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Aug 08

Aug 08

PAIN Trophies

Travis Williams's Avatar Posted by Sr. Producer, SCEA

Hello everyone it’s Travis Williams, PAIN Producer, again and I wanted to take some time to tell you about the new PlayStation Network Trophies being added to PAIN Downtown.

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The last trophy I ever “earned” was in ROTC. That was way back in High School (tragic I know). So, I have been really excited to see PlayStation 3 trophies make their way into games both old and new. It’s a new way to show your “ePump-a-tude”. PAIN already features internal trophies that make the modes challenging. That’s why it’s so awesome to get to make a whole new set of trophies. Here’s a list of some of the Trophies you will see next month. If the names seem sophomoric or juvenile to you, then you clearly haven’t been playing PAIN enough. That’s kinda “How We Do.”

To answer some questions before they come up…

Q: When will Trophies be available for PAIN?
A: When the Amusement Park ships on 9-4-2008 we will update PAIN to include trophies.

Q: When does Amusement Park ship?
A: Duh

Q: Are Trophies retroactive?
A: Most of the trophy requirements are new so we haven’t tracked your progress until now. Some work you will get credit for.

Q: Are you CRAZY?!
A: Yes… Yes I am.

So here they are…a “somewhat” complete list of PAIN Downtown Trophies. I say “somewhat” because PAIN keeps getting bigger and bigger. There are more trophies for the Amusement Park, but I’ll talk about them some other time.

PAIN Trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Affliction Addiction: Get one billion points (Good Luck)

Silver Trophies

  • Dude Abides: Use “The Dude” to score 50 Strikes in Bowling

Bronze Trophies

  • 10 Mill Club: Get “PAIN in the Park” and “D-Town Destruction”
  • Harder Dick’s Balls: Get all of Dick’s Balls in the Block Party Dumpster without resetting
    (Heh heh heh) I really need adult supervision.
  • D-Town Destruction: Get 10,000,000 score in PAINdemonium and Aftermath
  • Combo Mambo: Get 20x Combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition
  • Attention Spam: Get every type of PAIN (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot and Body) combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition

PAIN Add-on Character Trophies

  • Trill: Get PAINful Tosser Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo
  • Grenade-A-Maid: Get Exploded 500 times with any female launchable character.

That’s it for now… We’re going to be releasing a lot of information in the coming weeks about the Amusement Park. New modes, new launchable characters and the brand new PAINLabs. When you have some time mosey on over to that’s where you’ll get more info on all the new content!


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VoodooVyper said:

August 8th, 10:48 am

I dislike how the silver trophy requires multiplay. I’d like to be able to earn all trophies in single player, either that or create a computer player to play against in bowling.

zookey said:

August 8th, 10:52 am

@ Travis Williams—wassup dude!! Haven’t heard from ya in a while :-)

@ Jeff R—-LMAO nice can of whoopass man very well said :-)

Yay for more PAIN!

Joe said:

August 8th, 10:55 am

Quick question for Travis whats Idol Minds up to now that the Amusement Park add-on is around the corner. Also thanks for the post on the trophy’s. They all look to be good.

FritoZ said:

August 8th, 10:56 am


thanks for letting us know about the 1 billion points is a cumulative score total, not just a one shot attempt!

i seriously thought i wasn’t scoring right or something, because i have never been even close to getting that!

and thanks for releasing trophies, even though i don’t agree with the add-on character trophies, you still:

1) Kept your promise of new levels
2) Listened to gamers and released trophies
3) made a fun game even better!

thanks again man

JordanBlack68 said:

August 8th, 11:01 am

Jeff. yup just 6 more to go including the platinum trophy, you better catch up soon :P

haskell said:

August 8th, 11:03 am

@Travis and Jeff,

Hey guys, its From Here to Eternity “-Hello Hello.. aka HASKELL420 from the PAIN boards.
How’s it going? A few things. Nice updates on the LABS and for A. Park and all the trophies we can get.
A few things though you must know about.
1- I have been defending your a$$es the past 3 weeks. So many people on the PAIN site, are beyond P’OD that 1) You haven’t posted anything to us, in many weeks, except for your” It’s late and Im going to bed” comment 2 Sunday’s ago.
Everyone is wondering, a)where you are, b), what the hell have you been doing?, and 3) Why haven’t you been backl to us over their and psoted stuff, when you have been making posts here?

