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Aug 08

Aug 08

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Behind the Scenes #3

John Diamonon's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, Capcom

Hey PS fans, I have another BCR update for you this week. Before we go to the video, I want to address some of the questions you have about the game.

Will the game have trophy support? We’re working on having trophy support available in the near future.

Will there be a demo available at launch? Yes.

Will this game have remote play functionality? Fosho.

How much will it cost? $9.99

When will this game launch? August 14, 2008!

Are the multiplayer and co-op modes offline or online? Offline, but it’s great. (It’s what we play at the office during lunch.)

Ok, I’m sure you have more questions, and as always, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here’s the Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Behind the Scenes Video #3. (You can find the other 2 videos on the PS Store)

We also have some cool BCR PS3 and PSP themes available around launch. They’re made by the same talented designer who created the award winning Lost Planet theme, Shawn Baxter and optimized by your very own theme expert Noel Silvia. Watch out for them.

Talk to you next week!

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gonzo46 said:

August 12th, 7:50 pm

I’m glad alpha is being released on psn, I just wish it was the arcade version. If more Capcom 2D fighters are going to be released on psn in the future, I hope they will be arcade ports.

JiNN said:

August 12th, 9:51 pm

yea yea dont trip John, i officially support John D. haha

so what do you play? or what system(s)? so i can see if ill see you online soon on anything

but yeah im trying to get another job right now but when i do im getting anything u talk about thats coming to PS3 haha yeah!, lets make John D. BIG in CAPCOM!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    August 12th, 11:21 pm

    Lately, I\’ve been playing a lot Capcom games (Big surprise. Hey, I can play them before they\’re public, why not?) The game I\’ve been enjoying lately is Age of Booty. I usually don\’t play RTS games, but this one is so easy to pick up and play and the multiplayer elements make this one of the best party games I\’ve played in a while. I\’ve always been a Street Figher player, so 4 is high on my list. Mega Man 9 – Nuff said. Aside from Capcom games, I\’m a big NBA2K fan. Not to sound too diplomatic, I play on all systems.

pancakesandsx said:

August 12th, 10:02 pm

For future fighting game releases on PSN, would it be a viable option to COMPLETELY avoid ps1 versions? A majority of the “modern” titles (Especially the versus titles) were far from exceptional ports and were missing things like frames of animation from attacks and backgrounds. Not to mention the loads. It would be much more appealing if these were straight up arcade ports being offered and not ps1 titles. Plus, if you can emulate 1 CPS2 title on PS3, what’s to stop you from emulating them all!

That being said, Capcom has a ton of worthwhile ps1 titles that I would love to see on PSN. Strider 2, Megaman Legends, Resident Evil, Breath of Fire II and IV, etc.

Heres an odd request to pass along. In light of Megaman 9 being released, it sure would be nice to have some of the earlier titles released on psn. I’m not sure how viable this would be, but Megaman 1-6 were released on PS1 in Japan, and never brought over here. I think you can see where I am going with this.

Rival Schools: If Capcom were to revisit the series, how’s about keeping the “extra modes” (the adventure game-esque create-a-character mode from the JP versions) this time, assuming of course that this hypothetical sequel has such modes.

Ok I think I’m done, whew.

tzareUSA said:

August 13th, 6:12 am

So….. when is SF2HD coming? Don’t you think it will be released too close to SFIV.
Will (both SFIV and SF2HD) support, on PS3, worldwide online play, as some games only feature Continental online play.
ALso will al PSN titles by Capcom support game sharing (up to 5 different PS3 with an activated user account)

And…. i’m from Spain. WHAT the heck is happening with all these European PSN delays? Not CAPCOM fault for sure, but it’s really annoying.

Well, thanks in advance ;)


August 13th, 6:12 am

Ben Judd another request for IN-GAME MUSIC FOR BCR PLEASE!

John Diamonon you are the coolest!

zeke2040 said:

August 13th, 9:09 am

i can’t wait for this game to come out already… its sweet that the demo is coming out , but i know for a fact that i’ll end up buying the game, and not bother with the demo..lol sony rocks! also do you know if the trophy for the game will come out the same day???


August 13th, 9:27 am


No it’s coming out in a future patch! And hopefully IN-GAME MUSIC will be added too(you see this Ben Judd)!

tzareUSA said:

August 13th, 9:33 am

i’d love to play ken vs guile but with SNK fighters background music :D

Any plans on releasing Capcom vs SNK2 with online play? Or SF3 third strike? Should’nt be difficult to port those games….

tommycronin said:

August 13th, 11:30 am

How many trophies will be in the game,it better be more than pain because that’s only getting 10 and one of them is impossible.

Silurus said:

August 13th, 11:57 pm

I see europe has been left out in the cold again with a TBA release date :(

SeriousGamerz said:

August 14th, 8:15 am

hello i just wanted to come by and just ask
about fighting games for future DLC

i was wondering if Marvel vs Capcom 2 or a remake of it would be coming? that would be great its one of the most fun fighting games ever

im looking forward to the street fighter remake &BCR

for all fighting fans and alike wouldnt we want to see this coming to Psn store or xbox live ?

jomacho said:

August 16th, 7:46 pm


Who designed the challenges? My brain is turning into water…
May i hurt the guys that designed the levels? Just once, please…

killer7347 said:

August 23rd, 7:53 pm

we’ll if dead rising was to come out for ps3 ill defentily buy it. i had it for my 360 till i got scracth and then my 360, luckyly i haave ps3. so i whoul love to have this game for my ps3. please… oh and Jhon when u ment “you havent seen the last of dead rising”.. did u mean for jus wii or ps3?

raziel said:

August 30th, 10:03 am

will be dead rising on ps3???I very love capcom!!And im lover to zombie games.i need zombie games.

jomacho said:

September 1st, 11:38 am

Any updates of when we’ll see the trophies for PS3?

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