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Jul 25

Jul 25

Burnout Paradise PS3 Update

Simon Phipps's Avatar Posted by Designer, Criterion Games

Yet another exciting week here at Criterion Games. We’ve finally unleashed our first major content update for Burnout Paradise: Codename Cagney on the PLAYSTATION 3.

This was the much-hyped FREE downloadable pack for Burnout Paradise, bringing fans a live blog page and game event calendar, 70 new Freeburn Challenges, 3 online game modes (Marked Man, Stunt Run and Road Rage), plus a stack of changes and improvements to the game, including support for 1080i displays and improved image-quality on standard def TVs.

So, how did it go?

Well our game telemetry showed more players in Paradise City than at any time in the last 4 months – a huge spike in traffic! If you joined us, thanks for playing; if you haven’t come back to Burnout yet, there’s never been a better time. Cagney was a big hit, but we’re not through yet!

We ran our first calendar events – Drift Kings and Prize Cars – our first forays into the world of broadcast gameplay. We’re building the ability to change Burnout Paradise gameplay on-the-fly. Check the in-game calendar for upcoming events. Our goal is to make Burnout Paradise different every time you play.

It’s pretty exciting stuff but also pretty experimental! Our first tests were successful, but we tracked how people were playing (through game telemetry), and we’ve overhauled the schedule for the next few weeks, based on what we saw. Three events-per-week just felt like way too much for most players, so we’re going to rein things in a little and keep all our new cars unlocked, so nobody misses out on the action.

We started this off by introducing the stunning Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo to all players last week. You’ll need all your skills to control Paradise City’s newest and fastest car.

And the Hunter Olympus was made available on Thursday. As you can see from the shots, this car is a beast. It’ll breeze through traffic and makes a great choice in Marked Man. No boost. No acceleration, no problem!

Hunter Olympus
We’ll look forward to joining you soon in Paradise City and bringing the Playstation Blog some hot news on our next update – we’re just putting the finishing touches on Burnout’s first motorcycles!

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oG-ShAdY said:

July 25th, 5:06 pm

I just picked up a copy of the game because of this free content update. Keep it coming Criterion Games, you just won yourself a new customer.

frostquake said:

July 25th, 5:10 pm

Jeremy, Question?
I have Burnout for both the PS3 and the 360(yes I know that is crazy), and I am concerned about downloading the update on my PS3 because on the 360 there were issues found. Are the problems with Cagney console specific, and if so, are those problems not fixed on the PS3?


Del-Vo said:

July 25th, 5:21 pm

Will there be people on the motorcycles? If so, I hope there’s hand to hand combat so I can imagine that I’m playing a next gen Road Rash!

Del-Vo said:

July 25th, 5:27 pm

Will there be people on the motorcycles? If so, will there be hand to hand combat so I can imagine that I’m playing a next gen Road Rash?!?!

ur_not_ready said:

July 25th, 6:01 pm

wow, so weve got to wait untill the end of august just to “hear” more news about trophies?

iv been avoiding playing burnout because id like to unlock trophies while i play, not download an update and have them all unlocked at the same time.

not to sound to nagative(and ungreatful), but you guys made it seem like trophies for burnout were coming out alot sooner then it realy is.

I guess the word “soon” can mean two different things to two different people.

im sorry if i sound like an ungreatful jerk,you guys realy are doing a great great job.

thank you.

DryvBy said:

July 25th, 6:24 pm

Awesome, this is one things I’ve been loving about EA on the PS3. They didn’t screw us.

MrBeatdown said:

July 25th, 7:45 pm

After seeing all the free updates to the game, I went out and bought the game. I bought four other games that day but Burnout is the only one I’ve played. I don’t want to put it down. Thanks for creating and continuing to improve such an awesome game!

I have one question, and two requests though.

First, will the motorcycles be part of a free update or will we need to pay for them?

Second, a way of kicking players without canceling freeburn challenges would be nice. I’ve played many games where seven players complete a challenge only to have the eighth player sit there doing nothing as if they went to make a sandwich or something. Kicking the player will cancel the challenge which means all of our efforts went to waste. Having the player automatically kicked after, say, five minutes of inactivity would be a welcome addition.

Third, the mugshot idea is pretty cool but some people (although few and far between) like to show a little more than their face on the camera if you know what I mean. A reporting system would be nice.

MrBeatdown said:

July 25th, 7:59 pm

Thanks for creating and continuing to improve such an awesome game. I bought it two weeks ago and haven’t played a thing since. I absolutely love it.

I’m wondering though, will this motorcycle update be free?

I also have two requests.

One, a way of auto-kicking inactive players without cancelling freeburn challenges would be nice. Many times I’ve started challenge and all but one player would contribute. Looking at the map, their car will just sit there while the rest of us wait. I want to kick the player but don’t since it cancels the challenge for everyone who already put in the effort to complete it. It would be nice if the game would automatically kick inactive players after, say, five minutes without cancelling a challenge that is in progress.

