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Jul 25

Jul 25

Comic-Con Live Demo: DC Universe Online

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During recent E3 and Comic-Con Blog posts, viewers like you have been asking for more info about Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online. So yesterday, I fought through the throngs of people to SOE’s booth, where I mic’d up Creative Director Jens Andersen, and had him give you the same walkthrough you’d get if you were standing right there.

It was a bit loud in the hall, so apologies for that.

Feel free to post questions below, but since the SOE team is still in San Diego, don’t look for them to jump in with answers quite yet. As Jens states in the video, we’ll have more on DCUO here on the blog – and I’ll make sure that the team sees your questions.

If you’re planning on attending Comic-Con between now and Sunday, feel free to go drop by the SOE booth (#4319) to go hands on with DCUO.

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Kedaro said:

July 25th, 3:16 pm

Right on!

JordanBlack68 said:

July 25th, 3:18 pm

Awesome looking good!

Koroshiya said:

July 25th, 3:22 pm

Not my type of game, but it’s nice to see some early game-play footage.

pause422 said:

July 25th, 3:30 pm

Wow,really glad to see some gameplay footage for this already,just heard about it first time ever at E3..I gotta say I was very “eh whatever” when I heard about it but it looks very promising,can’t wait to see more updates following this game.

Daver said:

July 25th, 3:31 pm

I still wonder how its going to work as a MMO, even with the video, i have no idea how people will play it, i mean, what to do? go with some people to do a quest or i dont know

Captain Fury said:

July 25th, 3:33 pm

looking good!

cant wait for Agency and DC Universe

Joe said:

July 25th, 3:33 pm

DC Universe looks great, I was just wondering the Joker will get a new face lift may be like the version Heath Ledger did.

Also an idea when this will come out, is it this year or next.

pause422 said:

July 25th, 3:36 pm

What i’ve seen so far it seems as if you decide your side-hero or villain,and you will be able to do different “quests” and such dedicated to that side,but its not like some WoW mmo where you just see the joker or superman standing with a ! on their head to get a quest from them,they’ll be out and about saving people/creating chaos some of the time,or possibly be in the middle of an attack(joker being in arkham and you helping break him out was mentioned as an example) so i’m guessing because the quests and other things you do with your heros/villains, I would think you would just be free to go do as you like, IE- villain could just go cause random chaos maybe, and get in pvp fights with the heros? I hope at least,definately not enough info or gameplay shown of this yet to judge,but from that little clip I think it really has some promise and potential,gonna follow it definately on any updates.

pause422 said:

July 25th, 3:37 pm

and @7,I doubt it,they’ve shown the player model in a few of the gameplay vids,hes modeled to how Jim Lee draws him in the comics,so its pretty set in stone how they’ll look.

TheHater said:

July 25th, 3:38 pm

I have a very important question.
lets say you started out Good, and played a superhero for about 10 days online. but you want to be a villain now, can you change side with that character?

Romzen said:

July 25th, 3:43 pm

How much is this gonna cost monthly? After all it is an mmo so I bet they want to charge for it.

pause422 said:

July 25th, 3:50 pm

Yeah,no monthly fee or anything was stated wether its gonna happen for sure or not,and as far as your question #10,i’m assuming you may be able to just create another character? I would think so at least.

Atoms said:

July 25th, 3:52 pm

I was just there! but it was too crowded I couldnt find anyware to park So I boned out! I had fun anyway. This video makes me wish I would have tried harder.

Aerfox said:

July 25th, 3:52 pm

Thanks for putting up the interview Jeff, you never fail the community.
Will there be a monthly fee? or an annual fee?
What would happen if you were killed?
Can you change from good to bad, vice versa?

MidnightBlues said:

July 25th, 3:56 pm

This game looks amazing!!! Is there a monthly fee to play this game?

Is there a special mode for pvp combat? or can you just kill any other player any time you want to?

zakupilot256 said:

July 25th, 4:00 pm

I have played a lot of MMOs like Everquest, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Everquest Online Adventures for the PS2, etc. This is the first MMO I have seen that has such an active combat system. I am really looking forward to this game. I have 2 questions for the DCUO team:

1. Are your plans for PvP? If you its too early to discuss it, what are some of the concepts for PvP do you have in mind?

2.Having been a Beta Tester for EQAO, Can you guys get me into the beta. I am not asking about if there will be a beta, I asking if you can get me in it hahaha. PSN:Zakupilot256

Thanks for the coverage Jeff.

MegaClank said:

July 25th, 4:01 pm

It looks cool, but I don’t know if it’s a purchase.

