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Aug 11

Aug 11

Warhawk v1.5 Update “Free Never Gets Old!”

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

In our ever-changing world, a world where Brett Favre is now a Jet, things can happen very quickly! So it should be expected that another FREE Warhawk Update be released with equal quickness! :-)

OMG…he’s a Jet…I still can’t get over it but, whatever.

We just released our v1.4 Update a month ago and we’re ready to upgrade our players to the latest version–Warhawk v1.5 which is tentatively scheduled for release on August 27th. We’re currently in the final phase of global Sony certification testing and all is looking good so far!

“Tell us Dylan…What’s in the latest Update???”

Custom In-Game Music

This feature was asked for by a bazillion players! Now players can use the XMB music player to play their own custom music. Warhawk will also detect if you are using the XMB player and automatically disable the in-game Warhawk music. Convenience for the win!

XMB Trophies

I have talked about this several times before so this is by no means new-news…especially with the recent leak of our full trophy list – gotta love the internets. BTW, the team and I are really flattered that someone would risk their job to leak confidential info about our game — Makes us feel good in a weird kinda way.


There are 56 trophies included in the Warhawk v1.5 Update. These also include trophies for the booster packs, some of the trophies are, or rather *were*, hidden and some are retroactive based on your server-side stats. Here are just a few of the trophies that are included.

Warhawh - XMB trophies

Training Tutorials

As more and more people join the Warhawk community, we are seeing an even greater difference between skill-levels than ever before. New Warhawk players had to go online in order to learn the game and, invariably, they would encounter enemy players that were, shall we say, not too kind to newbies :) This made it really hard for players to learn the ropes, get familiar with the controls, weapons, etc.

So…The new v1.5 Update includes 4 very simple tutorials that can be played off-line. Each one focuses on the core principals of each of the 3 modes of gameplay: Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Aircraft. Now these tutorials are very, very simple and It wouldn’t surprise me if some of our more hardcore players find them way too pedestrian. But we’re looking to help the *new* player, a player that may not be that familiar with Warhawk or the shooter genre. These tutorials are an invaluable help to a newbie!!!

Warhawk - Drone_1

After completing each of the 3 core tutorials a trophy is unlocked – a nice incentive for new players and, well…all you avid Warhawk players can think of them as “easy-money”.

The forth training tutorial, “Flight Practice” is intended to be replayed over and over again, and help players get familiar with the most rewarding, and most challenging of the 3 gameplay modes: Piloting Aircraft!

In this one, you are tasked with destroying as many attack drones as possible in 3 minutes. These simple, hovering turrets fire swarm missiles at you as you practice flying and “scrubbing” missiles. This tutorial is a huge help for new players by giving them a safe, offline way to practice their piloting skills.

Now I know that there are many players out there that often engage in 1v1 dogfights for fun and bragging rights. And while these tutorials are way, way below your skill-level, you may find it fun to do “speed-runs” and compare kill counts.

Warhwak - Drone_2

Retract Clan Invites

Another feature that players, or more specifically, clan-leaders have asked for, is the ability to retract a clan invite that they have sent to a player. For whatever reason, that player maybe never responded to the invite, was being a…a…what’s a blog-safe term that I won’t get in trouble for using??? How about “tool”, yes I’ll use the term tool. So if a player is being a tool and just camping on your invite…you can pull it back. This is important to clan admins because there is a fixed number of clan invites (64) that an admin can have pending at any one time.

New Paint Schemes & Insignias

Awhile ago you all may recall that we held a competition in the USA where players could submit their own Warhawk and Nemesis paint schemes. We selected the 20 best ones and integrated them with the v1.3 update. Well, we held another competition but this time for our players in Europe. We got some great submissions for paint schemes and insignias, and we’re glad to show you all the winners! All of these, the 20 new paint schemes and 50 new insignias are included in the v1.5 update and of course they are free as are all of our updates.

Warhawk - SCEE PaintSchemeWinners_Small

Warhawk - SCEE InsigniaWinners

GGL Ceremonial Blades

The GGL recently held a Warhawk tournament and you probably saw the post from our Sr. Producer at SCEA, Harvard Bonin. Below is an image of the new GGL-Ceremonial Knife that participants in the GGL tournament will receive automatically when the v1.5 update is released. You don’t have to do anything to enable it…the global Warhawk server knows if you were in the tournament and will auto-grant you the award.

