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Aug 06

Aug 06

Qore Episode 3 hits PSN tomorrow

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Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

Episode 03 of Qore hits the store on 8/7 and it is jam-packed….

DC Universe Online
We go behind the scenes at SOE to give you all the latest on this MMO action game set in the DC universe. With Jim Lee’s involvement (he is the Executive Creative Director on the project), this is shaping up to be one of PS3’s biggest upcoming exclusives. Make sure you check out the concept art by Mr. Lee – it is really some amazing stuff.

NBA 09: The Inside
Our new “Qorespondent,” Audrey Cleo, travels to SCEA San Diego to get her game on with the development team behind NBA 09: The Inside. This year’s iteration introduces “The Life” mode to PS3, with developing stories for three different players and an all-new franchise mode.

Lego Batman: The Video Game
Veronica Belmont heads to Hollywood and the Warner Brothers’ back lot to see if she can find the Batcave and get TT Games to tell her all about the Dark Knight’s adventures in the land o’ Legos. Or, is she simply looking for Christian Bale?

Baja: Edge of Control
What happens when a 98 pound woman takes on an 800 HP Trophy Truck with someone named “Pistola?” Check out our feature on THQ’s Baja: Edge of Control.

New Downloadable Content
If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription, you are in for a real treat – with premier access to the Resistance 2 Public Beta. In addition, we’ve got an all-new PS3 Qore theme and new annual subscribers will also get Calling All Cars, the full game, for free!

In addition, we also wanted to answer a few of the questions you’ve had about Qore:

Q: Will I be able to re-watch episodes? How will back issues or previous months content be handled?
A: Yes. When you purchase an Episode of Qore, it becomes available in your Download List. You can then download it to your PS3’s HDD and view it as often as you like. In addition, should you decide to delete an Episode of Qore from your HDD, you can always go back to your Download List and download it again. This, however, may not apply to downloadable content that is associated with a particular Episode, as that content may have its own restrictions (i.e.: beta invitations and timed exclusives). As a side note – when you purchase multiple Episodes of Qore they all download to your HDD separately. So, it is possible to have as many Episodes of Qore on your HDD as space will allow – the latest Episode does not overwrite previous Episodes.

Q: Will Qore be compatible with PSP via remote play?
A: We are currently evaluating the PSP as a platform for Qore delivery.

Q: Does this mean that some older PSN titles will become available to download for Qore subscribers?
A: While we have no announcements to make at this time, we are evaluating other PSN titles as possible bonuses for new annual subscribers.

Q:Do we have to watch advertisements during the Episodes, or will we be able to skip them?
A: Currently, Qore’s advertising model is to allow our advertising partners 15 seconds of interstitial advertising (forced-run) in each individual advertisement before our users are given control and allowed to skip the advertising, should they so desire. Should you want more information on an advertised product, you can then go to the Sponsor’s page and watch a longer version/view additional content from that sponsor. In addition, the forced-run advertising is only active once per session – it will not reset until you exit Qore. This does not apply to advertisements that are delivered as banners or that frame editorial content.

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Clinton514 said:

August 6th, 9:16 pm

Maybe some of you complaining about “paying” should read that there are still other ways of getting into betas.

ps. Thanks for the update Brian.

diablo103 said:

August 6th, 9:17 pm

so if i decide to chage my hard drive or dont have enough room room on my hard drive and decide to delet an eposode but then decide to download it again to particapate in a beta which for some reason seem to never start i wont be able to participate in a beta that i paid for because i deleted it then re-downloaded it?

simply_impressd said:

August 6th, 9:42 pm

Contrary to what the initial article read, we HAVE to purchase the annual subscription for the R2 beta?????

Or will just Q ep.3 suffice?

Thanks in advance!

Blooper said:

August 6th, 9:46 pm

Abigail Murphy, You guys at Sony need to tell Future to get there A$$ in gear! Ok? I really don’t mind paying for something like this to show my support but we don’t want Pure we want games like Motorstorm 2 or some of the other 900 great games you guys have coming.I mean E3 just happened and you give us 2 games that aren’t in anyones top 5 let alone top 10. Give us some more downloads or something. Also get rid of Veronica Belmont yea she’s nice but for what your paying her you could get a whole squad of average normal people who actually know what there talking about!