Stoffinator said:

July 25th, 4:07 pm

Another great video Jeff thanks.

I was wondering if you guys will ever plan a PS Blog online event with a game online? Something like Resistance or Warhawk? Maybe with some swag for the winners?

GGCAN said:

July 25th, 4:08 pm

Nice !

Used to love these super heroes when I was a kid and bought all the comic books.

Thanks for posting the video as well.

nmc75 said:

July 25th, 4:12 pm

What is Batman’s super powers?

warezIbanez said:

July 25th, 4:15 pm


I think that was just a bad question.

Traveler1990 said:

July 25th, 4:15 pm

Looks really great, keep up the great work. I can’t wait till i can make my hero.

So what is the character creation gonna be like?

hayejos said:

July 25th, 4:17 pm

Hey Guys, the game I must say is looking pretty good, however…

Comic games have been notoriously bad, especially the DC games (Superman 64, Aquaman, etc.), which coupled w/ the fact that these are some of the most beloved IPs of all time means if the game isn’t great it is going to be ridiculed to no end. How have you guys balanced staying true to the source material, and not just becoming another “City of Heroes?”

Also what can we expect in terms of new and innovative gameplay to bring us a completely different MMO experience in one of our favorite universes?

outkast32 said:

July 25th, 4:19 pm

Looks Really great! i do have some questions im hoping they can be answered.

1: online modes: Does it support a sandbox like gamplay like gta or somthing?

2: Any co-op at all?

3: Trophies?

saintfighteraqua said:

July 25th, 4:19 pm

Looks amazing!
Will there be a fee to play?

kur0saki22 said:

July 25th, 4:22 pm

Wow the game looks very good
Ok here’s my question, This is only online correct? so Say you have about 20 players trying to figure out a crime or defeat an anemy, how will they all colaborate to take them down or do they decide who takes the villan down.

Anyway this game is going to be very cool and am looking to play it when it comes out
PSN cards nationwide and don’t make it a scavenger hunt

sublimentality said:

July 25th, 4:25 pm

Im really excited for this title. Ive been looking for another MMO since i quit WoW that isnt so time consuming. With WoW if you wanna get any type of good or start experiencing higher levels of endgame you pretty much have to kiss everything else in your life bye-bye.

I’m hoping that SOE finds a nice balance between having lots of cool end-game stuff to do wether its Raid or PVP, but doesnt require you to find guilds where they expect you to be on everyday and set aside a good 4-6 block of time for raiding just so you can experience some of the higher level endgame stuff.

In other words, I hope they are accomodating for the people that have jobs, kids, or a life beyond video games.

Prezhulio said:

July 25th, 4:25 pm

Looking really good! Any way to get into the beta of this?

Heavenly_King said:

July 25th, 4:27 pm

Will it have a monthly fee, or it will be like the Agency (no monthly fee)??

babybluedb said:

July 25th, 4:30 pm

its looks great cant what to try this out keep us posted

Dark_Vincent said:

July 25th, 4:30 pm

I still don’t quite “get” this game. Maybe I’m too much of a traditional MMO player.

Crimson_Ryan said:

July 25th, 4:33 pm

I think I’ll buy this.

I wanna be a bad guy. :D

Looks great guys. Hope to see more.

thingg said:

July 25th, 4:50 pm

umm…. batman doesn’t have any powers…

heh. nice. …and only 3 minutes too.. ;)

OT: Looking good. Why don’t you guys ever have the conferences on the East Coast??? :(

40cal said:

July 25th, 4:50 pm

@ Sublimentaliy.
Right Right.

Game dose look good though.

XxBigP123xX said:

July 25th, 5:01 pm

no thanks….

BabeBro said:

July 25th, 5:27 pm

As long as there is no lag, I will buy this.

Sparx88 said:

July 25th, 5:28 pm

The game looks like its coming along and I’m really interested in it but could probably use a little more work. The gameplay seemed a tad laggy/jumpy. Hopefully it becomes a bit smoother as it goes on

Andronix said:

July 25th, 5:35 pm

I love DC comics.
So I am very excited about playing an MMO on my PS3. The game looks very ambitious and I cant wait to form a team of Superheroes (or villains) to help (or destroy) Metropolis.

Jeff, realistically, do you think this will be released in 2009 or later?

PS fanboy said:

July 25th, 5:50 pm

that’s so cool!im gonna be d first 2 buy it!4 sure!
i just have one question, can u create ur own character?like choose their outfit,skills,powers etc.?

bulleteddy said:

July 25th, 5:51 pm

Wow! I’m shocked that a game that early looks that good! I’m not much into MMORPG titles, so when I saw that you’re blending the MMORPG aspect with more action title-like controls, that just blew me away. As soon as stores let me, I’m totally preordering!

