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Aug 12

Aug 12

Who’s Going to PAX?

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Well, *we* are, but you already knew that. Following up on the success of our first ever PlayStation.Blog Reader Meetup at E3, we’re considering holding another event during the Penny Arcade Expo later this month.

So who out there is going to be in Seattle at the end of the month? Would you be up for some free food (and coffee, presumably), games, and meeting some of your fellow PlayStation fans?

Thanks to all who came out!

And if so, where should we hold it? Which developer-types should I beg to attend? Which PSP game should we network together for competition?

PSP @ King Taco

And should there be a mandatory 90’s Seattle grunge dress code and soundtrack featuring Mudhoney, Alice in Chains and Screaming Trees? I’ll go ahead and pencil in a “No” for that one.

Let me know, we’re doing this for you.

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weeence said:

August 17th, 8:16 pm

I will definitely be at PAX this year. Rumor has it that the Penny Arcade guys will be planning a East Coast PAX sometime in the future.

Breakfast sounds like a great idea! I will definitely try to make it up for some grub. Being from Canada I’m not familiar with down town Seattle but there must be a place that would accommodate for those coming for breakfast gaming.

Some games that I think most PSP owners might or should own are Wipeout Pulse, Burnout Legends, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, GTA Liberty City, Ridge Racer, Killzone Liberation, Lumines 1 or 2 and Metal Gear Portable Ops. I’m only good at SFA 3 Max but I own the rest.

thuway said:

August 17th, 9:13 pm

I’ll be going to PAX. I’ll meet up definetely!

TwinsDad said:

August 18th, 8:49 am

NYC PAX is coming in 2010. So you have a gamers con in the Northeast.

Jeff, there won’t be a problem getting people caffinated, this is Seattle after all. Home of SBC, Starbucks, and Tully’s. There are several Starbucks and SBC within blocks of the Convention center, I don’t think they seats more then a dozen or so. However I’m not sure how big you think this might be. If it’s saturday AM, I’m there. Can I make a request for something around 8-9am. I’m coming in from the Other side of the sound and have to catch a ferry, so it’s hard to get in extra early.

fadet0black said:

August 18th, 1:24 pm

Is that a picture of the IHD; International Hot Doggers?
Those guys, and one girl, look like they just found out they will be having free lunch.
Still – Love It-
-Sony Rocks-

Land Of Trill said:

August 18th, 1:38 pm

Force Unleashed Demo this Thursday

Strife23 said:

August 18th, 3:07 pm

Count me in!!

spinthelights said:

August 22nd, 4:50 am

Absolutely going to be there, minus the flanel shirt and Melvins bootleg on the Walkman. ;-) Nothing against the “old guard” of Seattle’s glory days, but we’ve all tried to move past that, and instead got stuck in the fad of beards and fixed-gear bikes. I kid.

Seriously though, if you’re all going to be at PAX, you might consider walking a few block uphill (and I mean uphill) to meeting at Cha-Cha, Six Arms, Bauhaus Coffee or maybe even the Deluxe at the north end of Broadway. Not sure how many you’re planning to see there, but aside from the larger restaurants I can’t think of too many places that will hold a crowd on a Friday/Saturday night near the Convention Center.

For breakfast, I heartily recommend Mae’s Phinney Ridge Diner and Beth’s. Both are a bit of a drive or bus trip from downtown. Maybe the B&O where Pearl Jam came up with their name? It’s close.

Look forward to seeing everyone. And please don’t mock my old brick of a PSP, it’s been at my side since launch.

teb_60 said:

August 22nd, 1:26 pm

I’m sure that the nations capitol, isn’t holding out on you guys, but there hasn’t been a convention here in a long time since i’ve been gaming; can we get some love here…. The DMV; D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, and I don’t mean Richmond, and Norfolk, thats not the DMV takes care of all the comes thru, just look out for us… I like what i’ve seen and most of the conventions i view online looks great I would like to attend one though, and i’m not traveling the world to see it…..

PSN: teb_60; holla at me “let’s play together, let’s stay together”.

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