-umopapisdn- said:

August 6th, 9:56 pm

plz can some tell me why the socom beta has not stated yet..and also i bought the first Qore ep.then i bought the annual will i still get the thirteen ep for $25 or will i only get 12

Devil240Z said:

August 6th, 10:03 pm

wait wait wait!
I bought the first episode of qore when it came out.
then I got a new HDD for my ps3 so I had to re download everything I bought.
will i still have access to the Socom beta?

JBruno said:

August 6th, 10:03 pm

IMHO Quore needs more relevant content that justifies the price. Nothing against, I have the 2 first episodies, but the lack of “value” in my opinion is killing the desire of keep buying the service.

Why not let the consumers choose the goodies for the annual subscription, for exemple? I already have Calling All Cars…

Wip3ou7 said:

August 6th, 10:06 pm

Please feature WIPEOUT HD in the next issue of Qore!!! We are starving for wipeout goodies!

gardea said:

August 6th, 11:23 pm

So wait, you lost me…

In one post you said that you need a subscription to Qore, not just Episode 3…in the other you said that if you get Episode 3 you’re in for a real treat, including the premiere BETA.


NewYork214 said:

August 7th, 12:09 am

once i get a job ill probably pick up the subscription. :(

FeaturePreacher said:

August 7th, 12:21 am

When will the episode of Qore come out that lets subscribers vote on reasonable subscriber submitted suggestions for control options and the basic hardware features of the Playstation Portable 2?

d3adliner said:

August 7th, 12:22 am

Evidently, being a member of both Playstation Underground AND the Gamer Advisory Panel means nothing anymore. I haven’t been offered a beta invite or received anything cool in years.

Bring on Home, Life With Playstation, and The Last Guy!!! (Oh yeah, and a NTSC release of Siren Blood Curse on Blu-Ray.)


August 7th, 1:11 am

god where are them PSN cards? i been holdin off on alot of DLCs n PSN games cuz of not havin a credit cards

archy said:

August 7th, 1:39 am

I all,
i have 1 question and 1 idea for the psn shop ;)

If i purchase 1 year qore subscribtion can i download all the old qore episodes? Or only all released episodes from my subscribtion date on to the future?

I like to download a lot of demos and stuff from psn, but this behaviour messes up the download history. What do you guys think about 2 download lists?
One list for free stuff like demos etc. and one list for paid products from psn like core and psn games? I think this would make the download history much more userfriendly ;)

Makasu said:

August 7th, 1:58 am

Sigh, as much as i love insomniacs work and would love to get my hands on the beta i almost find it offesive that europeans or japanese cant try it out just yet. What is the motivation of always letting these “demographics” down? Wont the R2-servers be WORLDWIDE when R2 is released?

Jast3r Rogu3 said:

August 7th, 2:01 am

This is gonna be hot.

Makasu said:

August 7th, 2:09 am

Oh, i thought the R2 beta started tonight… It starts late september? Forget about my rant then :)

UnrealBombSquad said:

August 7th, 3:15 am

When will Europe get a Blog!? You said your working on it… and 4months down the line still nothing! What is going on!?

xposer said:

August 7th, 3:21 am

Is there psp protage ?

coster_127 said:

August 7th, 3:57 am

@38 yes your right im sorry. i just get wound up sometimes at how unfairly sony treats their customers. its like europe gets the play tv thing and america doesnt and america gets qore. why cant everyone just get the same treatment?:( and everyone always refuses to answer when i ask that question

dsgrce said:

August 7th, 5:12 am

You know what I love about Qore the most? The fact that you PAY for it, yet still have to see ADS. Are you serious? You charge people AND force them to watch ADS? That is just ridiculous. Good thing for me, I don’t bother to pay for it.

FeaturePreacher said:

August 7th, 5:38 am

Europe gets play tv because Europe uses digital broadcasts. Maybe those in the States could get it after Feb. 2009. when the analog to digital switch is complete.

I guess Europe could get Qore, but the guys at Future Publications may not have the budget to put in subtitles or voiceovers or they’re just too indolent to do so. Those Europeans who really want to only watch qore could probably do so by going through gaming forums to find a youtube link.

