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Aug 20

Aug 20

Live from Leipzig: North American Hardware Announcements

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone…as you read this, our counterparts at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are wrapping up a press conference at the GC – Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, which is the European version of E3. Some new PlayStation hardware was announced, and I wanted to let you know the details of how these products will be making their way to North America.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune PS3 Bundle with 160GB PS3 System

The 160GB PS3 system announced at the GC will be available here as part of a new limited-edition bundle that includes the hardware, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune game, a PLAYSTATION Network voucher for PAIN, and a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller. We’re hearing from a lot of you that more PS3 storage space is important, particularly since the launch of our video delivery service, and this new model delivers more memory and a whole lot of content packed-in. The 160GB PS3 has all of the same functionality as the new 80GB PS3 that’s popping up on retailer shelves now, but obviously has twice the HDD space, so you can build levels to your heart’s content in LittleBigPlanet, download a ton of videos, and still have room for your entire music collection. The Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 160GB PS3 bundle launches in November for $499.99 (MSRP).

PS3 160gb bundle

New PSP Entertainment Packs with updated PSP (PSP-3000)

We also unveiled at Leipzig an updated PSP system (PSP-3000), which we’ll be offering here initially through the previously announced Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack and a new PSP 4GB Memory Entertainment Pack. I’m personally excited about the 4GB Memory bundle because we’re including a – you guessed it – 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, which is the biggest Memory Stick we’ve ever bundled with a PSP. Similar to the new PS3 model, this PSP bundle is the result of the current consumer usage model – where more and more of you are finding that extra memory space is crucial. Check out the press release here for more details on what’s included in the bundles.

PSP-3000 - Piano Black

The new PSP retains the size and features of the current, slimmed-down PSP (PSP-2000), while incorporating some hardware updates:

  • The LCD screen will have a wider color gamut and higher contrast ratio to deliver deeper, more vibrant colors, as well as anti-reflection technology so you can see the screen more clearly when playing outdoors. As you all know, the PSP’s screen is a key strength of the hardware, and this update adds an absolutely dazzling LCD screen to the handheld.
  • A built-in microphone allows for Skype calls and multi-player gaming communication directly from the hardware – eliminating the need for attaching a separate headset.

Similar to our firmware updates, the new PSP is simply an opportunity to evolve the platform with the newest technology without adding to the cost of the system. The PSP Entertainment Packs will continue to be $199.99 (MSRP), and later this year we’ll release a standalone, updated PSP in a PSP Core Pack, which remains at $169.99 (MSRP).

Ratchet PSP Entertainment Pack

PS3 Wireless Keypad

Lastly, we’ve announced a new Wireless Keypad for PS3 that will make text communications and Web browsing much easier. The Wireless Keypad snaps onto the top of a SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller and comes with some cool features, including a mode that turns the main key area into a touch pad (similar to a touch pad on a Laptop computer). Once in this mode, you can slide your finger on this area to move the cursor on the screen and tap to enter. There will be two short cut buttons on the Keypad that will enable users to jump directly to the XMB’s “Friends” icon and the “Message Box” during gameplay. The Wireless Keypad will launch in late November.

PS3 Wireless Keypad

Last but not least, the Wireless Keypad is a Bluetooth device that can not only be used with the PS3 system but with any other Bluetooth enabled device that has Keyboard functionality. You will be able to use it with your smart phones and other portable devices that are equipped with Bluetooth. With the PS3 system, it can be paired and charged seamlessly just by connecting them with a USB cable.

PS3 Wireless Keypad

That’s all for now on the hardware front. You’ll see much more on the games shown at GC in Leipzig in the coming days.

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PSPsGTghOost said:

August 20th, 9:31 am

These are some awesome stuff!

Why didn’t we hear anything about the new David Jaffe game?

What about MAG?

Is the 160 GB PS3 coming to Canada as well?

When is the Video store coming to Canada?

ephracis said:

August 20th, 9:32 am

How about getting us a plugin for the PS3 music player? It would be awesome, and give you some cool new features to brag about.

I sure hope you guys know about If not, you should check it out and join the social music revolution. The only thing that I still cry about since I moved my music collection over to my PS3 is that I am no longer able to participate in so it would be great to get a plugin for it.

