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Aug 08

Aug 08

LittleBigNewsSite Announcement!!!

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Marketing Manager, SCEA

LBP Logo
First off … thanks for the great comments on our first official LittleBigPlanet post on the blog. We love when the PlayStation community shows its passion for gaming and hope it carries over to LBP. We know you guys have a lot of questions … and over time (please be patient) we’ll get to answering them so you know everything about the game. “How” you ask?

Announcing the LittleBigPlanet NewsSite!

We’re very pleased to launch – what we hope to be – a key destination for anything LBP. We have lots of plans to keep you informed and active, before and after the game launches in October. We also want to take the time to thank all the fans sites out there dedicated to SackBoy and his ever-growing fanbase – you’ll be hearing from us soon …

See you there!

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Ipswich772 said:

August 8th, 10:17 am

Awesome! Thanks !

XxBigP123xX said:

August 8th, 10:18 am

Awesome. Give me a beta no please :D

mcroddi said:

August 8th, 10:20 am

This is good, I love LBP news – more to come I hope!

Will the website also support the game once it has come out?

ftown said:

August 8th, 10:21 am

Nice website, I like the stickers!

Jaredu said:

August 8th, 10:21 am

Great to hear guys, Keep up the amazing work!

iceman said:

August 8th, 10:23 am

this is soooooo awesome cant wait 4 LBP!!!!!

joeymp said:

August 8th, 10:25 am

This site is awesome, especially how you can customize it with stickers!

Now any details on the beta, Resistance 2 is coming a month after your game and Insomniac already spilled the details about their beta, and Socom is coming around the same time as your game and they just spilled the details about their beta. And now Home is expanding their beta their Home Open beta is due out until November!

Also what about a demo, for those unfortunate to get into the beta. it that still on track. Please tell me that we will get a demo a couple months before, like Motorstorm did. :)

maxerus said:

August 8th, 10:26 am

OMG coolest thing ever!!


RandomEarthling said:

August 8th, 10:26 am

Awesome site. Will the PlayStation blog still give updates or should LBP fans just head over to the news site?

    Mark Valledor's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    August 8th, 10:31 am

    We\’ll update you with the big announcements in conjunction with the LBP site. Sort of like with SOCOM.com – that\’s your everyday place for that particular game.

EvoAnubis said:

August 8th, 10:27 am

I know, Mark. I got the e-mail last night.

*chuckles* Man, I am so VERY hyped for this game. I just read on ps3fanboy that Sony thinks LBP will sell systems. They are correct; I’ve personally used videos of this game to sell 3 people (casual gamers at that) on getting PS3s.

This game is going to be amazing!

firehahahahahaha said:

August 8th, 10:29 am

Site looks great, bookmarked and everything :D

maxerus said:

August 8th, 10:31 am

WOW!! Now that ive really checked the site
it IS the coolest site EVER!!

The way you got the home page to play like the real LBP menu is AWESOME!!

joeymp said:

August 8th, 10:33 am

you fixed the link! sorry for the double comments but for some reason they weren’t showing up, you can delete this comment too, but don’t delete comment #7 that’s my original and I want it there.

    Mark Valledor's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    August 8th, 10:38 am

    it\’s cool, thanks for the heads up, Joey.

Ghostm said:

August 8th, 10:34 am

Saw it already since yesterday. You guys are a little late on the news.

bballuvrq said:

August 8th, 10:34 am

Sweet… now I don’t have to search around many blogs, all the big news will be there!

BETA/Demo time…

(I hope!)

megget said:

August 8th, 10:36 am

can u guys add an online sackboy creator the suspense is killing me I need more LittleBigPlanet. Please that would be really nice and i would be forever grateful

Fersis said:

August 8th, 10:38 am

Ok, its already on my favourites of my browser:D

fredbob3 said:

August 8th, 10:41 am

game looks awesome, can`t wait to play.
but whether u guys continue to support it after it`s launch or not (u know, more stickers, more vehicles, whatever) will make or break it for alot of ppl, including me. so will u

Noc Da Sniper said:

August 8th, 10:44 am

LBP is gonna change the way games are made.. watch

Johnbot5k said:

August 8th, 10:44 am

Hahaha – I love the “Mash-up”
What a fun way to blow off work! :p

DrBingogh said:

August 8th, 10:45 am

Fantastic can’t wait to get my hands on this game. Rumors are running rampant that the only way to import pics is with the PS Eye? Any truth to that?

afchst said:

August 8th, 10:47 am

I hope you announce Free sackboys for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zorgz said:

August 8th, 10:47 am

Awesome :) Are you guys planning on releasing the Kratos sackboy as DLC? or is it exclusive for those who pre-order? =/ ( I will not be able to pre-order for particular reasons )

Bison said:

August 8th, 10:47 am

So this game will be so enormous it’s got it’s own blog.

I like what I see.

