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Aug 27

Aug 27

The Last Guy, Coming To a City Near You

Josh Miller's Avatar Posted by Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America

Hello, readers! At the end of July, we announced the game The Last Guy for North America, and said there would be much more about the game in the coming weeks. Since then, I hope you’ve checked out the trailers that have been released, the special “interview” with the guys in the Himalayas, and the just-posted IGN review.

If you haven’t heard of The Last Guy yet, here’s the run-down. Every stage is a real city, shown from overhead using detailed aerial photography. Basically you make your way through cities, find people hiding in buildings, and lead them to the Escape Zone while avoiding zombies roaming the streets. Use thermography vision to find people hiding in buildings, “dash” to run away quicker, and “huddle” to scrunch up the line to keep the people out of the path of the zombies. The controls are simple, but keeping your line away from the zombies and making it to the Escape Zone without losing anyone is anything but.

We released the demo last week, giving a taste of half of the Asakusa, Tokyo stage, one of the many stages in The Last Guy. I hope you’ve had a chance to check it out. If you’re anything like me, you probably have that song stuck in your head too.

Well, I’m back here on the blog today because I’m here to announce that the full North American release of The Last Guy will be hitting the North American PlayStation Store tomorrow afternoon for $9.99! And you can purchase the game from the PlayStation Store, or from right inside the demo itself. How handy is that?

With the full game, you’ll get to experience the full Asakusa stage from the demo, plus a bunch of other exciting cities from around the world, with 15 stages in all. Of course there’s London and Los Angeles, which we originally mentioned. And in the latest trailer above you can see cities like Washington, D.C., Sydney, Berlin, and Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan. There are lots of other great cities waiting to be saved by you in the full game, plus a bunch of different kinds of zombies and boss zombies for you to outwit and out-maneuver. You’ll definitely have to use the power-ups scattered throughout each stage wisely to make it through each of the 15 stages.

Here are a few cool screenshots from some of the new cities, Berlin and San Francisco.

Berlin San Francisco
So you have until tomorrow afternoon to practice with the demo to perfect your line-leading zombie-avoiding skills, thermography powers, building-encircling technique, and Stamina gauge management. Because the levels in the full game are much more challenging, and even feature online rankings and different ratings for how well you do (like how many VIPs you find and rescue). Who knows, maybe something cool will happen if you get a good “clear” rating on all the levels…

By the way, there will be a couple of cool The Last Guy wallpapers on the store tomorrow as well. Hope you like ’em!

Let me know what you think of the demo, and the full game when it comes out tomorrow. Thanks!

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jqtaxpayer said:

August 27th, 1:43 pm

I love the IDEA of this game… that is, Flicky with zombies… but I found in the demo that it was difficult to see the characters. I dunno, maybe it was just me, but that might be a game-breaker for me.

gpiteira said:

August 27th, 1:48 pm

Hello, i liked the idea implemented in this game but i think there should be a much closer zoom option. It don’t need to be too close, just enough to see the carachters a little bit easier like jptaxpayer said.

Keep up the good work.

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

August 27th, 2:04 pm

Trofeez please, and a Canada level (Toronto would be good.)

HanSolo said:

August 27th, 2:43 pm

i love it, this game is too much fun, its a buy for me

LordMetzen said:

August 27th, 2:49 pm

What about TIME…the demo had a fairly short amount of time to get around that small part of the city.

Can we expect more time if you have bigger pieces of the city? or is the city just divided into chunks of same size?…

I just think the demo fails to show how big or deep the gameplay really is. At least in the amount of time and space.

Other than that I think the core idea of the game is perfect and it stands by itself against other “small 9.99 games”.

Doctor What said:

August 27th, 2:51 pm

Any news on when this is getting to Europe and the pricing over here? Looks like a good fun game, I’ll definitely consider getting it.

Ghostm said:

August 27th, 2:56 pm

Does this title have Trophy support? No Trophy support it’s a no buy for me. I applied the same rule for Bionic Commando.

Amazon just posted the price for the new PS Chat Pad. $49.99
I had very high hopes for PS Chat Pad until I heard about the prices. It’s $10 more then what I would’ve paid for it. So I’ll just wait until it’s $29.99. I’ll just buy a new game with that $49.99. Thanks Sony but no thanks!!!

darkiewonder said:

August 27th, 2:58 pm

Loved the demo. Definitely buying this game!

freeluv said:

August 27th, 2:58 pm

it’s not my cup of tea. Oh yeah I’m still HOMEless. And that males me sad.

cmargary said:

August 27th, 3:02 pm

This was a really cool game when I play it so I will buy it I guess… that’s why you need to make a demo of every psn game because I didn’t like it in videos. I hope have a trophy support.

