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Jul 23

Jul 23

PixelJunk Eden: Trophies Galore!

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

UPDATE: Hey, folks. Thanks for all the comments. It’s always great to get feedback straight from the fans. I just wanted to give you a short update on Eden.

First of all, be sure to check out the demo when it hits the PLAYSTATION Store tomorrow. Just a hint – if you explore the “main menu” you’ll find access to more than one demo stage. Also, to give you an idea of how cool the YouTube recording function works, here are a couple of videos taken by someone at Sony today.

This first one shows single player on an early stage.

This second one shows some 2-player action on a later stage, although the
demo and the full game feature multiplayer for up to 3 people.

Don’t forget to download the demo tomorrow!

Hello, this is Dylan from Q-Games (the Cuthbert one, not the Warhawk Jobe one – when did all these Dylans suddenly start turning up eh?).

We’ve just wrapped up PixelJunk Eden, and it has been an incredibly interesting project from start to finish. We started off by getting an intern programmer from France to try and implement Baiyon’s out-of-this-world foliage designs, and he did a good job with the help of one of our tech guys, and managed to replicate the look. So after he went back to France, we assigned a proper team and went gung-ho into development. That was around December last year. Back then all it had were plants. There was no player character or any real idea for what the game would become, but over the new year I had some sparks of inspiration and that’s when things really started getting moving, leading to the demo video we played at GDC ’08.

Anyway, this all leads into trophies somehow. Ah yes, because our development cycle is so short, we find ourselves being able to implement all the latest OS-supported features before anyone else can. For PixelJunk Monsters it was Dual-Shock 3 support, but this time there have been a couple of really cool new features and we have put both in. These are the Trophy support and the YouTube video upload support. Both of which are really cool.

Initially we implemented all our own trophy screens etc., but then Sony Computer Entertainment built it all into the OS, which really helped us out. The trophy comparing and your “gamer card” screen really up the ante for those hard core gamers out there. In fact, it might make some of the non-gamer types even turn hard-core as chasing trophies can be rather addicting.

PixelJunk Eden is a short-form PSN title so there are fewer trophies when compared to, say, a Blu-ray title (which can have the esteemed platinum trophy), but we still managed to pack in quite a few. To begin with, you can get a bronze trophy for opening every “seed” in a stage. This is quite a challenge on some of the stages as the gardens are large and expansive. Then there are trophies for a load of other things, such as destroying 500 of the “prowlers,” or collecting 15 “crystals” in one jump. My personal favorite is a trophy that you can only achieve in 3P mode, where you have to “volley” a player between you back and forth five times without him/her landing on a plant, a bit like tennis.

The YouTube upload feature is going to revolutionize how people share tips. Up until now it has been limited to people with video capture equipment, but from now on, anyone can record their game and upload it directly to YouTube from within the game! It is as simple as pushing one button to start and one button to stop and upload, and there is no affect on the gameplay thanks to the power of the PS3 and its abundance of SPU processors.

For more info on the YouTube API and PixelJunk Eden and to see it in action, take a look at the YouTube API Blog.

Oh, and we have been totally inundated with requests for trophies in PixelJunk Monsters via some kind of patch. As this goes to press, I can say we are definitely looking into it – you just need to badger Deborah Mars and her team in Santa Monica to get some dates set. If we release a patch, we will not only implement this but we will also implement XMB music and a couple of other things.

One final note about Eden, I really can’t emphasize enough how much pure fun this game is, and I’m saying this as a gamer, not as the developer of the game! My mail box has been overflowing with direct mails full of the same kind of comments from online review sites who have preview copies and I have never had that before, so we must be onto something (fingers crossed)!

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Theossie said:

July 24th, 6:11 am


Those YouTube videos are very sweet!!!

Very very cool stuff…

Thanks to you and your team for all your work…

Like I’ve told you.. You’ve got my support…

PSN – ThEosSiE

elmogallen said:

July 24th, 6:11 am

I’d like to see a 2 player vs mode in Pixeljunk Monsters. Maybe where one player gets “monster generators” instead of towers. I’m *really* looking forward to PJM getting trophies. I don’t care about Eden so much — i’m guessing it’s a lot more fun to play than the trailers make it look.


July 24th, 6:13 am

Great stuff Dylan! So unless I didn’t see it in your post and other comments dos PJ Eden support in game music???? PLEASE!

Oh and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get throphies for PJ Monsters and in game music! PLEASE!!

First day pick up for me and my friends!


July 24th, 6:24 am

Oh one more thing in game chat???

GameFace said:

July 24th, 7:04 am

Im so buying this!!

CitizenErased said:

July 24th, 7:09 am

You guys are really setting an example with all those features.

I can’t wait to try the demo when I get home tonight. I can picture myself waking up just to play this game in the morning with the morning fog thickening outside.

BTW PLZ ADD TROPHIES to Pixel Junk RACERS too. I don’t even have to mention PJ Monsters …

Q-Games… you people rock!