Remember, Sony is an incredibly slow and sometimes moronic company. Just look at how long it took them to put a clock on the XMB. I’m grateful that they’re starting to get a little smarter though.

the_icon said:

August 7th, 5:41 am

If u guys continue to provide more exclusive inside info, and betas…the Qore doesn’t sound half as bad.

Also why do I always get 404 error after posting!

neo_bahamut said:

August 7th, 6:18 am

@ Susan,

I think Qore is great, there’s only one think I would like and that’s to have a way to sort all Qore episodes into one folder, kind of what you do when you sort the Games by type.


August 7th, 6:53 am

hmm….sounds cool, i might subscribe to this and cancel my game informer

Chaos_Rabbit said:

August 7th, 7:12 am

“If you purchase Qore Episode 03, >>>OR<<< an annual subscription,”

You guys REALLY need to take that OR out in the main story asap. It is deceptive business practice to lead people to believe they can get in the beta by only buying this issue.

tbutterbaugh said:

August 7th, 7:15 am

Will the Calling All Cars download ever change?

xrayzwei said:

August 7th, 7:18 am

umm…can anyone answer why we can’t get a different game of the same value instead of Calling All Cars. I’ve already got it. Plus can some also explain why I have to pay to help Insomniac beta test their game. What happened to companies paying *us* for that kind of stuff? Example: I got into the COD4 beta for free and did my part: provided feedback, played the hell out of it. Same when I beta test for TiVo. If I have to pay to play resistance 2 beta I would be less inclined to give any sort of feedback.

Lastly, if the fragile eagle says that access is only granted to annual subscribers to Qore, I’m curious as to who really knows what’s going on.


August 7th, 7:23 am

QORE is not for me! At least we have an option not to buy it! =]

TouchyEd said:

August 7th, 7:23 am

I think we need some kind of promise from Sony that no future episodes of Qore will include any of those ridiculous “skits” by the host. We didn’t pay to see some kid perform her grade-9 drama project.

toolfan2007 said:

August 7th, 7:46 am

Abigail Murphy replied on August 6, 2008 at 3:50 pm

We were addressing a customer in Europe

“If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription, you are in for a real treat – with premier access to the Resistance 2 Public Beta. “

So people in America get a special head start beta before Europe? Typical…Europe is left with the scraps off the table…:-/

safil said:

August 7th, 8:13 am

speaking of qore, where is it? i would like to download it! As usual, instead of coming on at midnight, it doesn’t. They just put it up when they get a chance. Delaystation is right!

pascal_f1 said:

August 7th, 9:19 am

Qore, for me, as been pretty lame so far. We get previews of games that are not on the big radar. Where are the Motorstorm 2? Killzone 2? Saints Row 2? Mercenaries 2? Little Big Planet? I could name many more big titles coming this fall/winter that have not been in Qore yet but still…we get Lego Batman…WTF.

Land Of Trill said:

August 7th, 9:43 am

Question you guy know that you have to have an annual subscriptions to get the BETA right? So that means you can’t just get the episode

KeepinItHamsta said:

August 7th, 10:13 am

This is the third PSN game in a row that I own that is given away as part of the Qore download. As an annual Qore subscriber, is this going to continue coming around to bite me in the ass? Is being too loyal of a Playstation customer and adopting these PSN titles as soon as they are available going to end up giving me two copies of every PSN game I own? To be honest, as of today I’ve stopped purchasing PSN games for this reason. I’ll never know what the next 8 titles are, so I’m better off just passing up on every single title available for download.

Spaceghost4284 said:

August 7th, 10:19 am

Who buys these episodes? It really sounds like the biggest waste of money. I could buy these episodes or a game…hmm. which will I choose.

MADARAmagekyo said:

August 7th, 10:29 am

So, so amped for the R2 beta. I can’t wait. Kudos to Insomniac for all their hard work.

…Now can we please get people working on trophy support for R&CF:TOD and R1? Please?

coster_127 said:

August 7th, 10:34 am

@135 thats never going to happen :( head guy from insomniac said that in another post. wich sucks!

P_tear_griffin said:

August 7th, 10:55 am

Sounds like a well-rounded issue.