I say I was defending you guys so to speak because 98% of the idiots over their have gone way above the decency level by telling you and Sony to #$^# off.
When you go back to that site, as you know I make long posts. But while my psots are long, their not filled with BS. Straight up talk, no BS, and what I write is quality stuff.
I asked you 2 questions that you will see 1st, 1 is about my interpretation on how your meeting went with Sony when you 1st pitched the idea for the PAIN web site, where you interact with the fans and get our feedback.
The 2nd question was about not seeing any PAIN commercials on TV, except for the 10 seconds we have seen with E-3 07, and E-3 08.

From their on in, this is where I have been defending you, Jeff and Coke.. PLEASE get back to us over their soon, because the “children” are moaning, complaining, bi#$ing etc. all because your haven’t stopped in once to say anything.
So please get over their, READ ALL THAT HAS WRITTEN, especially when it conmes to the stuff I have been writing.
Hope all has been well with you all, and that I hope you have been on vacation.
See ya soon,
From Here to Eternity,

haskell said:

August 8th, 11:05 am

@ Travis and Jeff,
PS, forgot 1 thing. When I ask about the non existant PAIN commericaly, I pitched my idea, scen by scene on how you should do one. And a lot of people liked it.
Hope you do to


haskell said:

August 8th, 11:09 am

@ Travis and Jeff…
I saw your video when you showed the HipHop Gamer A. Park and the Pimp Slap.. but i really loved, how you took my idea of a JENGA type game, and ACTUALLY SHOWED IT in fruition, even though it was a little bit. When you said a jenga type game, and they we saw the gray cinderblocked jenga outline, and Jarvis grabbing out one of the blocks..

Soldedios said:

August 8th, 11:13 am

Bring on the PAIN!
Hash: a4a5e190262af190331d67cfe6e35c78

DrBingogh said:

August 8th, 11:14 am

The challenge seems steep for the trophies but it’s still a great addition. really looking forward to the Amusment Park too.

srart said:

August 8th, 11:15 am

Folks, the trophies don’t sound any harder than the ones that were already in game, 3 poles was nuts, and getting into the plat club is insane, plat in there is nigh on impossible.
Gold and Silver are bad, Gold is time, I guess that would make it so that folks get better and enjoy more when they get better, but it should have been more of get into all plat clubs (There aren’t many of us, would give us more compition)
Silver is multiplayer only, or play two controlers by yourself, I can’t get anyone to play with me, so I’ll have to do it that way.
10 Mill trophy should have been the gold, (everyone can do it with practice and luck)
Plats really should have been the silver.

@Travis Litch, you may want to hit the board, folks are upset. You shold have told us to watch this space or gave us a link.

alexbhp said:

August 8th, 11:23 am

I’m happy to know that 1 billion is cumulative points otherwise it would … Hard but not impossible ;)…

I love the trophies, I got Uncharted Last year, finished and never played again, this week, I’m finishing it for the Third time for the Platinum, I’m on chapter 14 on Crushing… Amazing….

After that I will go back to PJ Eden…

Schitthammer said:

August 8th, 11:23 am

Jeff, you need to challenge some of these obnoxious posters to a boxing match, Ewe Boll-style.

alexbhp said:

August 8th, 11:23 am

And then PAIN….

Schitthammer said:

August 8th, 11:25 am

Oops, that should of read Uwe Boll.

Travis Williams's Avatar

Travis Williams said:

August 8th, 11:29 am


@Everyone: Since I am here at Idol Minds we had an impromptu meeting the Dicks Balls. (Hahaha love it). It will be a Silver Trophy now. I hope that makes up for the level of difficulty. Howzat Leetfoo?

@Capn Fury: Working on those avatars. I think I am partial to Ed and Jarvis

@Merovee: I agree with you that we shouldn’t make all trophies for the ELITE. There are some people who are clearly better at PAIN than 99% of the population. But you will see that the new areas don’t just cater to the mutant ability population. I agree on the insane part of your post and I hope you see that the other trophies are not so nutty.