I am sure the devs would even like to do all the dirty work for you. So please. :)

Btw, now all we need for the PSP is a built in camera. Maybe there will be a PSP2 soon?

Kudos to you guys for keeping the competition on their toes!

the_icon said:

August 20th, 9:33 am

Wow… the keybaord attachment looks way better than 360’s. Also the new PSP sounds really cool, as long as the refresh rate is increased.

theownerz said:

August 20th, 9:33 am

how much will the keypad be?

EvoAnubis said:

August 20th, 9:33 am

Jeez…..wah, wah, cry, cry.

Complain, complain, complain. That’s all some of you can do.

StalkingSilence said:

August 20th, 9:34 am

Wrong press release link.
That links to “Sony Computer Entertainment Unveils Two Innovative User Community Titles at GDC 2007” from May, 2007.

There is no press release on new Leipzig hardware up on the SCEA site yet.

effeff said:

August 20th, 9:34 am

“….Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, which is the European version of E3….”

The Games Convention is bigger and better :D

ACE72 said:

August 20th, 9:34 am

With all this talk about additional storage capacity, then why is sony doing away with backwards compatibility if it only cost the company $27.00 per unit to have included as a standard feature.

With Christmas just around the corner and numerous Playstation 2, yet to migrate to the Playstation 3 system.

The one number feature most requested is backwards compatibility.

What are retailers going to due?

Jackal888 said:

August 20th, 9:36 am

Great announcements. It is about time Uncharted got top billing, I am surprised because it is not an E rated game. I will buy a PSP-3K model,my PSP-1K model has been through hell and it needs updating.
The thumbboard is great and the fact that it is integrated makes it easy for users. Now I await the other announcements.

Adamalicious said:

August 20th, 9:37 am

Oh man, I so want a tiny keyboard!

StalkingSilence said:

August 20th, 9:38 am

Noticed you changed the HOME button on PSP to “PS” button. Smart. Was this to avoid confusion?

Codeman420 said:

August 20th, 9:39 am

one more thing do u guys have pics of the keypad on a controller, im having a little trouble picturing it on one, wheres its going to sit exactly. will it be covering the R1 L1 buttons?

leetfoo said:

August 20th, 9:40 am

PS Exec1: Man.. I wish we could get all these PS2 owners to migrate to the PS3.

PS Exec2 (puts down bong): I have an idea… let’s make it so they can’t play PS2 games on the ps3! Then they’ll have to either throw away all their beloved titles, or keep a second system set up. hahaha.

Ps Exec1: Genius! Go with that!

Ps Exec2: Dude, I was just kidding, I’m not that high…

Ps Exec1: Too late, we’re going with it!

Chrisrahosiris said:

August 20th, 9:40 am

I’m getting another PSP. Can’t wait.

h3ro said:

August 20th, 9:42 am

What is the price going to be for the Keypad?

KoD7085 said:

August 20th, 9:42 am

I am really liking the look of that Keyboard. I can’t wait to pick one up. No more bulky USB keyboard to mess with.

Mort said:

August 20th, 9:43 am

Wow! That keypad attachment looks freakin’ cool. I am definitely going to have to pick one up.

As for the PSP bundle, I already bought the PSP slim last year, so I don;t think I am going to pick up another one.

160GB is nice for the PS3, I use mine for HD video from my Sony Handycam (which works great BTW), and for all my digital photos, so I already upgraded to a 160GB hard drive. I think I am going to have to go bigger soon though, so I am very glad that you guys made it so easy to upgrade the HD.

Good to hear about some really positive stuff coming out soon.

narde15 said:

August 20th, 9:43 am

nice additions. any thing on home yet?

darkiewonder said:

August 20th, 9:45 am

Why? ;(

I just bought a psp 2000. can I contact you guys and send off my psp 2000 for a 3000? Reply back.


IceCold said:

August 20th, 9:47 am

Yes new psp and nice keyboard FTW. I knw an update was coming no its time for me to get a psp!

GeminiBoy said:

August 20th, 9:50 am

Heavy Rain looks SWEEETTTT!!!

