Legendary WipEout franchise coming to PSN with WipEout HD – Details here

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Hello, Readers. Daimion here and I’m excited today to release some details on WipEout HD, coming to PLAYSTATION Network this fall. We’ve been mum on WipEout HD recently – keeping many of you in serious suspense, I know – but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been cranking away at bringing you an awesome anti-gravity racing game in 1080p HD!

WipEout HD will feature a selection of the best tracks taken from previous versions of this iconic franchise that have been reworked to show-off the graphical capabilities of PS3. But don’t take my word for it, if you want to see how good WipEout HD in 1080p and at 60 frames-per-second, check out the video below:

WipEout HD will give you the chance to take on the greatest anti-grav racers in the world with plenty of online racing modes and even offline too, with HD’s two-player split-screen mode. Up to 8 racers can battle online in a range of online races. And with Trophy Support (whuuuuuut, Trophy support, you say?!?), which I know everyone is really excited about, this is definitely your chance to grab bragging rights online. More to come on Trophies soon, don’t you worry….

WipEout HD WipEout HD

And for an additional challenge in WipEout HD, you can opt to use the SIXAXIS motion controls to steer their ship while blasting away opponents with the full arsenal of weapons. With lots of teams/ships to choose from, plenty of on and offline racing modes, crazy-fast HD racing and a remixed Dolby 5.1 surround sound soundtrack, your adrenaline will be pumping in no time. Trust me. And even though we think you’ll love the soundtrack, but in case you love your own music collection more, you can create a custom playlist on the PS3 XMB and listen to it while you race. Niiiiiiiice, right?!

WipEout HD WipEout HD WipEout HD WipEout HD

For more game info check out We’ll be back with more on WipEout HD in the coming weeks, including the details on trophies, price, and release date – see keep your eyes peeled for more here on the PS Blog!

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  • Hope it’s coming out sooner rather than later. Good stuff and glad to see trophies & custom soundtracks on the features list!

  • yes finally

  • i cant wait, i hope it does really come out eventually

  • Come on Sony! I’ll buy this! Thanks for the bit of update info Daimion.

  • Well, just what I was hoping you would say showed up right at the end: in-game music! :D

    Is this why the game was delayed? If so, then I actually do think it was justified. Though, to be honest, with something like this I’d want you to take your time anyway- you can rush something like this.

    Thanks for the update. :D

  • thanks sony

  • About time we got some news…i thought the developers had an epileptic attack.

  • The video quality doesn’t really do this game justice. :(
    But when is it coming out. All we want is a release date. Next year? This year? come one just tell us around what time do you guys expect to release this game

  • Great I’m gald they give us options for which splitscreen version to use.

  • WipEout HD, we knew it was coming but glad to see a post about its features. I see this could be a big game to have with lots of DLC tracks and even sponsored tracks like Europe saw on the PSP.
    I hope SCEA,SCEJ and SCEE see that WipEout fans all want the same content.Do not lock us out like you did on the PSP.We will take sponsored tracks and “cars”.Let us all play together online also.
    This could be a huge hit with Warhawk type of following. Do not be shortsighted.


    It’s about time!

  • StalkingSilence

    I just had a seizure watching that trailer. haha jk.
    Here’s a quick thought: give a trophy for beating a circuit with the hardest difficulty using the SIXAXIS controls.
    haha that’d be pretty cool to have to use SIXAXIS to get a trophy.




  • You already had my money day 1 :)

    Just release it now! :)

  • god…
    with these colors and tracks
    this will sure be my next race game!

  • y para cuando network para mexico

  • Looking awesome! Now if you guys could just teach the other devs how to use 1080p…

  • Thanks for the post.

    Sony needs to put these out much sooner, as if they don’t, many rumors spread at different blogs and within the PS3 community.

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    Finally some news about the game.. not new news but thanks for letting us know that it’s still coming this fall!

  • “serious suspense” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Look forward to your next blog update expecially on price, all these PSN games are killing me! The economy is not well so I hope you throw us a bone with the price.

  • Any word on the price?

  • mywhitenoise

    Coming in “Fall”, yeah…I heard that last year.

    Could you please be more specific, which month? I’ve been waiting for this and SFIIT:HDR for a ridiculous amount of time.

  • Sorry but there is no benefit for us from PSN store since you guys don’t want to release the PSN cards. Seriously what take so long, if you were making a nuke it would be finished & these cards not arrived.

  • How about I just give you my money now and you just have it automatically download and install when it comes out?

  • great keep the news coming

  • Are you guys going to give us Videos on the PSN about the technical hurdles of WipeOut HD and motivations and what not? Be nice to see this game get some Making of treatment on the PSN.

  • SantanaClaus89

    Sweet!!!! I think I had a seizure watching the trailer but it was sooooo good!

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Cool. I am a big fan of racing games. I think I’ll file this game under “If the Price Is Right”.

  • Looking good!
    Can’t wait!

  • good news for many many many players .

  • sweeet!!!

    this is looking great!

    does anyone know if custom soundtracks work from an external hard drive or usb source that is plugged into the PS3?

    just wondering!

  • At last. Been waiting for this for about a year now. Is it really coming out this time?

  • @32: All games that currently support custom soundtracks require the songs to be on the internal HDD.

  • good 2 hear!cant wait! any news about HOME!!!!! Thats what every1 wants!!!

  • @evoAnubis

    thanks for the reply!

  • Good. Now we don’t have to see people posting that stupid “no trophies = no buy” comment for this story.

  • No problem, man.

  • Finally, the loooooooong wait is drawing to a close.

    I suggest releasing this video without the compression on the store update this Thursday. That video is so compressed it looks pretty bad, and we all know the game look much better than that.

  • we’ve known this has been coming for how long? Seriously man, if you don’t have a date, don’t announce it.

  • Hope it’s $30.

  • I won’t get seizures from this will I?

  • WhereIsWipeoutHD

    It lives!!! Still no release date though…

  • Nice Can’t wait.

  • At long last, something about WipEout HD. Thanks for the update (looking forward to the next post). This is a day-one-purchase for me.

  • @43 whereiswipeouthd

    hehehe, time to change your name, man!

    it’s almost here!

  • God I want this SO bad. I’m gonna play split screen to death with my friends…awesome addition and well worth the extra time!

    Please be in the $20 price range…

  • Looks amazing, guys.

    Can’t wait to see how you guys decide to price this baby… i’m hoping it’s $20. =)

  • When is it coming out, when???? i cant wait much longer….. must have it…. NOW….

  • Sounds like this game has everything we could ask for. The only thing is I wonder if we can start a race server and invite our friends to race…if we can do that then this game is a flawless must-have.

  • YES and I love the music as well. Can’t wait to listen to some of my own D&B whilst playing zone mode, pure heaven.

    And I notice the split screen has AI opponents, and can be split both ways. Very good indeed. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this is turning out.

    Did it fail epilepsy tests?

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