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Jul 28

Jul 28

PS3 Greatest Hits Launch Today

Knguyen's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

As announced at our E3 press conference, some of our top PLAYSTATION 3 titles will be re-launched as Greatest Hits. Starting today, you can now get these blockbuster titles for only $29.99. Yep, you read it right, $29.99. So for all you PS3 owners out there who have been holding off on any of these games, now is your chance to expand your videogame collection. Not a PS3 owner? No more excuses.

Check out the list of Greatest Hits:

And, just to add a little more spice, we’re making the cases red so you really have to try hard to miss these at your local store.

PS3 Greatest Hits Resistance PS3 Greatest Hits Warhawk PS3 Greatest Hits MotorStorm

Finally, we wanna leave you with a short video to show what these Greatest Hits titles bring to your PS3.

Happy gaming!

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BabeBro said:

July 28th, 9:57 pm

I have almost all of these games already. I do want to inquire though, is this Oblivion the “Game Of The Year” edition with the DLC or the regular one?

    Knguyen's Avatar

    Kim Nguyen said:

    July 28th, 10:14 pm

    Hi BabeBro,

    It\’s the regular one that is Greatest Hits.

maluraq said:

July 28th, 10:13 pm

What is it with people not knowing what “first party” and “third party” mean?

A first party title would be developed by Sony for its own platform. That would be something like Calling All Cars. Resistance is a third party exclusive. Insomniac is NOT a part of Sony. Nor is Activision nor Ubisoft, etc.

I’m not sure why people think “published by Sony” means “written by Sony”, but acting as a publisher to a title is not what you think it is if you call Sony published titles first party games.

NewYork214 said:

July 28th, 10:26 pm

already own all the sony titles on that list. im gonna pick up folklore when ever it pops up on the list

ekmatt said:

July 28th, 10:27 pm

In Canada will the prices be lowered to 29.99? I Searched today but all retailers in my area were selling the greatest hits games, even in the red cases, for 59.99 still.

MidnightBlues said:

July 28th, 10:36 pm

Alright!!! wooo I am finally getting warhawk…at that price id be dumb to pass it up!! I have wanted it for a while….so thanks.

colonel970 said:

July 28th, 10:51 pm

Maybe I am too late to get a response, but does anybody know if the cases are clear red or “solid” red??

JBruno said:

July 28th, 10:56 pm

Dear Kim Nguyen, I have a question:

How many units Warhawk already sold in retail disc plus downloads in PSN?

minas said:

July 28th, 11:06 pm

2.40&2.41 music problem!!! these updates caused the problem of the non access to the functions of rewind/fast forward and pause during browsing or viewing photos!!!TELL ME THAT U ARE AWARE SONY!!!This worked just fine in the past!!

minas said:

July 28th, 11:11 pm

i have no local support in my country,dont ignor me like this!!i want to know about this negleting…

nick2409 said:

July 28th, 11:12 pm

And that’s the platinum cover for Europe. Pretty ugly, isn’t it?

tails-4 said:

July 28th, 11:30 pm

Hi Kim,
Is there any word when Greatest Hits will be hitting Europe/Australia??
No word on ThreeSpeech…..


JetarR said:

July 28th, 11:31 pm

Erhhh… why the eyejarring red? is it to spit in the face of now deceased HD-DVD? :P

I do think that that red color will very much screw up the overall look of my games collection.

And more important: Will they be branded “platinum” in PAL territories? I can just imagine the silver box, that would be awesome.

libregkd_117 said:

July 28th, 11:39 pm


I take you you never bought a greatest hits from the PS2.

Just have to say, quite a few stores in my area (SoCal, LA County) have the PSN cards. I remember seeing them in my local Best Buy and Gamestop a few days ago.

saku said:

July 28th, 11:44 pm

When will the greatest hits be released in Germany / Europe?

FritoZ said:

July 28th, 11:45 pm

I still haven’t beaten Oblivion, i probably never will…

god i love that game!

but next is FAllout 3!

saku said:

July 28th, 11:49 pm

Sorry I can’t edit my post but what version of oblivion is that? The GOTY or normal?

psmgamer said:

July 29th, 12:17 am

Oblivion is the normal edition.

psmgamer said:

July 29th, 12:18 am

I am glad that Sony released Greatest Hits for PS3. Now I can get Resistance Fall of Man along with Warhawk for just $30 each.

xXnitroXx said:

July 29th, 1:04 am

In Canada they are not 2999 even the greatist hits red case, and reason? Canadian dollar is better than the states right know so there shouldn’t be that much diff its still the same price as it was before!

xXnitroXx said:

