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Aug 25

Aug 25

Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

So I’ve been dropping hints for a few months now on the blog and finally, at Leipzig Games Conference this week, we unveiled our third expansion for the Warhawk Universe — Operation: Fallen Star.

The sweet, sweet hotness that is the Icarus Mk.1 Rocket pack and once you’ve played it, you wonder how you ever played Warhawk without it!

Normally we announce stuff here in the States but we thought since Warhawk has a global player base, lets show it at Leipzig first this time.

Before I answer some of the questions that I’ve seen from the past couple of days, let me give you all a rundown of what’s included in Operation: Fallen Star.


There is an entirely new level – Tau Crater! It’s a smoky, forested island that features lots of vertical elements to give players tons of cools places to use the jetpack; huge trees that you can fly up into and land on their branches, an enormous recovery crane with lots of trusses and platforms to fly around, and of course, the name sake, a truly gargantuan capital ship wreckage smashed into the ground forming, you guessed it, Tau Crater.


The capital ship is fully traversable meaning you can use the jetpack or other aircraft to fly up to its various surfaces, pipes, and destroyed sections. Hop out, use them to recon the other bases, snipe, call-in a binoc strike, whatever.

Around the crater are salvage platforms that have been constructed and serve as some of the bases in the Tau Crater. There’s also a huge fiery hole in the middle of the wreckage that you can climb though as a troop to quickly cross from one side of the level to the other.


There are massive chunks of wreckage scattered around the level and the recovery efforts at these locations are bases as well.


In total there are 10 new layouts for Tau Crater and since the jetpack is a massive, game-changing addition to Warhawk, we included a crap-ton of bonus layouts for the original game too — there are 30 bonus layouts that add jetpacks into the Warhawk’s original content.


And yes, of course the jet pack can be used with both of the new free game modes that we released with the v1.4 Update. Jetpack Collector mode is awesome!

Now the jetpack itself is big departure from the way we normally do vehicles and this was very, very intentional. With each of our Booster-Packs, we specifically look for mechanic changing ways to freshen-up the game — and Operation: Fallen Star is no exception.

So here’s the run-down on the jetpack…


First off, the jetpacks are equipment that the salvage crews are using to work on the wreckage so the style of it is very much like the equipment you might see at a construction site. This is true for the Daedalus Rapid Assembly Device (D-RAD) as well. Think of it as a vending machine for jetpacks. One of our players on the Warhawk forums asked if it was like a “hot-dog-stand”…well, yes it kinda is :-)

You run up to the Daedalus and then press SQUARE to grab a jetpack off the rack, like you would to mount a vehicle or turret. The Daedalus then begins its automated construction process and makes a new jetpack for another player to grab. This construction period helps control the balance of the game so that not every single troop always has a jet pack.


Now to help protect against brutal base camping, we opted to not have the vending machine, err….the Daedalus be destructible. In some of our early play sessions, it just was too easy to ravage the other team if you could destroy the Daedalus.

The Warhawk forums also wondered if a jeep could drive the vending machine around, sorry, the answer is no. We spent a lot of time tuning the placement of each of the vending machines and towing them around the level would have introduced some pretty brutal exploits.


You can also mount other vehicles if you have a jetpack. So you and your team can coordinate fast strikes with the 4x4s and then all jump-jet out to make a flag run or scoop-up a team’s cores. If you have jetpack equipped, you are also allowed use it like an ejector seat and bail out of our Warhawk or Nemesis if you get into a dicey situation. Another great tactic is to use the Warhawk and run fly-by at the enemy base then have your buddy in the passenger slot bail out with the jetpack.


The controls for the jetpack are really easy too and operate the same as any other vehicle in the game so it should feel really natural to start using one.

R2 is the thrust button. Press it to engage the jets and your character will be carried higher and higher into the air. While you’re flying, use the analog sticks to move around. You can let off the thruster button to disengage the thrusters and your character will begin to drop towards the ground.