@Haskell: I told everyone when I am missing I am VERY busy. I am trying to ship PAIN around the globe on 9-4 so yes to everyone in EUROPE and ASIA that means on the same day. So that’s what the deal is. Yes we did like the “Jenga-like” idea and it’s one of the PAIN Lab ideas. We are trying to see how many people like it before it gets a scoring mechanism and a mode. I have also been hard at work on what’s next. After Amusement Park comes out you will see why I have been silent for a while. I am flying back to San Diego tonight so I will post on the boards tonight. I always read stuff.

But so you know… It was Japan One Week, E3 (The Week After), Comic Con (The Week after that). Now I am on location. So it’s been quite the month. Thanks for holding it down for me.

@Fritoz: You’re Welcome!

@Srat: I am working on new board stuff too. Hang on padnuh. I will be back.

Travis Williams's Avatar

Travis Williams said:

August 8th, 11:33 am

Ahem… that was a meeting ABOUT “Dicks Balls…”

* Sigh *

I am soooo glad my mother hates computers.

Spaceghost4284 said:

August 8th, 11:43 am

Hey Travis thanks for getting this update out to the people. I appreciate your open communication with us and even the manner in which you respond to some of the comments. Its obvious you aren’t some corporate lackey. I’m wondering why did you decide to attach trophies to the purchasable characters? Aren’t these trophies really only an incentive to get more people to buy these add-ons? It’s kind of upsetting to me that the only way I’ll ever get a platinum for this game is to go purchase something I have absolutely no interest in. Oh well, I suppose its only two bucks…

T_Tokyo said:

August 8th, 11:45 am

ROFLMAO @ Travis

FritoZ said:

August 8th, 11:45 am

lol, thanks Travis..


direct developer feedback, in action!

with a kung-fu grip!

Travis, you are the MAN!

now THAT’S how to listen to direct consumer feedback…


another reason why PSBlog is the best!

joel said:

August 8th, 11:54 am

I cant wait to get Pain trophies, Im also thriving for some warhawk trophies, sucks I dont have uncharted =(

Stoffinator said:

August 8th, 12:01 pm

“Gold Trophies
* Affliction Addiction: Get one billion points (Good Luck)”

I do hope you guys change this. Make it fun, not frustrating like so many of the other trophies out there.

Ninja_9tails said:

August 8th, 12:01 pm

I will be buying the expansion and I will enjoy working to get the trophies. That is all I have to say.

amante said:

August 8th, 12:13 pm


You should read the other posts before posting.

It was already confirmed that the One Billion Point mark was a cumulative score, not one launch. I don’t quite see that as being frustrating. It’ll just take some time.

Onna76_NL said:

August 8th, 12:25 pm

“Jeff Rubenstein replied on August 8, 2008 at 8:58 am

I’m just going to weigh in with my OPINION here…

You say that Trophies should make “sure it INCREASES the PLAY EXPERIENCE,” right before touting your stats on SSHD and Eden. Would you have gone back to play SSHD (or have played it that much) if not for the trophies? Isn’t that increasing your play experience?

I’ve never been a fan of X360 games that dole out an achievement just for beating each level, and then one at the end. I’m playing through the game anyway – wheres the achievement?

If the Trophy has me do something I wouldn’t ordinarily do, like (citing from Uncharted here) switching up my weapons, or making sure to line up more headshots, or (Eden) making sure to hit all the seeds as well as the spectra – that’s 100% accomplishing the goal.

If everyone can get every trophy without breaking a sweat – then what’s the point?

BTW, when you say “rant over”, try to mean it :-)”

Wow you really nailed it. I commented about the difficulty of the trophies how different they are. How easy it is to get a bronze trophy in Uncharted but how hard it is to get the same sort of trophy in Pixeljunk Eden. You’re absolutely right about expanding your game experience, so I’ve noticed myself in Uncharted. I bought Stardust HD months ago, was addicted for about a week and didn’t touch it that much after that… until, indeed the trophies came out. I turned the game on, to be swallowed by the addiction again and shouted at the Late Boomer trophy, for being such a “Pain”… ooch

PSN: Onna76_NL

Onna76_NL said:

August 8th, 12:26 pm

Okay, quote button would come in handy, starting with “wow…. is my written text, just to be clear about that.

leetfoo said:

August 8th, 12:30 pm

Travis, you rock as always. Sounds like a platinum to me (just kidding, I know it can’t be), but silver is almost within reason.
I can’t see myself even bothering to try for this one though- it took me all night to get it with all the launches I wanted. Maybe I’m not as good as I think, lol.