July 29th, 1:06 am

In Canada they are not 29.99 even the greatest hits red case, and reason? Canadian dollar is better than the states right know so there shouldn’t be that much diff its still the same price as it was before!

libregkd_117 said:

July 29th, 1:08 am


Where are you shopping? My pals up in Canada say that the price drop happened over there.

the_icon said:

July 29th, 1:28 am

Hope to see Uncharted up there.

frostquake said:

July 29th, 2:01 am

For Those who have not gotten Warhawk yet, I have seen the bundled set that came with the Headset at some Wal-Marts for $29.96 while a Wal-Mart down the Road will have it for $49.96. I was curious if this was an actual price so I had an employee scan on that came with the Head Set and it did indeed scan at $29.96. I asked why they were one price and the same retailer down the road was another? I was told that each store controlled their own price points and could lower prices on certain overstock items for a short period of time. This store was indeed overstock with the Warhawk Bundle, so Check around. This same Store had the Eye Of Judgment bundle with the camera and starter deck, also at $29.96, so shop around you could get a really good deal!

PhantomPhoenix said:

July 29th, 2:04 am

Did the cases have to be red? Or at least THAT red?

Red just reminds me of the FAILED HD-DVD, and of NetFlix (which is in a partnership with your rival). Couldn’t the case just have been the normal translucent PS3 case with a hint of red, or red swirls, or something else?

toliman said:

July 29th, 2:09 am

this sounds great, for the US market, knowing that you can get those PS3 games for $49.95, while in australia, pretty much the same game is $109.95 RRP.

will you be pushing PS3 GH’s/Platinum’s for AU$39.95 (approx us->au exchange rate), or for a more sedate pillage of $49.95 or more, to put it against PS2 GH’s or Xbox360’s GH’s/equivalent.

skaterricky said:

July 29th, 2:45 am


Most Likely we will be geting Playstation Living from the PS Store for a download and it will be like a Qore kind of Program but would reather have it on the XMB but wouldnt mind eaither way! :D Should be out this Thursday 31st or could be at a later date for a Firmware Update!

(Hope SO Knock on Wood!) 8)

Kinda makes since guys right!

Let me know what yout think?

Come on… the Headset which i have from the warhawk bundle isnt the greatest. it picks p to much noise from the ear peice when im playing Call of Duty 4 and other games I Play Online!

frostquake said:

July 29th, 3:32 am

Come on Kim!
I think the Cases should have been a color of BLUE! Which might make sense since they are spending BILLIONS on the Blu-ray Campaign!

Gunwing said:

July 29th, 4:20 am

Any word on PSN cards? They have been going the the thrid party stores first for some reason and not the big retail chains. Please get them to stores like Target, Best Buy, and GameStop stat!

Onna76_NL said:

July 29th, 4:35 am

I find Oblivion Greatest Hits to be strange, considering the fact you’ll need to download the extras for an additional amount of 30USD, so the same price as the all in one package Oblivion Game of the Year Edition on normal retail including Knights of the Nine.

Onna76_NL said:

July 29th, 4:38 am

Oh and I like red better than blue :-) Better than the yellow style in Japan and Europe. Since the boxes are red, at least the discs won’t give any failures to your PS3 :-P

Entropyspyder said:

July 29th, 5:18 am

Best Buy and Futureshop still have most of these games listed at full price. Such as Resistance: FOM which is at $59.99

Are we Canadians getting jipped?

Gunwing said:

July 29th, 6:50 am

WOW those are some great games for the PS3 that are now uber cheap! Thanks Sony! Also please get the fallowing on the PS3 into the Greatest Hits catagory:

Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare
Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction
The Eye of Judgment
Transformers: The Game
Enchanted Arms

matthew_m_g said:

July 29th, 7:28 am

Yeah, EB Gamestop wasn’t showing the love for the Greatest Hits titles in their system…then again, there’s a reason that most gamers avoid EB Gamestop in the first place…

Jeigh said:

July 29th, 8:06 am

Good news with Assassin’s Creed, but go figure, everything else there that I want(ed), I already have. :P

And the video is quite deceptive: the footage of Motorstorm makes it look like it has some of the worst graphics there, but it’s actually only second to Assassin’s Creed there.

Thanks for the update! :D

GameFace said:

July 29th, 8:28 am

Im goin to get Resistance. I hope i get it in the red box.

luminousCranium said:

July 29th, 8:52 am

This is great! I’ve been wanting to play Assassin’s Creed for a while and now I have a good excuse to BUY the game.

The hard decision will be game #2. Will it be Warhawk (for multiplayer fun), Motorstorm (because I liked the demo and I don’t have many racing games) or Resistance: Fall of Man?

