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Jul 23

Jul 23

PixelJunk Eden: Trophies Galore!

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

UPDATE: Hey, folks. Thanks for all the comments. It’s always great to get feedback straight from the fans. I just wanted to give you a short update on Eden.

First of all, be sure to check out the demo when it hits the PLAYSTATION Store tomorrow. Just a hint – if you explore the “main menu” you’ll find access to more than one demo stage. Also, to give you an idea of how cool the YouTube recording function works, here are a couple of videos taken by someone at Sony today.

This first one shows single player on an early stage.

This second one shows some 2-player action on a later stage, although the
demo and the full game feature multiplayer for up to 3 people.

Don’t forget to download the demo tomorrow!

Hello, this is Dylan from Q-Games (the Cuthbert one, not the Warhawk Jobe one – when did all these Dylans suddenly start turning up eh?).

We’ve just wrapped up PixelJunk Eden, and it has been an incredibly interesting project from start to finish. We started off by getting an intern programmer from France to try and implement Baiyon’s out-of-this-world foliage designs, and he did a good job with the help of one of our tech guys, and managed to replicate the look. So after he went back to France, we assigned a proper team and went gung-ho into development. That was around December last year. Back then all it had were plants. There was no player character or any real idea for what the game would become, but over the new year I had some sparks of inspiration and that’s when things really started getting moving, leading to the demo video we played at GDC ’08.

Anyway, this all leads into trophies somehow. Ah yes, because our development cycle is so short, we find ourselves being able to implement all the latest OS-supported features before anyone else can. For PixelJunk Monsters it was Dual-Shock 3 support, but this time there have been a couple of really cool new features and we have put both in. These are the Trophy support and the YouTube video upload support. Both of which are really cool.

Initially we implemented all our own trophy screens etc., but then Sony Computer Entertainment built it all into the OS, which really helped us out. The trophy comparing and your “gamer card” screen really up the ante for those hard core gamers out there. In fact, it might make some of the non-gamer types even turn hard-core as chasing trophies can be rather addicting.

PixelJunk Eden is a short-form PSN title so there are fewer trophies when compared to, say, a Blu-ray title (which can have the esteemed platinum trophy), but we still managed to pack in quite a few. To begin with, you can get a bronze trophy for opening every “seed” in a stage. This is quite a challenge on some of the stages as the gardens are large and expansive. Then there are trophies for a load of other things, such as destroying 500 of the “prowlers,” or collecting 15 “crystals” in one jump. My personal favorite is a trophy that you can only achieve in 3P mode, where you have to “volley” a player between you back and forth five times without him/her landing on a plant, a bit like tennis.

The YouTube upload feature is going to revolutionize how people share tips. Up until now it has been limited to people with video capture equipment, but from now on, anyone can record their game and upload it directly to YouTube from within the game! It is as simple as pushing one button to start and one button to stop and upload, and there is no affect on the gameplay thanks to the power of the PS3 and its abundance of SPU processors.

For more info on the YouTube API and PixelJunk Eden and to see it in action, take a look at the YouTube API Blog.

Oh, and we have been totally inundated with requests for trophies in PixelJunk Monsters via some kind of patch. As this goes to press, I can say we are definitely looking into it – you just need to badger Deborah Mars and her team in Santa Monica to get some dates set. If we release a patch, we will not only implement this but we will also implement XMB music and a couple of other things.

One final note about Eden, I really can’t emphasize enough how much pure fun this game is, and I’m saying this as a gamer, not as the developer of the game! My mail box has been overflowing with direct mails full of the same kind of comments from online review sites who have preview copies and I have never had that before, so we must be onto something (fingers crossed)!

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Clippins said:

July 23rd, 3:41 pm

Excellent stuff. I will definately be giving this game a try. It’ll be nice to start getting more trophies as well!

LugeZ said:

July 23rd, 3:43 pm

Awesome post! Glad to hear that Monsters might get some trophy love after all. (Fingers Crossed) How many total trophies are there going to be for Eden? Is it the same count as Stardust?

PyroJack said:

July 23rd, 3:44 pm

What is the goal of the game? Like what are you trying to accomplish? I’ve seen some videos about the game but I can’t tell if it looks fun or not because I don’t know what you are trying to do.

3AM said:

July 23rd, 3:44 pm

Sound awesome! will this game be supporting ONLINE co op with voice chat as well?

Or is it only local?

PLEASE consider for your next games adding online co op with voice support. IT is a HUGE bonus for people, like myself.

Makasu said:

July 23rd, 3:44 pm

Boy oh boy. PJ are truly starting to impress!

Kedaro said:

July 23rd, 3:45 pm

Right on!, count me in.