And finally you release the PSN cards and in blockbuster and 7-eleven in september


August 27th, 3:02 pm

The demo to this is alot of fun, TOO BAD I can’t buy it without any money in my store. PSN CARDS PEOPLE. WHERE ARE THEY?

If someone at Sony would do me the favor of picking me up a $20 card. I’d gladly paypal ya for it. But only if it were Jeff or Doria or Dylan or Abigail. I’m in need peoples!

hostes said:

August 27th, 3:09 pm

— i liked the game but without trophies i wont buy it —

cmargary said:

August 27th, 3:13 pm


Click the link I gave in my post above you.. anyway here

the bad thing is gamespot will not have until next year because they don’t have the thing to activate it but blockbuster will have in next month that it’s in a few days.

What I’m worried now is with life with playstation… this month is about to be over.

psyXcho said:

August 27th, 3:14 pm

so sick of the no trophy = no buy comments. Why don’t you lil achievement [DELETED] go play 360, the rest of us will sit here and play innovative games….

SuperSonic1305 said:

August 27th, 3:21 pm

Is there a Canada level?


August 27th, 3:22 pm

@ cmargary, are you in Canada? if not that is of no use to me as Blockbuster in Canada and Blockbuster in the states do things differently. Thanks all the same but I think it’s kinda LAME how I have to keep coming in here to see games that I want and the only usual way of getting them is to find someone who will buy it on their account for me. That SUCKS you know. To have to do that when I could just go to my local Wal-Mart or Blockbuster or EbGames or Future Shop or My local Sony Style Store. It’s ridiculous that I have to wait all this time just be able to enjoy my ps3 more. Why are they not out EVERYWHERE??? Why Not? I want this game soo badly, I want the warhawk booster pack tomorrow but no, it ain’t gonna happen because I have no way of funding my wallet. I even checked into a pre-paid visa/MC but no go. they make you pay before you can actually put money on it.($27)(that’s alot of games to me)

So while you are able to just go down the street and pick one up. Remember that out here on the Farthest East Coast, where the Sun rises first each day, is Me. Wishing I could do the same…………….

Stoffinator said:

August 27th, 3:22 pm

Why don’t you guys ever do cities or stuff in Canada? Everybody does the same places over and over.

sunstrike said:

August 27th, 3:35 pm

i love this game

cmargary said:

August 27th, 3:46 pm


Yes it really suck.. and more when they need this since day one… many people have to share games because some people doesn’t have credit cards or the ps3 doesn’t accept it or it’s just a child like my little cousin.

PS fanboy said:

August 27th, 3:49 pm

@people looking 4 psn cards
there will be psn cards at 7-11 and blocbuster this september

grashopper said:

August 27th, 3:51 pm

Well if your somewhere around the Northeast Meijers stores have the PSN cards. I saw them there yesterday

metalmanniac said:

August 27th, 4:45 pm

yay! cant wait, it good game. played the demo

brianr said:

August 27th, 5:25 pm

is it true that some day you might be able to use your own maps.

libregkd_117 said:

August 27th, 6:14 pm

I’m also sick of the “no trophies = no buy” comments. Do you people really need trophies to have fun with a game? I seemed to enjoy games from the PS1 and PS2 just find without a little icon saying I did something.

Besides, did you people not even listen to Sony? They said themselves that ‘games further in development will not have trophies’ if you can’t understand what that means, they are saying that games released anywhere from July-Sept may not have trophies.

Trophies aren’t something you can add in at the last minute, unless you want delayed games (which I assume you don’t considering the complaining around Life w/ PS and HOME) then you will have to live with Trophy-less games for a while longer. Expect trophies to become the standard with games coming out in 09′ since alot of games that will be released during that time aren’t too far in development where trophies can’t be added in.

Lawr. said:

August 27th, 6:32 pm

The…. Last….. Guuhhhhhhhhuy

DarkPlanet said:

August 27th, 6:36 pm

The demo was cool but idk if im gonna get it.


August 27th, 6:45 pm

Day One purchase without a doubt! The demo was a blast!

Baked said:

August 27th, 6:48 pm

SF represent! W00T!

Keep up the good work guys, PSN is pumping out some kick ass titles worth buying.

I got 3 PSN titles(PixelJunk Monsters & Eden, and BCR) so far, TLG is gonna be my 4th!

SantanaClaus89 said:

August 27th, 6:50 pm


If you didn’t buy Bionic Commando: Rearmed just because it doesn’t have trophies, then you sir are a bonafide idiot. Not only that, but you’re missing out on the best game on PSN hands down. Foolish, foolish reason not to buy a game. Especially a GREAT game.

xStatiCa said:

August 27th, 7:17 pm

I will be buying this game. I am concerned about the replay value of it though so I do hope trophies will be released at some point.