Masterofallz said:

August 8th, 12:41 pm

LOL Jeff. Nice “diss” :P.

diablo103 said:

August 8th, 12:41 pm

awsome do u know if there will be a second summersale towards the end of the summer?

diablo103 said:

August 8th, 12:46 pm

i would love to buy this game. last time didnt have money in my account

zeke2040 said:

August 8th, 1:06 pm

oh my gosh, i can’t wait for this… trophies, i have some major caughtin up to do…lol

LordMetzen said:

August 8th, 1:13 pm

Travis, just wanted to ask if you know the price of this expansion of Pain… since the game is 9.99 how much for the new map?…

Great content btw, but can we expect more levels or will this be the last one or what?…

Thanks and waiting for the new content.

SpidarX said:

August 8th, 1:47 pm

@ Travis
5.99!!!!! That’s a steal! I can’t wait. Thanks for clarifying the Billion points. That one had me worried for a bit.

Also, is online multiplayer still shipping with Amusement park?

haskell said:

August 8th, 2:21 pm

@ Travis,
Thanks man for replying. I copied and pasted it too the PAIN site so the other jack-offs could see that you do respond and that you have been busy as hell, like I was saying. Hope you don’t mind.
You know me and how I am, and have been since initial release. I fully support you guys in every shape or form. From giving feedback, to pitching ideas for game modes, and how they can be done and more.
Some wackoff last week accused me of kissing your a$$es, which is a crock of you know what, as you and the others know. All because after I defended you for not being their, and for making sure all the problems and glitches you had with the intital release of PAIN, and with the new editor, were not there when you released A.P., Cause if you go releasing it with problems, they would just explode even harder if the game had problems, casue now your shipping something that still needs
I have said since day 1, not on this board, but on the site, that you guys came up with, and went on to creating one of thee most funny, ingenius, and original ideas ever for a game. Nothing has been done like this before.
I respect the fact that you had the cohonays to pitch the idea of the PAIN web site to your bosses on how you can get closer to the fans, and we can get closer to the games creators, with your personal responses to our questions, ideas and problems that you would look into. On what we like, or don’t like, what works, what doesn’t, what needs tweaking, or needs to be taken away, and most of all, actually listening to OUR input and actually implementing it.
We wanted and asked for multiplayer, you gave us multiplayer, we wanted higher difficulty levels, and a higher ranking for the elite players, and you gave us the Platinum Club, we wanted to be able to move the launcher around, and you gave us a moved lanucher, we wanted to be able to play our own music while we play PAIN, and you then gave us the Jukebox with ingame playlists.
Just keep doing what your doing with Jeff and Coke, and keep up the great work. Thanks for busting your ass for us, all so we can throw a french mime through some glass windows, spanking a monkey, or grabbing and throwing a grandma and her walker down a flight of
Have a safe flight back, and talk to you soon,


Skerj said:

August 8th, 2:52 pm

Totally off topic but Travis, did you used to work at WB Interactive?

superaktieboy said:

August 8th, 3:04 pm

lol @ those that rant about trophies being hard .. tbh i like the hard trophies .. keeps making me go back to the game xD owell i guess its just me..

INTVGene said:

August 8th, 3:32 pm

Great news! September can’t come early enough.

findaway said:

August 8th, 4:09 pm

There’s no ‘invalid trophy’, its all about skill, dedication and a bit of luck, not everyone should have them, they’re not meant to be easy, etc etc .. i agree with all that, sure.

For all i care, change your mind about the 1 billion trophy and make it in one shot. Thats fine.

Just assign the proper value to them if you will! i like trophies and thats my only gripe.

As mentioned many times.. late boomer.(and this doesnt have to do with you guys at Idol, i understand) Why should you be awarded a BRONZE trophy for something you attempted hundreds of times.