Warhawk - GGL_01

Warhawk - GGL_02

For you members ARMED^ASSASSIN’s, the next time you player after the v1.5 update is released, your infantry combat blade will be replaced by the Champion’s Blade (seen below) and you’ll be the only players on the planet with this item!

What’s more fun than a Trophy that you can beat someone with? – I submit…NOTHING :)

“Rookie” Server Color-Coding

We also have added an attractive green color to all official “rookie” server names in the server list. Players that are eligible to play on rookie servers will find these servers sorted to the top of the list automagically for easy selection.

To recap the color coding, Blue servers are official Sony hosted servers, Yellow servers are games launched from HOME, and Green servers are reserved for “rookies”.

We have also fixed the exploit that allowed some players to host unlimited flag capture games, get underneath and into the battlefield and act like….like tools. We also fixed the issue with Quick Join that required you to have stats previously posted in order for it to work properly, and a few other items…ohh yeah, and the 1-minute farming of the Winning Team Ribbon has been fixed. Oh…and one more thing, we are going to be rolling-out version checking on the EULA and announcements so if you have already seen them and they haven’t changed, Warhawk will automatically bypass those screens for you.

Some of you may have read some rumors about our next Booster Pack…I can neither confirm nor deny anything…at least for right now :) Keep your eyes peeled for an update here on the blog and the media coverage at Leipzig which is right around the corner!!!

Last hint…and this is an easy one:

With one of these equipped, a soldier can escape quickly…even bail out if needed!

As always – Rock on!


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twooh said:

August 11th, 12:32 pm

Even if I don’t have the game. It’s cool that you guys listened to all the actual owners/players for their requests.

Great job Sony!

PSPsGTghOost said:

August 11th, 12:32 pm

I never been all into online multiplayer games (RFOM changed that). Especially not an online only game! But I picked up Warhawk just recently for games that gonna support trophies. lol I read the different leaked versions of the trophy list and they seem very interesting.

Hey atleast its not like the lame Pain trophy list.

Also correct me if Im wrong but do you know why there arent any collector’s editions for Sony published games?

Violater said:

August 11th, 12:33 pm


Something I have always wanted to ask.
Would it be possible in a patch to enable the adjustment of the opacity in the map brought up when I hit the select button.

It has always been difficult for me to use while flying.


blkant said:

August 11th, 12:33 pm

wrench medal maybe bronze but its going to be my favorite medal =D

gardea said:

August 11th, 12:33 pm

Awesome update, but where are the jetpacks??

ballisticzOne said:

August 11th, 12:33 pm

any word on the in-game Friends List
and if it will be updated to 100 ?
or we’re just gonna have to wait a year for that

Al2x said:

August 11th, 12:34 pm

I must buy this game. The ongoing support of this game rivals greats like Criterion. I really want this game, gotta go pick it up!

Neo_Selen1 said:

August 11th, 12:34 pm


Will ANYTHING be done to prevent expert normal Flighters from shooting rockets out of the back of their planes while flying upside down and looking backwards (its very difficult but you should not be able to shoot rockets backwards.)


devel said:

August 11th, 12:35 pm

Teleport back to The Main Base? Look at that sign, kinda like a Star Wars renegade Insignia!

And if Not teleport, well, im guessing a parachute that you have to pickup first in order to use it when on a warhawk, and of course, bail out of it.

SDkngsht said:

August 11th, 12:35 pm


can we get the Warhawk team for best support after release?

the Warhawk and Burnout teams convinced me to buy both games (i got them both months after release) with their support. so for more stuff to STILL be coming? talk about getting our money’s worth.

you guys are the $#!t!

Manly said:

August 11th, 12:36 pm

Thanks Bro i cant Wait to get my Champions blade, But i got to ask, Will there be anything done with the Colors of the Mini Map and zone Number?

I mean sometimes im playing and i see a plane fallowing me but it looks like the color of a team mates plane, Also maybe a Mini map Transparency option?

And last thing

I believe that someone from SONY something said something like

“In all titles a gold trophy will be/should be eually as hard to get in other games” im just saying the if the “General Trohpy” is true then i maybe should not be there, why?
Because i just finished getting 100% on uncharted and it did not take me over 1,000 hours. Anyways keep up the good work


Nightmare142 said:

August 11th, 12:38 pm

“Yellow servers are games launched from HOME” does this mean home is coming soon?

joel said:

August 11th, 12:38 pm

Thanks for the new map ;P

Engine said:

August 11th, 12:41 pm

Jet Packs/Parachutes :)

Dylan you rock!!!

thedude185 said:

August 11th, 12:43 pm

Great Update, 1 question, is the next booster pack coming august 27 too, =)

C-h-a-o-s said:

August 11th, 12:44 pm

A shame I don’t have this game, 56 trophies is a poop load of goodies.

joel said:

August 11th, 12:46 pm


he said he cant comment on it, but there is indeed a new booster, look at the trophy lol

ExPresident said:

August 11th, 12:47 pm

Awesome update! Your guys’ support for this game does not go unnoticed and I hope it continues. Any chance the mic issues were fixed!? Thanks!!!!