There is no sense in bashing people if they will or will not buy a game if it doesn’t have trophies. There are a lot of games to buy that I like. Trophies just help nudge the decision one way or another sometimes. I am sure that is what a lot of people mean when they say they wont buy a game if it doesn’t have trophies. There might be other games that they like just as much with the benefit of trophies. I know for a fact that trophies have helped me get my moneys worth our of PixelJunk Eden. I normally would have not finished games like it and definitely not played it a second time through. The trophies gave me more of a reason to play the game again(To get the unlocked seeds trophies, etc). So I have basically doubled my playtime with the game because of trophies. I know that not everyone has the same opinion and that is ok too. For them trophies don’t matter but for those that do like them it does add a lot to the value to the games when they are implemented to challenge you and not just get them easily by playing the game normally.

MidnightBlues said:

August 27th, 7:42 pm

no trophy support thats been confirmed…thats while ill never buy this game because its lame.

lakaihigh said:

August 27th, 8:25 pm

I have the demo on my XMB but I haven’t fired it up yet :( I’ll be sure to do that right now! the game looks interesting and very original. keep it flowin guys.


cameron92 said:

August 27th, 9:37 pm

wtf sony playstation sick ass graphics and they come up with a game they could have put on a ps1 least if i bought it on a ps1 i would’nt of felt cheated out of my money !
i played the demo and it sucks ass this game is a failure dont buy it !!!!

WHAT said:

August 27th, 10:54 pm

I tried the demo and thought it was very fun. It had a Attack of the Killer Tomatoes vibe to it. Especially when the the whole crowed freaked out at the site of an enemy.

d3adliner said:

August 28th, 12:33 am

I’ve been awaiting this title for quite a while now, but I’m not buying until there’s definite plans for dlc in the terms of LOTS of extra levels down the road. We also need more planets for SSHD!!!

Reraider99 said:

August 28th, 4:36 am

I must be in the minority here. I played the demo last night, yes the graphics were good but actually game play I found to be boring. Sorry, I won’t be buying this one.

madtyger said:

August 28th, 9:07 am

I want to get this game just so I can have a map of Tokyo, lol.

nxp3 said:

August 28th, 9:56 am

Not that I have epilepsy or anything, but the game is annoyingly flickery. Especially at the beginning, not during game play. That is a deal breaker for me…I’m not sure if it’s like that by design, but I hate it.

gardea said:

August 28th, 10:09 am

I really liked the demo and I am thinking of getting it…


August 28th, 1:58 pm

omg u ppl

I downloaded the demo and i thought this game was a joke…how can 98% of the comments say they loved it!? it is such a terrible game, you should all download the star wars demo, that [DELETED] is off the hook


xStatiCa said:

August 28th, 7:19 pm

Not everyone agrees with you GODZ_PIZZAMAN including me. I got more entertainment out of the Last Guy demo than I did Star Wars Force Unleashed demo. Star Wars looks better with all the effects but for fun and replay I have so far liked the The Guy better. They are different games though that bring different things to the table so comparing them is not really doable anyway. They are both nice games for people who like each type of game. Not everyone likes the same thing in games of course.

Keep in mind that I just bought The Last Guy 30 minutes ago and have Star Wars Force Unleashed on pre-order so it is not like I dislike either of them :). Just my opinions.

I am really digging these $10 games on PSN that have quite a bit of replay value to them. Congrats on the release.

Crimson Mazz said:

August 29th, 2:45 pm

If you are an adult gamer tired of screaming kids, rap singers, come and join our gaming community for old noobs like me.

Mainly X360 and PS3 gamers, we need more adult PS3 gamers to join the site!!! Socom and Resisitance2 are almost here! Welcome!

Josh Miller's Avatar

Josh Miller said:

August 29th, 3:50 pm

I would just like to thank all of you who have downloaded the demo and/or full game. I am glad to hear that so many of you have said you enjoy the game. Once again, thank all of you for your support of “The Last Guy.”

NeoTechni said:

August 30th, 1:55 pm

Why would any developer care?

NeoTechni said:

August 30th, 1:56 pm

Please tell me this has trophy/custom soundtrack support.

squozen said:

August 30th, 5:01 pm

Loved the demo, bought it day one.

I didn’t need trophies for the last 25+ years of gaming, I certainly can do without them now.

djerry01 said:

August 31st, 1:30 pm

How in the hell do you rescue people in Stockholm when they escape to the center courtyard in buildings that you dont have access to? HELP!

    Josh Miller's Avatar

    Josh Miller said:

    September 3rd, 11:04 am


    Yup, that\’s a tricky one.

    To rescue people in the courtyards, you have to get enough people in your line to completely surround the building. Check out 1:20 and 1:35 in the trailer in the above post to see how it works.

    Good luck!

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