Kedaro said:

July 23rd, 3:48 pm

Question though:

If I change my name to Dylan, can I work for Sony too?

eric1018 said:

July 23rd, 3:48 pm


XxBigP123xX said:

July 23rd, 3:48 pm

PLEASE let your next PJ game support online co op. It’s BS when i have to play co op with another person for a trophy (I’m looking at you SSHD) unless it’s online co op.

FFObsessed said:

July 23rd, 3:49 pm

I will buy this. 0_0

Stoffinator said:

July 23rd, 3:51 pm

Looking forward to the demo tomorrow.

RandomEarthling said:

July 23rd, 3:52 pm

I’ve seen all these videos of this game but I still can’t figure it out. It doesn’t matter though because you guys earned my respect with Pixeljunk Monsters. I will be getting game too. Awesome job implementing trophy support and keep up the great work.

Deborah Mars – Please put trophy support into Pixeljunk Monsters. PLEASE!

Kedaro said:

July 23rd, 3:52 pm

@11 Stoffinator

There is a demo tomorrow?

I thought the game was launching tomorrow I was going to just buy it, Pixeljunk has cemented themselves on me now.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Matt Morton said:

    July 23rd, 4:00 pm

    The Demo is coming out tomorrow.

    The full game is planned for release on the 31st of July (fingers crossed)!

mendezgato said:

July 23rd, 3:53 pm

thanks guys for your awesome work, just the fact that you guys implement the remote play into your games keeps me buying them( since is the only reason i bought a psp) and as for the next game can it be like a puzzle please.

mendezgato said:

July 23rd, 3:55 pm

ups forgot to mention the trophy support is just icing on the cake, thanks

tirminyl said:

July 23rd, 3:55 pm

Very nice! I love PJM and this game looks to be great as well. It’s very nice to hear you implementing trophy support and youtube video support. You all keep doing what you are doing because I am becoming one of your biggest fans!

TheHater said:

July 23rd, 3:55 pm

I hope any of those trophies isn’t as hard as late bomber in Super Stardust HD

skynidas said:

July 23rd, 3:57 pm


aliziry said:

July 23rd, 3:57 pm

Wow…Remote Play, Uploading to Youtube, Good Sixaxis support…Instant Buy.

Q-Games Rox!!!!

Kaoro said:

July 23rd, 3:58 pm

I am so excited for this game!

Definitely would like to vouch for a Pixeljunk Monsters patch for the latest firmware features! Deborah Mars, the ball is in your court it seems! Please!

Daver said:

July 23rd, 3:58 pm

Thanks for the update. I’m going to buy this one like i did with the others pixel titles. They are all amazing PSN games.
Patch for monsters, that sounds really nice

Dark_Vincent said:

July 23rd, 3:59 pm

“Over the new year I had sparks of inspiration” <– Do you mean lots of champagne, Mr. Cuthbert? Hehehe ;)

Looking forward to another masterpiece from Q-Games ^^v

gardea said:

July 23rd, 3:59 pm

Definitely buying this game.

Although I have to admit, I didn’t really like PixelJunk Racers.

TTP said:

July 23rd, 4:01 pm

Hi Dylan,

pardon me for asking about Monsters in this section dedicated to Eden (which I’m buying day one of course) but I need to know…

Assuming you eventually release a patch to add trophies support, can you already tell us if those trophies would work retroactively? You don’t want us to get all those rainbows again do you? ;)

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    dcuthbert said:

    July 23rd, 9:25 pm

    Hey there TTP!

    We are still working out the details of retro-actively patching trophies into Monsters. I really don\’t want to force people to get all their rainbows again! ;)

    The trophies will be more along the lines of \”clear Hard 2 using a rock and a bit of string\” type challenges though. So they will give you replay for stages you have already played.

rahstar2003 said:

July 23rd, 4:02 pm

Great news, cant wait to play eden. Cant wait for some trophies for monsters either!

erico316 said:

July 23rd, 4:09 pm

first let me say i fell in love with this game when i saw the first trailer just like i did with monster i sent a email about my opinion on monster u guys responded back to me and i like to say thanks for replying to my email.now i would like to say is that u made a name for yourself and the pixel junk games.

one thing i want to ask in the long run will u move to muilt platform or will u stay only on ps3?

hopely u guys will stay a reason to own a ps3can that what u guys are .u guys master how to make new games exp each time that are enjoyable and fun and great to look at.thanks you so much and please answer the question i ask.

TTP said:

July 23rd, 4:10 pm

Oh, forgot to ask: is there custom soundtrack support in Eden? I know the default music is awesome per se, but still…

X1rtam said:

July 23rd, 4:10 pm

You wouldn’t happen to have a sister who goes by the name of Elisha would you? :) (Search chickipedia for her if you don’t know who that is.)