If you are flying around and you need to focus on combat and not thrust control, all you have to do is hold L2 and the jetpack will automatically emit enough thrust to maintain your current altitude. This way you can focus on raining death from above :-)

The jetpack also has a boost-dodge feature, similar to the afterburner for the aircraft. Simply double-tap R2 to engage the boost-dodge. The direction of the boost-dodge can be performed in any direction, backwards, forwards, side to side, even straight up depending on which direction you are pressing when you dodge.


Now this feature not only is a great way to get around the battlefield, but the “dodge” part of the boost-dodge is key for scrubbing missiles. There is only one missile in the game that can acquire a jetpack lock-on and that’s the troop missile launcher. So if you are up in the air and you see the missile warning pop-up on your screen, you better do a dodge, otherwise that missile is going to nail you! Now if you have a jetpack equipped but you are just running around on the ground, the missile launcher can’t get a lock on you…and this is another good way to help avoid getting hit.

Another question that our players wanted to know is if you can fly with the flag using a jetpack and the answer is yes. We took a lot of time to make sure all the traversal speeds were tuned just right and CTF and Collector mode are crazy fun with the Jetpack — hell, even just straight up deathmatch is way more fun!


So here are some of the details: Operation: Fallen Star is being released on August 28th worldwide and is $7.99 in the Playstation Store. We also worked with SONY to get a new bundle pack ready too. The new Booster Combo Pack includes all 3 of the expansions for only $15.99. That’s like getting all 3 Booster-Packs for the price of only 2!!! Quick — deploy the wacky waiving inflatable arm-flailing tube men!!!

As a reminder, keep you eyes out for our FREE v1.5 Update that goes LIVE on August 27th!

So that’s it for now — I’ll do my best today to answer comments cause I didn’t get to at all with my last post cause I was crazy busy traveling for meetings. So let ‘em rip!

Oh, and one last thing, Kudos to 3 people (topodisc, mattnz, cubehouse) who were able to breakdown my crazy color-swatch-HEX-string-mythology-reference!

Rock on,


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Horrorist said:

August 25th, 11:42 am

dylan also important issues
do you know what happen with the blu tooth mic and when its going to be fix,i know its maybe a problem on the end of sony but any news about it ?

leafs_fan said:

August 25th, 11:44 am

Hey Dylan,

First of all I want to thank you for this amazing game that’s brought hundreds of hours of fun.

I have one question though, will trophies be unlockable in any type of server, only ranked servers or only official servers?

I would prefer if it was Official servers only to prevent specific rooms just for trophies.

seblefou said:

August 25th, 11:45 am

for the rank issue, everybody else see the rank your suppose to have but not us the actual player playing . in profile still stuck to the old rank and everyime you enter a new server it shows your ranking up but still can t use the new paint for new rank

WARRIOR_36 said:

August 25th, 11:47 am

I’m sure this has been said before, but when can we get the rank up issue solved. I’ve been stuck at MAJOR for some weeks now and I still haven’t been promoted to Command Marshall. I have the requird points and badges but no promotion, why? My PSN name is WARRIOR_36


MrSafari said:

August 25th, 11:49 am

Cool update! :D I have one question. Is it possible to snipe (with scope) and call in a binoc-strike while flying a jetpack?

Reverend_M said:

August 25th, 11:51 am

Just wanted to say thanks for the answer, Dylan! Great to know about the accessible places :)

I’m sure you’ve already been asked this, but if you want to answer . . .

Is there a limit to the JetPack like fuel and such? Also, once you have a jetpack, does it stay on your person until you die, or eventually disappear?

A lot of the Forumers have been wondering where you went off too also. You used to stick around the forums for a while and answer questions. I’m guessing things have been getting busier for you, than it used to, so that’s understandable. But do keep us updated like always!
Thanks and GREAT JOB!

