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Sep 11

Sep 11

SOCOM: Confrontation Deploys for Qore Subscribers Tomorrow

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What are you playing this weekend? If you’re a Qore subscriber, I’m confident that the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation beta is in your plans. How do you get in? just posted this nugget:

Greetings all Qore Episode 1 and Annual Customers,

We have some great news for you – the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation public beta is scheduled to be available tomorrow afternoon (think 5:00 PM PST) to all that purchased Episode 01 of Qore and that became Qore Annual Subscribers as of Episode 01. Please note that you will not be able to download the SOCOM: Confrontation beta through the Episode 01 Download Center – you can only gain access by using the SOCOM: Confrontation Beta Promotion Code that is being emailed to you tomorrow.
Once you receive the email containing your Promotion Code:

* Go to the PLAYSTATION Network Icon on the PLAYSTATION3 XMB (XrossMediaBar)
*Select “Account Management”
* Select “Transaction Management”
* Choose “Redeem PLAYSTATION Network Card or Promotion Code”
* Enter the code (below)
* Click “Continue”

The download will be available on the next screen

Sound good? Keep an eye on your mailboxes.

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kilko said:

September 13th, 6:58 am

i just got my pass about 5min ago so i still think they are sending them just being real slow about it so keep up hope

kilko said:

September 13th, 7:01 am

you know how you can buy games and share them think you can do the same with socom?

nycmta said:

September 13th, 7:10 am

I’m sure betas are user locked like the MGS4 Beta

letsplay789 said:

September 13th, 7:11 am

I hope to god your sending to aol members i still havent got my code

jaymc said:

September 13th, 7:14 am

Still waiting …. :(

nycmta said:

September 13th, 7:15 am

I got my code yesterday at 5pm PST. I hope they are not sending out to selected few. They said Qore members who downloaded episode 1 will get in the beta. That would suck and i would be pissed.

PSN: nycmta

nycmta said:

September 13th, 7:17 am

Hopefully everyone who didn’t get their codes yesterday will get them today.

PSN: nycmta

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 7:34 am

yea i hope soo cause this is not a good thing

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 7:36 am

and dont bother calling Sony… They dont care!!! they gave me an attitude saying that i had no clue on what i was talking about

Katmassive_ said:

September 13th, 8:05 am

well i actually becoming worried last thing i need is to not get in as long as i’ve been waiting for the beta

Cukumba said:

September 13th, 8:14 am

this is just a little bit [DELETED]. what the hell did i buy qore for?

Cukumba said:

September 13th, 8:21 am

this is crazy…..i am just wasting my time sitting here refreshing my email like a tool. why did i buy qore? did i misread something?

Cukumba said:

September 13th, 8:35 am


waiting for beta? the socom franchise is the whole reason i even bought my ps3. as many kills as i’ve logged on the other socom titles on ps2, i am starting to feel like one of those noobs running around the map in the open like fools while sony is sitting back watching me in their scope and laughing.

bob said:

September 13th, 9:00 am

Still waiting……….and waiting………and waiting……..playing warhawk

PS fanboy said:

September 13th, 9:02 am

if u get the qore(1) in the magazine, r u still going to participate the beta? cuz i got mine from the PTOM magzn. and dont have e-email yet.

psn: lebron_accel

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 9:35 am


LordMoose said:

September 13th, 9:36 am


GGCAN said:

September 13th, 9:43 am

@364 lebron_accel….hey…take a look at @338…there were some others asking about the PTOM mag like you that never received the Beta email.

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 9:55 am

we should call Sony at the same time..maybe we might get them to step up…

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 9:56 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation

whats that???

nyjetsfan5000 said:

September 13th, 10:00 am

Hey, where’s my key? The only reason I got Qore was for this beta. Are you guys still sending them out or am I just not going to get one?

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 10:09 am

sony is saying only subscribers got it..which is not true

nycmta said:

September 13th, 10:19 am

“m sure they are aware of this. Some on either side needs to comment back either they’re working on it or there are no more code being handed out. Something so everyone on here knows what going to happen. If they’re going to get a code or not. It’s just a customer servive think. I know it’s a beta but still should have some good customer service and that way all PS3 users and SOCOM fans will stop commenting why they didn’t get there code or even wonder if they’re getting one. Just one comment from someone at SONY of 6.

PSN: nycmta

Noc Da Sniper said:

September 13th, 10:20 am

i only got the qore 1 episode and i got my email quickly check your junkmail folder…. I love the game its awesome I just hate when people stay in the lobby and your waiting 8 minutes for someone to hit ready

Katmassive_ said:

September 13th, 10:23 am

losing patience seriously

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 10:25 am

SONY was no help

nycmta said:

September 13th, 10:29 am

SONY or 6 should comment back something so people don’t think they’re being ignored. Not hating on SONY or 6. Love them to death, but they should even if it’s one comment.

PSN: nycmta

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 10:35 am


nycmta said:

September 13th, 10:38 am


You’re not missing too much @ the moment cause I can’t even log on to the server. Been trying for the past 20min.

Katmassive_ said:

September 13th, 10:38 am

they really need to say something ppl are losing there minds and sure it doesnt cost much to post a blog msg

bazookajoe290 said:

September 13th, 11:01 am

i still haven’t received my email.

TinkerGuru said:

September 13th, 11:08 am

Full Qore subscriber here, and still haven’t received an email…

PS fanboy said:

September 13th, 11:10 am

i posted a comment on the and still w8ting 4 answers…….maybee theyre just really busy

IDemonstalkerXI said:

September 13th, 11:10 am

Im still waiting for my email as well. A subscriber too.

Katmassive_ said:

September 13th, 11:11 am

im pretty sure the e-mails are being processed by a server

nycmta said:

September 13th, 11:14 am

that’s weird how some of you guy are full Qore subscribers and i purchase Qore monthy and i got my invite yesterday afternoon at 5pm like they said it would. I don’t understand the concept of what’s happening. Something must be going down.

PS fanboy said:

September 13th, 11:18 am

does it matter if your in msn? cuz my psn is registered at yahoo?

Albanian_Killa said:

September 13th, 11:30 am

I have Qore episode 1, and I am in the beta. I however got into the beta via the pre-order program. I still haven’t received my Qore code (which I was planning on sharing) and neither have so many other people. Why!? I paid my money for a good reason. Why am I not fully compensated?

saunderswan said:

September 13th, 11:30 am

any lag complaints see post #3 you all were warned.

Game On if you can :D

Bubba said:

September 13th, 11:41 am

What code? I have Qore ep. 1.

Du@lDrive said:

September 13th, 12:03 pm

Who hasn’t recieved it yet i am still waiting!!!

Kirkpad said:

September 13th, 12:21 pm

Doot doot doot. Still waiting.

This is one more person on your list of people to help out.

This is the last time I get a Qore Episode, and I’m happy about it.

Katmassive_ said:

September 13th, 12:58 pm

still no code i got one from a friend and will owe her the qore code if i ever get it

bdub87 said:

September 13th, 1:54 pm

Wow there are still people without a code? I would be pissed and demand extra playing time when i did get it.

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 2:02 pm


Stee said:

September 13th, 2:03 pm

This is pathetic….you would think they would inform people about these delays.

bob said:

September 13th, 2:32 pm

SONY say something at least tell us if you are still sending emails that way i dont have to keep checking my email

LordMoose said:

September 13th, 2:38 pm


bob said:

September 13th, 2:59 pm

how many comment do we have to post before something gets done bah

JexXero said:

September 13th, 3:19 pm

I downloaded and installed the beta and it takes me 5-10 minutes to load into a game to start playing! >_<

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