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Jul 24

Jul 24

Siren: Blood Curse rises today

Tsubasa Inaba's Avatar Posted by Senior Producer, International Software Development

Escape from BYOUIN

The first survival horror game available on the PS3 is coming to the PLAYSTATION Store today! We have worked on this for many a month now, and cannot express enough how anxious we are to hear what you think when you finally get to play this game!

Let me give you just a little bit of background information to get you familiar with the story, in case you haven’t seen the trailers or tried the demo yet (there’s one embedded below).

An American TV crew sets out on a journey to Japan in hopes of shooting a documentary piece about a mysterious village that supposedly disappeared under a mud slide 30 years ago. Upon arrival in this village, they immediately stumble across a disturbing ritual taking place. In the midst of the confusion and terror, a siren screams out. It’s a spine chilling sound. Is it a warning to stay away? What is the meaning of it? Why do the inhabitants keep coming back to life? What is going on here? I would love to tell you more, but that’s for you to find out…

As the player, you get to experience the unique sense of fear this game delivers as you control 7 different playable characters, each character witnessing a different part of the horror and the mystery. And of course there is the unique sight jack system, which lets you see things from the perspective of your friends and even of the deadly Shibito undead, which I think really adds to the kind of horror you can experience with this game.

You should definitely play at night, lights out and surround sound on. The shivers you will get are perfect for the summer heat.

And yes… Let’s talk about pricing and how the product will be released.


So, how do you pick up Siren: Blood Curse? Very easy. Just head to the PLAYSTATION Store on your PS3 and go to the Siren category page. There should be banners up, and it should also be found in the “new releases” section. Now, the game is split into 12 easily digestible chunks, like episodes of a TV series. You’ll be able to purchase the game in three separate packs, consisting of 4 episodes each. These will run at $14.99 per 4-episode bundle. Or, right off the bat, you can purchase the full game for a nice discount at only $39.99. This is all available only through the PS Store. Remember, this is a full-length game, much larger in scale than most of the downloadable games available on the store. It’s on par with full-scale Blu-ray disc releases, and is all part of our effort to expand our selection of game content on the store.

If you want to try out the game before you buy, be sure to download the demo from the PS Store for a taste of the full game has to offer.

While you’re on the PS Store, be sure to check out the cool wallpapers and PS3 Theme we’ve come up with. There will also be a few more awesome wallpapers available next week as well.

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Megatron726 said:

August 4th, 7:50 pm

Wow the game looks so freakin good, it took forever to beat Siren on Ps2, and the demo for Blood curse was really cool.

I must say survival horror is my favorite genre now.

I waited so long for this to come out, I was going to get on my birthday (cause it came out 2 days before it) but i could’nt find it in any store… I go on PSN and find out its only available there… WOW big let down. Im old school I guess, i still have my old SNES,N64,Psx,Ps2, games in hard copy and I dont want it any other way.

I dont trust downloading games.. what if my Ps3 breaks down, what if somebody erase the game(yes I know you can redownload up to 5 times with purchase)

I just bought my Ps3 a little while ago just to play MGS4 and after beating that I felt like it wasnt worth it, dont get me wrong MGS4 was awesome but now I have nothing to play there is nothing realy worth playing at the moment on PS3 (except for maybe Siren but I won’t find out because there is no blue ray copy for sale in the U.S)

I mean whats going on with the exclusives sony? FF13 going to X-BOX, no Dead Rising for PS3, Fatal Frame is going to Will.

Oh well sorry about the rant THE GAME LOOKS GREAT!!! But since im going to wait and see if U.S blue ray release will happen and since Alone in the Dark for ps3 still is not out, I guess the next survival horror game I play will be Dead Space.

Krispow said:

August 4th, 11:39 pm

Here’s a bit of news that’s sure to please many of us on this blog thread (including Megatron726 above, whom I completely agree with):

SIREN: BLOOD CURSE is receiving a European retail Blu-ray release in Autumn 2008!!!

That’s right, it”s official… the game will be reissued in a Blu-ray retail edition this Autumn (pricing and release date TBA). PSPFanboy broke the news a few days back (Aug. 1st) when they received a Press Release from SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe).


In addition to the current Japanese/Japanese Asian release, we’ll soon have a “proper” English-language BD edition of SIREN: BLOOD CURSE to look forward to! Since our PS3 units are region-free, I think it’s safe to say that our BD-edition purchasing options have just improved drastically!

Let’s all be hopeful that this European release is an indication that a North American BD-edition announcement will be forthcoming as well!! (I mean, let’s be realistic here… if Japan, Asia and Europe can support a retail edition, certainly North America can as well!)

You can find PFPFanboy’s original release notice (which isn’t much more than what is stated above) at:

Jedah said:

August 6th, 7:50 pm

Is there any chance for a BD release of Siren in the US, for those of us who can’t register a credit card with PSN?

Kuhniee said:

August 13th, 6:09 pm

Can you guys please please PLEASE add trophies? I thought that by now, every new game released by Sony would have them. I really like this game, but I dont have much of a reason to go back and play it. Is there any chance that you guys will add them? Do you have any plans?

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