Atoms said:

August 11th, 12:47 pm

I guess the whole jet pack thing was a rumor? If so, this game is still one of the best out there.

ftwrthtx said:

August 11th, 12:47 pm

Very nice update!


Mercenar1e said:

August 11th, 12:48 pm

hopefully it comes out earlier like the uncharted patch.

babybluedb said:

August 11th, 12:48 pm

thanks this is great now only if i could get my hands o some of those PSN cards i could buy the updates and maps and vehicels

jcasanova said:

August 11th, 12:51 pm

Offline missions would be great.

3D3 said:

August 11th, 12:51 pm

Also, are the trophies only in official servers? Cuz if not, then people will just create rooms and get the trophies with ease.

Dark_king said:

August 11th, 12:51 pm

Hey Dylan Jobe you still there?

The update sounds great.Do you think one of your next maps could be a large city.But we would need to be able to enter most of the buildings.I Just think it would be fun running around a city sniping people from the tall buildings.

Also Could you talk to your team about a defend the fort mode.(One team defends the fort the other attacks,the defending team in the fort try to keep the forts three zones from being took over,the attacking teams job is to get all three zones of the fort once they get all three zones the fort is theres to defend.I would suggest each member of the team defending get points for each minute there team held the fort)(Once a team gets the fort they shouldn’t be able to spawn at there main base just the fort)

Last thing for now can I hope to ever see a drop ship and the APC at the same time,(As much as the tank slows the drop ship the APC would really slow it down but it should still be able to lift it just move really slow and not be able to reach as high altitude )

And the last thing will we ever be getting a large tank the current medium tank is nice but a large tank with say three large cannons
and two .50 cal machine gun mounts (Seems over powered but it is still a tank and would be extremely vulnerable to warhawks and rockets plus the larger amount of people in it would make it a target for multiple kills at once)

JBruno said:

August 11th, 12:54 pm

” The legend will never die” ( sorry Namco )

OmegaArchetype said:

August 11th, 12:55 pm

I’m going to assume that you’re talking about a Parachute.

That would be awesome for sure. Jetpacks would own as well. Of course, imagine if you were to get caught in the path of a Warhawk lol. That would not be good, but it would be hilarious to watch.

Netweb said:

August 11th, 12:55 pm

My eagle insignia :D

Oh My.. I Want those blades!

Dark_king said:

August 11th, 12:55 pm

Also if anyone needs help getting the mines at the top of the battle dome message Dark_king i show you how.Also Dylan could you fix all the levels where buildings have invisible walls preventing us from getting on them.I just feel we should be able to snipe and shoot from them.

chasegamez said:

August 11th, 12:55 pm

hey this game is giving socom big shoe to follow

eric1018 said:

August 11th, 12:56 pm

ai11237 asks…What are the devs doing to fix the rank-up issues? Is it fixed in 1.5?

Thanks for the info!

Sorry ai11237 if I got the question wrong. ;)

vandam said:

August 11th, 12:58 pm

Never played warhawk before after I heard this I might go get it. Got some bonus bestbuy buck’s burning a hole in my pocket and with new price I might get it for $5. So I’m thinking about it!!!!!

JoshWhite said:

August 11th, 12:59 pm


Dylan, will this patch resolve any of the bugs/glitches and other issues with the game.
I love it and have logged nearly 400 hours into it, so thanks for making such an addictive game.
But after a while these various bugs and glitches get a little annoying, and have stopped friends of mine from playing.
I know you have seen KoingWolf’s list of issues, and I believe people sent in ways to recreate these issues etc so you can try to fix them. All I want to know is have any been resolved?
Thanks Dylan, I also want to add that I love the support you give the community and thank you for making such an addictive game. I will be playing to the end, which hopefully wont be anytime soon ;)

godluvsugly said:

August 11th, 1:00 pm

thanks for working so hard on warhawk guys, everytime a new game comes out i take a lil break from warhawk… but i always come back, and this is why!

ballisticzOne said:

August 11th, 1:01 pm

2nd. post
also what about the rank up situation ?
any one above Captain hasnt bee able to rank up based on the new requirements


August 11th, 1:01 pm


EvoAnubis said:

August 11th, 1:01 pm

Jetpacks confirmed! YES! Can’t wait to ram one with my Warhawk!

