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Sep 05

Sep 05

The Force Unleashed … on PlayStation.Blog Readers

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I’m pretty confident that any gamer with at least a passing interest in the Star Wars universe knows that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is coming to the PLAYSTATION 3, PS2, and PSP this month (September 16th, to be exact).

That’s why SCEA is teaming up with LucasArts and Best Buy to mark the midnight release of the game in San Francisco on the night of September 15th – and everyone’s invited to the launch party. Beginning at 7pm, the 1717 Harrison St. Best Buy location (that’s my hood!) will feature appearances by Sam Witwer (Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice – and main character of the game), as well as a number of other cast members. From the game development side, Executive Producer Haden Blackman and others from LucasArts will be on hand. Attendees will be able to play the full version of the game in advance, and take photos with Star Wars characters.

“But I don’t live in San Francisco!”, you may be typing furiously into the comments section. Well, we thought ahead about how to include the rest of the country. Here’s the plan:

Later today, I’m going to visit with Haden Blackman at LucasArts for an interview. What do you want to know about the game (or anything, for that matter)? I’ll ask him for you.

The interview will show up on the Blog this coming Monday – and at that time, Mr. Blackman will ask a Star Wars-related trivia question. The first respondents with the correct answer will win special Star Wars/The Force Unleashed collectables. We’ll have all the details on how to win (and what you’ll be playing for) this Monday.

In the meantime … tell me what to ask the Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed!

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barom said:

September 6th, 1:31 am

First off, it’s an awsome game as it is. However, will the game be featuring other force powers than those revealed in the demo? Like using the force speed, or maybe be able to choke someone while holding them in the air? Also will the game be relying heavily on the Force Grab? I found that to be the most effective way of killing someone, will there be any incentive to use electricity or force push (other than opening doors)?

Jason said:

September 6th, 4:42 am

I know these are not going to be asked…

– Why can’t I cut objects?
(the various canisters, crates and so on)

– Why so much clipping?
Even in a cute scene where the Apprentice walks up beside Vader, his arm goes
right into his cape????
This was animated by someone didn’t you guys catch that…
And yes this is important, since you get all into the game and something like a characters hand going into someone’s body in a CS takes you right out of the experience.

– Have there been any changes to the lock on system since the demo?
Its was a bit to jumpy.

– Why does everything disappear in a mater of seconds?

– Why can an enemies weapon grab onto objects?

– Why can a dead enemy grab onto objects?

– Sometimes when using the force to grab someone it kind of glitches out and does what it wants.
For instants.
It will pull the enemy to the sealing and you cant bring him back down.
Has this been fixed?

ArmedOne78 said:

September 6th, 5:25 am

Will the graphics be any better in the final release? Although they were good in the demo, they could be better, especially during cut scenes. Great game, btw!

bsm1 said:

September 6th, 8:02 am

Ask him PLEASE, if there will be any DLC packs or any add on content such as multiplayer for the PS3 version. Also during the game if there would be any unlockable characters…such as Darth Vader,Luke Skywalker ect. Thank You

battlefront19 said:

September 6th, 9:13 am

Played the demo, that rocked. my questions are, what resolutions will the game be rendered in? also what version was easier to develop for. and will your force powers level up or do you have to earn new one’s?

DarkPlanet said:

September 6th, 9:54 am

Thats a awesome Box Art.

chip14 said:

September 6th, 10:10 pm

why should i buy this when dead space,bioshock,littlebigplanet,socom,and lego batman come out next month
TEll my i am on a budget
and the demo pushed me away from buying it even more

artofwar420 said:

September 6th, 11:15 pm

I might be a little late on this, but please ask him:

-Will the jumping and running BEGINNING animations be more natural in the full game, for example, when you press jump, the character goes up so fast, like there is absolutely no gravity, same thing with the running, you press the stick, and the character guns it like there is no resistance with the floor, and like he weights nothing.

Thanks, and this is pretty much what’s preventing me from straight up buying the game. Because the demo was fun, except for that issue.

Keith K said:

September 7th, 5:31 am


Have you ever seen Star Wars? Do you know what a Jedi is?

Do you remember the scenes at the beginning of Episodes 1 and 3 where Obiwan and Qui Gon, then Anakin do the EXACT SAME THING?

They are Jedi. They can overcome the forces of physics.

randalon said:

September 7th, 12:19 pm

Im not buying it until its patched with trophy support. I will not spend money on a product that does not offer the same value on the PS3 as the 360.

cheifsucks said:

September 7th, 8:11 pm

Played the demo liked it but not sure on the whole game. Lots of good games coming out soon. :)

EBE said:

September 8th, 2:42 am

Lazy dev… implementing trophies IS Simple..
it just cust a litle bit..

no trophies, no buy. I own all consoles so I can choos between enough system and games.

move your …. up and implement trophies if you want me to buy this game. period.

Same for fallout dev… it’s pathetic.

it’s a deciding factor to me as it’s simple, they just have to copy xbox achievements !! DAMMIT.. And I take this as no-respect to PS3’s players.. but again, there are enough good games to come.. (No, I won’t buy it on xbox360 either..)

Sad as I liked the potential of this game.. even when I dislike being a BAD guy in a SW games (something Lucas said 10-15 years ago it would never come :_)

mars2122 said:

September 8th, 10:38 pm

As this is my Best Buy Store and My Dept. I hope to welcome all of you to the wonderful event. I am overjoyed to get the chance to actually see Lucas. Our entire crew is getting ready for the huge turnout we’re expecting. So please come if you can.

Marty-Media Sup. BBY#187

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