JJ555666. said:

July 23rd, 4:12 pm

OMG, trophies for pixeljunk monsters too? Oh, God yes please.

Kedaro said:

July 23rd, 4:14 pm

@ Matt Morton

Cool!, that’s the way we like it I guess, demo first, game later, or both at the same time works too… I want more Trophies(forgive me) I roasted through the SSHD trophies, I can’t wait for more.

JJ555666. said:

July 23rd, 4:15 pm

@ #24, i would not mind playing monsters again from the start as long as trophies are included and soon.

Kedaro said:

July 23rd, 4:15 pm

lol @ X1rtam

I was wondering the same thing… that’s how sad we are…

APaz said:

July 23rd, 4:15 pm

Sounds fun. I’m definitely getting this game.

bth said:

July 23rd, 4:16 pm

So silly question given that the game isn’t out yet. I love the concept of “random levels” or even user-created levels added in to give the idea of unlimited playability. Any chance for such features down the road? The short-form games are my favorite, but it’s easy to play through them in a day or two.

JJ555666. said:

July 23rd, 4:16 pm

Also will the music be downloadable just like monsters?

JJ555666. said:

July 23rd, 4:17 pm

How about Pixeljunk Eden encore?

TheInfectedBy590 said:

July 23rd, 4:18 pm

Looks great! :) Can’t wait to play!

KBlade said:

July 23rd, 4:22 pm

Dylan, can you give us an ETA on when we can expect this on the UK Store?

Q Games have usually been quite quick (a week or two delay) but we’d all love this and appreciate it if you can get this up for the 31st in Europe too.

Many thanks!

X1rtam said:

July 23rd, 4:26 pm

No, that’s how unbelievably gorgeous she is haha.

EViD said:

July 23rd, 4:28 pm

Looking forward to it. And thanks for the heads up.

Captain Fury said:

July 23rd, 4:30 pm

yay for Dylan!

now talk about PJ Dungeon


IceReign said:

July 23rd, 4:30 pm

Can’t wait to actually play the demo. The game looks really cool and all the game journalists I have noticed are saying it’s an amazing game. Someone from 1UP even said this could be his game of the year, which speaks very highly of your game. I just hope i like it as much as they do.

Kedaro said:

July 23rd, 4:30 pm

@39 Kinglink

Have you even played the actual Locoroco game UMD, not the demo?

Because it sounds to me you have the same view I did after playing the Locoroco demo, one day while I was out with my kids, I decided I’d grab Locoroco for the super cheap price of $20-30, and I think next to MGS Port Ops, and Crisis Core:FFVII, and Patapon, it’s one of my four favs, and also a family favorite, the demo did it very little justice, it’s HUGE, you sir need to give Locoroco more credit first and foremost, and secondly, this is Pixeljunk, have you even played their previous two titles on the PSN, simple yet brilliantly addictive. This is the stuff games are made of/for.

guess you’ll have to try the demo tomorrow huh?

Kedaro said:

July 23rd, 4:32 pm

@ X1rtam

Agreed! Elisha Cuthbert, would make a good wife for Kedaro…

Just don’t let my actual wife know this.

xIvSlowDeath420 said:

July 23rd, 4:34 pm

Awesome news,can’t wait.Thank you for the games,oooh the games…and thank you for your dedication to the Playstation community:)

Rayvolution said:

July 23rd, 4:34 pm

Will the demo have any trophies? Say, just a few to get us hooked?

I heard (I couldnt confirm it because I owned the game already and couldnt install the demo) that SSHD had a few trophies you could get without the full game, then they transfered over when you bought it. Is this true with Eden? :D

FrankDogg said:

July 23rd, 4:37 pm

“PixelJunk Eden is a short-form PSN title so there are fewer trophies when compared to, say, a Blu-ray title (which can have the esteemed platinum trophy), but we still managed to pack in quite a few.”

Can you only get a Platinum Trophy from a full blu-ray title? If so, its seems like a bad decision. With so few games (1) supporting trophies, it sure seems like a waste of good platinum, and it will only help sell PSN titles.

TheHater said:

July 23rd, 4:38 pm

I have a question. Is it possible to release all the PSN games you guys create so far on a Blu-Ray disk? I know a lot of individuals that can’t add funds to their PSN accounts, so they are unable to get the game.
I personally cannot wait for this game, just for the fact that it have trophies :)

Clinton514 said:

July 23rd, 4:39 pm

I’m so sold on this after finally taking to watch some game play. Youtube support, SIXAXIS functionality and trophies. Hats off to the Eden team, I’ll be downloading the demo tomorrow.

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