Will Qore ever include content about PSP software? Further, will Qore include sneak peaks at firmware updates, have retrospective content on games or platform development, and/or maybe some music content once in a while? Get back to us consumers! :)

xandramas said:

August 7th, 11:11 am

Ok… so when is the qore update. Its almost noon here and nothing still. Plus calling all cars is pretty lame is that the only game we are going to recieve with the subscription?

Elsa43 said:

August 7th, 11:29 am

So both SOCOM and R2 betas will be in September??

… and we have to hang on to the June and August editions of Qore until that time?… or alternatively we have to delete and re-download our editions if we want to free up space on our HDD (then we also have to remember which episode to re-download because no real description of the episodes seems to be given). Why aren’t betas included in the episode the month before the beta is set to begin (or the actual month of the beta). It seems like a gimmicky tactic to sell Qore!

… and the advertising! When we pay actual money to buy this online magazine, I don’t expect my pages to be glued together for 15 seconds while I’m forced to watch an ad. I don’t mind static ads discreetly scattered throughout, but the video ads have to go!

Qore needs to be better organized! Include relevant betas (not betas coming 4 or 5 months away) or allow us to delete the episode and retain some form of “ticket” for the download separately that doesn’t take up quite as much room (what about a “game save” that allows for the beta download?) If you can’t do something of this nature… then allow us to transfer Qore to a thumbdrive or external HDD. We paid for the episode and should be able to keep our “magazine collection” especially episodes with forthcoming betas – but not at the expense of our HDD space!

Windblade said:

August 7th, 1:14 pm

so does anyone want to clarify what the deal is for the beta? subscription buyers only, or purchasing episode 3 enough, as we were told previously?

bigproof said:

August 7th, 1:17 pm

so do we have to buy the annual subscription, or the monthly subscription to get into the R2 beta?

Land Of Trill said:

August 7th, 1:53 pm

annual subscription

viprdude said:

August 7th, 2:05 pm

by having the beta, which is a test FOR the devs should not be for annual subscribers only.

make it for whoever gives you money and we’ll talk.

Letters2Kay said:

August 7th, 4:06 pm

I was not happy that I paid for this download thinking I was getting “Calling All Cars” and access to the R2 multiplayer beta- of which I got neither. Apparently the beta won’t be accessable (to non-subscribers) until late September (??) and “CAC” was only available to subscribers. If I had had this info beforehand, I wouldn’t have bothered to pay $3 or cleared a gig and a half off of my HD for it. Not happy. :(

Letters2Kay said:

August 7th, 4:09 pm

I was not happy that I paid for this issue of Quore thinking I was getting “Calling All Cars” and access to the R2 multiplayer beta- of which I got neither. Apparently the beta won’t be accessable (to non-subscribers) until late September (??) and “CAC” was only available to subscribers. If I had had this info beforehand, I wouldn’t have bothered to pay $3 or cleared a gig and a half off of my HD for it. This info should have been posted in the Quore announcement article! Not happy.

JunkYardDogz said:

August 7th, 4:44 pm

What’s going on Here, with this Qore…? So far you guy Burnt me Twice with SOCOM & with Resistance 2 Beta, I Have’nt been able to get anything you lead me to belive i would get for my subscription. How do i get a refund?

telesido said:

August 7th, 6:56 pm

sony, this is extremely inconveinent.

my situation that is.
i download qore 3 while ur blog said “puchase of qore 3” blah blah.. but then later it was crossed out.

i purchased it hoping to get the resistance 2 beta. but now it seems i have to purchase the anual subsciption to get it, so i wasted money and a longggg download and install time on qore ep3.

don’t change your mind after the product is already on sale. i baught qore for no reason. if possible, i’d like a refund.

for me, the only reason i buy qore is for the betas.. wouldnt it be wise to just sell access to the beta testing? to those who are that interested. it’d be cheaper and easier to make than whole HD episodes for qore

Jugglz said:

August 7th, 8:36 pm

okay. So i bought an annual subscription today. And i am currently Dl episode 3. i want to put episode 1 & 2 on the list too. I go in the store to find them and it says i have to buy those episode to dl them. and i checked my dl list and those episodes arent there. Where do i go to get them?

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