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Aug 29

Aug 29

Life with PlayStation is on its way

Noam Rimon's Avatar Posted by Sr. Development Manager SCEA R&D

I’ve got some good news and some okay news. We’ll start with the okay part. We’re still pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation — so hold tight just a bit longer. Now on to the good news, the Life with PlayStation application is looking great and to quench some of the curiosity around what it’s all about, here’s what I can share today.

We’re going to offer this as a free service that will be easily accessible directly from the XMB. Life with PlayStation will feed live content to your PS3 with updates on news and weather on a visually stunning and interactive global map. Imagine being able to wake up to your PS3 to see if you need to pack an umbrella for the day. Or just relax as you listen to your favorite tunes while reading up on top news from around the world.

We’re also very excited to share that Life with PlayStation will be combined with our Folding@home project. What does this mean? While you’re tuned into Life with PlayStation, you’ll also be helping Stanford researchers cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and various types of cancer while Folding@home is running in the background.

We know you’re eager to check it out for yourself, so we’re working hard to get it in your hands. Stay tuned.

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FrozoneUSMC said:

September 5th, 5:08 pm

I would really like to have Life with Playstation now, especially with these Tropical Storms and Hurricanes coming to America.

mrfantastic360 said:

September 6th, 10:14 am

paperwork probably sat in a

perrandy said:

September 6th, 6:42 pm

yeah maybe worm ate it LOL

Mxdeftone said:

September 7th, 1:50 am

hahaha.. life is funny

keysy420 said:

September 7th, 2:58 pm

i didnt even know how to get on this site. but now that im here what up . playstation let me in the beta. anyway life with playstation ok thats whats up slowly taking over . bye bye xbox you guys didnt think the 360 through too well did you.

hjason78121 said:

September 9th, 4:00 pm

ok this is getting a little rediculous people.
no other info but this when it was supposed to be out in august.

what is the deal it does not take this long to do paper work.
i guess it is another thing like home it is just hear say. really does not exist right?>

home does not exist and neither does this because noone i know is playing it nor has it.
so in my eyes and a lot of others also these two things does not exist.

and if life with playstation does exist then it should be implemented in a firmware update not folding@home.
because not everyone uses that program like me.

it is a big burden on the ps3 to keep it running constantly.
and it wears out faster then it actually does.

so think before you release this don’t just put it with folding @home.


hjason78121 said:

September 9th, 4:08 pm

@49 well sorry but it sounds like your a whiner also.
you are whining about people whining.
so that makes you a whiner also doesn’t it?

i think it does people will whine because they want this stuff to come out on time.

when it keeps getting delayed it only hurt sony more.
and people get on them for doing so.
sony is a great company but they have flaws like every other company.

like me i would like to see the latest games and software come out on time for ps3.
but we all know it doesn’t happen.

and when it does not happen what happens next people get mad because they were expecting it to be released and it wasn’t.

and then they make another date for the release then it does not come out again and then they say well it is coming soon.

so this makes people even more mad at them, because they did not say when just soon.

so you see no matter what people will speak their mind.

and it is a good thing they do.
that is why it is a free country.

perrandy said:

September 9th, 4:47 pm

@207 well said! :)

Lord Raoh said:

September 10th, 8:40 am

Any updates on this?

Luggruff said:

September 11th, 10:53 am

This is Life with Playstation! Empty promises!

Ok that the paperwork may be some lot of work, but fixing and keeping a release-date is the least you could do!

If the delay is caused by a partner of yours Sony, you should really consider putting blame on someone and give us a more specific reason of WHY the paperwork is so slow. Or else you’re the one that ends up as the loser in the end..

..I’m about to sell my playstation soon, not because I’m not satisfied with what I’ve got, but I’m sick of finding myself waiting for a relseasedate for one thing and the other to be kept! MONTH AFTER MONTH! A year of empty promises!

I could save some of my mental health by selling the machine and going for a trip or something, Pay some bills or all that other crap you can use the money for.. to have some peace of mind, or just plain fun!!

effeff said:

September 13th, 11:45 am

Yeah.. really slow workers at you Sony if its just paperwork….. Any news or announcements – no … why you make so much promises you cant hold(Home, LwP, PrePaid Cards…)??

chriscowboyd said:

September 14th, 6:09 pm

lol to many crybaby here hey sony cant help any of you. when they rush something to you then cry baby comment to sony about how bad it is and when they take there time with it then you get crap like this hey if you want something rush buy a wii. lol they dont care about hardcore gammer .

hjason78121 said:

September 17th, 3:08 pm

@212 chriscowboyd

wow your pretty funny aren’t you?

well it sounds like your the crybaby here.
wah! wah! wah! everyone wants it out but me wah! wah! wah! sounds like you.
i would suggest to you if you don’t like reading what people want and don’t want then get a life and don’t mock people for asking when something is going to be out or not.

frankly i am sick of people like you who do nothing but say oh it will be out when it is out.
or quit being a crybaby blah blah blah.

we don’t need you people here if you have nothing productive and non critical to say then you can kindly leave and never return.
thank you

kapar said:

September 17th, 9:23 pm

after watching some of the live with playstation videos. dont’ know if you guys have any plans for these features..but hoping that they might be in it in the future.
1) users can manually into a location on the globe, that way beside the default locations, users can get local news(news near them) that are interested to them.
2) Set a default location (news source) when they run the app.
3) Users can see their friends locations/news on the globe.

terce said:

September 26th, 6:40 pm

Thanks for your new feature of PS3. May I suggest to have zoom function of News reader in LWP. The font size is too small in 1080 of my TV.


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