players, thats not even 4 times the size of Zipper right?

TheHater said:

July 22nd, 12:35 pm

OMG, I cannot wait for this game. This game will be kick ass

RatchetFanatic said:

July 22nd, 12:35 pm

2009 eh? so that’s 2011 in Sony language.

Nitrowolf2 said:

July 22nd, 12:37 pm

so will we be able to host games?
i fear the lag so are you guys going to do something similar to warhawk and have a bandwidth check?
im very excited about this game, 256 FPS game is the first

TheHater said:

July 22nd, 12:37 pm

I have a question.
Will there be Snipers in the game?

chaosatom333 said:

July 22nd, 12:38 pm

HAVE u played it?

Did u like it?

EvoAnubis said:

July 22nd, 12:39 pm

Holy ****…….that’s gameplay?

VERY not bad!

TTP said:

July 22nd, 12:39 pm

Can we check the full, non cropped pic please?

Netweb said:

July 22nd, 12:40 pm

Two questions…

There will be ships/boats on thi game?

Do you want combat or replace Warhawk success?

ghamdikh1 said:

July 22nd, 12:40 pm

one last questions:

Will this game support the user created mods?

Ghostm said:

July 22nd, 12:44 pm

More shootem’ up bang bang!
I’m really curious about how many of those shootem’ up games are we gonna get. We all know America loves to shoot things but damn!

I betting my money that this game is nowhere near done, but you guys are already promoting it.


Kedaro said:

July 22nd, 12:46 pm

Is it wrong that I’m a big shooter fan, both FPS and TPS, both offline and online… and still even with a stellar revelation such as MAG, I find myself more engrossed in news of games like Little Big Planet, Buzz! Quiz(ps3), etc…

Resistance, Warhawk, HAZE, MGS4, SOCOM: Confrontation, Resistance2, Killzone 2… and then MAG?

Ok so they’re all great games, or will be, I suppose my feelings on the matter are, where is the ‘one’ killer shooter that hooks us all? like Socom did on ps2, which one of the first party shooters, is the next one of those?

Cause’ let’s face it, while those games are excellent games by no argument, and greatly varied in style, and direction, when online battle comes down to it… online battle is just online battle, what truly seperates ‘the killer ap’ from the titles that fall by the wayside, it’s gotta’ be something more than just ‘modes’, and it has to be something more than just ‘maps’, There has to be a serious hook!

for instance, let’s say TommyG7820 kills 10 newly spawned players, and has a huge match based bounty score, of say 100 points, on his head, literally visible on or beside his onscreen name. And DirkDiggler101 with 30points comes along and tries to kill TommyG7820, but fails, now TommyG7820 has 130points, and nooby Mc.Nooberson, newly spawned noobie pops up from behind a vehicle, and shoots TommyG7820 in the head by pure fluke, nooby Mc.Nooberson now has 130 points or 140 depending on if newly spawned actually start with 10 or not. This is a simple forumlae for unlimited deathmatch zones, a place where there is no end to the match, people pop into the server, pop out when they’ve had enough or collected enough bounty, The bounty then goes permanently into their player account, with which they can eventually accumulate and utilize to purchase character mods/upgrades or whatever… Stop me if you heard this one before, or if you already plan something along these lines… It’s an age-old, tried and true forumla, and hopfully you take it into consideration, regular deathmatch, and team deathmatch, and kill the dude with the thing, cause’ he has it atm missions are too basic, and old.

makingmusic476 said:

July 22nd, 12:49 pm

Was the trailer using in-game assets?

cubehouse said:

July 22nd, 12:52 pm

OMG, SCREENSHOT! The CGI trailer was cool, but I think it really needed some in-game something to accompany it… that screen looks damn cool though.
This has brought the release date forward about a year in my mind… I wasn’t expecting to see this until 2010…
Can we see some more? Pleease?

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