So being that the MIC is integrated, does that mean we will eventually have video chat software coming soon?????

Edu said:

August 20th, 9:51 am

Are we getting trailers or the full sony conference at GC08 on thursday update?

jpwilson25 said:

August 20th, 9:51 am

God, the whining is just annoying — please stop. Why are you crying about software when it was a hardware update… posted by the director of HARDWARE marketing?

Anyway, back on-topic: this is a great update. I’ve been waiting for the new PSP so I’ll definitely be grabbing this and the keyboard when it launches. Gracias!

Ghostm said:

August 20th, 9:52 am

Is the PS3 Wireless Keypad going to be over $30? I’m just curious. If it is $30 then it’s definitely a buy for me. I just checked on the Madcatz keypad and it’s only $30. But it doesn’t look as good as the official PS one.

krae_man said:

August 20th, 9:52 am

Hay Sony you guys might want to pay more attention to the information you send to retailers and follow up to make sure they give the proper information to customers.

Checkout Bestbuy’s website for the 80gb PS3:

“Backward compatibility
Lets you play PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games, DVDs and CDs, so you can merge all of your entertainment into one machine. “

StalkingSilence said:

August 20th, 9:53 am

Press release (was 381 now 481) is still not correct… but a step in the right direction! I assume you know that and are just waiting until the new press releases are out on the playstation US site.

BabeBro said:

August 20th, 9:53 am

Awww man, I just purchased my God Of War PSP Bundle and now I guess I’ll have to resell it for this one.

ftwrthtx said:

August 20th, 9:56 am

Will the new screen work on the original slim psp?

I replaced a screen for a neighbor kid and it’s a pretty simple process.

StalkingSilence said:

August 20th, 9:56 am

Ratchet & Clank PSP Entertainment Pack ($199.99 on October 14)
Mystic Silver PSP-3000
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets UMD
echochrome PSN voucher
1GB Memory Stick PRO duo

MEMORY PACK ($199.99 on October 14)
Piano Black PSP-3000
4GB Memory Stick PRO duo
Everyday Shooter PSN voucher

Ghostm said:

August 20th, 9:56 am

Can we please have more pics of the PS3 Wireless Keypad with the controller attached. I mean all around. 360˚ view. I want to see how the L1,2 and R1,2 looks like.

KazeEternal said:

August 20th, 9:56 am

*Keyboard Useless – The price of that peripheral you might as well buy a Bluetooth keyboard.

*160 gig PS3 – We need price drops not storage boosts. Why is this the GimpStation 3 like the new 80 Gig Gen 2? Where’s the BC? Why even release the 160 gig? For all intents and purposes Uncharted should be a greatest hit and I believe it is in europe isn’t it? So a 30 dollar game plus double the storage costs 70 dollars? Whats the deal here?

*New PSP – Been waiting for this, but the PSP needs a price drop. Bring the core down to 130 that will make everyone happy.

If anything we need price drops, not more bundles, not quirky attachments, and lack of BC.

ps360 said:

August 20th, 9:57 am

Wait for it…


Now the complaining is complete. Carry on.

BombPin said:

August 20th, 9:57 am

Great add to the controller, the add will surely help me out with the messaging threw friends list and web browsing or even the games that support keyboard chat. Looks like a possible buy.

Onna76_NL said:

August 20th, 9:58 am

No big game announcements, only hardware. Fun for the ones who don’t own a PS3 and PSP but less fun for the ones who already “have”.

DG said:

August 20th, 9:59 am

cool stuff

darkiewonder said:

August 20th, 9:59 am


From the looks it’ll still feel like a ps3 controller as the keyboard is over the L1/R1 button so it’s not in a way unless you hold the buttons in a way your fingers portrudes upward xD

My problem with the thing is I have to move my hand up just to type and it looks so awkwardly placed. but it’s made by sony i’m sure they tested to make sure it’s comfortable.

Offtopic sort of. To John K.

Contest to give some of these items? ;)

Engine said:

August 20th, 10:00 am

So I am guessing that this means we will not see uncharted as a greatest hits for some time. Why is it that PAL already has it as a Platinum Hits, and we are still waiting?