3D3 said:

August 11th, 1:02 pm

Ya my rank goes up but then goes back down. :( Also, I wish that you guys can make the physics better, like sometimes there are invisible walls, and I wish the warhawk characters that we use move more life like, it’s hard to explain but they just don’t really feel alive.

Netweb said:

August 11th, 1:03 pm

Mr. Dylan… we need boats and motocycles!

Brownber said:

August 11th, 1:04 pm

Hey Dylan,

Awesome update! This stuff should get be back on Warhawk for a good stint after a while on those *other* games (sorry – Battlefield just got too tempting!!)!

Just a quick question regarding the trophies – can they only be earned in ranked matches or can I earn them in unranked ones too? It’s just I spend a lot of my time on Warhawk playing splitscreen online in unranked servers with *real* friends and so it’d be nice to work together to earn some…!

RyuSagara said:

August 11th, 1:05 pm

Dylan and the whole Warhawk team thank you very much for all of your hard work. Its great that you listen to the fan of the game and improved it even more over the year. I don’t really know if someone ask this already can you bring more custumes for our characters. Cause in one game that I played everyone wear that same thing which is kinda funny. But I wanna stand out from the group be unique if you and your team can that will be great. I know some people might get mad at me about this. I know this game is called warhawk so the attention is center around flying the warhawk. My point is that the warhawk get paint schemes which make it really cool flying but what about the ground vehicles like the 4×4, tank, apc, and dropship all standard color. I want to run around with the 4×4 with flames color and run someone over. And they will know it was me that run them over. and like the tank have a skull paint scheme and i kill someone they will know it was me and fear me everytime they see my tank. Thanks for listening to me.

Oh before I forget can you do something about this. For the co pilot in the warhawk can you give something for the co pilot to do like the co pilot can fire machineguns or missiles. And can we eject from the warhawk with the jet pack? Cause too many times I was send on a death trip because of the pilot and even being held hostage in the warhawk since the pilot never got shot down and he won’t let me out.

Violater said:

August 11th, 1:07 pm


Don’t accept rides from strangers

Dark_king said:

August 11th, 1:07 pm

Dylan whats up you usually answer and talk back with people but you haven’t said a word.Are you a bit sick today are something?

axeblade27 said:

August 11th, 1:08 pm

Hey Dylan~

Great update. WOndering if a future firmware update and update to Warhawk will allow for split screen players on one PS3 to use and login on thier own PSN Id instead of just being player 1’s PSN ID with a (1) ,(2), or (3) next to the name. With trophies out now each person should earn thier own as well as thier rank instead of sharing the earnings. This would be a great thing for the PSN as some users do share thier console with other friends and family and still enjoy local multiplayer as well as online.

jocomat10 said:

August 11th, 1:11 pm

wow great updated dylan. i heard from warhawk online that there adding jet packs…
and your hint makes sense.

Rock on!!

whoelse said:

August 11th, 1:12 pm

This is such a top class update! I CAN NOT wait! Will Warhawk disable the in-game chat for the people who are playing in-game music because the last i want to hear is someones poor taste in music while playing the game?

Another thing, do we need to buy booster packs to get the platinum trophy?

eric1018 said:

August 11th, 1:12 pm

Agreed 94! :)

Or even allow only the 1st player of the group of friends or family to get points in the ranked servers while the rest don’t. That would rock also! :p

Dark_king said:

August 11th, 1:15 pm

@ RyuSagara | August 11th, 2008 at 1:05 pm

the warhawks co pilots job is to tell everyone whats going on,in my clan we use a passenger for recon.And its also nice if the tell the pilot when a warhawk is behind them are when and where a missile is coming from and what type.(Rockets and where there coming from,Swarm,homing,Tow knowing these things is very helpful to the pilots)

Razcor256 said:

August 11th, 1:15 pm

Simply amazing, can’t wait for it. Oh and the hint at the end sounds like a parisute. So you do love the people who get the butts kicked in the air.

Adamalicious said:

August 11th, 1:16 pm

HoTTness. Thanks!!

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