Ocelot- said:

July 24th, 7:28 am

I will be purchasing this on my next paycheck. ^_^

Fersis said:

July 24th, 7:30 am

Oh one more thing in game chat???
What ?
ingame chat for a offline game ?

Ocelot- said:

July 24th, 7:37 am

Trophies FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ocelot- said:

July 24th, 7:38 am

I can’t wait to dig in these trophies.

lakaihigh said:

July 24th, 8:24 am

sick youtube vids. that feature is sooo awesome. thanks guys!


lazerhaze said:

July 24th, 8:27 am

when does the PSN Update go live? I wanna try PixelJunk Eden so badly!

moe24 said:

July 24th, 8:41 am

Direct upload to youtube?!!?!?!?IM SO GETTING IT THEN!

Thetruefiziks said:

July 24th, 8:53 am



Scodo_Thope said:

July 24th, 8:57 am

It’s so beautiful!


FritoZ said:

July 24th, 8:57 am

@ Dylan-

thanks for responding!

I can’t wait to try out Eden, it seems really relaxing and kinda psychadelic…right up my alley!


babybluedb said:

July 24th, 9:35 am

this looks awsome like i said in my other post this is a must buy for me ill be show to check out that demo. and the person in the first video sure missed a lot of pollen

winner00 said:

July 24th, 9:42 am

Hi Dylan,

I have a question. Will the demo have some trophies?

C-h-a-o-s said:

July 24th, 10:10 am

It looks like a fun great title, I’ll definitely check out the demo today.

Heavenly_King said:

July 24th, 10:14 am

the game looks SICK!! (in the good way :D)

saintfighteraqua said:

July 24th, 10:19 am

Yes! I can’t wait!!
I hope Pixel Junk Eden will have custom music too!!
Please bug Miss Deborah Mars for me!!! I want custom music and trophies for Pixel Junk monsters!!!

Zeo said:

July 24th, 10:19 am

nice… trophies owns!

Marcoco11 said:

July 24th, 10:30 am

So still no answers about Life With Playstation. Is it still planned to release in the next few days right?

Will it record all games, and how will it work? Is it a program similar to that of Halo’s replay saving?

How much can we save?

When Is it coming?

chaosatom333 said:

July 24th, 10:52 am


Can youtube uploading be active for other games without building the game from ground up?

Like MGS4 or GTAIv be patched with youtube uploading?

thanks for looking at the question.

StalkingSilence said:

July 24th, 11:05 am

Looking forward to the news from Deb Mars and the Santa Monica team regarding PixelJunk Monsters trophies & XMB music support tomorrow on the blog! haha sorry to jump to conclusions.

lord_ofwar177 said:

July 24th, 11:27 am

Very nice Mr. Cuthbert very cool game, but by any chance do you know when sony will release psn cards here in Texas?? or the U.S apart from Indiana and kentucky.

bLiNdSiDe82 said:

July 24th, 11:35 am

Can’t wait for this one, do we know a price point yet? $9.99 would be sweet. With any DLC being around 1.99

decimalator said:

July 24th, 11:58 am


After playing PJM, I’m hooked on Pixeljunk games. Adding trophy and XMB music support for PJM would be aaaaaaaawesome. I’m excited to play through the Eden demo tonight and buy it first thing next week!

VixDiesel said:

July 24th, 1:30 pm

wait, what? this does have online co-op right?


July 24th, 3:36 pm




AranhaHunter said:

July 24th, 3:44 pm

I think the trophies will make me buy Monsters since it’s only 4.99 now….when will those trophies be available?

Romzen said:

July 24th, 4:35 pm

Just played the demo and have to admit I am surprised about the look. It runs much smoother than I expected from watching videos on the internet and the the whole game looks pretty and clean.

Another great PJ Game. I will definitely buy this next week.

MUGEN02 said:

July 24th, 4:53 pm

Eden doesn’t have 5.1 surround sound? i only get 2 ch PCM. All your other games have 5.1 DD.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    dcuthbert said:

    July 24th, 6:45 pm

    Baiyon was very particular about the sound – the originals are mixed and mastered very precisely in stereo. In fact, I think he would prefer it if everyone played this game with headphones :)
    (I like to play it with the speakers pumping myself…)

Kedaro said:

July 24th, 5:03 pm

Dylan I’ve played the demo to this little masterpiece ‘PixelJunk Eden’, and as far as DLC goes, I think you guys at [Q-Games] are clearly the kings of the scene, these games carrying the PixelJunk moniker, are generally absolutely brilliant, extremely simple in premise, but challenging on a level that really leaves it up to the players personal tollerance, and application, I just know when I have the full game, there is going to be entire days were I ‘feel’ like playing this even after having discovered all there is to discover within, It’s just one of those games, even morso than PixelJunk Monsters I think, although it’s a fine line of seperation in that respect. PJmonsters rocks!

The only thing I feel should be considered, is once the majority of gamers play this game a whack load, and have fully experienced the seriously funky soundtrack, that a patch for Custom soundtracks should be made.

Q:Does the actual game ship with trophies, or is there going to be a patch?,

(I remember reading both things in seperate places, but I read so much in my day, I really don’t want to have to backtrack.)