On the other hand, you gotta pay $5 just to unlock ONE single trophy.. which is much easier compared to the above mentioned, yet its gold. Dont even care about the $5..but does the rest make any sense?

Furthermore, some bronze trophies in PJ Eden should be silver in my opinion. I feel they need to be more balanced.

Taking the Uncharted list as an example, it feels right.

Completing the game on crushing will be a real challenge seeing that 2 or 3 well placed shots will put you to sleep. You get a gold trophy if you make it, not to mention the platinum one if you already unlocked all the others.

Feels like its worth a shot. Even you guys changed your mind about the ‘Harder Dick’s Balls’ just now after all the discussion.. see, asking to complete a hard task without rewarding it properly is not very encouraging.

findaway said:

August 8th, 4:13 pm

On a second thought, late boomer is silver i believe.. well, you get my drift.

Morgus said:

August 8th, 4:24 pm

Idol guys,
I been loving the PAIN, and can’t wait for the Amusement and trophies, no matter how hard they are. Keep up the good work.
Lately i’ve been playing alot of HVB multiplayer, any news on how things are coming with those guys on that patch??? Can you get them to throw up a post on their official forum thread??? I’d love to see some love given to that game.

MidnightBlues said:

August 8th, 4:26 pm

Awesome cant wait to earn some pain trophies.

Im glad I bought pain when it was $5!! what a deal and now some trophies with a new level…mmmm sounds cool!

a few of these I have already accomplished several times so it wont be hard to do it again.

DryvBy said:

August 8th, 6:08 pm

Anytime it’s trophy support, it’s 5 star (or box) for me! Great news.

Flaming_Axe said:

August 8th, 7:35 pm

Ive been wanting to pick up PAIN for awhile now. This definetly settles it.

Travis Williams's Avatar

Travis Williams said:

August 8th, 9:36 pm

@Skerj: Yes, I used to work at Warner Bros. I helped start the Interactive division.

@Morgus: I will kick them first thing on Monday. Where would you like? I prefer the back or neck.

@Spaceghost: We wanted the purchaseable characters to have some future worth and assigning trophies to them was one of the best ways to do it. We tried to make the trophies a little more general in that regaurd like (Woman or Little Person) that way you didn’t have to buy a certain character. So it wasn’t an attempt to make people buy more characters. It was an attempt to reward those who have. I know that sounds circular but it really was our thinking. I hope I am not some corporate lackey. If so could you tell my VP? He’s under the impression that I am holding up the Amusement Park because I think it’s funny.

@Fritoz: Thanks Dood!

un-discovered said:

August 9th, 12:04 am

Damn, these trophies are gonna be hard.

Zhi13 said:

August 9th, 12:44 am

Dang those throphies are hard i bet i wont get any…

P_Bomb said:

August 9th, 1:09 am

Wow, what’s with the current trend of xenophobic, time consuming bronze trophies for lil’ non triple-A PSN games?! When did trophies become for shut-ins only?

I can’t justify infinity time on the same old city block to get stuff like a billion points and 500 blow ups for a couple measly trophies with big games like Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Silent Hill Homecoming, Mercenaries 2, Bioshock, Tomb Raider Underworld, the new COD and Bond games all coming out this fall/winter. Is a billion points Pain trophy really gonna impress your average joe PSN buddy doing the new survival mode in Bioshock? In the time it takes to get that one gold you probably could’ve had 48 in Uncharted 4 times over and had more fun doing so.

Please don’t leave general gamers out of the trophy experience. Nothing wrong with achievements/trophies like “kill Jar Jar Binks 20 times” to offset the “lock yourself in your room for two months playing Pixel Junk Eden” ones. I’m tired of looking at a bunch of zeros on my friends’ trophy lists.

DrunkMiffy@ said:

August 9th, 9:18 am

Alright, gotta apologise for my previous post about 1bil trophy. I think it was just a misunderstanding ;/?

Sorry :)

MikeCarrots27 said:

August 9th, 9:23 am

I have been waiting so long for PAIN trophies. Can’t wait!

deadhead19420 said:

August 9th, 10:48 am

The new trophies sounds good, just really hard to get. I know I wont be getting many of them.

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