TheInfectedBy590 said:

August 25th, 11:51 am

Holy Crap! I this expansion seems awesome! I’m definitely buying this game this week! :D

msstatedawg said:

August 25th, 11:51 am

Dylan, have you done anything to diable/modify the kick/ban feature in 1.5?

Captain Fury said:

August 25th, 11:51 am

Japanese design contest please…

they are the only ones left and I would love to see what they bring to the game :)

shika.1983 said:

August 25th, 11:55 am

Just remembered

Are you aware of people using the start suicide button to avoid being killed now?

I know it’s there for a reason but the feature is being abused at the moment as a sort of **** you if people think the kill on them is “unworthy”

Ginger-Reiki said:

August 25th, 11:56 am

I find it worrying that Dylan is having to look at individual accounts in the database because of the ranking problem. I have at least a dozen of my PSN friends that are having the exact same ranking issues.
I understand some ranking issues are down to the not point requirements being fulfilled but post ‘Major’ rank most will have the requirements for all bar a few ranks.
I have all of the non point req’s up to and including General but I still show up 2 ranks below my point value.

The_Shuffle said:

August 25th, 11:57 am

I’m actually astounded that you don’t know about the rank up issues considering the amount of discussion about it on the US forums. Basically, the problem is for everybody and it only happens for the ranks where you changed the requirements.

In game, you show up as your rank. However, on your screen you stay as whatever rank you are by the old system. For example, if you have 149,999 points, you are now an Air Marshal. You will show to everybody else as that but you are a Captain on your profile and in bottom right hand corner. Every time you start a ranked game you will get promoted to Major or Air Marshal. When you then get that extra point and get to the 150,000 mark, your profile will then recognise you as a Major and give you the new customisations.

The problem basically is that whilst you changed various ranks, the game still ranks you up by the old requirements and it is very very very annoying.

coster_127 said:

August 25th, 12:01 pm

but there are 2 things you have missed:
1. teh changes in rank you made in 1.4 do not work. even though people have 110,000 points and the correct requirement they are still displayed as a captain. you only become major when you get 150,000 points still!
2. warhawk friends list must be changed to 100 now 2.40 made it that way

maybe 1.51 or something?

Tha_Unknown_One said:

August 25th, 12:01 pm

I have a question if anyone can answer this. I have been going into host games and get banned by the user because they are padding their stats, and I kill them! Which results to me being banned and that being on my stats. Is there anything that can be done for this?

PSN ID: Tha_Unknown_One

Flamenblade said:

August 25th, 12:05 pm

Hey Dylan! Exactly how big will the update be in megabytes?

gbh08 said:

August 25th, 12:08 pm

Hi, I live in england but have a American Warhawk disc will these expansion packs work yet or are they still region locked?

If they are still region locked could you please explain why? just iv noticed sony making a deal out of the region free gaming, yet its not quite how they made it sound if different region discs will work but not the expansions for said discs

coster_127 said:

August 25th, 12:13 pm

and that link about the tube waving inflatable people has been removed!?

manguz2000 said:

August 25th, 12:17 pm

Hey Dylan just a quick question, hope you can answer it, can we fly the jetpack with the sixaxis.

Letoop said:

August 25th, 12:22 pm

Hi Dylan,

Can’t wait for the new expansion pack.
Warhawk is still one of the very few games with 4 player split screen. Nothing can beat the banter involved when four friends get together in a room. The fact that all four of you can then go online together….one day hopefully that will be the norm across the board.

Couple of quick questions:

1) Is there anyway you can switch off or greatly reduce the HUD when playing 4 player split screen ? No probs on a big Tv, on a smaller one it can make things a tad crowded.

2) For future patches would it be possible to allow alias to be setup for players 2, 3 & 4 in split screen e.g. Letoop, Letoop (ali), Letoop (Mark) ?? It would just make it nice and easy to identify each other

sunstrike said:

August 25th, 12:23 pm

when is goin to be the next tournament of warhawk??????

herb420 said:

August 25th, 12:23 pm

so tell me

If you are wearing a jetpack and are equiped with a knife or wrench, are you still off enemy radar? or is it like being in a vehicle at all times?

