Want into the PlayStation Home Closed Beta Test? Here’s How to Apply

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Today we’re announcing the expansion of our closed beta test for PlayStation Home to begin at the end of the month.

Home Theme

Later today, the PLAYSTATION Store will be updated with a PlayStation Home theme. By downloading the theme, users are submitting an application to join the PlayStation Home Beta test community. We will be using a variety of criteria including activity on the PLAYSTATION Network to determine eligibility for the Beta community. Existing beta testers have automatically qualified to be part of the expanded beta.

We’re really excited about this milestone and want our most loyal fans to be a part of the evolution of PlayStation Home.

In Europe, SCEE is also beginning their expanded closed beta, directly targeting consumers who have been most active on PLAYSTATION Network and PLAYSTATION Store. SCEE will be in email contact with their PSN audience very shortly.

Let us know what you think.

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10 Author Replies


  • Sorry to Double post but,

    How Many people will you be adding?

  • I hope I make it in! Knowing my luck, I probably won’t. >_>

  • Wow something on HOME today. Sweet deal!

  • firehahahahahaha

    I leave my PS3 online all day long, but I don’t ever really play games online too often. Wonder how that’ll work out…

  • koo im online alot and ive had my ps3 sence day 1

  • This is great. . PSN is coming along little by little. . . I’m proud to be a PS3 owner.

  • DankandSticky

    I will be downloading this theme instantly…. been waiting so long for any word .. Thank you so much for the heads up!

  • awsome count me in and i am online alot is there a certain amout of hours because i just got my PS3 MGS4 bundle june 12

  • With this and the new beta update in other parts of the world… they have to be getting ready to do something… Right?!?!?

  • awesome. its been such a long wait and it seems its almost over. how many people are being selected?

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    Thank you for letting us know how it works in Europe.. Much appreciated :)

  • oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good news. I am applying for sure.

  • Wow.

  • Total wow moment

  • Good news! I’m hoping the entry criteria will be fairly liberal. I think allowing a larger number of people to explore and use the space will be beneficial not only for Sony to see what people do once inside, but will give the users a better idea of what Home is and what it can do with a large group to interact with instead of a large empty room (Second Life says, “Hello!”).

  • FINALLY!!! THANK YOU!! lol

  • I’ve actually been upset that I wasn’t put into this beta a long time ago. Seems like no matter how many beta’s you did in the past for SONY on PS2, they just over look that and pick (from what i’ve seen) a bunch of random new people that just came into the PS life.

  • AGHAGHAHGH must…get…in…..

  • FINALLLY!!!! So awesome.

    question: how many beta participants are you expanding it to?

    will other things effect your chances of getting into the beta?

    will it be done on a first download first entry basis? Thanks!

  • Please let me in I do want. I tried to get in last year. You can count me in on trying again to get in this year.

  • im happy as a kitten

  • Wisdom Wanderer

    I can’t wait! I hope I can join in and help make Home a success!

  • Man, I better get into this! Lol, hopefully at least. Glad to see Home is ramping up now, can’t wait to see the final product.

  • Chrisrahosiris

    This is definitely great news. I hope to get in.

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    Please reply to this: I’m European but i mostly go to the US store because the content is there much quicker, so most of the stuff, i downloaded on the US store.. Does that mean i’m screwed for the Home beta?

    :( Please add me lol: Stinkinmushroom .. 100% trophies @ SSHD and counting @ Eden


  • StalkingSilence

    Any news on a 1942: Joint Strike demo or a supposed Tiger Woods 09 demo to join this awesome new home theme?

    We’re keeping a log at PSLS:

  • That sounds very cool. I hope I make it in. When will the actual thing be released anyways? Are we looking at 2009? What’s the word with Playstation Life?

    Can someone please tell me what’s going with the PSN friend-list? Mine is all screwed up ever since I did the 2.41 update. Messages from one friend is going to multiple other friends inbox. Sometimes it says I have a message and I really don’t. It’s extremely screwy at this point. Will this bug be fixed anytime soon? It’s driving me insane. I know I’m not the only one with this issue.

  • You have to love this, and it’s my B-Day today. I’m at work but I get home I’ll download it.

  • Glad I am already in the beta. Good luck to the new comers.

  • Going to download this as soon as it hits the store. I hope I get in

    Thanks for the update


  • Captain Fury

    soon…I’ll be looking through people’s windows


  • is this for the uk store as well?

  • CitizenInsane27

    Haha! YES! I will hopefull be eligible, I play on PSN for at least 4-6 hours every day, plus I was one of the top commentators here on the blog. But who knows, I’m not getting my hopes up, but fingers crossed guys!

  • hmm…nice. if I get in, I’m definately going to run and get a pick 5 ticket!

  • The day has finally come!

  • I’ve been wanting to have a opportunity at participating in the Playstation Home Beta since word broke. I know I have been active on PSN and the Playstation Store. Hoping to get an invite :)

  • I hope the PSN activity doesnt mean buying lots of items from the store. Because I havent been able to do much buying thanks to not having a CC and Sony not taking out the PSN cards yet.

  • chaosatom333

    WHAT”S the space count? How many can get in?

    14 million :)

  • I’m in! I’ve waiting for this. I’m VERY active on PSN, I’m a strong community member………I can do this.

  • geekdadcanada

    Ok, that’s good for the US and Europe. Is Canada included anywhere?

  • I SO want to be a part of this!! I’ve been following PlayStation Home since the beginning…hopefully I get in!!

  • chaosatom333

    i gotta a message that i was posting the message too quickly.

    LOL. It’s keeps those spamming the post away, but it’s kinda annyoing.


    Why can’t u ban those kinds of people.

  • Is the website gonna be updated to where we can register for the beta testing of Home?

  • most active on PLAYSTATION Network and PLAYSTATION Store. Hmm does that mean people that buy everything on the store are the ones going to get in? I’ve hardly bought anything on the store but demos and the add ons for Metal Gear which wasn’t on the store at all. lol! and the the COD4 and on. I’ll try my luck and see if i get lucky. Hook a black man up!

  • SupremeStephan

    Nice! I’m European, so I’m hoping to get an e-mail soon.

  • Traveler1990

    It’s about time i think this way is better than how you guys originally did it, just sending out invites to people randomly some who didn’t even have ps3’s

    please let me get in:)

  • Hiya Jack! Stop by the Beta forum and say hi!!

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