Also in regards to the keyboard…

I really wanted an official Bluetooth Keyboard from you guys. But to be honest I don’t really like this one. I would just like to see a full bluetooth keyboard that has a PS Button and is completely integrated into the PS3 with shortcut buttons.

KiD said:

August 20th, 10:00 am

Nice :P PSP 3000….

PS HEAVYYYYYY RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Onna76_NL said:

August 20th, 10:00 am

And since they’re busy announcing non game related stuff anyway… where’s home and Play TV?

Codeman420 said:

August 20th, 10:00 am

Thanks Jeff. Looks pretty awesome some really kool features with the keypad as well. as i said will definitely be getting it.

Onna76_NL said:

August 20th, 10:01 am

@Engine erm because this convention is in “Europe” not in “America”!

OmegaArchetype said:

August 20th, 10:03 am

Awesome. I was going to buy a PSP at the end of this month, but I think I’ll wait until the new PSP-3000 model releases.

Probably get one in January now. Also, wish that PS3 was available when I bought mine, but no big deal, I’m buying a 250GB harddrive for mine anyways.

Now if you guys would put a little more effort into getting PSN updated with voice messaging/more features and maybe fix the lagginess of in-game XMB, I would be really really happy. Seriously, might as well trim down the in-game XMB to only the things we can actually access (that’s my opinion anyways,) maybe that’ll help keep the lagginess of the in-game XMB to a minimum. Even still, I’m just happy we got in-game XMB lol, so even if the lagginess issue isn’t resolved, I’m still going to be a happy PS3 owner.

Poppa said:

August 20th, 10:03 am

Absolutely fantastic job on the hardware front, however I was wondering regarding the PS3 bundle…

You say you’ve been listening to consumer feedback and decided on increasing HDD space for the PS3 bundle, but one of the complaints I hear most from PS3 consumers is the lack of:

1. Bluetooth headset.

2. HD cables.

The first should be obvious and I hope that when Socom Confrontation launches with the official Sony headset that you guys will include it with ALL PS3 models (i.e. make it standard). With a system that seems so focused on the community (with things like Home), a headset is a must. Similarly, maybe including this new Keypad as well as the headset as standard PS3 peripherals will show everyone how committed Sony is to the community aspect of PS3?

The second is also an important aspect, though, IMHO, not nearly as much as the first (people seem much more willing to pick up HD cables than they are a headset). Including a cheap component cable with every PS3 would please MANY people. Hell, maybe even include a little paper in the box explaining the differences between each cable so that your average consumer knows which cable to use on their new HDTV.

Those additions to EVERY PS3 box would be a huge boost to the entire PS3 community.

Ghostm said:

August 20th, 10:03 am

What’s going on with the PSN cards?

Can we get a release date for Playstation Life?

When will Wipeout HD be released?

Will we be seeing PS Home before 2009?

Any kind of Trophy support news would be cool.


fadet0black said:

August 20th, 10:04 am

I Totally care about storage nincompoop!
The new ps3 bundle makes me want to smash my current ps3 just so i can buy the new one.

-Sony Rocks-

StalkingSilence said:

August 20th, 10:04 am

W/ addition of microphone – it’d be cool to play SingStar PSP. Or allow mic input during Remote Play with PS3 so you could play SingStar that way or voice chat over PSN.

KazeEternal said:

August 20th, 10:05 am

@Jeff Rubenstien
Any chance of the PSP 3001 having the same type of covering as the PSP 1001? I want a black PSP, but the backs on the Piano Black annoy me.

Legendbyname said:

August 20th, 10:06 am

So the PSP-3000 will not replace the PSP-2000 units in the current bundles?

basically if I buy a God of War bundle in 6 months, it will still be a PSP-2000?

DaWolf619 said:

August 20th, 10:09 am

I noticed the Home button was changed to the PS symbol on the PSP-3000. Does this mean we’re getting PSNID access and/or ingame XMB access on the PSP too? That would be pretty freakin sweet if true.

GGCAN said:

August 20th, 10:10 am

Wish I’d have known the PS3 wireless keypad was coming out this soon.

I just purchased a PS3 keyboard from Logitech.

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