Jenovah said:

July 25th, 6:01 pm

Jeff, It looks great, but do you know if the animation is going to get a second pass? That’s the only thing that looks pretty rough at this stage.

NastyN8 said:

July 25th, 6:08 pm

I love DC comics and this game actually looks good. I am for sure getting tired of point and click MMO’s. I’m not gonna go on a lim and say this is a “wow killer” but I believe it will take mmos that move away from the fantasy elf/dwarf genre to beat wow. The game play mechanics look nice, but a little buggy which I expected. I just wanna know what a Batman character will be like. Whats his movies,whats his travel power..etc


July 25th, 6:13 pm

I was wondering…..like the whole game takes place online? Is it like a co-op based thing, or can players kill each other? If so, then it will be like the failure of GTA4 free mode online, where nobody does anything except kill each other.

Also, will it be a type of game where you level up to unlock new features, etc?

Is it mission-based?

Skreech2 said:

July 25th, 6:35 pm

Hey thanks for the info I love the game concept but I’m really worried about this game. I know that a lot of stuff hasn’t been fleshed out enough to publicize but a MMOG is really in the details so I’m just going to list the things I’ve thought about that I cannot rationalize in my head. Any time you have the systems for these laid out put together another video and PSBlog it!

First stuff I like so far is it is not a numbers RPG You actually need to skilfully hit, throw and target things which does have a natural learning curve that someone with super powers has to go through.
I like your having everyone kinda automatically in the Justice league even though we can create our own league. I’ll assume it’s Justice League Unlimited as they seem to have a policy of “Just Say NO to saying NO! Welcome to Justice League!!”
I like that the world has Physics and the powers have a physical base so it should feel natural to scale and probably to differentiate.

Now stuff I’m worried about (just cause I don’t see how they will work):
1) We can help Superman save Metropolis and Batman fight crime in Gotham! How? Do we get a call to help in another city and teleport there? Do we fly there? Can we even choose to visit another city once we start? Or will whatever City we jump into have Flash and Green lantern and Superman and Batman?

2) How do we help out Superman? honestly if I’m one of 140 People running behind Superman to help him punch Lex Luthor I really don’t feel like I’m needed I don’t even feel super. If we get our own Superman to help will he turn the corner and see him fighting a different battle down the street?

3) I know everyone wants to play them but honestly Super Heroes are easy. They are reactive. Villains have to be proactive so will we always be running behind Poison Ivy or will I actually be able to have a master plan and attack the city’s water supply? Can I attract other people to help me? (For some reason no one wants to help Superman but Joker can find 300 guys who will help him do anything) Most important for me can I win? If I have a set of good villains in my league and we execute a diabolical scheme can I actually take a city? or storm a league’s headquarters and smash it? (As an aside should be fun to see the one super league that all the bad guys agree to get into without fighting each other)

4) Player vs Player fighting. I can see in my head how super heroes will fight against other players super villains but I can also see why I would want to as a super villain try and disrupt someone else’s plan (they are taking radioactive resources that I need for MY PLAN *#@*! IT!!!!) Will there ever be any incentive for the good guys to fight (It can be as silly as training I don’t care really) but how will you try and make sense of as you say the very simple traditional choice of black and white good and bad while still allowing engagement.

If you can get John Smedly or a lawyer at SOE to mail me you should have my e-mail address :)

Frazz said:

July 25th, 6:52 pm

I think the animations need work.More fluidity.I havent tried an MMO but this looks tempting

Raptors138 said:

July 25th, 6:56 pm

Quick question.

As you guys were showing the superhero saving the citizen, say if I were playing as a supervillain; could I jump down and stop that player from saving them?

And would that apply to other situations too?

verybadbeetle said:

July 25th, 7:46 pm

The game is looking great. I am really interested to give it a try. Will we be able to play with PC gamers?

Seba501 said:

July 25th, 7:53 pm

When it will release ??.

Im very exited about to play a MMO on my console

Jeigh said:

July 25th, 8:06 pm

Hm. Actually, the game doesn’t look all that bad… Still, I’m really not an online gamer. I guess that leaves me in the minority, but that’s okay, ’cause when I’m offline I don’t really notice it.

I have little doubt this will be good.

masteratt said:

July 25th, 8:28 pm

Great walkthrough Jens, thanks a lot man.

I’m not usually into these games but live action part really sells it.

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