It’s going to be hard, but allows me to buy two games instead of just one (not counting the obvious purchases: GTA IV & MGS4). I’m am super-hyped now. Now I have to debate on whether I really want Soul Calibur 4….

Ghostm said:

July 29th, 9:01 am

I just read the review for Soul Calibur IV from IGN and it says the PS3 Installation is optional. ^-^ Gonna go buy this game today. Does anybody knows if they will have a patch for Trophy support?

madtyger said:

July 29th, 9:02 am

Too bad I already have all the games that are coming out as Greatest Hits. I can’t wait to pick one up though since the boxes look great in red.

lakaihigh said:

July 29th, 9:26 am

@ Ghostm – haven’t heard them mention one. but who knows. would be sweet if they patched it relatively soon. and by relative i mean now. hahaha


renanbianchi said:

July 29th, 9:32 am

great News guys, but just a question, what are the minimum requirements for a game to be on the greatest hits?

And are there any plans for other to be released on the greatest hits?

not that i’m not satisfied, but i allready got Assassin’s Creed, Resistance, Motorstorm, Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden =]


outkast32 said:

July 29th, 10:06 am

At e3 they said that life with playstation would arrive before the end of this month. The month ends in 2 days? and since we are not getting any news updates that means that it still holds true, correct?

so im guessing we will get it thursday.

Knguyen's Avatar

Kim Nguyen said:

July 29th, 10:12 am

You guys sure are an animated bunch aren’t you? We love that you guys are so interested and appreciate you keeping us on our toes. With that said, I thought I would answer some of the questions that keep popping up.
First, the PSN cards ARE coming. Trust me. These deals take a little while working its way through corporate channels but rest assured they are coming soon. Second, Canada released their Greatest Hits titles the same time we did so if you don’t see the new pricing at your local retailer, you should ask. As for the other territories, it us up to each region to determine when and what titles to release as Greatest Hits. Third, many of you have asked about titles that didn’t make it on the Greatest Hits list. While we do expect these games to hit certain high thresholds, we thought the current offering of 10 games was a great start. We will be releasing more Greatest Hits titles when the timing is right. Right now, enjoy these game with your PS3. Finally, it seems you either hate or love the red cases. We chose red because it’s the color associated with Greatest Hits, has been even back in the PSone days. If you really hate the red, I’d suggest buying them now when retailers still have existing inventory in stores before they replenish with the red.

StalkingSilence said:

July 29th, 10:18 am

@#193, Kim Nguyen

Shweet. Thanks for answering everyone’s questions. Hopefully people will get their PSN cards soon so I can stop reading those complaints here.

lakaihigh said:

July 29th, 10:20 am

@ Kim – thanks for all the answers! and yes we sure do love to keep you guys on your toes over there. with that said i’d like to hear more about what’s going on with ‘life with PlayStation’. hope to see a post on here in the coming days about it as we haven’t heard anything about it since E3. like to get down to the nitty gritty details about it, sounds interesting.


minas said:

July 29th, 10:23 am

@Kim Nguyen Thank u about anwsering so many questions!!!but i just need a single anwser…is the music problem that caused 2.40+2.41 on its way to fixed?just tell me that u are aware of that!!!my question is constantly pop up everywhere in the blog!!i know im off topic but i want to know…dont ignor me like this!!!

madness23 said:

July 29th, 10:32 am

Great start to the collection! I’ll definitely be picking up at least 2-3 of these titles.

bluedice said:

July 29th, 10:39 am

All fine, except that even tho HD-DVD are gone by now the RED box still is a HD-DVD color, BLUE for Blue-Ray discs and White (Crystal Clear) for PS3 games, if you guys wanna use some color why not the same color of the console (translucent black)?

Or any other color that hasn’t been assigned to HD-DVD, like Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange or whatever.

It seems that the whole idea behing color coded products is now gone and none is considering that you still can find HD-DVDs is store shelves, and some people will remain heaving them for a pretty good time.

Having PS3 titles in Red Boxes (a color until now assigned to HD-DVD) might look confusing for a whole bunch of people. And even worst could cause some to simply ignore, overlook those titles in the shelves of a store.

Just my two cents.


Thetruefiziks said:

July 29th, 10:48 am


tell me ONE store that mixes HDDVDs and ps3 games in a single display case..

Thetruefiziks said:

July 29th, 10:53 am

btw, 193

Pretty amazing you’re reading this deep into the thread, that’s dedication

Scodo_Thope said:

July 29th, 11:01 am

When do retailers start selling at this new price? :)

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