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    dcuthbert said:

    July 24th, 6:46 pm

    The game ships with trophies and Youtube upload support.

Kedaro said:

July 24th, 7:18 pm


Also in a previous post you were wary about implementing trophies that had people earning rainbows again…

I don’t know how many of ‘me’ there are, but I really don’t mind getting rainbows, again, as long as co-op counts for the same trophies, because 99% of the time it’s my Wife and I, or my kids and I playing together, I’m sure I’m a minority in this matter, but honestly getting rainbows again, has got to be easier, than surviving Late Boomer ‘silver trophy’ in SSHD, that thing drove me insane. Also I’m sure there are hurdles you could set up in PJM that would drive players much more insane than earning some Trophies again.

Kedaro said:

July 24th, 7:20 pm

errr some rainbows again*

VixDiesel said:

July 24th, 8:15 pm

@dcuthbert: It’s been stated in various places, interviews, articles, etc. that this would have 3 player online co-op. If it doesn’t, that’s a huge momumentous let down and just another reason why co-op only trophies suck. Not everyone has other people to play with.

I seriously hope you guys consider patching in online play because without it, I’m slightly less inclined to care. I’ve been specifically waiting for this game because of the supposed co-op online and now it doesn’t have it and that’s a huge downer.

Sigmakan said:

July 24th, 9:18 pm

Awesome game, I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. My only complaint is the controls. I think they could’ve been done a little better. My personal preference would’ve been to have a face button be a jump button regardless, no tether. But to get a tether just hold down the jump button. As it is right now, its kinda annoying to just jump. Like I said, minor complaint. Love the game, very addicting, looks awesome. Good job!

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    dcuthbert said:

    July 24th, 9:58 pm

    Hi there, we often hear comments like this at first, but once you start using the grip/spin dynamic more and finding yourself swooping around the level with ease you\’ll realise how near-perfect these controls are.

    Designing controls always involves treading a fine balance between what the player wants at first and then what he wants later as he (or she) is more skilled. We did a huge amount of testing and tuning on the controls, so give it a few more goes and you\’ll find it will suddenly \”click\”.

    Watch the video at the top of this blog to see what you can get up to once it clicks.

DjLess said:

July 24th, 9:24 pm

You supported remote play with the Demo? That kicks ass! Now when the game comes out i can get my trophies on the go.

Thanks, that is really awsome! It works great.

squab2912 said:

July 24th, 9:38 pm

I will definitely be purchasing PJ Eden on PSN. Also PLEASE, trophy and in-game music support for PJ Monsters! PLEASE! Thanks for all the great games, I will continue to support this wonderful company for their AWESOME and low price games!

jimmyn28 said:

July 24th, 10:08 pm

I definitely had trouble with the controls at first, but after putting it down for a few hours today, I came back and found that I was playing Eden like a pro. It was pretty awesome.

Sigmakan said:

July 24th, 10:09 pm


Good to hear that you guys did testing for that. I kinda figured that was the case. And yea I’ll definitely get used to the controls. Looking at the videos it looks like the jumping and swinging very smoothly without control issues (although they miss a few jumps :P )

Can’t wait for next thursday!

JBruno said:

July 25th, 1:03 am

Love the game, amazing and in the same time, so simple. Must Buy!

THitter said:

July 25th, 5:27 am

The demo is timed? That’s disapointing. I’ve got to wait a whole week until I can play again? Bummer. I had 4 out of 5 done in level 1 and had played both level 2 and level 3. Now I’m locked out from playing. Everytime I enter it tells me I have to buy the full game.

The music sounds ‘generative’. Is your musician Baiyon familar with Brian Eno?

THitter said:

July 25th, 5:30 am

The demo is timed? Bummer. I try entering the 3, yes THREEE demo levels and all of them now only advertize buying the complete version and won’t let me play.
What am I going to do until the game comes out?
The music sounds ‘generative’. Is your musician Baiyon, familar with Brian Eno?

WHAT said:

July 25th, 6:04 am

Responding the thing that hunts you down “sucks”. Makes everything in the game seem pointless. Only thing that will hold me back from buying.

So, with that said. Is the reason they respond cause you need the pollen from them in latter levels? If not, really cheap way to increase the difficulty.

JetarR said:

July 25th, 6:22 am

The Pixeljunk games are awesome (never tried racers though) so yeah… monsters i awesome, but seriously why not include online coop? I for one live pretty much a gazillion miles from most of my friends, so I never get to share my junkmania with them :(

JetarR said:

July 25th, 6:23 am

Online coop would add so much value to the pixeljunk series, some of us don’t live right next to our mates thus have no reason to badger them to buy the games :(

JetarR said:

July 25th, 6:26 am

Monsters was good, Eden looks good, never tried Racers, but they all have one major flaw in my book: No online coop. For those of us that live a gazillion miles from our mates that is the übersuck.

JetarR said:

July 25th, 6:28 am

ARGH! I got a 404 when posting every single one of the above, sorry for multiposting.

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