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Hello again readers. I am Tynan Wales, a game designer here at 2K Marin and I’m happy to bring you more tidbits from the BioShock vaults.


There have been many questions regarding the trophy system in BioShock for the PLAYSTATION 3, and we are glowing from the attention. As some of the trophy criteria noted in our last post seemed familiar, some drew the conclusion that the PS3 wouldn’t have unique trophies. That is not the case.

As BioShock for the PLAYSTATION 3 continues its ascent from the depths we have assembled new information regarding the trophies that will be available to players. Specifically, we have new intelligence on the trophies which are unique to BioShock for the PLAYSTATION 3.

rosie market sad little sis

“A Man Chooses” is the first of these golden trophies and is reserved for those with the courage to complete Survivor difficulty. Its name is meant, in the words of Andrew Ryan, father of Rapture, to remind you that a man chooses because in Survivor mode every choice could mean the difference between life and death.

The final trial for any committed BioShock player is “I Chose The Impossible”. This trophy is named appropriately as attaining it will make even the most self-assured gamesman into a shaking leaf. To make this your own, you must complete BioShock on Survivor difficulty with the Vita-Chambers turned off.

DLC Ferris

Each of these shining treasures can only be found on the PLAYSTATION 3. So tense up your trigger finger and polish your diving helmet, you will need them at the ready.

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  • I’m so stoked for the PS3 version to finally come out. I played the 360 version again and again to unlock all the Achievements and will do the same to get all the Trophies. I freakin love trekin around Rapture.

  • thans i will be happy to see the PS3 version hits the self so i can pick it up loved and on 360 and im going to love it even more with the edition of exclusive trophies keep us updated please

  • They sound like the same achievements just cut-and-pasted onto a new difficulty level… I CHOOSE THE IMPOSSIBLE = BRASS BALLS, you know? It’s good to know they’re not identical, but they’re not substantially dissimilar either.

    I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate here… Bioshock was definitely one of the top releases of last year, and I recommend everyone in these boards get it, just like I will.

  • deadxbabiesxinc

    I’m still a bit iffy about this game…the trophy support tells me its a buy…but from what I heard about the 360 version its a rent…argh i dunno!!!

    Why would this game have in-game music support?!? Some games SHOULDN’T have custom soundtracks because if i’m playing a survival horror and all i’m hearing is someone playing a Miley Cyrus song…i’d have to shoot them

  • P_tear_griffin

    really looking forward to this one when it comes out. When will we be seeing gameplay video on the blog?

  • Hmmm the fact that someone mentions the game is “too spooky” kinda ticks me off. I don’t really like games which scare the hell outta me for every 5 seconds.

  • How the heck is BioShock a survival horror? It’s more action and puzzle based than anything, no?

  • Strider2K99

    Great support for the PS3 so far. I hope you take advantage of the PS3 hardware to provide even more interesting features.

  • the_culture

    Any chance of getting a Collector’s Edition of BioShock for the PS3?

  • Looking foward in getting Bioshock as soon as it comes out.

  • I’m getting this game on day 2!!!

    You know… not a big fan of the lines that I know will exist on Bioshock PS3 release :)

    Great work guys!!

  • Are you guys going to charge $60 for the game?

  • I appreciate the effort you guys are putting in. Will buy day 1, I’m looking forward to finally playing through it all.

  • MidnightBlues

    When is bioshock being released?

  • Crimson_Ryan

    This will be in my game collection come the day it comes out.

    Sounds very awesome guys. :D


  • well i have all the achievement in 360 im not afraid to take on survivor mode in the ps3 version.

  • Tynan Wales-


    Is the same “save anywhere-any time” dynamic from the 360 version still going to be in the PS3 version?

    just wondering..

    I actually beat the 360 version never using the vita chambers..

    i feel like the game “knows” and penalizes me…just like in Grand Theft Auto 4..anytime i die i instead of going to the hopsital i just reset and reload…

    now that there are trophies and new content, this is a must rent for me, which is saying alot, as i already own the 360 version!

    this game really is that good!

    I remember my first encounter with the first big daddy in level one…it took me forever,and kinda scared the crap outta me, (the sounds alone were great, and he was super quick!) but i finally wacked em..


    is it a prequel or what?

  • Beautiful box art, love the subtle change to the original 360 box art. Exclusive Gold trophies are a nice addition, can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing game and start exploring the underwater city of Rapture, Big Daddy, here I come !!!!

  • Are those jaggies I see?

  • skaterricky

    Looking Forward to actually Playing this Game :D

    And on an better Note With our Trophies!

    Hope to make the most of this game ;)

    Thanks agian for the Great News!

    PSN: Skater_Ricky 8)

  • Own it, played it, and finished it on XBOX 360. But I am planning to buy this version as I am a big fan of BioShock and would love to give it another playthrough on PS3.

  • I have it for 360 but I am still planning on buying this for my PS3.

  • It great Bioshock is getting trophies and everything but am I the only one who thinks all the hoopla is getting a little ridiculous. It’s great, Sony added achievments, hopefully someday we’ll get custom soundtracks but shouldn’t we care more about the games then this other stuff. Maybe I’m just sick of hearing it and I’m cranky but statments like “Not a big fan of FPS’ but, I’ll buy BioShock just for the Trophy support.” really grind my gears.

  • The addition of Trophy’s means I’ll be buying this a second time.

  • Day one for me.

  • verybadbeetle

    I am curious has anyone on your staff been able to complete the “I Choose the Impossible” Trophy? That one truly sounds like it would be an unattainable trophy. Has it even been tested to see if it can be done?

  • Cerberus_Hunter


    Nothing is impossible!

    Day two for me…sorry.

  • MidnightBlues

    “I Chose The Impossible”

    that is simply IMPOSSIBLE …it cannot be obtained….it cannot be done….given the confines of the bioshock world this is IMPOSSIBLE!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

    thanks for adding that trophy just so I will never be able to obtain platinum for this game…..really angers me…..baaah

  • So, when the game is expect it to be launch… October or November?

  • thanks 4 the update .
    day 1 .

  • ” TheHakku | August 4th, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    How the heck is BioShock a survival horror? It’s more action and puzzle based than anything, no?”


    How should I know, I’ve never played the game. Oblivion scared the creeps out of me as well in the beginning, but got used to that.

  • Tynan Wales what will be the HOME support?
    I saw a Bioshock box pic with the PlayStation home logo on it. Will there be a Bioshock themed ‘Home’ for us to use?

    Also, good job about the Trophy support. I’ve decided to not get a discounted 360 version and wait for this and the new content.

  • Tynan!

    please answer some of our questions, man!


  • i have gotten all the achievements for this on X360, but now i am more interested in getting the game for my PS3.

  • @Adronix, the more people buy the PS3 version the better :-)

  • Don’t fret danklown. The platinum award is definitely achievable. You just have to be good.

  • Why is the HOME logo gone from the boxart?
    Or had it been photoshopped in?

  • Awesome-Ninja2

    this is awesome i hope to earn every trophy in the game….. i wish every game has trophy support. oh and isnt Warhawk supposed to get trophys?

  • i hope there youtubeupload it would be so cool!!! please 2k support it please

  • I am so excited to replay Bioshock on my PS3, this was one of my favorite 36o games to date and the new content and trophies make it delicious!
    I never did get myself a pair of “brass balls” but I’m ready to give it a go!

  • man, finally bioshock on the ps3, i so can’t wait for this… i hope we get alot of trophy for this game… this game will be so worth playing it over 8 times in a row… sony fan for life

  • Can’t Wait for this Game. Day One. and Can’t Wait to Get my Hands On Those trophy Thanks For the Details


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