Enforcer_X said:

August 25th, 12:24 pm

Yeah I have a rank issue as well Dylan.
I just assumed it would be fixed in the 1.5 patch but since #143 mentioned it I figure I better mention it too.

I am suppose to be a Lt. Colonel I have the points and requirements, it even says so in my profile in the game, however I am still an Air Marshall and when I join Official servers it says I am recommended for Command Marshall. I am really a Lt. Colonel though so I would really appreciate a stats check PSN ID: Enforcer_X also my clan mate is having the exact same issue as me, his PSN ID: Nelo07

Thank you so much!

Stoffinator said:

August 25th, 12:28 pm

Aww I thought this was free. Thats what it looked like in the video. Oh well.

IceCold said:

August 25th, 12:32 pm

man, there are so many add on to this game I don’t feel like i can cath up…

RaistPDX said:

August 25th, 12:35 pm

Hmmm sounds like it’s about time to give this game a try :)


August 25th, 12:48 pm

Dylan (Regarding my missing rank):


Thanks for checking Dylan!

freeluv said:

August 25th, 12:52 pm

is it just me or does the new trailer for the expansion pack feel really star warsy?

whiteboykyle said:

August 25th, 12:55 pm

My gosh from the looks of it you guys will never release a game for the PS3 again seeing how much support you guys put behind Warhawk, how many more expansions will there be before you guys run out of ideas?

Doublerg said:

August 25th, 12:57 pm

Hey Dylan, im kind of new to this blog but this topic just attracted me, your doing the game gods work dylan keep it up! also 2 quitions

1) if i kill someone with a jet pack and pick up there bag will i then get there jet pack?

2) is it possible to drop my jet pack so i could give it to the flag carrier or so i can put bio field on my own pack?

hope you reply

Fixuis said:

August 25th, 1:05 pm

Another great idea if you guys implemented water based gameplay would be aircraft carriers lined up with warhawks, take off an land on those, maaaan imagine the possibilities..

Har227 said:

August 25th, 1:14 pm

So dylan I am a bit lost on the release dates, the post about the v 1.5 update says its release date is tentatively the 27th and the booster is for the 28th, is that right?

whiteboykyle said:

August 25th, 1:16 pm

BTW, In the new expansion there should be a game mode called Hide&Seek where one person gets a two minute head start with a jetpack to hide somewhere on the map. and everyone goes to look for the person and if the person has picked off everyone that was searching for him or surpasses the time limit he gets massive points, and if searching crew finds and kills him all of the searching teams get points or something along those lines. Think how awesome it would be for 30vs1 would be and you guys could limit the warhawks, not include TOW missiles and limit weapons to make it harder to kill the hider.

WhereIsWipeoutHD said:

August 25th, 1:23 pm

Any chance of you adding bot support?


August 25th, 1:23 pm

DAMN…..jetpacks, trophies, new insignias, new airplane designs, eject (THAT will come in handy for me at least), 30 new maps….whats next? I cant hardly think of anything else that i want for this game…custom soundtrack will have me playing for hours. Might as well say goodbye to GTA4.

Reverend_M said:

August 25th, 1:28 pm

HorizonShadow, please, stop spamming the comments section. You’re not going to get any help with those things here because this is for the game Warhawk, NOT for the general PSN.

absolute said:

August 25th, 1:34 pm

Can’t put into words how much I appreciate the continued support for this great game, but I’m not sure how I feel about the ability to bail out of a Warhawk. If it was possible from the release of the game, I think it would still be cheap, but it wouldn’t be something to. As it stands, I think it’s essentially stealing kills from a lot of people, which does dynamically change up the game like you said, but I don’t particularly like it. Regardless, I never thought I would see the original Warhawk come so far, so thanks again for the hard work.

nelo07 said:

August 25th, 1:37 pm

You’re gonna have to add me to the list too Dylan. I’m also not ranking up to what I’m supposed to be. I have all the requirements for Lt. Colonel, but still not updating my rank. But other than, good job with this booster pack. Glad you’re still supporting the game and the community.

redbaron787 said:

August 25th, 1:39 pm

will jet packs be color coded?