Two, a reporting system would be nice. I’ve come across a few players who like to show a little more than their mugshot with the PS Eye, if you know what I mean. I know we can disable the feature for that player, but a method of reporting so that other players won’t have to see it would be a good feature to have.

un-discovered said:

July 25th, 8:00 pm

This is the reason i am never selling any of my games anymore! I REGRET SELLING BURNOUT SO HARD

MrBeatdown said:

July 25th, 8:03 pm

Whoops, double post. Got an error page the first time and didn’t see it posted. Figured it didn’t go through.

Jodicus6645 said:

July 25th, 8:10 pm

Any clue why WMA will not play during your custom soundtracks?

cywulf21 said:

July 25th, 8:45 pm

Please listen to Mrbeatdowns second request, i took someone down not long ago only to see a pic of his hairy asstetic behind on my high def tv, not a pretty pic.

Also, if you can answer me this, i heard you mention that burnout paradise saves are attached to your online profile or something to that fact. My ps3 died on me and i had it exchanged at the store for a new one, however i was playing burnout paradise on that day and the disk was stuck in and i couldn’t get it out after calling support and taking it to the store. If i get this game again, do i need to start from scratch or will it acknowledge my progress when i log back in.


erico316 said:

July 25th, 9:14 pm

jeremy how much is burnout on ps3 now or days?
i finally have some money to spend so i wouldnt mind getting it.i love the burnout game im hoping for a psp burnout from you guys make this happen please?

Kedaro said:

July 25th, 9:48 pm

@113 erico316

It should be approx. $39 at any well established retailer.

Onna76_NL said:

July 26th, 1:09 am

What? Burnout motorcycles? Oh boy, this is soooo going to be cool! Guys you’re amazing! I’m trying to get 100% in the game to see what extras we’re getting the next time. Weren’t we suppose to get an extra area in the game? Well personally I wouldn’t bother to pay a small fee for that, as I love this game too much, but as we’re getting it all for free, I can only say: your effort and attention is very much loved by us PS community :-)



Onna76_NL said:

July 26th, 1:10 am

“I can tell you this much – we locked our in-game awards to your save game, when we built Paradise. That means when we ship the Trophy functionality, it’ll be pay-day, if you’ve already made progress in the game!”

Awright!! :-D As soon as I’ve reached the 100% its indeed pay-day :-D

Herby said:

July 26th, 4:56 am

The update was thanks again guys.

EViD said:

July 26th, 7:58 am

Any chance we will enjoy these rides offline?

Onna76_NL said:

July 26th, 11:50 am

frostquake | July 25th, 2008 at 5:10 pm

Jeremy, Question?
I have Burnout for both the PS3 and the 360(yes I know that is crazy), and I am concerned about downloading the update on my PS3 because on the 360 there were issues found. Are the problems with Cagney console specific, and if so, are those problems not fixed on the PS3?



I can already tell you: no problem with PS3 patch :-)

Prince_Serlith said:

July 26th, 1:36 pm

SWEETTTTT Like i say Paradise has never been so sweet.

lord_ofwar177 said:

July 26th, 2:10 pm

I was amazed when they said that Burnout would support in game music, so I went to the store and bought it and did the update and loved it!! Thanks Criterion Team YOU GUYS ROCK!! Love the new calendar makes you feel connected online like never before.

Thetruefiziks said:

July 26th, 2:13 pm

ban midnightblue

yxxxx said:

July 26th, 4:23 pm

@97 warezIbanez

I realise that, but its just not the same. Dont get me wrong showtime is great but for me it just doesnt fill the gap left by crash.

TheVesra said:

July 27th, 10:27 am

actually, that would currently be 102% that you’re going for. prior to cagney it was 101%, the 70 new challanges added another 1% to that. and the rewards for reaching 101% are worth the time it will take to get it. personally i’m stuck at 96%, i suck at stunt runs :(

TheVesra said:

July 27th, 10:31 am

also, if you’re looking for people to do the new, or old, challanges with add me. vesra is the PSN i use. :)

artofwar420 said:

July 27th, 4:51 pm

I think I’m going to have to get this game.

PSPsGTghOost said:

July 28th, 6:26 pm

God dammit just BRING OUT the trophies already!! Hurry up guys!! Im running out of patience waiting for trophies!

paul-p1988 said:

July 30th, 3:35 am

i keep gettin a bug after the cagney update. When i unlock a new car i will drive it to the repair shop and back, maybe nitro into a wall haha, but quite often it registers that i have driven 0.0miles even though i have just drove down a long road at full speed to repair it. Then when i get back to the junkyard it tells me the car is still ‘new’. It seems to work fine after that, but its REALLY annoying :(

PSFaithful said:

August 13th, 7:31 am

You guys at Criterion are a rare breed of developer… up there with the guys at Insomniac when it comes to making a qulaity game.

I just purchased Burnout yesterday (over Madden 09!), and I spent 5 hrs playing without getting tired. It really is a great game and I’m glad you all are continuing to support it so well. I hope that this game serves as an example to other devs that continued support helps to extend the retail life of a game.

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