Aaron said:

August 8th, 10:48 am

Awesome will defiantly bookmark it! I dont know if this has been answered or not but will LBP have HOME support? And off-topic Jeff if I buy Qore Episode 1 can I still get into the SOCOM beta or is there a certain cut off date for that?

Thanks Jeff! :)

Zeo said:

August 8th, 10:48 am

congratulations sony!
LBP gonna be ps3 exclusive or not?

thank you!

kristopher.w said:

August 8th, 10:51 am

my excitement for this game simply cannot be contained. this will be the one of the finer exclusives to really make the PS3 standout from its competition and it is just the beginning.

Sony, I’ve been a life long fan of everything you have ever done for over 10 years. you make people like me proud to own a PS3 even in the earlier days when even the media wondered what good it was for. please keep up your current and on going successes…


August 8th, 10:53 am

Ok I’m a big fan of LBP and all I want to know is whether the game will have the OPTION for IN-GAME MUSIC? Please answer =[


StalkingSilence said:

August 8th, 10:56 am

OK Jeff – you win. Scale it back. This is too much face-melting blog content for one 24-hour period. And that’s before we see today’s video store post.
I think I just wet my internet pants.

Kratosdog said:

August 8th, 10:56 am

Make a sackboy plushie I will buy 10 I promise.

Brad1337 said:

August 8th, 10:58 am

@28, I’m almost 100% sure that it will.

Nice website too, thanks a lot.

Zeo said:

August 8th, 10:59 am

yes! sackboy owns!

joel said:

August 8th, 11:00 am

Little big planet will be game of the year, its the best thing that has happened to gaming since mario, and thats a FACT!!

Kratosdog said:

August 8th, 11:02 am

Hey zeo I can answer your question, LBP is exclusive to ps3, sony owns the rights to it.

Fantatier said:

August 8th, 11:04 am

one quick question, will Europe be getting any cool preorder goodies?
*hope* :D

FritoZ said:

August 8th, 11:05 am

nice, this just means everything is on schedule, and LBP will be out soon!

can’t wait for level creatin’ and uploading, and seeing what everyone thinks…

i think this game will finally be the one that really brings the PS universe together into a bigger and tighter community!

will there be a QandA section at that site, or should we still post our questions here?

thanks again!

Kratosdog said:

August 8th, 11:05 am

Anyone smell that? I have an idea! Hey how about making like a mini LBP game for the psp??? And don’t forget those plushies! Make the plushies, MAKE THEM!!!!

erico316 said:

August 8th, 11:05 am

so jeff im guessing u mean now the Saturday recap will include a lil big planet recap????

SupremeStephan said:

August 8th, 11:06 am

Great website; I love the customise-option! :D

StalkingSilence said:

August 8th, 11:09 am

My first question for the LittleBIGPlanet news site – what’s inside the zipper? Like, if I unzipped sackboy (not intended to sound dirty) – what would be inside. Probably asbestos, but it does warrant asking.

SDkngsht said:

August 8th, 11:11 am

i’ll admit. i was curious about this game and my girlfriend was excited about it when the first trailer (skateboard trailer as i like to call it) came out.

but within the last month you guys have gotten me amped to play this game. even to create. i already know the first 3 levels i’m going to create.

then the Kratos sackboy with the frown?! oh it’s a wrap. i’m pre-ordering as soon as i know where i can get that or the Brady create guide.

Fersis said:

August 8th, 11:12 am

@40 StalkingSilence
Its obvious what is inside of sackboys:
sugar,flowers,colours ,bunnys …

SDkngsht said:

August 8th, 11:13 am


i’ve been thinking the same thing. i don’t think anything this big or original has come since that fat plumber. i mean there have been amazing games and leaps & bounds forward but i mean a completely radical idea of this proportion. this is crazy.

Enigma777 said:

August 8th, 11:15 am

Awesome! LBP FTW!

Dave702 said:

August 8th, 11:17 am

this is sooo cool!!!!!!!!


Scodo_Thope said:

August 8th, 11:20 am

This is so awesome!!

I can’t wait, ’til October, right?


SDkngsht said:

August 8th, 11:25 am

hey…how about some LBP/SackBoy aim icons.

not just the friend icon but actual emotion/expression icon set with all sackboy making those faces that the smilies make?!

THAT WOULD BE THE $#!T!!!! lol. sorry…just excited because the possibilities are truly endless even beyond the game.

give the creator(s) a nobel peace prize! :lol:

Enforcer_X said:

August 8th, 11:32 am

Rock and roll LBP!

Can’t wait to create some killer stuff!

I am going to suggest my company purchase a PS3 and LBP so I can create presentations at work with it!

ThAGriZZ45 said:

August 8th, 11:33 am


I love little big planet already and have yet got the game in my hands.

Checking the site now. Love you guys! lol

FritoZ said:

August 8th, 11:33 am


LBP, Killzone 2, Motorstorm 2 , Resistance 2, HOME, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, and Fallout 3…

this is going to be a busy, busy end of the year!

(i just noticed that’s alot of 2’s!)

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