Maxilicious said:

August 25th, 1:42 pm

please PLEASE PLEASE repy!!
i’ve got an idea for a new vehicle…. how about a war of the worlds style tripod? imagine in Eucadia seeing these massive tripods walking about? that would be awesome. also the passenger could control a grappel thing that could grab soldiers on the ground and could kill them, by like sucking their blood out and spray out on the ground…
on one of your comments Dylan you said that SONY makes the desicions for expansions or updates… you must get really pissed off when you come up with an idea for an expansion and then SONY say just not yet, and then you forget what the idea was! please PLEASE PLEASE repy

hatrix said:

August 25th, 1:49 pm

So i read one of you responses to someones question and you said that you can throw a proximity mine onto a warhawk. Could this possible just blow of the wing or would it blow it up. (making it so that you could blow of wings etc would go for awesome crashes)

Deonte252 said:

August 25th, 2:23 pm

Yo DJ. My account has the rank-up bug to. I have the points for Air Marshal but im still a captain. PSN;xXDeonte252Xx. Maybe you & the team can fix it or look into it

KIT619KAT said:

August 25th, 2:23 pm

great update and boosterpacks!!! i guess it wont be compatipbaly with other booster packs :(

Dave702 said:

August 25th, 2:29 pm

NICE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT………….. what happened with LIFE WITH PLAYSTATION???

Netweb said:

August 25th, 2:29 pm

Hey Dylan… i’m from Portugal.. and i love this game much than you xD

Any chance to put boats or ships… in a sea map?

ZildjianKX said:

August 25th, 2:31 pm

So any chance for a $11.99 Broke Mirror/Fallen Star bundle?

GhostViper said:

August 25th, 2:32 pm

Wow, I’m really looking foward to this.
Will there be a possibility to play with all the “new” vehicles from the booster packs at the same time in the future?

Gunwing said:

August 25th, 2:43 pm

I hope to god you checked out my idea for a gametype the airship battle scheme I had set up on the forums would be sweet. Plus my idea was that it was a free update that would add it as well.

IE both teams have a Air battleship to defend. Both air battleships can hold 4 aircraft at any given time.

New turrets would be added:

Dual AA turrets: Shoots twice as fast, but has 2 less guns then the ground based quad AA guns.

Missile turrets: shoots swarm missiles: IE bigger and more deadly versions of the ones WarHawks come with.

These both would only be found on the Air battleships.

Last but not least the new airborne Torpedo: IE think WW2 torpedos but it’s in the air and each WarHawk can only carry 1 of these at a time.

You can use them on ground targest without a lock on to an Air battleship. It takes a wopping 50 torpedos to down a Air-Battleship. Both teams also have ground silos they can use to attack if the enemy has too strong a defence around their airship.

(Note each team has to keep their silos or the other team may steal them and own em.)

This would be a major update, but be perfect for WarHawk. Please forward it to the dev team!

diablo103 said:

August 25th, 2:44 pm

once again amazing job, and as always i will b purchasing it thursday. Any updates on how your room is turning out in HOME? also if by chance you do get to make more booster packs i think a really neat level would be the one you showed off a while ago of the giant flying ships in the sky over the water. :heres a link to what im trying to describe:

SS_keyblade said:

August 25th, 2:48 pm

Hey Dylan great update but I have one question that you can hopefully answer, in order to unlock all the trophies will we need to buy the expansion packs? cause it would be a bummer if we had to, since not much of us have money to buy these awesome packs :) thanks again!

Kittonwy said:

August 25th, 2:48 pm

That looks sweet, can’t wait to get the booster pack as well as try out the trophies.

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